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IMMORTAL – “All Shall Fall” Limited 10″ Vinyl Box Releasing July 5th, 2013

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Immortal - All Shall Fail - Vinyl Box Set - promo pic

Norwegian sons of northern darkness, IMMORTAL, will release a limited 10“ vinyl box set of their last masterpiece, All Shall Fall.

The prestigious box set will consist of 4 high quality 10“ vinyl discs including the amazing album artwork poster.

The All Shall Fall 10“ vinyl box set will be limited to only 3x 333 copies (black, white, silver) and will be released July 5, 2013, via Nuclear Blast.


Immortal - Group Promo Banner - Logo - B&W

For more info on IMMORTAL, click on the links below!

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Von Records Presents “Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves” – Set For Digital Release On March 22nd

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VON - Seven Billion Slaves - promo cover pic

Exclusive Track Streams + Digital Downloads Available; Special Preorder Package Announced


Summon The Darkness…Dark Gods will rise! In the cold path of darkness, among the dread and pain deep within us, it is the will of the dark ones to enslave us. Dark Gods manifest around us, besides us, inside us. Seven Billion Slaves delves deeper into the cold and dark minds of VON. VON‘s creator and mastermind VENIEN!!! has tapped into his inner psyche and has willingly summoned many dark tales and ruthless hymns for the world’s seven billion slaves.

Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves is the first of three volumes to begin VON’s Dark Gods trilogy, set for digital release March 22, 2013 via Von Records. The path begins with two advance album streams in the form of “Ancient Flesh of The Dark Gods” (featuring Coffinworm) and “MONSTER!” available for your audio devourment at THIS LOCATION.

To preorder Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves, point your browser HERE. Additionally, preorders for VON’s latest work of sonic indecency will receive a free download code to an advance demo release by VON mastermind VENIEN!!! Titled Tribal Blood: Ritual Manifestation, the demo includes “Black Coming of VENIEN,” “REVOLT!,” “God is Dead” and “Inssside Wittthhh Usss” plus four extra bonus tracks. Order today!

Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves Track Listing:

1. They Have Come

2. Ancient Flesh Of The Dark Gods (Featuring Coffinworm)

3. Hands Of Black Death

4. Dark Gods


6. DevilWhore

7. iAmInHuman

8. RawRot

9. Black Eyes

Further info on VON’s Dark Gods trilogy to be announced in the coming weeks.


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on VON, click on the links below!

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Botanist CD and Bell Witch Euro Now Shipping via The Flenser!

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Botanist IV - Mandragora - promo cover!

Botanist’s record is now available from The Flenser; housed in a hand assembled package with an insert and CD.

Order Now!

You can also stream and download the entire album from our bandcamp!


Botanist, the unconventional one-man black metal band featuring vocals, drums, and hammered dulcimer instrumentation is gearing up to release a fourth album IV: Mandragora, on February 19th from experimental metal label The Flenser. Combining lyrical creativity and musical ingenuity, IV: Mandragora is a concept record on the alchemical creation of a mandrake and how the Botanist is instructed on raising an army of mandrakes to wipe out humanity.

The songs of Botanist are told from the perspective of the Botanist, a crazed man of science who lives in self-imposed exile, as far away from humanity and it’s crimes against nature. Existing amongst a sanctuary of fantasy and wonder, which he calls the Verdant Realm, he surrounds himself with plants and flowers, finding solace in the company of the natural world while envisioning the destruction of man. There, seated upon his throne of Veltheimia, the Botanist awaits the day when humans will either die or kill each other off, thus allowing plants to reclaim Earth in a green glory once more.

Bell Witch - Longing - promo cover pic!

Bell Witch – Longing DLP

Folks in Europe can now pre-order the black version of Bell Witch’s Longing from Burning World/Roadburn Records and save money over the new stupid USPS shipping rates. Pre-order here.

Everyone else can order both the black and limited red versions of the Longing DLP from The Flenser store here in the US. Order here.


Bell Witch – “Longing” – DLP (pre-sale up now)

Botanist – IV: Mandragora CD

Bosse-de-Nage – iii – DLP

Trees – Sickness-In – LP

Vestiges/Panopticon – Split gatefold – LP

The Flenser - Logo - B&W_______________________________________________________

For more info on THE FLENSER, click on the links below!

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Palace of Worms / Mastery – Free Album Download From THE FLENSER

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Palace Of Worms - Mastery - split - The Flenzer - promo cover


We have released a split by two of San Francisco’s best solo Black Metal bands. Palace of Worms delivers almost a full albums worth of material and Mastery contributes a concise and chaotic journey through the insane. Album art by Nightshade.

Order the Cassette version from our store.


Download the album for FREE from our bandcamp.


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WILT – Canadian Black Metal Duo To Release Debut EP

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Wilt is gearing up to release their debut EP. Based out of Central Canada, this 2 piece Black Metal project is comprised of Jordan Dorge [Laika] and Brett Goochild. Black metal has never sounded so dark and deprived. This self-titled EP will take you on a visceral journey into your mind and into the crevices of the earth.

With influences rooting from Winterfylleth, Woods Of Ypres, Altar Of Plagues, Nachmystium and many more, they hinder their own true and unique sound to Canadian black metal. This four track EP runs just shy of 30 minutes. Artwork comes courtesy of Sam Nelson and the logo was done by The Lord of Logos, Christophe Szpajdel. Dan Lowndes will handle mastering duties. Expect a late October/early November release date.

Wilt has posted a sampler of the EP – take a listen below!

For more updates and information visit  facebook: Wilt

WILT – Track Listing:

Autumn Veil


Cold Misfortune

Pale Consternation


(Source: ClawHammer PR)



NIDINGR – ‘Greatest Of Deceivers’ Details Revealed; Releasing In North America On November 20th

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Recent Indie Recordings signees, NIDINGR, will unleash their new full-length, Greatest Of Deceivers, in North America on November 20th. Starring present and past members of bands such as Mayhem, Gorgoroth, DHG (Dødheimsgard), 1349 and God Seed, among others, the Norwegian Black Metal magicians are known for their efficiently complex songwriting, ravagingly dissonant, yet infinitely catchy riffs and breakneck tempos. Their two previous offerings — 2005’s Sorrow Infinite And Darkness and 2010’sWolf Father — prove what this maniacal assault is capable of. 

NIDINGR recorded G.O.D. in Crystal Canyon Studios in Oslo, home to a host of prominent Norwegian acts including cult experimentalists Ulver, to accomplish a unique ‘70s, vintage style production. The sound they’ve created is a wholly organic, warm, unedited and un-triggered production that further emphasizes the great musicianship caught on tape. Greatest Of Deceivers was produced by guitarist Teloch, mixed by Anders Møller (Kitchie Kitchie Ki Me O, Euroboys, 120 Days, Turbonegro, etc.) and  mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano at Orgone Studios. The cover was crafted by the renowned Metastazis (Morbid Angel, Nachtmystium, Paradise Lost, Watain, Blut Aus Nord, etc.).

Greatest Of Deceivers continues the theme from Sorrow Infinite And Darkness, based on Enochian texts. As on the previous album, ten Enochian Æthyrs are evoked through the course of the album.

Greatest Of Deceivers Track Listing:

01. Greatest Of Deceivers
02. All Crowns Fall
03. O Thou Empty God
04. The Balances
05. Vim Patior
06. Rags Upon A Beggar
07. The Worm Is Crowned
08. Pure Pale Gold
09. Mother Of Abominations
10. Dweller In The Abyss



Teloch – Guitars and bass

Blargh – Guitars and bass

El.Cpt.Estrella Grasa – Vocals

Øyvind Myrvoll – Drums


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on NIDINGR, click on the links below!



VALDUR – Alpine Black/Death Occultists Issue Recording Update; New Song Posted

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Alpine Black/Death occultists VALDUR recently completed composing their upcoming, as-yet, untitled new full-length. Official recording sessions will commence on November 12th at Earhammer Studios. Additionally, VALDUR recently unleashed an ultra limited two-song EP entitled The Hammer Pit containing a rough version of two new songs. Taste the blood of track one, “Conjuring The Fire Plagues,” at the band’s Official BandCamp Page. When asked to talk about the upcoming new material, the band said in a collective statement: “We wish not to elaborate too much and allow the music that we will be putting out in the near future to do the talking.”

In the meantime, check out VALDUR live in the studio at KDVS at THIS LOCATION.

Hailing from Mammoth Lakes, California, VALDUR released Raven God Amongst Us in 2010 via Blood Mountain Records. The record proved to be an infernal masterpiece among the underground masses. Noted The Metal Crypt in a review of the record: “USBM is so often by the numbers that I am wary of it right out of the gate, but this is a band that remembers what is good about black metal, and does it very well indeed. Not an album to overlook,” called the band, “the best black metal band in the United States that you’ve probably never heard of,” while Thrash Pit opined, “…a shimmering brand of black metal which pierces hearts rather than suffocates lungs.”


Samuel: Guitars/Vocals

William: Bass

Sxuperion: Drums


To read Stone’s album review for Raven God Amongst Us, click on the link below!

VALDUR “Raven God Amongst Us” – A Raw And Apocalyptic Black Metal Storm


For more info on VALUDR, click on the link below!

(Source: Earsplit PR)



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