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Kaotoxin Records Announces KAOTOXIN FEST 1

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Kaotoxin Fest #1 - promo flyer - December 2014

French extreme music label Kaotoxin Records has announced the first ever Kaotoxin Fest, an annual showcase of the label’s diversified roster.

Set to take place December 5 – 6 at El Diablo in the label’s hometown of Lille, France, Kaotoxin Fest 1 will feature 15 Kaotoxin recording artists. UNSU, PUTRID OFFAL and 6:33 will treat fest attendees to exclusive, advanced listens of their forthcoming full-length albums. Additionally, 6:33 will have copies of their new album available ahead of its official release date. Each ticket comes with a free copy of Kaotoxin’s sampler CD Weapons of Mass Destruction: Vol. 1 and the label will offer fest-exclusive merch. Camera crews will be on hand to shoot footage for a planned DVD release of the fest. Confirmed bands are as follows:


Ad Patres


Deep In Hate

Department Of Correction


Eye Of Solitude  

Infected Society

The Lumberjack Feedback



Savage Annihilation




Kaotoxin - Large Logo - B&W - 2013

For details and ticket info, visit



* For more info on KAOTOXIN RECORDS:






PIG HEART TRANSPLANT – Iron Lung-Related Industrial/No Wave Project To See Release Via 20 Buck Spin

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Pig Heart Trans

The second full-length of demolition from PIG HEART TRANSPLANT — the solo works of one Jon Kortland of Iron Lung – has been declared for release this September, as a conjoined release between 20 Buck Spin and the band’s own Iron Lung Records.

The alter ego of Jon Kortland, one half of surgical powerviolence duo, Iron Lung, PIG HEART TRANSPLANT delivers both a vicious beating and violent outcome, however the operating methodology is an entirely different animal; slow, churning, industrial, electronic, painfully percussive, a bureaucratic nightmare of State Power with gears grinding the individual into a hallow shell, perfectly molded into one of Them. This is 1984.

Kortland’s second opus, For Mass Consumption is composed of twenty-eight tracks, each approximately forty-four seconds long, each song bearing a four-letter word, structured in a perfectly palatable way for optimum group adoption and mindless adherence to common purpose. Electronic manipulation, no wave guitar noise, abrasive hammering and eerie synthetic ambiance imbue the listener with the seedy malaise of manipulation on a societal scale. One might recognize the pulverizing brutality of early Swans on tracks like “Film” or “Pigs,” the pulsing throb of Brighter Death Now and IRM on “Coma” or even Robert McNaugton’s soundtrack work for Henry: Portrait Of Serial Killer on “1970” or “1980.”


For the first widespread preview of this aural torture, tune in to the fourth track from For Mass Consumption, “Born,” being broadcast from THIS LOCATION.

Undoubtedly a horrifying work of aural terror, PIG HEART TRANSPLANT‘s For Mass Consumption is the logical result of a culture bent on banal conformity and the futile struggle against its domination. 20 Buck Spin is pleased to bring this tormented future vision into the present in collaboration with Iron Lung Records. The album will storm North America first via 20 Buck Spin on September 2nd, followed days later on September 8th upon European populations. Vinyl and cassette editions will follow via Iron Lung Records shortly after.

New performances among the humans should be considered forthcoming, alongside additional previews of For Mass Consumption and more. Devotees of early Swans (early), SPK, Test Dept, Bastard Noise, Pharmakon, Godflesh and of course, Iron Lung, get hip to this one.

For Mass Consumption – Track Listing:

1. Drug, 2. Film, 3. Gift, 4. Born, 5. Male, 6. Numb, 7. Pigs, 8. Acts, 9. Pray. 10. Swim, 11. Thaw, 12. Coma, 13. Copy, 14. 1970, 15. Dirt, 16. Used, 17. Cuts, 18. City, 19. Line, 20. Home, 21. Scum, 22. Safe, 23. Half, 24. Edit, 25. Belt, 26. Mute, 27. Sold, 28. 1980


(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info:

20 Buck Spin - logo b&w

Iron Lung Records - B&W Logo

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TYRANTS BLOOD “Into The Kingdom Of Graves” – Vinyl Is Out Now, Limited To 500 Pressings!

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Tyrants Blood - Into the kingdom of graves - vinyl promo pic - 2013

From Tridroid Records:

Tridroid Records - logo - B&W - 2013

We are excited to announce the release of “Into the Kingdom of Graves” by Vancouver’s infamous Tyrants Blood.

Featuring ex-Blasphemy guitarist Marco Banco and Infernal Majesty vocalist Brian Langley, Tyrants Blood have become a potent force in the underground metal scene.

Limited to only 500 copies, the album is now available to order from our Bandcamp page here:

Tyrants Blood - Into The Kingdom Of Graves - promo cover

Media coverage about “Into the Kingdom of Graves”

“This is what extreme music should be and by drowning the listener in a world of devastating energy, Tyrants Blood proves their prowess within this crowded field.”- Violent Resonance

“Brutal, relentless, straight in my face, though still quite technical and over the top, it is quite hard to escape the thick and hateful atmosphere that drenches the record, a damned nice surprise!”- Voices From the Darkside

“Into the Kingdom of Graves is what death metal is about ladies and gentlemen (probably mostly gentlemen) and THIS is a band who are bringing it to a whole new level.”- Two Guys Metal Reviews


* For more info on TYRANTS BLOOD:


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Unholy Anarchy Records - large logo - B&W

In conjunction with At War With False Noise (UK), Jerkoff Records (USA) and Blackseed Records (USA), Unholy Anarchy Records is set to release a brand new split 7-inch featuring Belgian grind gods AGATHOCLES and HOGRA.

AGATHOCLES have been around for over 25 years and in that time have appeared on well over 100 split 7-inch releases, as well as numerous comps, EPs, demos and full-length albums. This release sees the legendary trio take an unexpected departure from their traditional and patented mincecore style of grind and unleash two tracks that were written to compliment the power electronics of Pittsburgh’s HOGRA, who have built a solid catalog of splits, tapes and EPs over the past year.

The split is scheduled for an early September release. For ordering information, visit

Agathocles - Hogra - split - promo cover pic

A1. AGATHOCLES – “I Don’t Wanna See You (No More)”

A2. AGATHOCLES – “From Grey… To Black”

B1. HOGRA – “Vomica”

B2. HOGRA – “Bezoar”


Straight from the underground comes the newly launched Unholy Anarchy Records and Distro. Launched in the summer of 2013, Baltimore-based Unholy Anarchy is guided by the philosophy to release quality underground extreme music without boundaries – the only criteria being quality music from great bands.

Run by true Metal fans for true Metal fans, Unholy Anarchy focuses primarily on vinyl releases, but is open to a variety of mediums from acts that share a similar vision. The label’s first release will be a seven-inch split with Belgium’s AGATHOCLES and Pittsburgh, PA’s HOGRA. Due out in early August, the split will be a co-release with Blackseed Records, Jerk Off Records and At War With False Noise.

On the distro side of things, Unholy Anarchy has hundreds of titles on picture disc, 12″, 10″, 7″, CD and cassette formats in stock. Unholy Anarchy always offers free shipping on any order over $50.

Unholy Anarchy is an independently owned and operated family business that focuses on maintaining the importance of physical music formats, especially vinyl. The label was founded with the hopes of delivering quality underground Metal, Punk and Hardcore from artists and labels we respect.  They are dedicated to helping the scene, the bands, and delivering music to you. Unholy Anarchy has made every effort to stock rare imports and hard to find albums for our U.S. customer base, and hope you find Unholy Anarchy a collective that you can stand behind.


(Source: ClawHammer PR)

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WARTORN “Iconic Nightmare” – Brutality Has Knocked… It’s Time To Listen.

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Wartorn - Iconic Nightmare - promo cover pic

WARTORN – Rage. Resentment. Darkness falls upon the happy days of small town. The doors have been blown apart at their hinges and a swirling black cloud of hostility is in your face and commanding your Metal senses. This is all part of the cataclysmic eruption of Crust extremity, that awaits you, with this new WARTORN release: Iconic Nightmare.

The Extreme Metal crossover appeal is so enriched with WARTORN’s violent sound that it boggles my Metal mind. Wether it’s Death, Punk, Grind, Hardcore, Crust, Thrash or Black Metal that’s your obsession, the skull crushing totality of relentless and brutal sound that WARTORN administers on Iconic Nightmare is overwhelmingly grand.


There’s something to be said about the strength of merciless and Extreme Music. This is the stuff I listen to for strength to look my deceivers in the eyes and laugh at their tormented souls. WARTORN is as unsophisticated as anything you’ll ever hear in your Metal life and that’s a damn inspiring good thing too.

Extreme Music isn’t about plastic bells and red carpet whistles for me. No blatant way. Extreme Music, for me, is about the IMPACT and total disregard for our societal norms and WARTORN have torn the fuck apart any images of  humanity’s status quo in my Metal mind. Metal be thy name.

Wartorn - band promo pic - 2013 - #1

WARTORN: Bitty (Vocals), Ryan (Guitar), Toban (Guitar) Derek (Guitar), Ela (Bass) and Hart (Drums).



Iconic Nightmare

Unfinished Blueprint

Permanent Blackout

No Sanctuary No Salvation

Six Feet Under

Knee Deep In Blood

All Flags Still Burn


Burial Ground



Southern Lord has unleashed hell with the new full-length from Midwestern death squad WARTORN.

Since 2004 this Appleton, Wisconsin-based brigade has protested political tyranny and societal injustices with a devastating brew of metallic crustpunk. WARTORN has assaulted live audiences across thirteen countries across North America and Europe in support of releases on renowned crust/punk labels including Profane Existence and Crimes Against Humanity, while its members also take part in other active and notable acts like Dresden, Remission, and Words That Burn.

Taking their attack to the next level, the energy and production of their newest full-length Iconic Nightmare elevates WARTORN’s powerful songwriting and execution to new levels, surging with nine crushing anthems in barely twenty-five minutes. Diehards of Wolfbrigade, From Ashes Rise, Tragedy and the like should not pass this one by.


(prior press release: Earsplit PR)

For more info on WARTORN, click on the links below!

Facebook: Wartorn

Southern Lord:

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THE GUILT OF…: Decibel Magazine Premieres Three Tracks From Forthcoming Vinyl Release

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The Guilt Of - Isolaation Room - promo cover pic - front

Decibel Magazine today hurls forth three exclusive tracks from Isolation Room, the forthcoming new limited edition vinyl release from THE GUILT OF…. Influenced by the streets, the sick, the lower class, the woods, wine, the hedonistic criminal bliss of New Orleans, and the destruction of time signatures, THE GUILT OF… is propagated by the demented duo of EyeHateGod’s Mike IX Williams and former Wolvhammer evildoer Ryan Mckern. Together they spew a dark, angst-ridden sound implosion of industrialized filth and audio decay.

Think Skinny Puppy on steroids, infused with tortured punk rock vocals, blackened guitar decomposition and power electronics. Isolation Room delivers seven tracks in over thirty minutes all mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin and will be issued by Last Hurrah Records on June 8th.


Check out the limb-severing goodness of the title track, “Social Recall Rewind,” and “The Ides Ballot” courtesy of Decibel Magazine at THIS LOCATION.

The Guilt Of - Isolation Room - promo cover - back

Isolation Room – Track Listing:

Side A

1. Social Recall Rewind

2. Isolation Room

3. Probation Addiction

4. Force Fed Militant

Side B

1. The Ides Ballot

2. Lie Detector

3. Shriek of the Arabic Poems

Isolation Room is limited to 500 copies in translucent green splashed with double mint and black and features cover art by Lindsey Kuhn. Claim your copy now HERE.

Last Hurrah Records - Large Logo - promo________________________________________________

(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on THE GUILT OF…, click on the link below!

facebook: The guilt 0f…

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BLACK METAL – Metalhit Sampler (12 Songs) FREE Download On

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BLACK METAL – If you’re on a tight Metal budget and HAIL Black Metal, then this Black Metal Metalhit Sampler FREE download is for you! Just go to and download it! It’s FREE! Metal be thy name.

Check out the bands and track listing below:





REVOLTING – Hymns of Ghastly Horror to be Released Sept 7th on FDA Rekotz

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Hymns of Ghastly Horror is the fourth album from Swedish cult band REVOLTING and it is scheduled to arrive internationally September 7th on FDA Rekotz in CD and digital formats. The vinyl LP version will be released on November 16th.  On the new album, REVOLTING offers the finest in classic, yet distinct Swedish Death Metal.

Specifically, REVOLTING returns with an album most demonstrative of their knack for creating those unforgettable necro-melodies, crusty grooves, and unmitigated brute force that has defined their songwriting development to date. The nine tracks of Hymns of Ghastly Horror will enter through the auditory canals and lodge in the brain like tumors! A definite recommendation for fans of EDGE OF SANITY, DISMEMBER, and ENTRAILS.

Check out the promo clip for album track “The Mother of Darkness” below!

Hymns of Ghastly Horror – Track Listing:

1. The Mother Of Darkness

2. Their Thoughts Can Kill

3. Ravenous Alien Spawn

4. The Black Queen

5. The Thing That C.H.U.D. Not Be (inst)

6. Psychoplasmics

7. Prey To Katahdin

8. Kinderfeeder

9. The Hatchet Murders


REVOLTING is the new band from Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, The Grotesquery, Demiurg, Putrevore) which is dedicated to the HORROR/GORE films from the 1980’s! With today’s modern horror sucking beyond redemption and Death Metal being plagued by rap, emo, and fake boring “brutality”, Revolting felt it was time to do a truly PURE and ugly, rotting, putrid Death Metal band for the love of it and to get back to the basics of what all of this madness is about anyway!



Rogga Johansson – Vocals/Guitars

Grotesque Tobias – Bass

Mutated Martin – Drums



(Source: ClawHammer PR)

For more info on REVOLTING, click on the link below!



The Power Of The Riff West – Will Set L.A. Ablaze Next Week

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Festival Roster Finalized With The Addition Of LEWD ACTS

The 2012 installment of The Power Of The Riff West is now just one week away, as more than twenty acts will infiltrate Los Angeles’ Echo/Echoplex next Saturday, August 11th.

In addition to recent festival additions including SUNN 0))), NAUSEA (CA), DESPISE YOU and more, this week LEWD ACTS have also been added, now finalizing the festival’s massive lineup: SUNN 0))), OFF!, DR. KNOW, REPULSION, NOOTHGRUSH, XIBALBA, DESPISE YOU, EAGLE TWIN, NAUSEA (CA), POWER TRIP, ANCESTORS, LEWD ACTS, ALPHA & OMEGA, BIO-CRISIS, HOAX, GAZA, DNF, RETOX, THE LOVE BELOW, COPS, HORDES, XAPHAN

The all-day fest also includes a record swap-meet of local stores and pop-up stores by indie record labels, DJ sets in between band performances and a gourmet food truck court featuring Los Angeles’ best purveyors of street food dining.

Tickets for The Power Of The Riff West are on sale now AT THIS LOCATION.

Tickets for The Power Of The Riff East — the two-day event in Brooklyn on September 1st and 2nd to feature PENTAGRAM, AGNOSTIC FRONT, POISON IDEA, NEGATIVE APPROACH, XIBALBA, SUNN 0))), WINTER, REPULSION, DEAD IN THE DIRT and more — can be purchased RIGHT HERE

Continuing to bring you a tradition of heavy music from slow drones to aggressive crust ridden darkness, The Power Of The Riff events are co-curated and organized by Southern Lord. TPOTR is an event that honors Extreme Music fans and musicians of all ages, tapping into a lineup that represents the forefathers, milestones and current national touring acts, while shedding light on up-and-coming and local acts.


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info, click on the links below!!/TPOTR





WINDFAERER – EP From Iberian Black Metal Storytellers Streaming At Stereokiller

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Solar, the brand new EP from Blackened Metalsmiths WINDFAERER, is now available. Far from simply a “tide-you-over” release between albums, the self-released EP bears an immense 35 minutes of material through six epic tales, and the best material to be released yet from this talented and original New Jersey-based outfit. Elements of contemporary Black Metal go head-on into Folk Metal territory, injecting copious amounts of violin and folk songwriting into an epic, battlestrewn environment.

This week Stereokiller, who stated in a killer 4.95/5 review of Solar “…as long as a few albums of this caliber come out every few years, I will be satisfied…”, are hosting a stream of the entire EP now RIGHT HERE.

Translating to “one who travels with the wind,” as in a vessel at sea, WINDFAERER began as a means of self-expression for guitarist/bassist/vocalist Michael Gonçalves, inspired by his Hispanic/Iberian heritage and fueled by his passion for Extreme Music. With WINDFAERER he focused his energies on creating a melodic, blasting and emotional entity and eventually recruited like-minded musicians in violinist Benjamin Karas and drummer JP Andrade.

The self-released follow-up to the band’s critically-acclaimed Tribus debutwas recorded with Bobby Torres at Frightbox Recording in Clifton, New Jersey and offers up seven tracks of sadistic beauty laden with elements of Black and Melodic Death Metal while exuding a folkloric edge.


“…as long as a few albums of this caliber come out every few years, I will be satisfied. This is absolutely spectacular. 4.95/5” – Stereokiller

“The swirling tremolo guitar melodies and soulful solo’s were as entrancing as the hammering drums and thrumming bass were galvanizing. The caustic vocals added an extra layer of bleeding passion to the mix. And the song has a brutal, bang-up, bass-heavy finish, too.” – No Clean Singing

“Featuring a sound reminiscent of the UK’s Forefather with a strong melodic black metal presence, the atmospheric intentions of Sear Bliss and folk metal’s best…” –


Stone Says: Windfaerer kicks absolute, 100% Metal ass. I’m not bullshitting around here. Windfaerer should be on every known and established Metal label’s want-list of must sign bands. If Extreme Metal is your craving, Windfaerer will appease. Metal be thy name.


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on WINDFAERER, click on the links below!



French Metal Virtuosos HYPNO5E Announce US Tour With: Arsonists Get All The Girls and Exotic Animal Petting Zoo!

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French Metal Virtuosos HYPNO5E has recently announced that they will be touring the US in September supporting Arsonists Get All The Girls and Exotic Animal Petting Zoo.  The tour, dubbed the Zombies Ate My Neighbors Tour, is being sponsored by BlankTV, Hails And Horns, and Obsessed Artist.  The tour will kick off on Fri, Sept 7 in Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst. Expect to hear some new songs from the highly acclaimed Acid MistTomorrow, as well as a handful of songs off of the influential Des Deux L’une Est L’autre album.

HYPNO5E also have a new music video for “Story Of The Eye” – check out the cinematic experience here:

Hails And Horns Magazine is also running a contest to giveaway a pair of tickets (two) to each tour date.  They will also be handing out some free magazines at the shows.  To enter the contest, go here:

Zombies Ate My Neighbors Tour feat. Arsonists Get All The Girls, Hypno5e, Exotic Animal Petting Zoo

9/7 – Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst – BUY TIX:
9/8 – Sacramento, CA @ The Boardwalk – BUY TIX:
9/9 – Medford, OR @ Imperial Ballroom – BUY TIX:
9/10 – Eugene, OR @ TBA
9/11 – Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theater – BUY TIX:
9/12 – Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven – BUY TIX:
9/13 – Spokane, WA @ The A Club – BUY TIX:
9/14 – Boise, ID @ The Venue – BUY TIX:
9/15 – Ogden, UT @ Mojoes – BUY TIX:
9/17 – Fullerton, CA @ Slidebar (FREE Metal Monday)
9/18 – San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick – BUY TIX:
9/19 – Phoenix, AZ @ Rocky Point Cantina – BUY TIX:
9/20 – Bakersfield, CA @ The Dome – BUY TIX:
9/21 – Las Vegas, NV @ Cheyenne Saloon – BUY TIX:
9/22 – Temecula, CA @ The Vault (NO EAPZ) – BUY TIX:
9/23 – Camarillo, CA @ Rock City Studios (NO EAPZ)


(Source: Team All About The Music – Publicity, Management, A&R)





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Los Angeles, California-based online Metal radio station Kosher Metal have revealed door prizes to be given away at  their first Kosher Koncert Series event, which will take place on Saturday, August 4th 2012 at The Vibe in Riverside, Ca – located at 1805 University Ave.  The event will be all ages featuring eight bands, with doors opening at 3pm and prize giveaways in between sets. Tickets for the event are on sale now via TicketLeap at for $10 ($12 day of show). Those who purchase tickets in advance will get two free door prize entries.

The following is a list of door prizes (provided in part by Sam Ash, Nuclear Blast Records, RH Merch& Rock Science).

  • Ibanez electric guitar signed by all the bands
  • Nuclear Blast CD prize packs
  • Tickets to the Summer Slaughter tour in Anaheim
  • A copy of the Rock Science music trivia board game (
  • Sam Ash gift certificates
  • Amazon gift cards and more!

An official promo video for the event can be seen at There is also a compilation available for free download that contains one track from each band performing. Performers include: Ana Kefr, Sangre, Nekrogoblikon, Dyer, Awaiting the Apocalypse, Portrait of Gray, Xanthochroid & Head Transfer Process. The compilation can be downloaded via

Kosher Metal is an online radio station that can be heard via the web and most smartphones. It started as a weekly radio program in June 2010 and became a 24 hour operation in April of 2011. Kosher Metal founder and on-air personality, ManJewky, is a graduate of the Music Business Program at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA.


(Source: Sundisc PR)



BEAK – Premiere “BILLIONS OF EYES” Video As “EYRIE” Arrives On Vinyl

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Chicago, July 10, 2012 — Beak, the Chicago-based quartet band that eMusic described as “majestic” and said their music “deftly vaults between billowing atmospherics, polyrhythmic prog and face-melting noise “, debut their video for “Billions of Eyes” today via Stereokiller ( to celebrate the release of the band’s widely praised debut album Eyrie on vinyl.

Shot on location in the Mojave Desert and The Empty Bottle in Chicago, the video for “Billions of Eyes” is the visual realization of Beak’s bombastic Metal. “Scrambling to take cover in the caves of the barren desert, there is nowhere to hide from the billions of eyes that loom over the earth,” explains Chris Eichenseer, drummer for the post-metal outfit and the director/producer for the clip.  “The hunt is on.  From the heavenly bodies that turn in their grandeur above to the single-minded pursuit of the damned below, the only refuge is fear.” Live footage was shot by Chris Rejano.

Vinyl packages can be purchased here:


A special message from BEAK:

Thanks to all who came out to support the vinyl release show – and we apologize for the cancellation of the Reckless Records In-Store performance. We will reschedule that soon.

Thanks to all of you again from all of us,



Sources: (Speakeasy PR & Marketing) (Beak)

For more info on BEAK, click on the links below!



MASACHIST – Reveal Initial Details On Forthcoming Album; New Track Posted

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Polish Death Metal squad MASACHIST have just completed work on their second full-length, Scorned. The anticipated follow-up to the band’s 2009-released Death March Fury was recorded in mid-2011 at Monroe Sound Studio, with final production touches taken care by guitarist Aro. Featuring nine brutal and intricate songs, Scorned will be released worldwide by Selfmadegod Records on September 3rd, 2012.

MASACHIST‘s leader Thrufel comments on the album: “I’m really glad that after a long silence I can finally give you some details regarding our much-anticipated new album. Scorned is 40 minutes of your agony, another relentless death march. You could say that the new album is a natural evolution of our style. This time the songs are much more demanding than those heard on our previous one, while still retaining their primal brutality. Yes, we are still playing 100% Death Metal Kurwa Maæ!”

The album’s cover art and album details for Scorned will be revealed in the weeks ahead. For now, hear the opening track, the punishing “The Process of Elimination,” RIGHT HERE.
 MASACHIST was formed in 2005 by Thrufel (ex-Azarath, ex-Yattering) and Daray (Dimmu Borgir, ex-Vader, Vesania), and later on joined by Heinrich (Vesania, ex-Decapitated, ex-UnSun), Aro (Shadows Land, Torquemada) and Pig (Anal Stench, ex-Decapitated). The band recorded its debut full-length Death March Fury which has since received excellent feedback both from Metal press and the fans around the globe.


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on MASACHIST, click on the links below!



SIX FEET UNDER – Return From The 18 Nights Of Blood Tour

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Death Metal behemoths SIX FEET UNDER recently returned home from the victorious 18 Nights Of Blood Tour. The short but ravaging trek marked the first live outing featuring newly recruited rhythm guitarist Ola Englund as well as bassist Jeff Hughell [ex-Brain Drill, ex-Vile] and systematically bludgeoned all in its path.

Comments vocalist Chris Barnes: “Had a great time on the 18 Nights Of Blood Tour with Dying Fetus and Revocation! Thanks to everyone who made the tour a success! Good times! Dale yeah!” Check out Revolver’s live photo coverage of the band’s sold-out Whiskey A Go-Go show HERE.

In related news, Barnes recently talked to about the legalizing marijuana, hypocrisy, smoking rituals and other weedian topics in a special Independence Day post. Check it out HERE.

SIX FEET UNDER released their latest Undead full-length to North American ears via Metal Blade on May 22. Dubbed “…the best thing SFU have recorded since Maximum Violence…,” by Decibel, “…an album on which this new level of musicianship adds value without tarnishing SIX FEET UNDER’s legacy of brutality,” by Outburn, and  “…an unearthly noise and glorious in its heaving absurdity,” by Terrorizer, Undead topped Billboard charts upon its first week of release and continues to sear the ears of fans and critics internationally.


(Source: Earsplit PR)

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SOPHICIDE – German Tech Death Metallers Announce Willowtip Debut “Perdition Of The Sublime”

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German Technical Death Metal sorcerers, SOPHICIDE, are pleased to announce the release of their debut, Perdition Of The Sublime. Set for North American release on August 14, 2012 via Willowtip Records, the 11-track long player was recorded, mixed and mastered by founder Adam Laszlo at his home studio and features the striking cover design by artist Steve Voigt.

Formed as a one-man-project in 2009 by Laszlo, then 19, SOPHICIDE fuses elaborate melodies with battering technical brutality into a sound that’s as malicious as it is memorable. Meaning “murder of wisdom,” SOPHICIDE describes the state of modern society and serves as the central theme of Perdition Of The Sublime. Notes Laszlo: “It’s another word for anti-intellectualism. People are stupid, ignorant and seem to be proud of it. This is a disturbing trend.”

“I’m really keen to release this album,” he continues of the release. “I’ve put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into it and I hope people can connect to it as I do. Basically the overall theme coincides with the meaning of ‘sophicide.’ Intellect and enlightenment seem to be displaced by religion and casting shows. There’s this overall apathy, people don’t seem to give a shit about anything as long as they get their cheap meat and TV shows. This is what POTS is basically about, although the focus is on religion, after all it’s the elephant in the room.”

Check out the artwork and first track “The Art Of Atrocity” at THIS LOCATION.

Perdition Of The Sublime Track Listing:

01. The Art Of Atrocity

02. Within Darkness

03. Perdition Of The Sublime

04. Of Lust And Vengeance

05. Execration

06. Blood For Honour

07. Freedom Of Mind

08. Folie Á Deux

09. Lafayette’s Deception

10. Dawn Of A New Age

11. The Essence Of Warfare


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The First East Coast THE POWER OF THE RIFF Fest To Invade NYC In September

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Following the recent announcement of the third annual West Coast installment of The Power Of The Riff Festival in Los Angeles on August 11th, now the first ever East Coast chapter of the festivities have been confirmed!

TPOTR is an event that honors extreme music fans and musicians of all ages, tapping into a lineup that represents the forefathers, milestones and current national touring acts, while shedding light on up-and-coming and local acts. Curated by The Power Of The Riff and Southern Lord and presented by Scenic and Brooklyn Vegan, the devastating two-day The Power Of The Riff East will take place in NYC on Saturday, September 1st and Sunday, September 2nd at Brooklyn’s massive Warsaw club, boasting an incredible roster of riffcrushing artists from across the country.

At press time the lineup for day one of TPOTR East includes PENTAGRAM, POISON IDEA, NEGATIVE APPROACH, XIBALBA, ALPHA & OMEGA and POWER TRIP, while day two will show SUNN 0))), WINTER, REPULSION, UNEARTHLY TRANCE, SALVATION and DEAD IN THE DIRT hitting the stage, with additional support and headlining acts still to be announced in the days ahead.

A limited number of two-day passes for The Power Of The Riff East are available for purchase right now RIGHT HERE. Single day tickets for both days will go on sale this Monday, July 2nd at 12pm EST. Saturday tickets will be available AT THIS LOCATION and Sunday tickets AT THIS LOCATION. tuned for more announcements in the days ahead as the lineup for this behemoth event expands.

Full info and tickets for The Power Of The Riff West — confirmed to take place on Saturday, August 11th at Los Angeles’ Echo/Echoplex — are available now HERE.


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ALARIC / ATRIARCH Split LP – A Double Dose Of Spine-Chilling Heaviness You Can’t Overlook

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ALARIC/ATRIARCH – This split LP of Alaric/Atriarch was released on May 15th, 2012, via 20 Buck Spin. This album serves as a Metal appetizer for fans of both bands; while new studio albums from Alaric/Atriarch are being recorded for release later in 2012. This split LP has been my introduction to both bands, here are my Metal thoughts:

Oakland California’s Alaric is an Anarcho Death Rock experience to hear. They blend Doom and Stoner vibes with an endless supply of thumping and haunting beats. Picture the scene: Hard Rock with lot’s of foreboding swirling around. Alaric isn’t bashful about being creative with their overall sound, lending guitar parts and vocals that would make perfect sense on many 80’s New Wave songs. Don’t be fooled however, cause these same guitar parts and vocals sound exceptionally terrific and gives this band a unique identity on Memory Assault, So Far Down and Weep.

A heavy band that considers melodies and being memorable is Alaric. The overall feel and vibe I walk away with, after listening to these three Alaric songs, is that this band took the “college Alternative” sound from the late 80’s and early nineties and turned it into a melancholy heaviness of their own; a Death Rockin’ style of heaviness that makes good damn sense to my ears. Alaric has sold me on their style of Rock and I will be listening to them a great deal more now.


Portland Oregon’s Atriarch is a Blackened Death/Doom band which spells: Delectable Metal. A cool listen are both songs (Oblivion, Offerings) and they serve up what’s to be expected from a band of this genre. Oblivion didn”t play out as extreme as I had anticipated and I still appreciated it nonetheless. The vocals on Oblivion include an intermittent spoken word which easily adds style points to the creep-out meter.

Offerings begins with an eerie and distant-like guitar, shredding about its sonic wall of inviting blackness, an intro that I gleefully welcomed with open ears. Offerings builds itself up to an Extreme tempo with matching vocals; a nightmarish sounding song and that is a sincere Metal compliment to this band. Metal be thy name.

The intense artistic talent of Bryan Proteau created the album cover artwork.

ALARIC/ATRIARCH Split LP – Track Listing:

Side A (ALARIC):

Memory Assault

So Far Down






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SKELETONWITCH ‘Forever Abomination’ – 5 Reasons Why You MUST Own This Extreme Metal Album

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SKELETONWITCHForever Abomination is the fourth studio album from Ohio’s SKELETONWITCH and was released back on October 11th, 2011, on Prosthetic Records. I bought this release on CD and it has served me right. Forever Abomination has kicked my Metal ass, many times over. I’m not bullshitting either. Below are 5 reasons why you MUST buy Forever Abomination.

Reason #1: SKELETONWITCH seamlessly unites Thrash and Death Metal grooves resulting in a Metal sound that is Skeletelextreme.

Reason #2: Chance Garnette. His vocals are drenched with Black Metal tones and he sings on this album at his most venomous best yet. Chance has to have steel reinforced vocal cords. How else could he sing at such an optimum level of aggression?

Reason #3: If you’re looking to have your ears and senses galvanized, then rest assured, Forever Abomination will have you staring into space as you wonder what just happened to you. Yes, you will yearn for more.

Reason #4: Musicianship. Extreme Metal musicianship at that. This band plays so heavy and fast that it’s staggering. All the while, not once do the songs embody any muddled parts. The intricacies are all there and SKELETONWITCH keeps evolving as a band.

Reason #5: The dark lyrics throughout Forever Abomination are a powerhouse unto this album. Combine these lyrics, with the scathingly fierce atmosphere from the Extreme wall of sound that you’ll experience and it’s Metal mind-boggling.


Chance Garnette – vocals

Nate “N8 Feet Under” Garnette – guitar

Scott “Scunty D” Hedrick – guitar

Evan “Loosh” Linger – bass

Dustin Boltjes – drums

Forever Abomination – back cover


This Horrifying Force (The Desire To Kill)

Reduced To The Failure Of Prayer

Of Ash And Torment

Choke Upon Betrayal

Erased And Forgotten

The Infernal Resurrection

Rejoice In Misery

Cleaver Of Souls

Shredding Sacred Flesh

Sink Beneath Insanity

My Skin Of Deceit

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EXHUMED – Announce: Grind Over Europe Tour 2012

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Following their first ever trek through Brazil with Aborted, California Goregrind ministers EXHUMED will spray their blood overseas next month on the Grind Over Europe Tour 2012. Set to kick off on February 24 in Barcelona, Spain, the band will mercilessly tear through 16 cities. Speakers will blow, ears will bleed, villages will crumble. You have been warned. The band will be joined by label-mates Rotten Sound and Magrudergrind.

Comments vocalist/guitarist Matt Harvey: “We’re fully chuffed to have an opportunity to Grind Over Europe with a couple of our favorite bands: Rotten Sound and Magrudergrind! If you don’t like blastbeats, manic energy, beer, stage-diving, rhino charges, swinging thumbjumps or Scott Carlson bass grinds, do yourself a favor and stay the fuck home! This tour, in addition to being a screaming whirlwind holocaust, will single-handedly bring the phrase ‘play fast or die!’ back en vogue. We’re psyched to get to hit a few countries for the first time on this tour, as well as dust off some old and particularly short, fast, and loud numbers for the set. Our very first tour in ’97 was the Grind Over Europe II tour with Hemdale and Nyctophobic, so whoever said ‘you can’t go home again’ is obviously full of shit! Bring your studded vests, dreadlocks, Agathocles split EPs, and worn out old Napalm Death shirts on down to the show and let’s tear some shit apart! Cheers!”

EXHUMED w/ Aborted:

02/16/2012 Beco – Porto Alegre, RS

02/17/2012 Music Hall – Belo Horizonte, MG

02/18/2012 Hangar 110 – São Paulo, SP

02/19/2012 Hangar Bar – Curitiba, PR

2/20/2012 Armazém do Café – Catanduva/SP

EXHUMED Grind Over Europe Tour 2012 w/ Rotten Sound, Magrudergrind:

02/24/2012 Estraperlo Club – Barcelona, Spain

02/25/2012 TBA Spain

02/26/2012 Sala Jala Jala – Almería, Spain

02/27/2012 Revolver Bar – Lisbon, Portugal

02/28/2012 Hard Club – Porto, Portugal

02/29/2012 Sala Heaven – Santander, Spain

03/01/2012 Salle Des Fêtes De Labège – Toulouse, France

03/02/2012 Kulturwerk 118 – Sursee, Switzerland

03/03/2012 Les Caves Du Manoir – Martigny, Switzerland

03/04/2012 Lo Fi Club – Milano, Italy

03/05/2012 Mochvara – Zagreb, Croatia

03/06/2012 Dürer Kert – Budapest, Hungary

03/07/2012 Euphoria Music Hall – Cluj-Napoca, Romania

03/08/2012 Nova Pekaren – Nitra, Slovakia

03/09/2012 Black Pes – Prague, Czech Rep

03/10/2012 Barrak Music Club – Ostrava, Czech Rep

EXHUMED will be touring in support of All Guts, No Glory, issued earlier this year via Relapse Records. The band’s first new record in almost eight years offers up 11 slaughter-filled tracts of soul-raping, Grind-infused Death Metal that toppled an array of Year End lists including Decibel, Pitchfork,, MetalSucks and Skulls N Bones. To stream All Guts, No Glory in full visit:

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