9155692Kreator is back. Really, in a very gigantic way, Kreator has now let it be known, they are the measuring stick for all new Thrash Metal albums, that are released in 2009. Germany has a national treasure here with Kreator. This album is that great, it is downright unbelievable! The vocals, pounding bass, shredding guitar work and ear ripping drum blasts are incredibly powerful. Eye popping and jaw dropping, contagiously real and ridiculously addicting is “Hordes Of Chaos”. “Corpses of Liberty” is an instrumental, an acoustic breather from the barrage of Thrash excellence from the first 8 songs. In a crazy kind of way, thank goodness it exists here on this album, the break from the monstrous hailstorm of music is only a minute, then “Demon Prince” kicks in and it is a lightning strike of a song. What an explosive way to conclude “Hordes Of Chaos”, it is an exclamation point to this incredible Kreator release. Every song is great, I could not be more honest than to say “Hordes Of Chaos” is a Thrash Metal album for the ages. I feel Kreator has driven home the fact they want to stake their claim of Thrash Metal and keep it. The entire Extreme Metal community should be thankful for Kreator and “Hordes Of Chaos”, I certainly am. This is gonna be one difficult Thrash Metal album to top for a very, very, very, long time. Owning “Hordes Of Chaos” should be a mandatory Metalhead requirement for 2009.

The liner notes are 20 pages of extremely cool, expanded artwork, complete lyrics and credits. This is some of the most fantastic artwork I have ever seen in Metal, simply a superior job. There is also a photo of the band which spans over two pages.

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  1. Love this album so much. Keep banging on about it even now.

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