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DARKTHRONE “Under A Funeral Moon” – 2 Disc Edition Releases August 26th

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Darkthrone - Under A Funeral Moon - promo CD cover - 2013

From Peaceville Records:

DarkthroneUnder a Funeral Moon (2CD preorder HERE:

A 2-disc edition of Darkthrone’s Black Metal masterpiece, which marks 20 years since the release of this landmark album.

The second disc features audio of Fenriz discussing his recollections, inspirations and thoughts on the album, whilst the music plays in the background.

Presented in a special mediabook format with a booklet containing comprehensive liner notes.

Pre-order for 26th August release.


Under A Funeral Moon – Track Listing:

Disc 1:

1. Natassja In Eternal Sleep

2. Summer Of The Diabolical Holocaust

3. The Dance Of Eternal Shadows

4. Unholy Black Metal

5. To Walk The Infernal Fields

6. Under A Funeral Moon

7. Inn I De Dype Skogers Favn

8. Crossing The Triangle Of Flames

9. Multimedia enhanced interview

Disc 2:

Commentary disc with Fenriz

Darkthrone - Under A Funeral Moon - promo cover pic

* For more info on DARKTHRONE:

Facebook: Darkthrone

Peaceville Records - Large Logo - 2013


Facebook: Peaceville Records

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small





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Countess - Sermons Of the Infidel - EP - promo cover

On June 17, Dutch Black Metal veterans Countess will release a new EP entitled Sermons Of The Infidel. The EP will be exclusively available digitally through the band’s official Bandcamp site.

‘Sermons Of The Infidel’ features 35 minutes of METAL spread over eight tracks: six brand new versions of Countess classics and two new songs. The EP is the first Countess release since 2011’s full-length ‘On Wings Of Defiance’, two tracks of which are featured here in killer new renditions. All songs are exemplary of Countess’ unique blend of first wave Black Metal and traditional Heavy Metal.


Track List:

– Hymn To The Gods Of Yore
– Trumpets Of Dawn
– I Am The Infidel
– Sermon Of The Devil Preacher
– Son Of The Dragon
– Child Of The Millennia
– City Of Satan
– Chosen By The Gods


‘Sermons Of The Infidel’ also marks the return of guitarist Zagan, who was last heard on the legendary ‘Revenge’ albums over a decade ago. His fretboard wizardry adds yet another dimension to the unique musical tapestry that is Countess.

The EP will be available for download in several high-quality formats of choice and includes a printable cover, back inlay and CD label (in pdf format). From June 17, ‘Sermons Of The Infidel’ can be purchased here:

logo4 - Copy

Follow Countess on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest updates from the cult:

facebook: Countess

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IMMORTAL – “All Shall Fall” Limited 10″ Vinyl Box Releasing July 5th, 2013

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Immortal - All Shall Fail - Vinyl Box Set - promo pic

Norwegian sons of northern darkness, IMMORTAL, will release a limited 10“ vinyl box set of their last masterpiece, All Shall Fall.

The prestigious box set will consist of 4 high quality 10“ vinyl discs including the amazing album artwork poster.

The All Shall Fall 10“ vinyl box set will be limited to only 3x 333 copies (black, white, silver) and will be released July 5, 2013, via Nuclear Blast.


Immortal - Group Promo Banner - Logo - B&W

For more info on IMMORTAL, click on the links below!

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Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell - promo cover pic!

Ten METAL Albums I Cannot Live Without


You know which Metal albums you can’t possibly live without! Those are the Metal albums you turn to so often, they feel like they’re a part of you! Metal albums that I can’t live without are just like Metal Buddies; they’re always there to lean on and hang out with! Here is a list of ten Metal albums I can’t live without.

This list is a part one, cause in reality, there are probably a few hundred more Metal albums that I couldn’t live without! By no means is this my top ten Metal albums of all time; in essence, what this list represents is a grand starting point for me! Therefore, a part two, three, four and more to this topic will most likely happen! Hallelujah and ring that Metal bell!

This list of Metal albums are in no particular order, other than I can’t live without them. I hope you enjoy this list and feel free to add your Metal albums you can’t live without via a comment. Metal be thy name!

As shown at the top of this post, Heaven And Hell (1980) from the Ronnie James Dio era Black Sabbath is a keeper for life. Whoa.

PANTERA "Cowboys From Hell"

PANTERA – Cowboys From Hell (1990)

Metallica - Master Of Puppets promo album pic #2!

METALLICA – Master Of Puppets (1986)

Motorhead - Ace Of Spades - promo cover pic!!

MOTORHEAD – Ace Of Spades (1980)

DIO "Holy Diver" large promo album pic!

DIO – Holy Diver (1983)

Angel Witch - As Above So Below - Promo Cover Pic - Large!

ANGEL WITCH – As Above, So Below (2012)

Overkill - Horrorscope - promo cover pic!

OVERKILL – Horrorscope (1991)

Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime - promo cover pic!

QUEENSRYCHE – Operation Mindcrime (1988)

Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - promo cover pic!

BLACK SABBATH – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (1974 U.S. Release)

BLACK SABBATH could very well be THE band that started METAL in the first place. It sure wasn’t Air Supply or The Carpenters that invented Metal. (That last sentence was funny, wasn’t it?)

Satyricon - The Age Of Nero - large promo album pic!

SATYRICON – The Age Of Nero (2008)



KISS - Destroyer - Promo Album Pic #2!

KISS – Destroyer (1976)

Yes, “back in the day” KISS was as close to Metal as Alice Cooper, Uriah Heep, UFO and Ted Nugent were. That’s my Metal opinion anyways!

Compiling this first installment of Ten Metal Albums I Can’t Live Without was (gulp) fun! You can count on me to continue onward with this Metal topic! It’s too enticing a Metal topic to ignore!


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AUTOLATRY – Announce U.S. Tour

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New England Black Metal quintet AUTOLATRY are set to embark upon a massive U.S. tour in support of their self-released EP entitled Of The Land. Blending razor-edged Progressive and Melodic Black Metal with primal intensity and Folk sensibilities, AUTOLATRY promises to leave audiences standing in awe as they blaze a trail across the United States. The tour is set to kick off on July 12th in Worcester, MA with cities and venues confirmed through August 2nd. The band will remain on the road for another three weeks before wrapping things up with a homecoming show on August 24th in New Haven, CT. Confirmed dates and venues are listed below.

Steeped in their home region New England’s rich heritage, Autolatry meld progressive and melodic elements into a whirlwind of sonic character that can only be described as “New England Black Metal”.  Formed in 2010 as a 3-piece band by brothers Dave and Matt Kaminsky and Karl Chamberlain, Autolatry has since matured into a well-rounded quintet.

The band self-released their 2012 EP Of The Land to rave reviews, drawing diverse comparisons to the likes of Krallice, Woods of Ypres, and Absu. In addition to recording the follow-up to Of The Land, Autolatry embarks on a 40+ date US tour between July and August 2012. Expect big things from these New Englanders in the very near future!  Of The Land and the band’s 2010 debut, The Hill, are both available at:


(Source: ClawHammer PR)

For more info on AUTOLATRY, click on the links below!



XANTHOCHROID – Releases Two Teaser Videos From Forthcoming Debut Full Length Album!

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Lake Forest, California-based Epic Legendary Black Metal outfit Xanthochroid have released two teaser videos, allowing fans a glimpse inside the creation and sound of their forthcoming debut full-length album titled “Blessed He With Boils.”

Said Xanthochroid frontman Sam Meador, “Xanthochroid is an Epic Black Metal band that strives to produce the most sophisticated and enthralling compositions in the metal scene today. Taking influence from bands like Emperor, Opeth, Moonsorrow, Wintersun, and many others, Xanthochroid combines many styles into a blackened cloud of legendary metal might. Not for the casual listener, but for the true metal connoisseur who demands more depth, more detail, and more musicality than what is out there today. Xanthochroid‘s music demands repeat listening and a discerning ear, and we can’t wait to release our first full-length masterpiece! I hope this will increase everyone’s appetites for some good Metal by the end of 2012!”

Their 5-track EP, “Incultus,” is also available for free download at The official track-listing for “Blessed He With Boils” is as follows:

1. Introduction

2. Blessed He With Boils

3. Winter’s End

4. Long Live Our Lifeless King

5. Deus Absconditus

6. A Leper’s Prospect

7. In Puris Stagnum

8. Rebirth of an Old Nation



XANTHOCHROID official Facebook:

XANTHOCHROID official Myspace:


Teaser 1:

Teaser 2 (“dos”):


(Source: Sundisc PR)



GLORIOR BELLI: Full Album Stream Courtesy Of – From September 19th To September 26th, 2011

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Beginning today, will stream GLORIOR BELLI’s upcoming new full-length, The Great Southern Darkness, in its entirety! The stream will run for one week (September 19 – September 26) before its official North American release through Metal Blade Records on September 27, 2011.

Check the record out in full at THIS LOCATION.

Their fourth full-length in a catalog of blackened enormity, The Great Southern Darkness offers up 11 tracks that magnify GLORIOR BELLI‘s finest qualities. Said Revolver in an advance review of the record: “The album combines vicious black-metal riffery with deep New Orleans stoner grooves to create a metal monolith that is equal parts northern blaze and southern trendkill.” Added American Aftermath: “Extraordinary mesmerizing, mind-blowing, use whatever terms you want, this is fantastic.” Sea Of Tranquility agreed calling it: “…a round of French avant-garde Metal, with the same sort of dissonant intensity of Deathspell Omega, but – and this is, the interesting part – with very clear influences from Southern Metal, Sludge Metal and Post-Metal,” while Infernal Masquerade noted simply: “If you are looking for a great BM release that is different and entertaining, be sure to get this album.”

Formed in the suburbs of Paris during the close of 2002, GLORIOR BELLI has garnered a stellar reputation in the extreme music community for mixing desert rock textures with the brutal, ominous, doom-laden vibe typical of Black Metal. The band was recently added to Montreal’s Messe des Morts festival. The festival is set to take place in Saint-Laurent, QC at Coop Katacombes on November 25 and 26. Other bands on the bill include Inquisition, Absu, Forteresse and more! This will mark GLORIOR BELLI‘s first ever North American appearance. For further info, point your browser HERE.

(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info on GLORIOR BELLI, click on the links below:



GLORIOR BELLI: Band Issues The Great Southern Darkness Video Teaser

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French Black Metal goliaths, GLORIOR BELLI, recently issued a video teaser for upcoming new full-length, The Great Southern Darkness. Check it out now at

The Great Southern Darkness offers up 11 tracks that magnify  GLORIOR BELLI‘s finest qualities: Debilitatingly fast, yet simultaneously dark and swampy with all the Americana/Stoner/Blues elements the band and their fans have come to embrace. Said Revolver in an advance review of the record: “The album combines vicious Black Metal riffery with deep New Orleans Stoner grooves to create a Metal monolith that is equal parts northern blaze and southern trendkill.”

Formed in the suburbs of Paris during the close of 2002, what began as a noxious duo soon became an untamable beast, acting as a beacon for everyone looking to free themselves of the influence of the Demiurge. Lyrics and themes explored throughout the years reveal a sincere inclination for rebel-ism and a sense of poetry. Today, the name GLORIOR BELLI has garnered a stellar reputation in the Extreme music community for mixing desert rock textures with the brutal, ominous, doom-laden vibe typical of Black Metal. But don’t bother trying to restrain that which cannot be confined, for this is merely the greatest curse of the cosmic scheme.

The Great Southern Darkness is scheduled for a North America release on September 27, 2011 via Metal Blade Records.

Check out “Secret Ride To Rebellion” at the band’s official landing page, where you will also find pre-order details, HERE.

(Source: Earsplit PR)



GORGOROTH: Norwegian Black Metal Kings Announce The Sign Of Hell Tour 2011

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This Fall, Norwegian Black Metal overlords GORGOROTH will embark on their longest trek yet. Set to level over 30 cities throughout Europe, the unholy march, appropriately dubbed the Sign Of Hell Tour 2011, will coincide with the band’s upcoming re-release of Under The Sign Of Hell. Initially unleashed to unsuspecting ears in 1997, Under The Sign Of Hell was re-recorded last year at Tomas Asklund’s Monolith Studio with financial support by Bergen Kommune, and is scheduled for release on August 29, 2011 via Regain Records. Pest and Infernus repeat their roles as vocalist and guitarist/bassist, respectively, while Asklund takes a seat on the drum stool. Details of a newGORGOROTH offering to be announced in the coming weeks… Stay tuned.

GORGOROTH: The Sign Of Hell Tour 2011
w/ Vader, Valkyrja

11/03/2011 The Rock – Copenhagen, Denmark

11/04/2011 Aalborg Metal Festival, Stadthalle – Aalborg, Denmark

11/05/2011 Musikens Hus – Gothenburg, Sweden

11/06/2011 Klubben – Stockholm, Sweden

11/09/2011 Moho Live – Manchester, England

11/10/2011 The Masque – Liverpool, England

11/11/2011 Spring & Airbrake – Belfast, Northern Ireland

11/12/2011 Button Factory – Dublin, Ireland

11/13/2011 Classic Grand – Glasgow, Scotland

11/14/2011 Camden Underworld – London, England

11/15/2011 The Fleece – Bristol, England

11/17/2011 De Kelder – Amersfoort, Holland

11/18/2011 Baroeg – Rotterdam, Holland

11/19/2011 Mass Deathtruction Festival, La Ferme du Biéreau – Louvain-la-Neuvem, Belgium

11/20/2011 Turock – Essen, Germany

11/24/2011 L’Empreinte – Savigny-le-Temple, France

11/25/2011 Sounddock – Dietikon, Switzerland

11/26/2011 Christmas Metal Festival, Stadthalle – Lichtenfels, Germany

11/29/2011 Szene – Vienna, Austria

11/30/2011 TBC – Budapest, Hungary

12/01/2011 Euphoria Music Hall – Cluj-Napoca, Romania

12/02/2011 Yubileina Hall – Sofia, Bulgaria, Sofia

12/03/2011 Eightball Club – Thessaloniki, Greece

12/04/2011 Gargarin 205 – Athens, Greece

12/07/2011 TBC – Zagreb, Croatia

12/08/2011 Menza Pri Koritu – Ljubljana, Slovenia

12/09/2011 Init Club – Rome, Italy, Rome

12/10/2011 Rockplanet – Pinarella di Cervia, Italy

12/11/2011 Secret Place – Montpellier, France

12/13/2011 Hard Club – Porto, Portugal

12/14/2011 Cine-Teatro de Corroios – Lisbon, Portugal

12/15/2011 Sala Custom – Seville, Spain

12/16/2011 Durango – Valencia, Spain

12/17/2011 Mephisto – Barcelona, Spain

12/18/2011 TBC – Grenoble, France

(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info on GORGOROTH, click on the links below:



VALDUR: California Blackened Death Legion To Play Two Special Shows!

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Mammoth Lakes, California blackened death horde VALDUR, who released their  Raven God Amongst Us full-length upon unsuspecting masses this past summer and are already working on new tunes, will bring their infernal rumblings to the live arena for two very special shows. The first will happen this coming Friday at The Blvd. in Boyle Heights, California. The second will be an appearance on the Oakland Black/Death Fest at the Metro Operhouse on Saturday March 12th. The band will be joined by headliners Dispirit, Necrite and Mutilation Rites among others.

Commented drummer Sxuperion on the live shows and upcoming new tunes: “We always look forward to the live event, as we very much appreciate and respect the energy and effort that is required to provide VALDUR’S music immediately! Otherwise, VALDUR has basically kept our determination focused upon the writing of many new songs that will see themselves appear on a new full-length release. We are buried in ten to twenty feet of snow in town which is very conducive to writing and creating. The new songs are faster and more intense than anything that VALDUR has released thus far. This new full-length will be finished and out when we say so.”

“Valdur are the best black metal band in the United States that you’ve probably never heard of.” —

“USBM is so often by the numbers that I am wary of it right out of the gate, but this is a band that remembers what is good about black metal, and does it very well indeed. Not an album to overlook.” — The Metal Crypt

“Commercialized darkness and blackness can take a back seat to what VALDUR is creating here… this is underground, this is black metal… this is VALDUR and their creation they have named: Raven God Amongst Us.”  — Metal Odyssey

“With all the scenester bullshit dominating black metal in the United States, it’s really refreshing to hear a band and album from my home country playing something a bit more geographically ambiguous. California’s VALDUR is said band, and sophomore full-length Raven God Amongst Us is the album.” — Metal Review

(Source: Earsplit PR, January 25, 2011)



EASTERN FRONT “Blood On Snow” – Outwardly Wicked And Saturated With Melodic, Blackened Intensity

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EASTERN FRONT Caution: Eastern Front will tear your eardrums inside out and use them for slingshots, while your eyeballs widen and thine jaw drops in utter amazement from their Extreme Speed, Heaviness and fiery Blackened intensity. That is just the beginning… and I was well convinced after listening to the opening track – Stalinorgel, that Eastern Front has taken an enormously serious approach to their Extreme Music. One must listen to all eight songs that Eastern Front has created here, then absorb them all into thine senses and realize this band is not of the cookie cutter variety. Metal be thy name, has Eastern Front made quite the Black Metal statement with Blood On Snow.

The title track, Blood On Snow, clocks in at 8:31 and it is over eight minutes of 100% Black Metal majesty. From the mind invading and senses pummeling blast beats to the vicious guitar leads… and everything else in between, this title track is a Blackened Metal ride of ferocious euphoria. Can this Eastern Front album get any better? It sure can. The very next song, Unleash The Panzer Division, is an introduction to just how melodic guitar leads can coexist with dark, Black Metal ferocity of sound. These two songs, back-to-back are like a double dose of Eastern Front whoop ass… straight to my skin rippling forehead.

At The Gates Of Moscow is a mini Black epic in it’s own right, with seven minutes of unrelenting and Extreme song writing precision. Nagant’s warrior strong vocals are overwhelming with excessive power on At The Gates Of MoscowWhere Warriors Once Fell, this album’s closer, is the answer to what Iron Maiden would sound like if they were to try their Metal hand at Black Metal. Then again, this is Eastern Front, a Black Metal band that has put forth their very own style with more than subtle confidence. This is a Black Metal band that is overflowing with convincing Metal skill sets. If Eastern Front intended to save their Blackest best for last, they surely have succeeded with Where Warriors Once Fell.

If there is to be one consistent adjective to describe Blood On Snow, it has to be… powerful. From Nagant’s vocals to Holocaust’s unreal guitar leads and every nuance in between, the muscularity of Metal explodes with this bands Blackened style and character. Krieg on rhythm guitar, Destroyer on bass and Destruction on drums all enrich this album to it’s dark and Extreme fullest. Eastern Front sounds razor sharp and very tight on this album, they sound ready to take on the world, with a skull splitting deliverance of their Black Metal power surge.

Listening to this album is like getting hit by that continuous storm wind, that malicious wind that comes out of the northern sky with an unnatural vengeance… and all you can do is respect it’s overall strength. Blood On Snow is swirling with melodic speed throughout each song, with tempo changes, string arrangements and sound effects that are not incorporated for listening convenience or sell out, rather they exist due to the real emotions that Eastern Front has built into this beyond entertaining Black album.

Blood On Snow was produced by Anders Backelin at Andy LaRocque’s Sonic Train Studios in Sweden. The quality that Andy’s Sonic Train Studio brings to the cascading Black Metal sound on this album is blatantly obvious and arguably, one day in the future… legendary. From the onset to the last note of Blood On Snow, I can hear the painstaking attention to detail, amongst the layers of sound, that great producers like Anders Backelin and Andy are conscientious about. Andy LaRocque is an original member alongside the ultra legendary King Diamond. Andy plays guitar, keyboards and is a songwriter for King Diamond. Andy was also a guitarist for DEATH, appearing on their 1993 studio album – Individual Thought Patterns.

* EASTERN FRONT lists Ipswich, United Kingdom, as their land of origin, on their myspace music page. (See myspace link below).

* EASTERN FRONT – Blood On Snow was released in Europe, on Candlelight Records, on September 13, 2010. Blood On Snow was released in the U.S. on Candlelight Records, on September 21, 2010.

* For more info on EASTERN FRONT, just click on the link below:

EASTERN FRONT – myspace music


Nagant – vocals

Holocaust – lead guitar

Krieg – rhythm guitar

Destroyer – bass

Destruction – drums

Blood On Snow – (Back Cover of CD above)

Track Listing For Blood On Snow:


Battle Of Smolensk

Blood On Snow

Unleash The Panzer Division


Dvenadtzat Kilometrov Ot Moskvy

At The Gates Of Moscow

Where Warriors Once Fell



VALDUR “Raven God Amongst Us” – A Raw And Apocalyptic Black Metal Storm

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VALDUR – From Mammoth Lakes, California, VALDUR unleashes upon the world… Raven God Amongst Us. A self financed, full length album of Blackened might, Raven God Amongst Us has been released on drummer Sxuperion’s very own Bloody Mountain Records. All nine songs on this formidable album, create a steady flow of darkened melodies that lay within the layers of cataclysmic guitar leads, phrenetic drums, earth trembling bass and vocals that gather electrifying steam, with each passing second. It’s the overall apocalyptic vibe of no turning back, that engages the senses on Raven God Amongst Us.

Taking into account, the back to back songs of Past Of Wolves and Vicious Existence, it is the plummeting and spiraling Blackened atmosphere of falling into the unknown abyss of something uncannily dark. VALDUR presents their Black Metal in a raw state of serrated lined appeal… one could not expect Black Metal to suddenly open up and reveal harmonious chorus over syrupy keyboards. VALDUR is making a statement by realizing a Black Metal foundation is built on key Black Metal fundamentals, a vastly dark atmosphere that tantalizes on the embraceable bizarre, rawness and everything else… Blackened.

Traditional lyrical content, coupled with a luring and engaging sound of Black Metal in it’s most anti-mainstream existence, is amassed within and outside the walls of dark sound as each song plays through on this album. This album mirrors the storm clouds that are about to swallow up a sun-lit sky, it’s the impending winter storm that science could not fathom. Commercialized darkness and Blackness can take a back seat to what VALDUR is creating here… this is underground, this is Black Metal… this is VALDUR and their creation they have named: Raven God Amongst Us.

* For more info on VALDUR, just click on the link below:

VALDUR – myspace music

Track Listing For Raven God Amongst Us:


Wound Fires In The Afterlife

Great Abyss Unfold

Gravlagt I Morkets Natt!

Med Fjell I Horisonten


Past Of Wolves

Vicious Existence




Enslaved “Vertebrae” – Progressive, Black Metal raises the bar

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main-150Enslaved, from Norway, has created quite the exquisite Black Metal album with “Vertebrae”. Why do I use the adjective exquisite to describe this album? Well, I revere the Progressive Metal of Mastodon and Dream Theater, the legendary Progressive Rock of Pink Floyd and the groove infested Black Metal of Satyricon. Enslaved encompasses the most Metal and progressively delicious elements from these favorite bands of mine, while incorporating them into their very own startlingly, mind popping sound. What Enslaved has done here, is taken Rock and Metal influences to a new level, creating an album that embraces everything that is brilliant about Heavy and Progressive music. (I am not saying Enslaved actually looked to these bands for inspiration, this is just my musical and Metal interpretation and/or opinion). Enslaved has their roots in Black Metal, a musical track record that overflows with Metal bragging rights… “Vertebrae” by no means exemplifies this band as not being original. This album is as original as it gets… I cannot truly count how many Metal bands there are, that dare to experiment with music so valiantly.

Black Metal has gone through a bit of a metamorphosis over the years… so have the other Metal genres. There will always be the blue collar – true to the roots style of Black Metal, it deserves it’s rightful place in the Metal universe. Enslaved, like their counterparts Satyricon, have taken the Black Metal stylings and tweaked them, in this case, Enslaved progressively tweaked. As with anything in life, change is a natural necessity that either is accepted or rejected. Change in the musical circles of Metal can often times be equated to selling out or mellowing down, every fan of Metal has their own right to personally object or accept what they want from their music. My point I am trying to make here is, Enslaved has not deceived me or let me down with their brand of Progressive, Black Metal on “Vertebrae”. Vintage Venom and Mercyful Fate will forever and always be at my Metal reach, Enslaved “Vertebrae” is an extension of what happens when musical and Metal barriers are broken down. 

In an all encompassing summary of the seven songs on “Vertebrae”, I hear the nod to the forefathers of Black Metal, with especially the lead vocals and the dark, macabre and searingly moody ambiance, coming from the musical background elements. The keyboards and organ can create Black Metal which pays homage to the original sound of this band and genre, it can also create the progressive path in which “Vertebrae” aims for as well. Herbrand Larsen is simply unreal on the keys, organ and vocals. The same can be said for each member of Enslaved… as a cohesive unit they have connected not only with each other with their Metal skills and prowess, they have also raised the bar musically, in a Metal world that is rapidly interconnecting with each others genres. I cannot resist myself by recommending highly “Vertebrae”, Enslaved has created an album that will be at the top of my Metal list for decades to come.

The members of Enslaved are: Ivar Bjornson on guitars, Grutle Kjellson on vocals & bass, Herbrand Larsen on keyboards, organ & vocals, Cato Bekkevold on drums and Ice Dale on guitars. Enslaved has given the Metal world seven brilliant new songs with “Vertebrae”, thus inspiring me to delve and journey even further into the vast genres and sub-genres of Metal music.


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