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“Unchained: The Eddie Van Halen Story” Hardcover – Releases December 28, 2021

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The first full-length biography of Eddie Van Halen—a searching, affectionate, and in-depth look at the remarkable life of a genuine musical virtuoso who changed the course of rock ’n’ roll.

“The game changing guitar legend gets the biography he deserves…. Diligently researched, perceptive and well-written.” —Classic Rock

Arriving in California as a young boy in the early 1960s, Edward Van Halen and his brother Alex were ripe for the coming musical revolution. The sons of a Dutch, saxophone-playing father, the brothers discovered the Beatles, Cream, and other icons as they bound together as musical partners, forming identities for themselves in their adopted home along the way.

“Affectionate and unflinching portrait of heavy metal’s Mount Everest…. Paul Brannigan goes deep here, his detailed…biography probing Van Halen’s psyche as well as his music.” —MOJO

From the moment their hugely influential 1978 debut landed, Van Halen set a high bar for the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle, creating an entirely new style of post-’60s hard rock and becoming the quintessential rock band of the 1980s. But the high-flying success was fraught with difficulty, as Eddie struggled with alcohol and drug addiction while simultaneously battling David Lee Roth over the musical direction of the band, eventually taking the band in an entirely new direction with Sammy Hagar and scaling new heights, before that iteration of Van Halen disintegrated.

Acclaimed biographer Paul Brannigan tackles the dramatic story with respect and affection for one of rock’s greatest musicians, pairing original interviews with meticulous research to bring the story of Eddie Van Halen completely up-to-date. Unchained: The Eddie Van Halen Story is a remarkable account of determination, genius, and single-minded commitment to the music.


Paul Brannigan is a former editor of Kerrang! and Planet Rock magazine, and a current contributor to MOJO, Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, Kerrang! and Louder. He has previous written books on Dave Grohl, Metallica and much-missed Motorhead legend Lemmy. Born and raised in Ireland’s Six Counties, Brannigan lives in North London.





Source: Jody Best / Best Bet Promotions


On This Day In Metal History – October 15 – From Jimi Hendrix To Van Halen

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October 15, 1965 – Rock icon Jimi Hendrix signed a recording contract with Ed Chalpin. The contract was for three years.

October 15, 1984 – An EP of previously released songs, 74 Jailbreak, was released by the invincible AC/DC, via Atlantic Records.

October 15, 1987 – Guitar wizard Joe Satriani released his second studio album, Surfing With The Alien, via Relativity Records. This proved to be Joe Satriani’s breakout album, with the title track receiving world-wide commercial success.

October 15, 1988 – Hall Of Fame band Bon Jovi saw their fourth studio album, New Jersey, reach #1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. Whoa.

October 15, 1995 – The mighty Van Halen performed at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre in Los Angeles California. Van Halen were touring in support of their tenth studio album: Balance.

Rest In Peace, Eddie Van Halen.


Eddie Van Halen – Forever

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Guitar World – February 2009

I express my condolences to the family, friends and fans of Eddie Van Halen. What else can be written about Eddie Van Halen which has not already been written or said? He was beyond incredible playing the guitar, writing songs and pioneering entirely new and wondrous sounds to Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal combined.

The Van Halen albums are like baseball and apple pie, to me. American made, West Coast Hard Rock. Historically speaking, Van Halen dominated Hard Rock during those very late seventies and stretching well into the early nineties. A music icon, is Eddie Van Halen. I, like countless others, have accepted the sounds of Eddie Van Halen’s guitar like it is an appendage. Eddie Van Halen’s guitar playing always sounds so familiar, comforting, inspiring, exhilarating, personal and monumental, all rolled up together like a sacred security blanket.

Rest and Rock in peace, Eddie Van Halen. Thank you for sharing your musical magic with the world; to be enjoyed by generations forever.

I still cannot wrap my head around this year thus far; it has been a nightmare directly from hell. – Stone

BLACK SABBATH – 5 Fast Facts About The Fathers Of Heavy Metal

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Fact #1: The only effects used on the Black Sabbath debut album from 1970 are the thunderstorm and eerie tolling bell, as heard on the intro to the title track.

Fact #2: Bassist Geezer Butler was influenced by Frank Zappa.

Fact #3: The second studio album from Black Sabbath, (1970) Paranoid, peaked at #12 in America, while continuing to chart for 70 weeks.

Fact #4: Back in 1978, the mighty Van Halen opened for Black Sabbath on their Never Say Die! tour.

Fact #5: Ted Nugent opened for Black Sabbath on their Technical Ecstasy Tour, back in 1976.

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Eddie Van Halen – Is Cover Feature For Guitar World June 2015 Issue

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Eddie Van Halen - Guitar World - promo cover pic - June 15 - 2015 issue - #6684EVHMO

From Guitar World:

Guitar World’s June 2015 issue features Eddie Van Halen. In this exclusive interview, Eddie chronicles the making of Tokyo Dome Live in Concert, Van Halen’s first official live recording with David Lee Roth. Also, EVH resurrects Ed’s mysterious Star guitar as part of its Stripe Series.

Get your copy today for $7.99!





Metal Odyssey Presents: Ten HARD ROCK Albums You NEED For This Summer Of 2012!

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Jeff Scott Soto (Courtesy of Frontiers Records)

I’ve decided to extend another kind Metal deed upon my Rockin’ brethren this week. This time around, it’s Ten Hard Rock albums you NEED for the Summer of 2012! Whoa! Please notice the large link below each album chosen for this list; these links will take you directly to my review for that respective album. Enjoy and… Metal be thy name.


TRIXTER has underscored the meaning of comeback. New Audio Machine is a thrill a second! If you’ve never listened to even one TRIXTER album from their brief past, this is THE album of theirs to start with. New Audio Machine is Hard Rock that is once again colorful, melodic, loud and (oops) fun!

TRIXTER “New Audio Machine” – 100% ROCKS! TRIXTER IS BACK!


It’s a year of Hard Rock comebacks and Van Halen is a BIG participant! How can any red-blooded Rockaholic deny their ears A Different Kind Of Truth? It just can’t happen! No matter how you slice or dice it, a David Lee Roth fronted Van Halen album = instant classic. At least I think so!

VAN HALEN ‘A Different Kind Of Truth’ – The Truth Is… This Album ROCKS!


Joe Lynn Turner could release an album of Barbara Streisand cover songs and I would still listen with glee. With that said, Joe’s Sunstorm project returns and the Melodic Hard Rock ride on Emotional Fire is worth taking… again and again. Yes, my name is Stone and I’m a Joe Lynn Turneraholic.

SUNSTORM – ‘Emotional Fire’ – The Legendary Joe Lynn Turner and A Melodically Rockin’, Solid Album of Songs


Australia’s My Dynamite are all about meat and potatoes Rock ‘N Roll. Nothing fancy, no smoke and mirrors, just Hard Rock played the old-fashioned way! There’s some striking influence of The Black Crowes and 0% influence of Air Supply with My Dynamite. This is a band I NEED to see live in a club, before doomsday.

MY DYNAMITE – 5 Reasons To Buy This Solid Rockin’ Debut / ST Album Showcasing These Australian Rockers


I’ve come to the realization that Jeff Scott Soto is a good vocalist. Scratch that. Jeff Scott Soto is a world premiere vocalist! The bonus with Damage Control is that the band behind Jeff ROCKS like their lives depend on it. Melodic Hard Rock that’s superbly memorable  = Damage Control.

JEFF SCOTT SOTO “Damage Control” – 5 Reasons To Buy This Sterling Album


They’re from Barcelona, Spain and they sound like Bon Scott era AC/DC. Sound cool to you? Well, ’77 and their sophomore album, High Decibels, has become a contagious listen for me! This band has reinvented the raw and hard Rock ‘N Roll wheel and I’m sticking to that.

’77 ‘High Decibels’ – Hard Rock That’s Old School & Damn Cool!


Look! Right behind you! It’s another successful Hard Rock comeback story of 2012! Which one are we talking about now Stone? Why none other than… TYKETTO. Dig In Deep is an album that surprised the Hard Rockin’ hell out of me and I’m ringing that TYKETTO Melodic Hard Rock bell!

TYKETTO – Triumphs With Comeback Album “DIG IN DEEP”


Yes, the legendary Sweet has recorded an album of cover songs. Yes, these Rock historical songs have been covered by Sweet with: ROCK AUTHORITY! Whoa.

SWEET “New York Connection” – Cover Song Album Transcends and Celebrates The Classics Of Rock


I feel the new Jorn album can be placed on a Hard Rock or Metal list of albums. I’ve decided to place Bring Heavy Rock To The Land on this list. Jorn won’t mind. If you buy this fabulous album and play it respectfully LOUD through its entirety, you’ll realize just how much Jorn Lande means to our Heavy Rock community.

JORN “Bring Heavy Rock To The Land” – Some Metal Thoughts On This Heavy Rock Keeper


Dario Mollo and Tony Martin are a formidable Heavy Rockin’ duo! At least that’s what I believe. This is old school Heavy Music that’s spray painted with heavy-duty relevancy. This album belongs. Period. When two talents  the likes of Dario Mollo and Tony Martin join forces, the resulting album is nothing short of a mandatory buy and keep.

MOLLO / MARTIN ‘The Third Cage’ – 5 Factors Spotlighting This Notable Album Of Hard Rock & Heavy Metal


Thank you for stopping by and checking out this list of Hard Rock albums you NEED for this Summer of 2012! Wether you NEED all ten Hard Rock albums above or just one, I hope my album reviews served to assist your Hard Rockin’ needs. Rock Steady and… give a hoot, don’t pollute!

Metal Be Thy Name.



The word “hoot” was used in this post.


VAN HALEN ‘A Different Kind Of Truth’ – The Truth Is… This Album ROCKS!

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VAN HALEN – As I pondered about what and how to write my review for A Different Kind Of Truth, these two realizations came over me: A. this album simply ROCKS and B. What can I possibly write that hasn’t already been written, debated and tossed around by countless other fans, bloggers, websites and the mainstream press? Whenever a titanic sized band releases a titanic “comeback” album, such as Van Halen has done, the Rock media world can get obviously flooded with album reviews and for good reason.

Having brothers Eddie and Alex Van Halen join Hard Rockin’ and Heavy Hittin’ forces with David Lee Roth once again, on a full-length album, a long-awaited return of this magnitude since the RIAA Diamond Certified – 1984, is something special for fans of this band, (myself included). This Rock historic reunion becomes extra special, due to this new studio album resonating such a vintage return to form for Van Halen. Whoa, this album ROCKS. Regardless of when any “parts” of any of the songs were written for A Different Kind Of Truth, I’m in the crowd that cares only if the songs were written by members of Van Halen… and not ABBA.

Did I mention that this new Van Halen album ROCKS? Anyhow, life is short and when authentic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal can be written and recorded by this iconic band of the Rock music world and delivered to their patient fans, (there hasn’t been a Van Halen studio album released in 14 years), then there is valid cause for Rockin’ jubilation. This is not a reunion of a band that released a lone chart topping album 25 years ago. Van Halen dominated arenas and stadiums then… and will still now. This is a reunion of a band that can easily boast as much “important” musical influence as the likes of “American” Rock historic legends KISS, Aerosmith and The Doors, (to name a few).

Diamond Dave’s hair may be a “tad” shorter in 2012 and legendary bassist Michael Anthony may be absent from this “classic” Van Halen lineup, only the successful result of 100% pure Hard Rock is in the 13 songs my ears and senses have consumed from A Different Kind Of Truth. I’m both ecstatic and impressed simultaneously by this band. My relief from the first several listens of A Different Kind Of Truth lies in the fact that this new Van Halen album is not a dud, that all four of these musicians took the “right road” and decided to keep their sound real and true. Van Halen didn’t have to reinvent themselves just due to it being 2012. By the way, this album ROCKS.

Now, if you’re looking for a return to 1984, you best keep looking. A Different Kind Of Truth is an album that fits in quite fittingly “somewhere” within the first four Van Halen releases… with Diver Down looking over this album’s shoulder. Van Hagar? Certainly a fabulous and memorable era imbedded in my Rockin’ soul. Gary Cherone fronted Van Halen? A unique moment in Van Halen history that (in my Metal opinion) receives too often unwarranted and negative commentary. It’s now 2012 and this is Classic Van Halen. The Return of Van Halen. Diamond Dave fronted Van Halen. The world just became a “tad” brighter for me, as I wrote that preceding line.

* For more info on VAN HALEN, click on the link below:

 VAN HALEN – Official Website

This Album ROCKS. Metal Be Thy Name. 


The word “tad” appears twice in this post.


VAN HALEN – Headlining 2011 Soundwave Revolution!

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David Lee Roth – vocals

Eddie Van Halen  – guitar

Wolfgang Van Halen – bass

Alex Van Halendrums

*For more info on VAN HALEN at SOUNDWAVE REVOLUTION, (dates, cities, complete band lineups and ticket info), click on the links below:


SOUNDWAVE REVOLUTION – Official facebook

VAN HALEN – Official Website




Van Halen – Diver Down: Revisiting A Good Times, Summer Vibe Album

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VAN HALEN – I can recall the day I bought Van Halen’s Diver Down. It was during my Summer vacation in 1982, my sophomore year of high school was over. I was just getting my Hard Rockin’ taste buds delighted by the Van Halen catalog of albums during this time period. I remember borrowing the first four albums from friends all the time, therefore, Diver Down was my first Van Halen album that I owned.

The album cover didn’t resonate that Van Halen mystique, still I didn’t really care. The diver down flag album cover… it is what it is. The back cover to this album is more like it though, with a panoramic picture of Van Halen live and onstage. Plus, there are four live concert photos of each band member shown as well. Like I used to do with so many album covers (and still do), I held it and stared at the back cover and inside record sleeve in pure awe at the band I was listening to.

My favorite song on Diver Down is the cover of The Kinks classic: Where Have All The Good Time Gone. I swear I played this song on it’s own hundreds of times over… it is what it is and Metal be thy name. What’s amazing is that I have never grown tired of this song either, wether it’s The Kinks original or this Van Halen cover. Simply amazing.

(Van Halen – Diver Down: back cover)

The record sleeve had a very cool group photo of Van Halen, just a vintage shot, in my Metal opinion. I laugh now at the memory of my liking the striped shirt that Alex Van Halen was wearing in this group photo. I liked that striped shirt so much, that I went searching for it at every department store or any store that sold teen clothing. I never found it.

This fifth album from Van Halen may never be considered their best work, yet that doesn’t matter much to me. Diver Down was a good times Hard Rockin’ album for me back in 1982 and it still holds that same vibe for me in 2011. Metal be thy name.

* A long time ago, in a Metal world far, far, away, I once wrote a concise review on Diver Down. Click here to read it: VAN HALEN – DIVER DOWN
You might just like it.



Eddie Van Halen – Happy Metal Birthday From Metal Odyssey!

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EDDIE VAN HALEN – Back on January 26, 1955, one of the greatest guitar players that has ever roamed the Rock and Heavy Music landscape was born. This icon of Rock is also a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer as well. Incredibly documented and noted for his superior guitar wizardry, that in turn has made him become a most influential musician spanning Rock ‘N’ Roll generations is – Eddie Van Halen. Happy Metal Birthday Eddie! The legendary founding member and lead guitarist for Van Halen turns a young 56 today! Whoa… YEAH!

(VAN HALEN I – 1978/Warner Bros. Records)

Van Halen I and Van Halen II are both albums that made my eyeballs widen and my jaw drop to the ground when I was just a young lad. All I can remember was thinking to myself… what is this? This music, this Heavy sound, THAT guitar! I would confidently venture to guess, that I’m not alone in that Rock ‘N’ Roll memory. This was 1978 and 1979 when these first two Van Halen albums were released respectively. Van Halen’s wide-open Hard Rock meets Heavy Metal sound and vibe created some excitement, that was and still is damn amazing to my ears to this very day!


Guess what? Guess who else shares their birthday with Eddie Van Halen on this 26th day of January? Need some hints? He’s a Metalhead lifer. The dude writing this. Stone. That’s me! YEAH! Happy Metal Birthday to me! I turn a very young 18 today! Um, alright… maybe I’m not 18 after all. Just add “27” to “18” and you win the Metal prize… which is the answer to my real age! The older I get, the more Rock ‘N’ Roll I need… and Metal is my all natural elixir.

(VAN HALEN II – 1979/Warner Bros. Records)






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SAMMY HAGAR – On October 13, 1947, Sammy Hagar, the “Red Rocker” was born. Sixty Three years later, Sammy Hagar stands tall as one of the greatest in all of Rock. I, along with Scott Coverdale and the entire Metal Odyssey family, wants to wish Sammy a LOUD and fun filled HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My wife especially, well, she wanted to make certain to wish the Red Rocker a happy birthday today… she really digs him and rightfully so.

If Stone could buy a beer today for Sammy… I’d buy ’em by the rounds! A lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, Sammy has a vocal presence that is undeniably infectious and resonates nuthin’ but Rock ‘N’ Roll at 100% proof. There is something about listening to Sammy Hagar’s vocals that makes me and countless others feel like everything is alright… it’s all about good times.

Scott Coverdale and I can never get enough of The Red Rocker… he is as cool in 2010 as ever. Chickenfoot, ’nuff said. To keep the relevance fires burning in Rock Music like Sammy continues to do, only reflects on just how legitimate and honest he is as an all-around musician. Thanks for all of the fabulously memorable music you have created over the years Sammy!! Don’t ever stop ROCKIN!

Here is a roll call of the bands that Sammy has been a major part of, over his illustriously Rockin’ career:

MONTROSE (1973-1975)

That’s Sammy pictured in the far right corner of this album photo. This is the Montrose self-titled debut album from 1973. A classic band is Montrose, we’re talkin’ about Hard Rock & Heavy Metal roots here.


Sammy has released 11 solo studio albums over his legendary career. Street Machine was the fourth solo album from Sammy, released in 1979 on Capitol Records.

My favorite Sammy Hagar solo album is – Standing Hampton. This album was my very first Sammy Hagar album. Standing Hampton was released in 1981 on Geffen Records. I remember buying it at Bradlees department store in the early ’80’s. I worked in a grocery store in the same plaza as Bradlees… this album probably cost half of my paycheck back then, only it was well worth every penny. Baby’s On Fire is probably my favorite Sammy Hagar song ever. There’s Only One Way To Rock is a song that kicks ass from sunrise to sunset. Plus, Heavy Metal is a downright heavy hitter of a song too. Even if you own a Sammy Hagar “Greatest Hits” CD… buy Standing Hampton… you’ll thank Stone later.

HSAS – Hagar Schon Aaronson Shrieve – Released back in 1984, HSAS was a cool supergroup led by Sammy Hagar on lead vocals. Neal Schon (Journey) on guitar, Kenny Aaronson (Dust) on bass and Michael Shrieve (Santana) on drums. This Through The Fire album from HSAS kicks ass, it’s a great Hard Rock album that deserves more attention than it gets. No, this HSAS album is NOT dated… it has that deeply rooted sound that some of today’s Hard Rock Bands can’t capture.

VAN HALEN – Or, if you prefer, Van Hagar. Just an unbelievably smooth transition Sammy Hagar made in becoming the lead vocalist for Van Halen back in 1986… whoa. The debut album showcasing Sammy with Van Halen was 1986’s 5150 and that album will always be an incredible listen for me. If I had to choose a favorite Van Halen album with Sammy on lead pipes… it’s OU812 from 1988. Cabo Wabo, Feels So Good and Black And Blue are three songs that psyche-me-out beyond Metal belief. Metal be thy name.

SAMMY HAGAR and THE WABORITAS / WABOS – Just good times, feel good, party Rock ‘N’ Roll is Sammy’s Wabos band. If you have never checked out any of their albums, your missing out. This band Sammy assembled can Rock, Rock Hard or simply play it ultra-cool at times. My favorite Wabos album is Livin’ It Up from 2006.

CHICKENFOOT – Sammy’s second venture into forming a “supergroup” has succeeded in my Metal opinion. Chickenfoot ROCKS. ‘Nuff said. The detractors of Chickenfoot are just plain jealous, they have what is diagnosed as: Chickenfoot envy. Released in the Summer of 2009, the self-titled, debut album from Chickenfoot has all that Hard Rockin’ Summertime vibe I crave. With Joe Satriani on guitar, Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) on drums and former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony… yup, it’s a super-duper group.


* For more info on SAMMY HAGAR, just click on the link below:





Watch out Metal & Hard Rock fans – Chickenfoot is coming!

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9297986Supergroups are not a new concept to the worlds of Hard Rock or Heavy Metal. Asia, Hellyeah, HSAS and Saints Of The Underground are just a handful of really cool supergroups of Hard Rock and Metal, both from the past to the present. Chickenfoot, however, is a super – supergroup. With the likes of Sammy Hagar on vocals, Michael Anthony on bass & backing vocals, Chad Smith on drums and the brilliant – Joe Satriani on guitar, Chickenfoot is one monster of a legendary lineup of musicians. C’mon, you are looking at half of the Van Halen lineup here, with Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony. 

I have always admired each and everyone of these guys as musicians, my appetite for Van Halen, Sammy Hagar’s solo material, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Joe Satriani has never waned over the years. I have just recently heard three tracks from the upcoming release from Chickenfoot, (due for release on June 9, 2009), these three tunes are really, really, really cool and hard rocking. “Soap On A Rope”, “Oh Yeah” and “Down The Drain” all sound like vintage Van Hagar, (oops), I mean Van Halen with Sammy on vocals, of course. However, this is not a replay of Sammy Hagar fronting Van Halen – no sir. The songs are so vibrant, heavy and unbelievably catchy. Gee, could it be due to Joe Satriani blazing on guitar like his life depends on it? Joe Satriani has finally put his stamp of unreal guitar wizardry, onto a band with a vocalist. When I listen to these three songs, it is Van Halen meets Joe Satriani. I find all three songs to be a bit more edgier than what Sammy Hagar has done with Van Halen, this is a compliment. Trust me, Joe Satriani stands out on these three songs! In my Metal opinion, Joe Satriani does not take a back seat to Eddie Van Halen on any day. 

Michael Anthony lends not only his talented bass skills to Chickenfoot, he also brings to the Metal table his distinguishable backing vocals – (which are currently sorely missed in the new Van Halen). Chad Smith has proved to me, on only these two songs I have heard thus far, from Chickenfoot, that he can play drums like a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal super pro. Chad Smith can play the heavy stuff, you betcha! I actually have shook my head while listening to “Soap On A Rope”, “Oh Yeah” and “Down The Drain”, (in an over impressed/blown away manner), due to the overall musicianship and the way these guys gel together. These three tunes rock hard – period. Metal debate closed, as far as I’m concerned. June 6, 2009 will be just another great and historical day in the world of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music. For the last few years now, I keep telling anyone who listens, this is truly an unbelievable time to be a fan of Hard Rock and/or Metal music. The vintage & legendary players are still out there, turning out the highest quality of heavy music, Chickenfoot is one great example of what I am talking about. Chickenfoot is going to be very huge, this Summer of 2009!

You too can also check out these three tunes from the forthcoming Chickenfoot album, just go to:

A few Heavy Metal facts to get you through the day

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412609Metal, Heavy Metal is so gooooooood. That is why I like to know facts about my favorite Metal heros  and bands – Metal trivia/Heavy Metal history. Here are some facts that you may find interesting, informative or just plain boring. In any regard, you found them here!

*  Ronnie James Dio – his real name is – Ronald Padavona

*  D.D. Verni – the incredible bass player for Over Kill – his real name is – Carlo Verni

*  Motorhead – yes, this legendary Metal band has won a Grammy for Best Metal Performance, in 2005.

*  Black Sabbath originated from Birmingham, England – forming their historical Metal band in 1968.

*  It is sometimes easy to forget this – Gary Cherone (lead vocalist from Extreme) – was in fact, a one time lead vocalist for Van Halen. The Van Halen album with Gary Cherone on vocals is titled – “Van Halen III.”

I guess these are enough Metal facts for now. I will routinely post a few more of these Metal tidbits.

Greatest Metal album of all-time list #5!

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3646022Here it is, list #5 in my soul searching quest to determine the greatest Metal album of all-time! I feel like I am nearing closure, the light is at the end of the Metal tunnel. Please feel free to chime in and throw at me any Metal album you have not seen on any of these lists thus far, that you feel is deemed worthy of nomination for the greatest Metal album ever. Why, for me to actually forget a legendary Metal masterpiece? Of course, I am only (Metalhead) human. Plus, the years of Metal have provided such a vast array of genres, so many cool and brilliant albums are out there. I will consider any Metal album suggestion that may come my way, despite my being a Heavy Metal expert – I am kidding of course, all you need to do is read my article on “experts”! Now without any more Metal delay, here goes another 10 nominations (in no particular order) for the greatest Metal album of all-time:

1.    Dream Theater – “Images and Words”

2.    Mountain – “Climbing”

3.    Van Halen – “Van Halen”

4.    Alice Cooper – “Billion Dollar Babies”

5.    Aerosmith – “Toys In The Attic”

6.    Metal Church – “Metal Church”

7.    Over Kill – “Feel The Fire”

8.    Manowar – “Battle Hymns”

9.    Rainbow – “Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll”

10.  Slipknot – “Slipknot”

Stay tuned!

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