8372352Now this is the Queensryche I have grown up with and have appreciated for decades! Quality sound, music and everything else in between with this release! This 2 disc live performance was recorded at The Moore Theater on October 13, 14, and 15 of 2006, in Seattle, Washington. The first disc is the entire album of “Operation Mindcrime” played live. Operation Mindcrime is one of the best Progressive Metal albums ever made, Queensryche brings it to incredible musical Metal heights here with unparalleled power. Disc two is the complete album “Operation Mindcrime ll” performed live, it is really good. Both albums are concept albums, it does not matter if you follow the story lines or not, the music Queensryche created here is overwhelmingly psyche up your adrenaline Metal! The encore has two of their well known tunes “Walk In The Shadows” and “Jet City Woman”. These two songs, after hearing them live, will have you scrambling for Queensryche’s “Empire” album. It is a cool thing to hear the crowd sing along to “Jet City Woman”, it makes you wish you were there! I always say, if a Metal album gives me the chills then it is a winner, “Mindcrime At The Moore” will always be on my winner list. Geoff Tate is brilliant on vocals, the rest of the band let’s their music do the talking!

Queensryche is: Geoff Tate on vocals, Michael Wilton on guitars, Mike Stone on guitars, Eddie Jackson on bass and Scott Rockenfield on drums. The liner notes are 8 pages of fabulous concert photos, along with tons of cool credits. There are no lyrics in the liner notes. I endorse “Mindcrime At The Moore” to all Queensryche and Metal fans worldwide, this is how a live Metal album is done right!

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