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Metal Odyssey’s METAL Pick Of The Day Is: W.A.S.P. “Scream” (Official Lyric Video / Napalm Records)

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WASP - Golgotha - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #33777MMGMSAOTSFF

W.A.S.P. – Metal warrior Blackie Lawless has returned with his legendary band W.A.S.P., with a towering follow-up to 2009’s Babylon studio album. The new studio album is titled Golgotha and the lyric video for the opening track, Scream, is below. Golgotha was released back on October 9th, via the great Napalm Records.

I would classify Scream as a more than a subtle religious song, lyrically referencing to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, without saying his name. Heck, the images of the three crosses and the album title of Golgotha backs up my thought there. Maybe I am totally wrong, who knows? I like this song very much and yet it’s not the greatest W.A.S.P. song ever recorded either. I guess that tells me just how powerful the back catalog of W.A.S.P. songs are!

I, like my Best Metal Buddy Scott Coverdale have been waiting for this new studio album to land; now that it’s here we are very, very psyched! I am pleased with the tempo of this song and the trademark W.A.S.P. sound is truly intact. Blackie‘s vocals sound sharp and the visuals featured on this lyric video are freaking cool as all hell. Strange as it sounds, I find the tempo and melody of Scream to be kinda similar to Night Ranger‘s song: Don’t Tell Me You Love Me. Perhaps it’s just me.

I hope you enjoy this song and lyric video as much as I do. Metal Be Thy Name. – Stone

WASP - Golgotha - promo album title - 032415WBLMO29 -






Metal Odyssey’s METAL Pick Of The Day Is: QUEENSRŸCHE “Guardian” (Official Video)

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Queensryche - promo band pic - 2015 - #33TLMMGMSASCRC

QUEENSRŸCHE – It’s been far too long since I’ve posted a Metal Pick Of The Day. What better way to kickstart it all once again, with the magnificent QUEENSRŸCHE! Guardian is a pumped-up and convincingly strong song from QUEENSRŸCHE ‘s recently released studio album: Condition Hüman (Century Media).

With Guardian, Todd LaTorre nails it on vocals and QUEENSRŸCHE are as powerful than they’ve ever been, in my Metal opinion! I love listening to Scott Rockenfield on drums and he is killer on this track. I can go on and on. Instead, crank the living hell out of Guardian below and Metal Be Thy Name!

Queensryche - Condition Human - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #33MMMNLBSA777Q

Todd LaTorre – Lead Vocals

Michael Wilton – Guitar

Eddie Jackson – Bass

Scott Rockenfield – Drums

Parker Lundgren – Guitar


For more info on QUEENSRŸCHE:

Facebook: Queensrÿche





SOTO – New Studio Album “Inside The Vertigo” Is Out Now; New Music Video “Break” Released!

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Soto - Inside The Vertigo - promo album flyer pic - 2015 - #051215SMOJSS

Below, listen to and watch SOTO’s new music video for Break. This new song is grand and addicting Hard Rock stuff! Metal Be Thy Name!


For more info on SOTO:

Facebook: SOTO Official





VALLENFYRE – Releases ‘Splinters’ Video Trailer And Cover Artwork; Album Releases May 13th In North America, Via Century Media

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Vallenfyre - Splinters - promo cover pic - 2014 - #1190

Album cover artwork created by Brian D’Agosta.

VALLENFYRE have revealed the cover artwork of their new album Splinters. The new album will be out on May 12th in Europe and May 13th in North America, via Century Media Records.

A video trailer featuring part of the album’s opening track, Scabs, can be heard and viewed below:

Vallenfyre - In Studio - Promo Pic - Splinters - 2014 - #11307


Greg Mackintosh (PARADISE LOST) – Vocals and Lead Guitars

Hamish Glencross (MY DYING BRIDE) – Rhythm and Lead Guitars




* For more info on VALLENFYRE:

Facebook: Vallenfyre



Century Media Records - logo - B&W


CM Distro – Shop:

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STRYPER “Sympathy” (Official Video): Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Stryper - No More Hell To Pay - promo cover pic

STRYPER – Released on November 5th, the NEW studio album, No More Hell To Pay, from the ever-legendary STRYPER has accumulated impressive Billboard Chart positions; while receiving critic and fan praise around the globe!! Another new and official music video from this sensational album has been released and it’s Sympathy.

Michael Sweet sounds ultra-fabulous on vocals and guitar, once again!! The entire band is Rocking on all fired-up Metal cylinders!! This new album isn’t about STRYPER being back. Nope. These Christian Metal icons have never denied their fans of Rockin’ inspiration! STRYPER are always touring, along with consistently reaching out to their fans via social media. No More Hell To Pay is about STRYPER bringing on their Heavy Metal attack!! This is STRYPER’s Metal 2013!! Dig it!! Metal be thy name!!

Below, Listen To Sympathy And Crank Up The Volume, While You Allow The METAL Of STRYPER To Flood Your Soul! Whoa!!

Stryper - Group Publicity Pic - #1 - 2012

Michael Sweet – Lead Vocals & Lead Guitar

Robert Sweet – Drums

Oz Fox – Guitar & Vocals

Timothy Gaines – Bass & Vocals

Purchase No More Hell To Pay, Via Links Below!


Via the Official STRYPER website:


Stryper - Band Logo - 2013 - Yellow & Black

* For more info on STRYPER:

Frontiers Records - logo!

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MASS – Louis St. August Interview: Reflecting On The 1985 “Do You Love Me” (Music Video) & “New Birth” Album

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MASS – Louis St. August – It all started back in 1984, when MASS released their self-titled EP and garnered the widespread attention of radio stations, record companies and of course their new-found fans. In 1985, this Boston, Massachusetts originated band was signed to RCA Records and their first full-length album, New Birth, was released upon the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal world. New Birth catapulted MASS onto the Billboard charts and MTV came knocking on their door. The single released from New Birth was Do You Love Me and this song became a successful music video within the coveted MTV rotation.

Caught somewhere between the positive vibes of Stryper and their very own brand of melodic heaviness, coupled with credibility at every angle, MASS did exit the 80’s leaving behind 3 studio albums and their historic EP as a reminder of greater things to come. MASS was then, as they are now, a Heavy Metal band that glistens with accessibility without compromising their hard and heavy sound.

Louis St. August – 2011

MASS is still Rockin’ in 2011, their fifth full-length, Heavy Metal achievement and critically acclaimed Sea Of Black was released in 2010. With their best work existing in the present, reflecting on where it all began for MASS is something Louis St. August embraces and is understandably quite proud of. As the old saying goes, “times were different back then” and 1985 was no exception, as founding member and lead vocalist Louis St. August will reveal in this exclusive Metal Odyssey interview.

Stone: Do You Love Me is a memorable song from the New Birth album. What was the process of choosing this song for a music video?

Louis: It was solely RCA records idea of making and pushing the Do You love Me video first as we felt it was a poor representation of what the band was really about. We wanted to go with something a bit heavier like Too far Gone or Crying Alone. But the label insisted and thought a power ballad would open doors up for us and that radio would pick up the song a lot quicker. They told us the second video would be the heavier one which never did come to be.

Looking back at it now It’s kind of funny because the very first script the video production team wrote for the Do you love me video was actually turned down by RCA records because they felt it was too sexy and would get banned from MTV and other video stations. The script only calling for a Catholic girls school bus breaking down in some dark alley, when the girls all got out of the bus dressed up in their little catholic school dress’s knocked on our rehearsal door only to come in and start dancing seductively and falling in love with the song and band. Very mild and tamed I must say compared to the videos we see today. (Laughs). But that’s the early eighties for you.

Stone: Where was this video filmed?

Louis: The video was filmed in an abandoned warehouse in Manhattan, New York. It took two days to film it. (Film not video), that’s why it has that grainy look to it. I couldn’t believe it took 48 straight hours to film, only to have it edited down to a 3 minute and 20 second song. (Laughs). The video cost RCA records $50,000 something that would cost $5,000 to $8,000 today.

MASS – That Was Yesterday!

Stone: How difficult or easy was it to get Do You Love Me on MTV? How psyched were you guys to get that exposure?

Louis: It was not difficult at all with such a big label like RCA behind us. MTV execs were actually at the shooting of the video and approached our management at the time to see if they would agree to let MTV make the Do You Love Me video an exclusive premier for MTV. But our management said NO because they wanted to share it with the U68’s,V66’s video stations of the world. A big mistake in my eyes for we would have gained much more exposure had they agreed to this and received “heavy rotation” play instead of the “1ight rotation” we received on MTV.

We were very excited the first time it aired on MTV. Just like the first time you hear your song on the radio you never forget that feeling. After that it seemed like every time you put the TV on or the radio on you would hear your song. The phone never stopped ringing after that. And still hasn’t. (Laughs).

Stone: Were there any aggravating and/or funny moments you want to share while filming “Do You Love Me”?

Louis: We just simply had a blast making it, hanging with all the hired extras and crew. We even put our road manager (Gino) at the beginning of the video along with our stage manager (Laurie). We also included our manager & lawyer towards the end (carrying the food trays). Although it was extremely exhausting we were just running on pure adrenaline and tons of laughs and good times.

MASS – In The Present!

Stone: As you look back on the New Birth album now, what fond memories does it stir up?

Louis: There are so many but here are just a few for me. We all moved in to the studio in beautiful Bearsville New York. The whole band actually lived in a huge barn. Our equipment was set up downstairs in the living room while all our beds were upstairs in the loft. We would work with our producer Tony Platt (Led Zep /Cheap Trick, etc) during the day on preproduction stuff in the barn for two weeks before moving into the studio to start recording. When I had free time, I would ride my mountain bike through the beautiful town and hills, while enjoying the fresh air and star studied night skies.

During the evenings, the band would get together and hang with Joe Lynn Turner and his band mates and go out for dinner at various places. Joe and his band mates were there recording an album as well with producer (Roy Thomas Baker/Queen). We had a lot of fun and many a food fight at some of the top-notch restaurants in the area, where we would sometimes be asked to leave. (Laughs).

Our girlfriends, wives, would come down a few weekends during our 8 week stay and enjoy the surroundings as well as the music we were making. My wife at the time was pregnant with my first child so it was special for me when we decided to call the album New Birth.

* All Photos Courtesy/By Permission Of Louis St. August

* For more info on MASS, click on the link below:




CORONATUS – “Fernes Land” Music Video Is Beauty And The Metal! New Album “Terra Incognita” Releases November 18th, 2011 On Massacre Records

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CORONATUS – Releasing on November 18th, 2011, on Massacre Records, is the new studio album from the German Gothic Metal band Coronatus: Terra Incognita. Below is the music video for Fernes Land and I’m digging it a Metal ton. It’s those beautiful vocals from those two beautiful gals that seals the deal for me! Mareike Makosch (Alto Voice) and Lady Ada Flechtner (Rock Soprano) come across as relaxed and ultra talented with this duet. The guitar solo kicks some serious ass too.

This is one fantastic band to keep your ears out for and support! Listen and watch the music video below for Fernes Land, hopefully you might dig it as much as I do.

* The North American release date for Terra Incognita is December 6th, 2011.

* For more info on CORONATUS, click on the link below:

CORONATUS – Official Website




Kimball Jamison – Can’t Wait For Love (Official Music Video): A Melodic Rock Gem Of A Song

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KIMBALL JAMISON – Alright, it’s time to get those psyche-out ostrich bumps to rise up on your arms and face from an amazing song that boasts two legendary Rock vocalists: Bobby Kimball and Jimi Jamison. Trust me, I am still trying to shake the psyche-out fever I’ve contracted from Can’t Wait For Love. The dual vocal harmonies from Bobby and Jimi, on this song, are instantly identifiable and surely ever memorable.

Can’t Wait For Love Rocks in an elevated style, while showcasing the magical vocal fires that Kimball Jamison are combined. This is an AOR and Classic Rock gem of a melodic song, one that only Bobby Kimball and Jimi Jamison’s vocals could bring to such a heightened level of inspiration. Bobby Kimball is most famously known for his vocals and musical contributions with Toto. Jimi Jamison’s career is highlighted with his successful years he spent as a lead vocalist and songwriter with Survivor.

Check out Can’t Wait For Love below and crank it up! I hope you enjoy this song  as much as I do.

* Kimball Jamison releases October 14, 2011 in Europe and October 18th, 2011 in North America on Frontiers Records.

KIMBALL JAMISON – Track Listing:

Worth Fighting For

Can’t Wait For Love

Sail Away

Chasing Euphoria

Find Another Way

Get Back In The Game

I Did Everything Wrong

Shadows Of Love

Hearts Beat Again

We Gotta Believe

Kicking And Screaming

Your Photograph

* For more info on this Kimball Jamison album, click on the link below:






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HELLOWEEN – Germany’s legendary powerhouse of a Power Metal band are back! Pioneers of the Power Metal genre, this return of Helloween has a Metal twist… musically speaking. I hope you enjoy the Dr. Stein music video as much as I do… crank it up for it’s all about ROCK in the first place!

On March 30, 2010, Helloween released:

Best Of 25th Anniversary – Unarmed

If your looking to hear some of Helloween’s greatest hits, spanning their potent packed career of Melodic Power Metal, with some orchestration, horns, a choir and some adjustments in the songs arrangements, your in for a Metal, uh, musical treat!



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