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ENDING QUEST – Release Trailer For “The Summoning”

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Ending Quest - promo band - band logo pic - 2014 - #44903

Swe-death lunatics ENDING QUEST have finished recording their debut album, The Summoning and have announced a June 20 release date through FDA Rekotz. Featuring members of DESOLATOR, ENDING QUEST deliver pure old-school Death Metal with the same passion and fury heard from the likes of ENTOMBED and GRAVE.

Welcome the new generation of Stockholm slaughter. Welcome ENDING QUEST.

Check out the trailer for The Summoning, below:



* For more info on ENDING QUEST:

Facebook: Ending Quest

FDA Rekotz - Logo


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BOMBS OF HADES – To Release Compilation Album Featuring Classic And New Material On Pulverised Records

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Bombs Of Hades - Through The Dark Past - promo cover pic - 2013

Swedish Death-Crust metallers BOMBS OF HADES shall unleash a compilation album featuring an assortment of oddities recorded throughout the band’s decade-long career. Titled Through the Dark Past, the disc is set release on January 27 on Pulverised Records.

In addition to 19 completely remastered BOMBS OF HADES’ ragers, Through The Dark Past features four brand new tracks recorded exclusively for this release.

Archiving from the Carnivores 7-inch vinyl EP up to the No Life 10-inch vinyl split with Sweden’s Mordbrand, this is the indeed the most exhaustive BOMBS OF HADES compilation to date. Both vinyl and non-vinyl collectors will appreciate this all-inclusive deluxe package, complete with singles, cover songs, bonus track and tracks from the band’s EPs and splits.  Filed under: BOMBS OF HADES essential!

Through The Dark Past – Track Listing:

1) Necronomicus Kanth (The Hounds Of Hell)

2) Twisted Decay

3) Slaughter The Dead

4) Disrespect Their Bones

5) Coffin

6) Carnivores

7) Prolog (The Ecstacy Of Blood)

8) Into The Eternal Pit Of Fire

9) The Day Man Lost *

10) Confessor

11) Ice Cold Grave

12) Clean Your Head *

13) Until Death (Hanged By The Neck)

14) Inside Teradome

15) Burn

16) I’ll Be Your Sister *

17) Mangled Dehumanization *

18) Crossturner

19) Evil Dead *

20) Kill! Kill! Kill!

21) Epilog

Bombs Of Hades - promo group pic - #665 - 2013


Jonas Stålhammar – Vocals / Guitars

P-O Söderback – Guitars

Magnus Forsberg – Drums

Anders Ekman – Bass



* For more info on BOMBS OF HADES:

Facebook: Bombs Of Hades


Pulverised Records - Large Logo!! B&W!


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DISPARAGED – Swiss Death Metal Warriors Signs With Apostasy Records

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Disparaged - group promo pic - band and label logo

Apostasy Records and Swiss Death Metal act DISPARAGED have recently entered into an unholy alliance that will see the band release their upcoming fourth album on the label.

DISPARAGED exists to dispel any existing stereotypes regarding the laid-back nature of the Swiss. The quartet rounds off dynamic drums and harsh brutality with downright virtuous melodies within the solos. Their compositions are similarly conclusive and thrilling. DISPARAGED was formed in 1999 and since released a trio of well-received albums – Overlust, Blood Source and The Wrath Of God. Their most recent release featured the mixing and mastering skills of Jacob Hansen (Aborted, Destruction, Pestilence).

DISPARAGED commented: “We are very proud to have found in Apostasy Records a for us perfectly tailored partner. We are looking forward to the cooperation and the release of our new album!”

Additional details and updates are coming soon.



Ralph Beier – guitar

Tomislav Kuzmic – guitar/vocals

Adrian Scheiber – bass/vocals

Deniz Lebovci – drums


(Source: ClawHammer PR)

For more info on DISPARAGED, click on the links below!


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Update From German Death Horde GOREGAST

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Goregast - large new logo - B&W - 2013

FDA Rekotz artist GOREGAST has issued an update from their headquarters in Berlin. Firstly, GOREGAST recently commissioned Dedy Badic from Badic Art to design a new logo (posted above) that reflected the band’s return to their classic Death Metal roots. Badic is known for his illustrations for SKELETAL REMAINS, GRUESOME STUFF RELISH and many others.

In early May, GOREGAST will play three dates with Swe-death monsters PAGANIZER. The dates are posted below. After returning home from the three-day assault GOREGAST will enter Soundforge Studio in Berlin to record tracks for an upcoming 7-inch EP set for release in September on FDA Rekotz.

In 2011 GOREGAST released the full-length Desechos Humanos on FDA Rekotz. Album track Honor the Dead is streaming below:


May 8 – Leipzig @ Bandhaus w/ Paganizer

May 9 – Weimar  @ SC Schützengasse w/ Paganizer

May 10 – Wolfsburg @ D-Place /w Paganizer

Goregast - concert flyer - 2013 - #1_________________________________________________

FDA Rekotz - Logo

* (Source: ClawHammer PR)

For more info on GOREGAST, click on the links below!

facebook: GOREGAST

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ULCER “Grant Us Death” Out On February 19th, 2013, Through Pulverised Records

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Pulverised Records - Large Logo!! B&W!Ulcer - band logo! - B&W!

Poland’s morbid sextet ULCER returns this time in worship of the old-school Swedeath chainsaw laceration!

Never for a moment losing focus on the authentic Swedish fucking Death Metal sound that has terrorized the globe for decades, the band’s new full-length effort Grant Us Death is truly an unspeakable act of zombie-invoking riffs, heavily dosed with horror-theme inspired melody lines but yet spewing forth some of the most extremely well-(de)composed filthy-as-fuck Death Metal in the recent years.

Featuring the exclusive macabre painting by Bartek Kurzok (Abigail, Demonic Slaughter, Goat Tyrant, etc) and alluring layout by Kontamination Design, Grant Us Death was recorded, mixed and mastered at Sinquest Sound Studio, Lublin (Blaze Of Perdition, Moon, etc) by Grzegorz Kulawiak and ULCER.      

Grant Us Death is a rotten bag filled with unpretentious D-Beats and blast beats, HM-2 buzzsaw overkill in the name of hate and misanthropy!  The album will be out on February 19, 2013 in North America (January 28th in Europe).

ULCER has posted album track “The Love Song” at facebook: Ulcer

Ulcer - Grant Us Death - promo cover pic!

Grant Us Death


Bloodpainted Salvation

The Love Song




The Pact

My Lord Has Horns

When Horror Comes


Ulcer was formed in 2006 by Lucass and intended to be his solo project, but it quickly evolved into regular band due to joining of D. (vocals), Mścisław (guitar) and Kuba (bass). Two demo materials: A Property of God? (2006) and Slitwrist Society (2007) were spread among the people but they were never released. In the meantime Kuba left the band and the second vocalist Angelfuck joined. In this line-up, debut album entitled Serpent Trinity was recorded in summer 2007. The material still had no real drummer, which was the most probable reason it met the same fate as the demos.

After a period of silence, after joining of drummer of flesh and bones – Vizun, and Kamil – new bass player, the band comes back in 2011 with brand new material offering Pure Death Metal Inferno in the vein of ancient Swedish gods and signs a contract with well-known label Pulverised Records, which will release Ulcer’s new album Grant Us Death.

Ulcer - group promo pic - #1 - 2012


D. – vocal

Angelfuck – vocal

Lucass – guitar

Mscislaw – guitar

Szwed – bass

Vizun – drums


(Source: ClawHammer PR)

For more info on ULCER, click on the links below!

facebook: Ulcer

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MORDBRAND – Kolumbarium Vinyl 7″ EP Out Now on Deathgasm Records

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Kolumbarium, the latest slab of old school darkness from masters of Swedish Death Metal MORDBRAND is now available on vinyl 7″ from Deathgasm Records.

MORDBRAND (Swedish for arson) offers two new deadly hymns to the rotten here and when that needle drops into the groove it’s the  putrid and unsettling atmosphere you’ll recognize immediately as 100 percent genuine Swedish-made Death!

Kolumbarium – Track Listing:

1. Consume Them

2. Let Them Slumber


Stone Says: The Death Metal assault that MORDBRAND unleashes with their song Consume Them has branded my brains with this inscription: Thou Shall Uphold The Swedish Death Metal Of MORDBRAND. Death Metal fans worldwide absolutely must hear and breathe in the Death Metal of MORDBRAND. Metal be thy name.


(Source: ClawHammer PR)

For more info on MORDBRAND, click on the links below!

facebook: Mordbrand

For more info & shop on DEATHGASM Records, click the links below!

facebook: Deathgasm Records




AEON – Swedish Death Metal Squadron Unveil “Aeons Black” Lyric Video

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Today, Swedish Death Metal squadron, AEON, are pleased to unveil the “Aeons Black” lyric video on their official landing page. The tune comes off the band’s forthcoming new studio offering of the same name. Set to drop via Metal Blade Records on November 20, 2012, the mammoth 15-track Aeons Black was recorded at Empire Studio in Östersund, Sweden, engineered, mixed and mastered by Ronnie Björnström (Garageland Studios) and features cover art by Kristian “Necrolord” Wåhlin (Bathory, At The Gates, Dissection, Emperor et al).

Notes founding guitarist Zeb Nilsson of the album: “This is definitely our most varied album to date; it has heavier songs yet it also has lots of fast blastbeats and double bass drumming. It’s groovier this time, which I think we lacked on our last album, Path of Fire, which was fast paced almost all the way through. And no, we have notgone softer in any aspect; it’s just easier to catch with all this grooviness. It’s Metal right up your ass!”

Check out the “Aeons Black” lyric video as well as album pre-order info HERE.


Tommy Dahlstöm – Vocals

Zeb Nilsson – Guitar

Daniel Dlimi – Guitar

Arttu Mallki – Drums

Marcus Edvardsson – Bass


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on AEON, click on the links below!



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