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AYIN ALEPH – Releases New Music Video “Crystal Bell” – New Album Due Early In 2017

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AYIN ALEPH – has released her new video for Crystal Bell from her upcoming album due early next year. Listen to and watch AYIN ALEPH in all of her musical elegance below:

Support AYIN ALEPH and purchase her passionate new single Crystal Bell from her bandcamp page, by clicking the link below!

About Ayin Aleph:

Hollywood based, but European raised, Ayin is at the confluence of classical music and heavy rock, combining Baroque influences (massive choirs) and romanticism (rhythmic and lead acoustic piano). With an extravagant personality, massive guitars, sophisticated bass lines, powerful back beats, philharmonic accompaniment and magnificent compositions, a new dawn of rock has broken.

Ayin is a consummate performer; classically trained and renowned concert pianist; operatic vocalist; provocateur, poet, model and fashion designer Ayin Aleph is a ready-made brand. Combining Baroque style and composition with the driving force of modern band format, Ayin has created her own genre of music that is passionate and inspired.

Thought provoking lyrics, infectious melodies, blazing rhythmic passages and high fashion coalesce in Ayin Aleph, rendering any preconceived notions of what makes a Pop, Rock or Metal star, pass. Ayin speaks directly to the senses with timeless, contemporary and cutting edge sensibilities.

Ayin has 2 albums and 6 music videos to her credit, and has performed extensively in Russia, the United States and throughout Europe.



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ZEPHYRA – Signs To Inverse Records, New Music Video Streaming!

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Zephyra - As The World Collapses - promo album cover pic - 2016 - #MOILMF9339

ZEPHYRA – Is a four piece Metal band from Borås, Sweden. With Åsa’s distinctive female vocals, Zephyra provides a wide sound in the Metal genre, with their roots in Thrash and Melodic Death Metal.

Since their official start back in 2011, the band has released a couple of EPs, played shows around Sweden, done live shows on the radio and frequently been aired in American and British radio shows. After signing a record deal in 2014, the debut album; ‘Mental Absolution’ was released world-wide on the Wormholedeath label. The album received positive reviews and was followed up by two official videos.

The second full length album; As The World Collapses, was recorded in the last quarter of 2015, and will be released on August 5, 2016 via Inverse Records. With the new album, Zephyra wants to show a bigger and more atmospheric sound than before, heavy and rhythmic, with keyboards and Åsas full ranged, diverse vocals.

A first video Words Of A Demagogue from the new album, directed by Greenworks in Gothenburg, was released in June 2016. The video is available in at this location: or below:

With 2 European tours coming up, and a second video in the works, Zephyra has a loaded schedule for this fall.

Track List:
01. Words Of A Demagogue
02. Virago
03. My Gift, My Curse
04. Only One
05. Resurrect The Shame
06. Tormenting T
07. Gone By Dawn
08. You Crossed The Line
09. As The World Collapses

Zephyra - promo group pic - 2016 - #MO999ILMF44

Zephyra Line-Up:
Åsa Netterbrant – Vocals
Tony Netterbrant – Guitar
Tobias Oja – Bass
Kujtim Gashi – Drums

As The World Collapses Album, 2016 (Inverse Records)
Mental Absolution Album, 2014 (Wormholedeath)
Kämpaglöd EP, 2013 (Self release)
First Blood EP, 2012 (Self release)



Official website:







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Finnish Industrial Metal Unit KING SATAN – Release “Psygnosis” Music Video

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King Satan - promo pic - 2016 - #MO772333ILMFSO9

Finnish Industrial Metal/EBM Group KING SATAN have released the official video for new single “Psygnosis.” The video was directed, written and produced by the band’s mastermind/vocalist Aleister Von Satan himself. Check it out at or below:

The single will be included on the band’s upcoming debut album, which will be released later in 2016 on Saturnal Records.

KING SATAN is an industrial metal / EBM band from Tampere, Finland, founded in 2015 by Aleister Von Satan (a.k.a. fra. Zetekh, also mastermind of occult Black Metal band Saturnian Mist). KING SATAN combines influences from a wide range of Extreme Metal, Electro-Industrial and even Hard Rock. Musically, the band is about complete defiance – not only towards the boundaries and conventions of Metal and Electro Music but also the status quo of spiritual life and mental status of modern world. Nothing is sacred and no stone shall be left unturned.

Spotify link for Psygnosis:

iTunes link for Psygnosis:


KING SATAN‘s first promo titled We are King Satan and we Fuck the World (2015) was recorded in autumn 2015 and released in December 2015 together with a music video single from the demo titled Enter Black Fire (2015). The video was directed by ALEISTER VON SATAN himself. The CD edition of the demo sold out fast and KING SATAN were going through a period of finding an established line-up for the sake of performing live, which meant that  a lot of people came and went before the line-up was settled. DJ SHEMHAMFORASH (a.k.a. fra. Ptahaz, also known from Saturnian Mist) was already in the band during the time of the first demo and handled guitars, synths and DJ responsibilities live, while B.B. KILL found himself as a guitarist and KATE BOSS as a bassist and a dancer.

Due to the success of the demo KING SATAN started working almost immediately on the debut full-length album in March 2016 and the first live shows were confirmed quickly. The first live appearance will take place August 2016 at the SAARIHELVETTI FESTIVAL, Tampere, Finland, where the band will share the stage with such names as Turmion Kätilöt and Shining, while the second show will take a place at the extravagant GOTHIC FEST in SOFIA at Sofia, Bulgaria on October 29, 2016.

Source: ClawHammer PR

Clawhammer PR - promo logo - 2015 - #0323CHMO

* For more KING SATAN:




TED POLEY “Beyond The Fade” – New Studio Album Releases On May 13th, via Frontiers Music Srl; New Music Video “Higher” Streaming Online Now!

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Ted Poley - Beyond The Fade - promo album cover pic - 2016 - #99ILMFS099

From Frontiers Music Srl:

NEW SONG & VIDEO ALERT: All you Ted Poley and Danger Danger fans out there need to get psyched because here is the first song and video from Ted’s upcoming album, BEYOND THE FADE! Check out the video for Higher and let us know what you think!

Ted Poley – Higher (Official Music Video)

BEYOND THE FADE will be released May 13th and you can pre-order it now from on CD or MP3: (All MP3 pre-orders include an instant download of “Higher”.)


Stone Says: Excellent song and video! I dig the uplifting lyrics and everything else about Higher. Hot damn. Whoa. ‘Nuff said.





RAGEHAMMER – Signs to Pagan Records

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Pagan Records - large logo - 2015 - #0617MOLN

RAGEHAMMER - promo band pic - 2016 - #MO3399ILMFDS66

Pagan Records is proud to announce the signing of Cracovian act Ragehammer for their debut full-length. Established in 2012, the quartet has already made a lot of noise due to their uncompromising take on old-school Thrash, Black and Speed Metal.

Their War Hawks demo (2012) received plenty of positive reviews and currently the band is putting the final touches on their debut full-length, entitled The Hammer Doctrine. The album will be released this Spring through Pagan Records and will be followed up by a 7-inch vinyl split with Sweden’s Turbocharged through Godz ov War/Mythrone Promotion.

Listen to War Hawks demo:

Watch Ragehammer live:


Corpsebutcher – Bass
Mortar – Drums
Bestial Avenger – Guitars
Heretik Hellstörm – Vocals

Critical Praise:

“…one can find some traces of some recent Darkthrone albums, plus a bit of Nifelheim or even Absu (why not?), so anything that can have any signs of pure, old styled and archaic metal – be it Black, Thrash or Heavy Metal… Oh, sorry, but have I mentioned Venom?” – Panzerfaust Zine

“…the band goes at breakneck speed, making War Hawks one hell of an album to headbang or mosh to.” – Heavy Metal Tribune

“War Hawks is a decent demo likely to appeal to fans of Cruel Force, Deathhammer, and even Nifelheim, so if you’re a dedicated follower of this style, don’t miss out.” – From The Dust Returned


Source: Dewar PR

Pagan Records Online:








Metal Odyssey’s METAL Pick Of The Day Is: KAMELOT “Insomnia” (Official Video)

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Kamelot - Haven - promo studio album cover pic - 2015 - #KMO7709

KAMELOT – Progressive/Symphonic Metal superstars KAMELOT released their eleventh studio album, Haven, this past May 4th, via Napalm Records. Insomnia is the second track on this album; an album that I’ve appreciated since my first listen. I easily recommend Haven to everyone, due to the fact that KAMELOT crosses over many Rock and Metal genres. This album is, frankly, one of the beacons of Metal Releases in 2015.

Loaded with Power Metal style keys from Oliver Palotai and the cinematic vocal style of Tommy Karevik, Insomnia is both a memorable and entertaining music video. I hope you enjoy this song and video (below) as much as I do. Metal Be Thy Name. – Stone


As read on the Napalm Records YouTube site for KAMELOT’s Insomnia:

Insomnia is a sic-fi inspired song. In a post apocalyptic world, surveillance is everywhere and over population is rampant. Deep in the underground of the Wasteland Monarchy lies the Insomnia Division, the housing for some of the chosen ones, only allowed to live in an Insomniatic state.

Kamelot - live band photo - band logo - 2015 - #MO009339SSMN






Metal Odyssey’s METAL Pick Of The Day Is: MARDUK “Frontschwein” (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Marduk - Frontschwein - promo album cover pic - #2015MMO10

Back in January of this year, Sweden’s legendary MARDUK released their thirteenth studio album, via Century Media: Frontschwein. This is one of the best albums I’ve listened to and enjoyed in 2015, due to it’s undeniable integrity of both Black Metal and Extreme Metal sound, crafted lyrics, along with its completeness as a musical work. It’s an album I highly recommend, in other Metal words.

Below is the music video for the title track: Frontschwein. I hope you enjoy this song and music video as much as I do. Metal Be Thy Name. – Stone


Marduk - promo band pic - 2015 - #3309939MO

 Morgan – Guitars

 Mortuus – Vocals

 Devo – Bass

 Widigs – Drums






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