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On This Day In METAL History – 4th Of July! Independence Day Edition!

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Declaration Of Independence - photo promo - MO07041776

On July 4th, 1776 – In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Continental Congress adopts the Declaration of Independence, which proclaims the independence of the United States of America from Great Britain and its king. Read more about it, here:

Hello! - Ozzy - Sharon Osbourne - magazine cover - December 13 - 2013 - #MO1426

On July 4th, 1982Ozzy Osbourne married his manager Sharon Arden, in Maui, Hawaii. Jeepers! Shown above: December 2013 cover feature for Hello! magazine.

Did You Know? - Banner - Metal Odyssey - 0704SLNASAMOTT

On July 4th, 1987 – A concert featuring  Rock icons Santana, the Doobie Brothers and Bonnie Raitt was held in Moscow, Russia. The late and legendary concert promoter Bill Graham convinced the Soviet government to have this concert held. The Soviet leader at this time was the much more liberal Mikhail Gorbachev. Holy moly!

Independence Day - promo DVD cover sleeve - #04MO33NASLG

On July 4th, 2015Independence Day is ranked at #11 on the Top 50 iTunes Movies Chart. The stars are: Will Smith, Bill Pullman as the POTUS, Jeff Goldblum, Mary McDonnell, Judd Hirsch and Randy Quaid, among others. This movie kicks ultimate Metal ass!! ‘Nuff said.

Black Sabbath - Greatest Hits - 1970 - 1978 - promo album cover pic - #BSMO0530

On July 4th, 2015 – Black Sabbath – Greatest Hits 1970 – 1978 is ranked at #25, on the iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart. Whoa!


Stone and Ozzy - 060215 - #33SFLNAGAO





On This Day In METAL History – June 23rd… From BATMAN To VIRGIN STEELE

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Batman - promo movie poster pic - 1989 - #0623MKGNBLSLB

On June 23rd, 1989Batman was released to wide-screen theaters. The first film of this iconic franchise of sequels, Michael Keaton plays Batman and the great Jack Nicholson plays the twisted villain: The Joker. The lovely Kim Basinger and New Jersey born Robert Wuhl also star in this film. No matter what angle I scrutinize from… Batman… is Metal. The Joker is Metal too. Metal Be Thy Name!

Slaughter - Up All Night - promo 45rpm cover sleeve - 1990 - #0623MSRSLNSM

On June 23rd, 1990Slaughter has their hit Hard Rock anthem, Up All Night, sitting at #27, on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart. Whoa! This song is featured on Slaughter’s fantastic debut album from 1990: Stick It To Ya. Hell and yeah!

Iron Maiden - classic band logo - yellow - blue - black

On June 23rd, 2012 – The remarkable IRON MAIDEN performed at Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood is in the company of 75 wooded acres too. Hot damn!

Crystal Ball - promo band pic - 2015 - #0623MOSLHNACB

Pictured above: CRYSTAL BALL

Crystal Ball - Liferider - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #CBLAGF0623

On June 23rd, 2015 – Switzerland’s Melodic Metal band CRYSTAL BALL releases their new studio album, Liferider, in the USA via Massacre Records. Long live CRYSTAL BALL!

Virgin Steele - Nocturnes of Hellfire & Damnation - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #0623NIHSLBLN

On June 23rd, 2015 – The legendary VIRGIN STEELE release their new studio album, Nocturnes Of Hellfire & Damnation, in the USA. Long live VIRGIN STEELE! Pictured above is the CD jewel case cover version of this album.

For Today - Fight The Silence - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #0615ILNSMW

On June 23rd, 2015 – Christian Hardcore/Metal band For Today have their fifth studio album, Fight The Silence, ranked at #100, on the iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart. Holy guacamole!


Stone and Ozzy - 060215 - #33SFLNAGAO




On This Day In METAL History – June 12th… From QUEEN To HELLOWEEN

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Queen - You're My Best Friend - promo 45rpm cover sleeve - 1976 - #0612MOFMBMY

On June 12th, 1976Queen had their hit single, You’re My Best Friend, ranked at #16, on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart. Excellent, man! This song is featured on Queen’s fourth studio album, from 1975: A Night At The Opera.

Van Halen - Dance The Night Away - promo 45rpm cover sleeve - 1979 - #0612VHDLRMOSW

On June 12th, 1979Van Halen hits #15 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart, with their hit song: Dance the Night Away. This song is featured on the second Van Halen studio album from 1979, aptly titled: Van Halen II. Whoa, man!

Iron Maiden - Maiden England - European Tour 2013 - promo flyer - #061213IMSHMOSHY

On June 12th, 2013 – The amazing IRON MAIDEN performed at Festhalle in Frankfurt, Germany. This was a date on the band’s Maiden England European Tour. Long live IRON MAIDEN!


On June 12th, 2015 – The newly released studio album, My God-Given Right, from the legendary HELLOWEEN, sits at #9, on the Billboard Top Hard Rock Albums Chart. This is the debut for this album, on this chart.


Stone - 2011 Photo #1





On This Day In METAL History – May 24th… From The Who To Metallica

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The Who - Pinball Wizard - 45rpm - promo pic - 1969 - #0524TWMO

On May 24th, 1969The Who peaked at #19 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart with their hit: Pinball Wizard. This marked the fourth top forty single for The Who, in the United States. Whoa! The Who forever! Yeah!

Van Halen "Van Halen" large promo album pic!

On May 24th, 1978 – The Van Halen self-titled debut album was certified Gold by the RIAA. This incredible album went on to sell 10 million (plus) copies in the United States alone. Whoa, man! Long live Van Halen!

Guns N Roses - Classic Logo - #551966GNR

On May 24th, 1991Guns N’ Roses began their Use Your Illusion Tour at the Alpine Valley Music Theater, in East Troy, Wisconsin. This GNR tour went on until July of 1993. Um, who cares? I sure don’t.

The Osbournes - promo tv show banner - #77TOMOOO05

On May 24th, 2005Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne put their Beverly Hills home up for sale. This was the same home featured on their hit reality television show: The Osbournes. Who eventually purchased this famous and very expensive house? None other than Pop star Christina Aguilera. In other words, who cares.

Incubus - Trust Fall (Side A) EP promo cover pic - 2015 - #01IMO0512

On May 24th, 2015 – The newly released EP from California’s INCUBUS debuts at #1, on the Billboard Top Hard Rock Albums Chart. Whoa, again!

Metallica - Master Of Puppets - 1986 - #860303MMOCB

On May 24th, 2015Metallica Master Of Puppets is ranked at #149, on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart. This amazing album has spent 83 non-consecutive weeks on this chart, peaking at #29. Master Of Puppets is the third studio album from Metallica, released back in 1986. I love this Metallica album… just as much as I love to breathe. Metal be thy name! – Stone


Stone - 2011 Photo #1




KISS – On This Day In METAL History – February 18th, 1974 – KISS Released Their Legendary Debut / Self-Titled Studio Album

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KISS - Debut Album - promo cover pic!!

On this day in KISSTORY – February 18, 1974KISS released their self-titled debut album, via Casablanca Records. I have to pinch myself, realizing that this KISS album is 41 years old! This was a phenomenal debut album from the iconic KISS, a launching pad to eventual world super stardom that continues to this very hour. Here was a debut Heavy Rock album that featured three singers. How many bands of any Rock genre pulled that off back then or now? The great Ace Frehley didn’t even sing on this album; how crazy is that?

Black Diamond is my favorite song that the awesome Peter Criss has ever sung, even though I will always dig his power ballad, Beth, from 1976’s KISS album Destroyer. The fascinating aspect about this KISS album is that it gave Rock fans three singers that did not sound alike. Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Peter Criss were and still are so unique, vocally, that it’s alarming in a grand way.

KISS - band logo from debut album - #1974KMO

This album features such KISS classics: Strutter, Firehouse, Cold Gin, Deuce, 100,000 Years and Black Diamond. These are songs that have remained relevant to this day, in my Metal opinion. Strutter and Black Diamond are two KISS songs that I couldn’t live without, for Metal sakes! To this day I love the rawness of sound that this KISS debut radiates. This was not a polished album, by any stretch of the Metal imagination. To remaster this KISS album is a Metal sin.

I was only eight years old when this KISS album was released. I had absolutely no idea KISS even existed at that tender age. At eight years old, all I cared about was the Saturday morning cartoons, coloring books, bugs and my Matchbox car collection. Back then, it was a different culture in America, with (of course) no internet, cell phones or social networks. Little kids like myself were able to enjoy childhood and not be rushed into pre-adulthood; little kids of today cannot even be seen in the toy aisles of Super Walmart. Instead, I have to navigate myself around little kids swarming the computers, cell phones and accessories at Best Buy; and these same little kids are crabbing at their parents, while wearing Slipknot tee shirts and $200 sneakers. You get the point, hopefully.

KISS - Debut Album - promo cover pic!!

Is it accurate for me to state that both KISS and their debut album were ahead of their time? I lean towards thinking so. From reading those early album reviews of that time period, I don’t believe the early Rock critics knew what to think or write about KISS. Back in 1974, Rolling Stone magazine was still in a full-throttle state of Flower Power. Heck, the Summer Of Love was only six or so years prior to this KISS album’s release. Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, The Who, Cream, Free, Led Zeppelin and Alice Cooper already introduced the world to the building blocks of Heavy Metal, thus KISS realistically did get in line when it came to Hard and Heavy Rock. Still, the pioneering Hard Rock and Heavy Metal credentials of this KISS debut album cannot be overlooked.

KISS did break loose with an original sound of melodic heaviness and their stage makeup, image and costumes were and still are stuff of marketing genius. The influence of KISS upon other bands to this day cannot be disputed and it all began with this seminal debut album. Would KISS have been embraced any less by Rock fans if there were no makeup or costumes involved? I guess we’ll never know. Thank God for that.

KISS - band logo from debut album - #1974KMO

The first time I ever owned this terrific album was my sophomore year in high school and I obtained it through a trade with a fellow classmate. Whenever an iconic album such as this KISS debut comes up for discussion, I cannot help myself from being nostalgic about the past. For me, remembering the past is celebrating the past. It is albums such as this KISS debut from 1974 that enabled our Hard Rock and Heavy Metal communities to grow and persevere these past four decades. KISS, along with their select peers, paved the way for us all to enjoy the heavy music we embrace today and the KISS debut album will always be a treasure in my Metal world. This KISS album I could never take for granted. Metal be thy name. – Stone

KISS - Debut Album - promo cover pic!!

* For more info on KISS:


Stone - 2011 Photo #1





On This Day In METAL History – February 9th… From IRON MAIDEN To RACHEL BOLAN

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Iron Maiden - Large Classic Logo!

On February 9th, 1980 – The incredible IRON MAIDEN performed at UMIST in Manchester, England. This was a date on the METAL FOR MUTHAS tour.

The Haunting Of Morella - promo movie poster pic - #1990MOMP

On this day in 1990 – The Horror movie The Haunting Of Morella was released to wide-screen theaters. This film was written by R.J. Robertson and directed by Jim Wynorski and stars David McCallum and Nicole Eggart. The setting takes place in Colonial America. The plot is that a witch that was put to death seventeen years earlier now wants to take over her daughter’s body. Scary movies are… Metal.

KROKUS - classic logo!!

On February 9th, 2007 – Switzerland’s national treasure, KROKUS, performed at Joy Eslava in Madrid, Spain. Did someone say KROKUS kicks 100% Hard Rock ass?

Megadeth - Gigantour - 2012 - promo flyer - #MO

On this day in 2012 – The mighty Megadeth and the great Motörhead performed at The Palace of Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA. Volbeat and Lacuna Coil were the supporting bands. This was one of many stops on Megadeth’s Gigantour.

Happy Birthday - promo banner - #2014BD


Rachel Bolan - Sebastian Bach - Hit Parader Poster - circa 1990 - promo

Above L to R: Rachel Bolan and Sebastian Bach. Hit Parader Poster, circa 1989.

Skid Row - Group Pic - Allen Ross Thomas - 2012 - #2

Above: Recent SKID ROW band photo, with Rachel Bolan to the far right.

On February 9th, 1966, Rachel Bolan was born in New Jersey. Happy Birthday, Rachel Bolan! Hell and yeah! Rachel Bolan is world-famously known as an original member, bass guitarist and songwriter for Heavy Metal legends: SKID ROW. Long live Rachel Bolan and SKID ROW! Whoa!


Stone - 2011 Photo #1






On This Day In METAL History – October 5th…

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Ozzy Osbourne "No More Tears" x-large album pic!!

On this day in 1991 – Ozzy Osbourne debuted at number seven on the Billboard 200 Album Chart with No More Tears. This album went on to sell four million copies in the United States. Alongside the amazing Blizzard of Ozz studio album, it becomes Ozzy Osbourne’s highest selling album in the U.S. as a solo artist.

Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion I - promo cover pic - #50GNR

Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion II - promo cover pic - #51GNR

On October 5th, 1991 – Guns N’ Roses forged history landing on the Billboard 200 Album Chart, at numbers one and two with Use Your Illusion II and Use Your Illusion I, respectively. Use Your Illusion II spent two weeks at number one and was the band’s second and last number one albums in the United States.

Ted Nugent - Shut Up And Jam - promo cover pic - 2014

On this day in 2003 – Ted Nugent’s reality show Surviving Nugent premiered on VH1. This reality show took city folk to Ted Nugent’s Michigan ranch, to survive backwoods activities which included building an outhouse and skinning a wild boar.

Birthdays On October 5th:

Brian Connolly - Take Away The Music - promo cover pic

The late Brian Connolly was born on this day, in 1945. Brian Connolly will forever be remembered as the vocalist and founding member of Sweet.

Brian Johnson - ACDC - Rockers And Rollers - promo book cover

Legendary AC/DC vocalist Brian Johnson was born on October 5th, 1947. Happy Metal Birthday, Brian! Hells Bells!! Whoa!

Fast Eddie Clarke - Anthology - promo album cover pic

Former Motörhead Guitarist “Fast” Eddie Clarke was born on October 5th, 1950. Happy Metal Birthday, “Fast” Eddie! Whoa! This Heavy Rock legend is also well-known for his successful 80’s band: Fastway.


Stone - 2011 Photo #1





On This Day In METAL History – October 4th…

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The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced - promo cover pic - #67JH

On October 4th, 1967The Jimi Hendrix Experience reaches Number Five on the U.S. album charts with Are You Experienced.

Cream - The Very Best Of - promo album cover pic

On this day, in 1968Cream began their farewell tour at the Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, CA. The iconic Cream featured: Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce.

Queen - The Game - promo album cover pic - #33FM

On October 4th, 1980Queen began a three-week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with Another One Bites The Dust, featured on their 1980 studio album: The Game.

Discografía Van Halen – 5150 (1986)

On this day, in 1986 – The Sammy Hagar fronted Van Halen hits #22 with with their single: Love Walks In. This song is featured on Van Halen’s 1986 studio album: 5150, the first Van Halen album without vocalist David Lee Roth.

Van Halen - III - promo album cover pic - #GC3

On October 4th, 1996Van Halen made the announcement, that former Extreme singer Gary Cherone would be replacing Sammy Hagar. Gary Cherone only sang on one Van Halen album, 1998’s Van Halen III.

Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality album logo pic!

On October 4th, 1999Ozzy Osbourne issued a press release asking the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to remove Black Sabbath from the ballot. Black Sabbath was later inducted in 2006.


Stone - 2011 Photo #1




On This Day In METAL History – October 3rd…

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Uriah Heep - …very eavy very umble - promo album cover pic - large

On this day in 1970Uriah Heep debut’s on the U.S. Billboard Chart with their self-titled studio album. This debut album from the great Uriah Heep is also titled: …Very ‘Eavy …Very ‘Umble.

Tommy Lee - Pearl Drums - promo banner - 2011 - #48TL

Born on October 3rd, 1962: Tommy Lee, the charismatic, influential and legendary drummer/founding member of the iconic Mötley Crüe. Happy Metal Birthday, Tommy! Whoa!

Aerosmith's Greatest Hits large promo album pic!

On this day back in 1978 – the band members of Aerosmith bailed thirty fans out of jail, after they were arrested for smoking pot during an Aerosmith concert at Fort Wayne Coliseum, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Metal be thy name, that is freaking cool!

On October 3rd, 1980 Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits collection was released. It remains their best-selling album to this day, selling 10 million copies.

Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry - promo album cover pic - #33TS

On this day in 1984Stay Hungry, the third studio album from Twisted Sister, becomes certified platinum by the RIAA. I WANNA ROCK!!


Stone - 2011 Photo #1




On This Day In METAL History (Make That KISStory) – October 2nd…

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Kiss - Rolling Stone Magazine - promo cover pic

(Rolling Stone – Issue 1206, April 10, 2014)


On October 2nd, 1978, legendary KISS members Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley & Peter Criss’ solo albums were each certified Gold & Platinum by the RIAA.

Kiss - solo albums montage - 1978 - #907KSA

On this day in KISSTORY – October 2nd, 1992, KISS brought their North American Revenge Tour to Broome County Arena in Binghamton, New York. This was Eric Singer’s second US arena show and first tour with KISS.

Kiss - Revenge - promo album pic - #001KR

On October 2nd, 2006, Supreme Court justices uphold lower-court decisions dismissing guitarist Vinnie Vincent’s claims against KISS over alleged unpaid royalties. Vincent replaced founding KISS guitarist Ace Frehley in 1982 and played with KISS until 1984. Vinnie Vincent sued for money he claimed was owed for co-writing several songs that appeared on the band’s 1983 studio album, Lick It Up.

KISS "Lick It Up" large promo album pic!

On this day, back in 2012, KISS debut their slot game at the 12th annual Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley were present for the unveiling.


* For more info on KISS:


Stone - 2011 Photo #1



On This Day In METAL History – October 1st…

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Def Leppard - Hysteria - promo album cover pic - #33BB

On this day in METAL History, October 1st, the following historic events took place. From Ace Frehley to Soundgarden, the world of METAL has its sub-genres and all carry their own unique contributions. Metal Be Thy Name – Stone.


01 – On October 1st, 1987, Def Leppard began the North American leg of their tour in support of their multi-million selling album, Hysteria, at the Glens Falls Civic Center in Glens Falls, NY. Upon the tour ending in October of 1988, Def Leppard tallied 243 concerts, 172 in North America alone.

Soundgarden - Screaming Life - promo EP cover pic - 1987

02 – On this day in 1987, Seattle, Washington’s Soundgarden debuts with their EP Screaming Life, proving to be an early pioneering example of the Grunge sound and genre. This historic EP was released on Sub Pop.

Ozzy Osbourne - classic logo - yellow red black - #99970

03 – On this day in 1992, the iconic Ozzy Osbourne began a two night performance in San Antonio, Texas, at the Joe & Harry Freeman Coliseum. This was Ozzy Osbourne’s first concerts in San Antonio in a decade after his embarrassing arrest for urinating on the Alamo.

ACDC - promo band pic - band logo - #1976SZ

04 – On October 1st, 2004, The Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Australia, officially opened “AC/DC Lane” after the legendary band. The Lord Mayor erected the sign to cheers and bagpipes playing the bands song Long Way To The Top. The City of Melbourne made certain to have extra copies of the sign made, in anticipation of fans stealing them.

Ace Frehley - publicity pic - 2014 - #38009

05 – On this day in 2005, legendary KISS guitarist Ace Frehley joined Pearl Jam onstage during their concert at the Borgata Events Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey, to perform a rendition of Neil Young’s Rockin’ in the Free World.


Stone - 2011 Photo #1



On This Day In METAL History – September 29th…

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Motley Crue - band promo pic - band logo - 2014 - #771984

Here’s some really cool and historical Metal happenings that occurred on this day, September 29th, over the decades! Enjoy and… Metal Be Thy Name.


01 – On this day in 1980, the forever legendary Black Sabbath performed at Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City, Missouri.

02 – On this day in 1981, Van Halen performed at the San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, California.

03 – On this day, back in 1987, MTV announced the “Motley Cruise to Nowhere” contest. Four winners would eventually be flown to Bermuda, where they would board a private party yacht for a cruise to the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, with Heavy Metal icons Mötley Crüe.

Metallica - Classic Band Logo - White on Black - #777493

04 – Back in 1991, Metallica kicked off their 138 date Wherever We May Roam World Tour at the Civic Center in Peoria, Illinois.

05 – Back in 2004, Keith Moon’s five-piece drum kit, custom-made back in 1968 for The Who drummer, sold for a whopping £120,000 pounds ($215,772 – US) in London. An American collector was the buyer, setting a new world auction record for a set of drums.


Stone - 2011 Photo #1




On This Day In METAL History – September 28th…

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George Lynch - Guitar World Mag cover promo - 1990

Above: The legendary George Lynch on the cover of Guitar World (November – 1990)


01 – Back on September 28th, 1954, the legendary George Lynch was born! Happy Metal Birthday, George Lynch! This amazing guitarist was instrumental in Dokken’s skyrocketing to the top during the 80’s, with his legendary signature guitar tones and screaming solos, George Lynch gave this band an identity that has proved to be irreplaceable. During his post-Dokken years, George Lynch has worked tirelessly on a boastful Heavy Music career with his bands Lynch Mob, Souls Of We, T & N and most currently KXM.

ACDC - Classic Band Logo - #10014

As reported on The Official AC/DC Site:

02 – 23 years ago on September 28th 1991, AC/DC headlined a “Monsters Of Rock” festival at Tushino Airfield in Moscow, Russia. The show unofficially became part of the “Monsters Of Rock” European tour that was taking place since the later part of August.

Just one month earlier, there was a failed coup consisting of members of the Soviet Union’s government attempt to take control from the Soviet President. The concert was assembled to take place in Moscow’s Tushino Airfield as a thank you from the Russian government, offering free admission to concert attendees. AC/DC were invited to perform just three days prior to the concert date.

The crowd in attendance is one of the largest in concert history, and certainly the largest in “Monsters Of Rock” festival history, at an incredible estimated 1.6 million. Other bands that performed that day include Metallica, The Black Crowes, Pantera, and E.S.T..


03On a much more enormously somber note: 

As reported by the Ottawa Star:

On this day in 2012, the owner of the site of the 2003 Warwick R.I., nightclub fire (sparked by “Great White’s” pyrotechnics that killed 100 people) donated the land for a permanent memorial.








On This Day In METAL History – September 27th…

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Cliff Burton - Metal Hammer - cover photo - 25th anniversary issue -

Above: The late and infinitely great Cliff Burton, appearing on the 25th Anniversary Edition Of Metal Hammer.


01 – One of the saddest days in all of music history was on this day, back in 1986. Metallica Bassist, Cliff Burton, passed away at the very young age of 24, from injuries sustained during the band’s tour bus rolling over, on a rural stretch of road in Sweden. Cliff Burton had so much more life ahead of him. I am forever thankful that I was able to witness Cliff Burton perform, live onstage. God Bless Cliff Burton and his family.

Metalica - Death Magnetic - promo cover pic - large size - #21132

02 – On a happier Metallica note, the band’s ninth studio album, Death Magnetic, was sitting at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, back on September 27th, 2008. I dig this Metallica album, only I wish it wasn’t so damn super polished. At least Metallica returned to what they were supposed to do in the first place and that’s to play Thrash.

03 – In Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, back on September 27th, 1943, a future legend of Hard Rock was born: Randy Bachman. Happy Rockin’ Birthday, Randy Bachman! No, Randy Bachman is not a Metal musician; only his contributions to pioneering Hard Rock makes him Metal to me. As a founding member of The Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive, (both Winnipeg bands), the Classic Hard Rock blueprints of Randy Bachman are what the roots of Heavy Music are all about.

Randy Bachman continues to perform to this day; his latest release on both CD and DVD is shown below:

Randy Bachman - Vinyl Tap Tour - Every Song Tells A Story - promo cover pic - 2014

 Randy Bachman – Vinyl Tap Tour: Every Song Tells A Story was released on August 25th, 2014.







On This Day In METAL History – September 26th…

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John Tempesta - publicity photo - 2014 - #448

Here are some fun, enlightening, educational and essential moments that occurred on this day in METAL History – September 26th. These historic METAL events are in no particular order. Enjoy, my METAL brethren and HAIL METAL!


01 – On this day, back in 1964, John Tempesta was born! Happy METAL Birthday, John Tempesta! Whoa! (See photo at top). This super fabulous drummer has played for/recorded with The Cult, Testament, Exodus, Rob Zombie, Tony Iommi, Helmet, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Scum Of The Earth and Brian Posehn. Phew, that’s a very impressive list!

Iron Maiden - publicity band pic - #996605

02Bruce Dickinson joined IRON MAIDEN in 1981 on this day and the rest is immeasurable METAL history! Whoa!

AC:DC - Ballbreaker - promo album cover pic

03AC/DC released their 12th studio album Ballbreaker on this day in 1995. It was also the return of Phil Rudd behind the drums on this album too! Metal be thy name!








ANTHRAX – Lead Vocalists Timeline, To Feed Your Metal Knowledge

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ANTHRAX – As I was looking & reading through some of my back issues of Metal Hammer over the weekend, I came across a “list” in the August 2011 issue. This list I’ve found especially valuable for my Metal knowledge. Maybe this list will be just as valuable for yours? The list is a timeline of all the lead vocalists for the ultra legendary Thrash Metal pioneers: ANTHRAX.

This timeline goes (gulp) all the way back to 1981 with John Connelly. Check this ANTHRAX timeline of lead vocalists out and memorize it. You never know when you’re gonna need this Metal knowledge!

ANTHRAX – Lead Vocalists Timeline:

1981 – John Connelly

1981 – Dirk Kennedy

1981 – 1982 – Jason Rosenfield

1982 – 1984 – Neil Turbin

1984 – Matt Fallon

1984 – 1992 – Joey Belladonna

1992 – 2005 – John Bush

2005 – 2007 – Joey Belladonna

2007 – 2009 – Dan Nelson

2009 – 2010 – John Bush

2010 – present – Joey Belladonna

(Source: Metal Hammer – August 2011, #220)

* Worship Music is the tenth studio album from ANTHRAX, released back on September 13th, 2011, on MEGAFORCE RECORDS.

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ALICE COOPER “Along Came A Spider” – Reissue With 3 Bonus Tracks Releases December 14, 2010!

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ALICE COOPER – On December 14th, 2010, Along Came A Spider from the ultra-legendary Alice Cooper will be reissued on Bigger Picture Group. This reissue will contain three bonus tracks not included on the original release from 2008: Shadow Of Yourself, I’ll Still Be There and Salvation (Acoustic Unplugged). Along Came A Spider, a concept album which centers on a serial killer theme, touches on the rage, emotions and eventual remorse of this character. This album was originally released on July 29, 2008, on Steamhammer/SPV. Along Came A Spider is the 18th “solo” album from Alice Cooper and 25th album combined with Alice Cooper (The Band).

Multi-instrumentalists Greg Hampton (The New Czars, Science Faxtion) and Danny Saber (Black Grape, Agent Provocateur) are featured on guitar. Eric Singer (KISS, Badlands, Black Sabbath) is featured on drums. Slash also does a cameo on guitar, appearing on the track Vengeance Is Mine. Ozzy Osbourne is credited with harmonica on the track Wake The DeadKeri Kelli (RATT, Saints Of The Underground) also appears on guitar.

If you haven’t picked up this amazing Alice Cooper album just yet… now is the time, especially with the inclusion of 3 bonus tracks! Put your Metal trust in Stone, as I state… this is one Alice Cooper album to own.

A while back, in another dimension, I wrote a Metal synopsis about Along Came A Spider. You can check it out by clicking the little header below:


Track Listing For Along Came A Spider (reissue):

Prologue/I Know Where You Live

Vengeance Is Mine

Wake The Dead

Catch Me If You Can

(In Touch With) Your Feminine Side

Wrapped In Silk

Killed By Love

I’m Hungry

The One That Got Away


I Am The Spider/Epilogue

Shadow Of Yourself (Bonus Track)

I’ll Still Be There (Bonus Track)

Salvation (Acoustic Unplugged) (Bonus Track)

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Yngwie Malmsteen “relentless” – Releases November 22, 2010!

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YNGWIE MALMSTEEN – Guitar legend and arguably guitar god, Yngwie Malmsteen will be releasing relentless on his own Rising Force Records. The street date for relentless is November 22, 2010. Once again, this is another solid reminder, that 2010 is not yet over when it comes to highly anticipated Heavy Metal album releases.

I am used to Tuesday being the “release” date for new albums, the release date of November 22nd falls on a Monday for restless. Everywhere this new Yngwie Malmsteen album is mentioned, the same release date of November 22nd is stated. It really makes no difference to me… I’m Metal psyched just knowing that Yngwie Malmsteen has this album coming out, period!

What compliments and praise can be said about Yngwie Malmsteen that hasn’t already been stated? My Metal adulation for Yngwie can go on for thousands of words… I guess I’ve made my Metal point. It’s just a cozy feeling knowing that another Yngwie album is coming out… and just in time for Thanksgiving too.

Tim “Ripper” Owens will be making his second appearance as vocalist for Yngwie Malmsteen. His first album with Yngwie was on 2008’s Perpetual Flame. For those who may be unfamiliar, Tim “Ripper” Owens has been the lead vocalist for Judas Priest, Winters Bane and Iced Earth. “Ripper” also founded his own band, Beyond Fear, which they released their one album in 2006, aptly titled, Beyond Fear. Metal Supergroup, Charred Walls Of The Damned showcases “Ripper” on lead vocals and their self-titled debut album was released in February of 2010.

Track Listing For relentless:


Critical Mass

Shot Across The Bow

Look At You Now


Enemy Within

Knight Of The Vasa Order

Caged Animal

Into Valhalla

Tide Of Desire

Adagio B Flat Minor Variation

Axe To Grind


Cross To Bear

Arpeggios From Hell


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SAMMY HAGAR – On October 13, 1947, Sammy Hagar, the “Red Rocker” was born. Sixty Three years later, Sammy Hagar stands tall as one of the greatest in all of Rock. I, along with Scott Coverdale and the entire Metal Odyssey family, wants to wish Sammy a LOUD and fun filled HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My wife especially, well, she wanted to make certain to wish the Red Rocker a happy birthday today… she really digs him and rightfully so.

If Stone could buy a beer today for Sammy… I’d buy ’em by the rounds! A lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, Sammy has a vocal presence that is undeniably infectious and resonates nuthin’ but Rock ‘N’ Roll at 100% proof. There is something about listening to Sammy Hagar’s vocals that makes me and countless others feel like everything is alright… it’s all about good times.

Scott Coverdale and I can never get enough of The Red Rocker… he is as cool in 2010 as ever. Chickenfoot, ’nuff said. To keep the relevance fires burning in Rock Music like Sammy continues to do, only reflects on just how legitimate and honest he is as an all-around musician. Thanks for all of the fabulously memorable music you have created over the years Sammy!! Don’t ever stop ROCKIN!

Here is a roll call of the bands that Sammy has been a major part of, over his illustriously Rockin’ career:

MONTROSE (1973-1975)

That’s Sammy pictured in the far right corner of this album photo. This is the Montrose self-titled debut album from 1973. A classic band is Montrose, we’re talkin’ about Hard Rock & Heavy Metal roots here.


Sammy has released 11 solo studio albums over his legendary career. Street Machine was the fourth solo album from Sammy, released in 1979 on Capitol Records.

My favorite Sammy Hagar solo album is – Standing Hampton. This album was my very first Sammy Hagar album. Standing Hampton was released in 1981 on Geffen Records. I remember buying it at Bradlees department store in the early ’80’s. I worked in a grocery store in the same plaza as Bradlees… this album probably cost half of my paycheck back then, only it was well worth every penny. Baby’s On Fire is probably my favorite Sammy Hagar song ever. There’s Only One Way To Rock is a song that kicks ass from sunrise to sunset. Plus, Heavy Metal is a downright heavy hitter of a song too. Even if you own a Sammy Hagar “Greatest Hits” CD… buy Standing Hampton… you’ll thank Stone later.

HSAS – Hagar Schon Aaronson Shrieve – Released back in 1984, HSAS was a cool supergroup led by Sammy Hagar on lead vocals. Neal Schon (Journey) on guitar, Kenny Aaronson (Dust) on bass and Michael Shrieve (Santana) on drums. This Through The Fire album from HSAS kicks ass, it’s a great Hard Rock album that deserves more attention than it gets. No, this HSAS album is NOT dated… it has that deeply rooted sound that some of today’s Hard Rock Bands can’t capture.

VAN HALEN – Or, if you prefer, Van Hagar. Just an unbelievably smooth transition Sammy Hagar made in becoming the lead vocalist for Van Halen back in 1986… whoa. The debut album showcasing Sammy with Van Halen was 1986’s 5150 and that album will always be an incredible listen for me. If I had to choose a favorite Van Halen album with Sammy on lead pipes… it’s OU812 from 1988. Cabo Wabo, Feels So Good and Black And Blue are three songs that psyche-me-out beyond Metal belief. Metal be thy name.

SAMMY HAGAR and THE WABORITAS / WABOS – Just good times, feel good, party Rock ‘N’ Roll is Sammy’s Wabos band. If you have never checked out any of their albums, your missing out. This band Sammy assembled can Rock, Rock Hard or simply play it ultra-cool at times. My favorite Wabos album is Livin’ It Up from 2006.

CHICKENFOOT – Sammy’s second venture into forming a “supergroup” has succeeded in my Metal opinion. Chickenfoot ROCKS. ‘Nuff said. The detractors of Chickenfoot are just plain jealous, they have what is diagnosed as: Chickenfoot envy. Released in the Summer of 2009, the self-titled, debut album from Chickenfoot has all that Hard Rockin’ Summertime vibe I crave. With Joe Satriani on guitar, Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) on drums and former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony… yup, it’s a super-duper group.


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IRON MAIDEN “The Number Of The Beast” – Metal Excellence From 1982 Is Never Forgotten

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IRON MAIDEN – Just the album cover art with Eddie descending upon the devil is Metal excellence. Derek Riggs was the real deal in creating Iron Maiden album covers… no one else comes even close in my Metal opinion. Getting past the album cover art from The Number Of The Beast and diving into the songs is like a parallel journey of the Metal senses. This is an album, where the cover art represents the songs heard within to brilliant perfection. Invaders, The Number Of The Beast, Run To The Hills, Hallowed Be Thy Name and Children Of The Damned are songs that I can listen to and instantly have this album cover art imbedded in my minds eye. Every song on this ultra-incredible Iron Maiden album does this to me for argument sakes.

This album cover art for The Number Of The Beast has never lost it’s awestruck affect on me, nor have the songs. I toil away, within my own thoughts, as to which album is the “greatest” Heavy Metal album ever… almost on a daily basis. I chose the Black Sabbath classic, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath from 1973, some years ago and have stuck to it since, as being the “greatest” Heavy Metal album ever. Of course this is a “personal” choice of mine and it may change one day… so is the life of being a devout Metalhead, I guess. What gets at me though, is every time I listen to The Number Of The Beast, I feel as this album can very well be considered “the greatest” Heavy Metal album ever. Metal be thy name.

I have always looked upon the first six Iron Maiden albums as being my personal favorites. Convict me of being “Old School”… only I’m not crying in any damned beer about it. God forbid If I remember which albums are the true “classics” of the Heavy Metal genre. To embrace Iron Maiden’s The Final Frontier as the way it “should be” and totally disregard the true essence of this legendary band’s Metal identity of style and sound would make me a phony fan. The Number Of The Beast is an unforgettable Heavy Metal album for me, due to it’s dark themes and 100% dark sound, feel and vibe. The Final Frontier is a new album from Iron Maiden, while The Number Of The Beast is a pulsating highlight of this bands career.

The Number Of The Beast would be the last studio album that has Clive Burr sitting behind the drums. Yes, Iron Maiden did have another drummer… and he was pretty damn good too. Clive Burr was the drummer on the first two Iron Maiden albums as well: Iron Maiden and Killers. This album is also the first that showcases the uncannily soaring vocals of Bruce Dickinson. I look upon The Number Of The Beast as one of the keys that unlocked the door to Metal for me, introducing me to a darker side of Metal when it came to lyrics, as well as the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal – (NWOBHM).

The Number Of The Beast was released back in March of 1982, while Screaming For Vengeance by Judas Priest was released in July of the same year. Suffice to say, I realized quickly that these British Heavy Metal Bands were very serious about their Metal back then… and still are. The mood that The Number Of The Beast radiates is untouchable by any other band, a mood so unique that it seems to zero in on my sub-conscious and touches off a feeling of eerie psyche-outness.

Hallowed Be Thy Name is my favorite song on this album, very haunting and desolate are the lyrics. Waiting for your time to die by hanging is as depressingly creepy as you can get with lyrics, only Iron Maiden makes this song seem almost inspiring through it’s melodic Metal… thanks to Dave Murray and Adrian Smith on guitars. Steve Harris on bass even makes the rhythmic melody escalate on this classic Metal song.

On these earlier Iron Maiden albums, especially The Number Of The Beast, the sound coming from Steve Harris’s bass is unlike anything I had ever heard before, almost like Steve Harris was a lead guitarist playing bass. Steve Harris brought to my attention as a young lad, that the bass guitar was just as magical as the guitar to my Metal sponges otherwise known as ears. The atmosphere that Steve Harris created with his bass along with Dave and Adrian’s duo guitars throughout the songs on The Number Of The Beast is what gives this album and band their Metal trademark, in my Metal opinion.

Even as a young lad, I never interpreted Iron Maiden to be a Satanic band due to this or any album they created before it. I was into Creature Feature on Saturday mornings and I never thought of Boris KarloffBéla Lugosi or Lon Chaney Sr. or Jr. to be Satanists either. I’ve always left the Satanic finger pointing to the self-righteous Phd’s and scholars, that try to tell the human race how to live. Metal be thy name.

Any band of any Rock genre can tweak or change their entire approach, in how they want to sound or write music. The one constant that can never change is which album or albums that any respective band created that are considered to be measuring sticks of a particular Metal era… and looked upon as classics. The Number Of The Beast is one such classic, from an era when Heavy Metal was not just being molded into form, Heavy Metal was breathing a new found life into a generation of fans that are undisputedly loyal to this very moment. I’m one of them… and The Number Of The Beast shall continue to breathe it’s tantalizing, Old School and macabre teetering spell on me till the end of days.

This is one Iron Maiden album I still have the vinyl copy of… still in unreal great condition too. I without question, upgraded this classic to CD years ago as well. No, I don’t have a cassette version, yet if I find one I’d probably buy it, just to play in my good ‘ol Ford Taurus. The Number Of The Beast has become, over the decades, not just a required album to own if you are a Metalhead… this Iron Maiden album could easily be described as an absolute and necessary appendage to thine Metal senses. This is my Metal opinion, so let it be Metal written, so let it be Metal done.

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IRON MAIDEN as they appeared on The Number Of The Beast:

Bruce Dickinson – lead vocals

Steve Harris – bass

Dave Murray – guitar

Adrian Smith – guitar

Clive Burr – drums

Original 1982 Track Listing For The Number Of The Beast:


Children Of The Damned

The Prisoner

22 Acacia Avenue

The Number Of The Beast

Run To The Hills


Hallowed Be Thy Name

* On May 9, 2009, I posted why I feel Black Sabbath – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath is the “Greatest Heavy Metal Album of All Time”. Just click the large header below to read it… if you like.

The greatest Heavy Metal album of all time is…

* On December 6, 2009, I posted about my antique store find… the picture disc of IRON MAIDEN – Run To The Hills. The B side is the song – Total Eclipse, which did not appear on The Number Of The Beast in 1982. Total Eclipse later appeared on the 1995 CD reissue of The Number Of The Beast. You can read more about this fantastic picture disc I found, with photos of it, by clicking the oversized header below:




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