8995019After listening to “The Dream” by In This Moment, I needed to listen again and again and I am still listening! Maria Brink’s vocals are breathtaking, especially on the ballad “The Promise, Into The Light”. She strays away from Death Metal growl to showcase her vocal talent throughout “The Dream”. “Violet Skies” and “The Dream” has Maria belting it out with more Metal vocal flare. Maria is backed by a fine band, Chris Howorth and Blake Bunzel on guitars, Jesse Landry on Bass and Jeff Fabb on drums. I have to say that this is material that can easily be played on Rock radio, a Pop Metal flavor is “The Dream” at times, such as “The Underworld, Her Kiss” and “You Alway’s Believed”. The song writing is clever here, following “The Dream” throughout is a melodious musical journey that both uplifts and levels the spirit. For those of you unfamiliar with In This Moment, you will here a young and talented band maturing musically by leaps and bounds. Having such a diverse sophomore release is accommodating to many Hard Rock and Metal audiences, In This Moment has etched out a pretty nice niche here for themselves.

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