BOMBS OF HADES – To Release Compilation Album Featuring Classic And New Material On Pulverised Records

Bombs Of Hades - Through The Dark Past - promo cover pic - 2013

Swedish Death-Crust metallers BOMBS OF HADES shall unleash a compilation album featuring an assortment of oddities recorded throughout the band’s decade-long career. Titled Through the Dark Past, the disc is set release on January 27 on Pulverised Records.

In addition to 19 completely remastered BOMBS OF HADES’ ragers, Through The Dark Past features four brand new tracks recorded exclusively for this release.

Archiving from the Carnivores 7-inch vinyl EP up to the No Life 10-inch vinyl split with Sweden’s Mordbrand, this is the indeed the most exhaustive BOMBS OF HADES compilation to date. Both vinyl and non-vinyl collectors will appreciate this all-inclusive deluxe package, complete with singles, cover songs, bonus track and tracks from the band’s EPs and splits.  Filed under: BOMBS OF HADES essential!

Through The Dark Past – Track Listing:

1) Necronomicus Kanth (The Hounds Of Hell)

2) Twisted Decay

3) Slaughter The Dead

4) Disrespect Their Bones

5) Coffin

6) Carnivores

7) Prolog (The Ecstacy Of Blood)

8) Into The Eternal Pit Of Fire

9) The Day Man Lost *

10) Confessor

11) Ice Cold Grave

12) Clean Your Head *

13) Until Death (Hanged By The Neck)

14) Inside Teradome

15) Burn

16) I’ll Be Your Sister *

17) Mangled Dehumanization *

18) Crossturner

19) Evil Dead *

20) Kill! Kill! Kill!

21) Epilog

Bombs Of Hades - promo group pic - #665 - 2013


Jonas Stålhammar – Vocals / Guitars

P-O Söderback – Guitars

Magnus Forsberg – Drums

Anders Ekman – Bass



* For more info on BOMBS OF HADES:

Facebook: Bombs Of Hades


Pulverised Records - Large Logo!! B&W!


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