VALDUR: California Blackened Death Legion To Play Two Special Shows!

Mammoth Lakes, California blackened death horde VALDUR, who released their  Raven God Amongst Us full-length upon unsuspecting masses this past summer and are already working on new tunes, will bring their infernal rumblings to the live arena for two very special shows. The first will happen this coming Friday at The Blvd. in Boyle Heights, California. The second will be an appearance on the Oakland Black/Death Fest at the Metro Operhouse on Saturday March 12th. The band will be joined by headliners Dispirit, Necrite and Mutilation Rites among others.

Commented drummer Sxuperion on the live shows and upcoming new tunes: “We always look forward to the live event, as we very much appreciate and respect the energy and effort that is required to provide VALDUR’S music immediately! Otherwise, VALDUR has basically kept our determination focused upon the writing of many new songs that will see themselves appear on a new full-length release. We are buried in ten to twenty feet of snow in town which is very conducive to writing and creating. The new songs are faster and more intense than anything that VALDUR has released thus far. This new full-length will be finished and out when we say so.”

“Valdur are the best black metal band in the United States that you’ve probably never heard of.” —

“USBM is so often by the numbers that I am wary of it right out of the gate, but this is a band that remembers what is good about black metal, and does it very well indeed. Not an album to overlook.” — The Metal Crypt

“Commercialized darkness and blackness can take a back seat to what VALDUR is creating here… this is underground, this is black metal… this is VALDUR and their creation they have named: Raven God Amongst Us.”  — Metal Odyssey

“With all the scenester bullshit dominating black metal in the United States, it’s really refreshing to hear a band and album from my home country playing something a bit more geographically ambiguous. California’s VALDUR is said band, and sophomore full-length Raven God Amongst Us is the album.” — Metal Review

(Source: Earsplit PR, January 25, 2011)



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