7568143This 2005 release from Testament, “Live In London”, is one of the greatest live Thrash albums I have ever listened to. The original Testament lineup is intact for this performance, Chuck Billy on vocals, Eric Peterson and Alex Skolnick on guitars, Greg Christian on bass along with Louie Clemente AND John Tempesta on drums. I simply cannot put into words how intense and powerful this performance is, you must simply have to hear this concert to believe it. Testament delivers the Thrash, like a thunderous explosion of molten metal, the music they deliver is such a driving force! Chuck Billy sounds great, belting out his trademark vocals and accentuating every important note on such legendary cuts as “The Preacher”, “Into The Pit”, and “Practice What You Preach”. Chuck Billy talks to the crowd of fans in between a few of the tracks, this is cool for it always makes it feel and sound more live, like it should be. The entire set is of the highest quality as far as sound, this concert was very well produced for CD. The liner notes are loaded with photos on 5 pages, of all the musicians of Testament, taken from this live performance, it is a cool added touch to the package. The way Testament played for “Live In London”, with all of the sound and production quality, makes this the measuring stick for all Thrash bands wanting to record a live concert.


  1. Still holds up today 🙂

    • BIG time! I can never get enough of “Live In London”!! This CD is totally in-your-face! I was lucky to see Testament live a few years ago and they were simply amazing! This “Live In London” CD honestly 100% captures what Testament is like live!

      After all these years, I FINALLY bought Testament’s “Live At The Fillmore” CD in used condition, last week. I only paid $2.99 for it and it’s in perfect condition! You ROCK, METAL Buddy \m/\m/

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