8421433If you are new to Slayer, “South Of Heaven” is probably the most accessible album to listen to in the Slayer catalog. When comparing this album to the extremely fast Slayer release “Reign In Blood”, the contrast is in the speed and ferocity of the music. Make no mistake, “South Of Heaven” is one very heavy Thrash album, a dynamite Metal attack of relentless riffs, leads, solos and punishing bass & drumming. The opening lead and riffs of the track “South Of Heaven” is down right eerie and clears the path for an earth shaking song. This tune sets the groundwork, the tone for the rest of the album. This is one Thrash Metal album that I can never get enough of, from a Grammy winning band that helped create and originate this genre. Definitely buy “South Of Heaven”, if you are into real Metal and Thrash you will have no regrets!

The liner notes are 8 pages, with complete lyrics and song credits. Slayer is: Tom Araya on bass and vocals, Kerry King on lead guitar, Jeff Hanneman on lead guitar and Dave Lombardo on drums. As with other Slayer albums, the producer is Rick Rubin.

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