8750201I have read The Sword being described as Stoner Metal, Psychedelic and Doom Metal. At the end of the day, The Sword is a Heavy Metal band that fuses their Hard Rock and Metal influences together, to ignite an intriguing sound that is essentially retrospective of early 70’s Metal. If you listen to Mountain, early Black Sabbath and are familiar with the early Metal tunnel echo of sound, just add a touch of modern day Metal vibe and you are in for a musical treat. The sound that The Sword has achieved here chugs along with the rhythm section sounding like a Metal march to armageddon. I like the lyrics, deep with a mother Earth theme throughout, mix in some fairies, wizards, black rivers, creatures, a witch and princess and you get the point. The band consists of: John D. Cronise on guitar & vocals, Kyle Shutt on guitar, Trivett Wingo on drums & percussion and Bryan Richie on bass. The vocals I enjoy, they are not abrasive and do not lend to be the focal point of the songs. The music does the talking here, the vocals to me, are not refined Arena Rock or in your face. The Sword is a band that has potential written all over them. The Sword has definitely made some ears perk up here in the world of Metal and I feel they are a welcomed addition to the Metal family.

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