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AEROSMITH – Call it nostalgia. Call it an impulse purchase. Call it being a big softy for Classic Rock. Call it appreciating Aerosmith’s perseverance and the majority of their albums; especially their catalog from the 70’s decade. Regardless of all the reasons, I bought Aerosmith’s 15th studio (album) CD, Music From Another Dimension! (Columbia), on November 6th at my local Super Walmart.

I’ve listened to this new Aerosmith CD several times now and I dig most of it. Music From Another Dimension! doesn’t Rock like 70’s Aerosmith, then again this CD doesn’t Rock like 80’s or 90’s Aerosmith either. This new Aerosmith offering does Rock, let there be no mistake. Lot’s of (radio friendly) Rock/Hard Rock relevance, mixed together with funky and bluesy vibes and a solid nod to good ol’ American Rock ‘N’ Roll. Aerosmith has a whiz-bang album here; trying to top any of their early classics or 80’s chart-toppers isn’t what I was looking for anyways.

Steven Tyler’s vocals are so trademarked that it’s astonishing. Really, who else has ever or currently sounds like Steven Tyler? Steven Tyler, Joe Perry (guitar), Brad Whitford (guitar), Tom Hamilton (bass) and Joey Kramer (drums) all sound groovy, like a well oiled Aerosmith machine. Good and well written songs coupled with legendary musicians sure do go a very long way. Aerosmith certainly surprised me here, I was afraid this new album was going to be overly sticky bubble-gum. Instead it’s a good time on the mainstream Rock ‘N’ Roll highway.

Carrie Underwood sings a duet with Steven Tyler on Can’t Stop Lovin’ You. I wish Joan Jett, Bonnie RaittMelissa Etheridge, Stevie Nicks or Ann Wilson sang a duet with Steven Tyler on this album instead. Can’t Stop Lovin’ You is a fine song, I just would have appreciated a legendary Classic Rock gal instead. Then again, that’s just me.

Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp sings backing vocals on Freedom Fighter. Who cares. I really don’t. Apparently I never answered the phone quick enough to get that backing vocal gig with Aerosmith. Next time I’ll hustle to my cell phone or at least listen to my messages quicker. Um… yeah.

I recommend this CD to my fellow Rockaholics, it’s all good and understood that this album was intended for widespread appeal. That’s a given. A new generation of Aerosmith fans will certainly be sowed, courtesy of this band’s always current world-wide popularity and new album. Here’s some last second Rockin’ advice: while you listen to Music From Another Dimension!, just pretend that American Idol doesn’t exist and everything will be okay.

So that’s about it. I’m not gonna blab anything more about Music From Another Dimension! other than:

1. I really, really, really dig the album cover artwork. Retro rules.

2. Another Last Goodbye is a (gulp) ballad. Ugh.

2. The Walmart version of this CD has the exclusive bonus track: Shakey Ground. It’s a Rockin’ cool song for a bonus track, making for a terrific way to close out this new Aerosmith album.


For more info on AEROSMITH, click on the links below!

facebook: Aerosmith



Some Metal and Rock ‘N Roll Thoughts – Friday, May 25th, 2012

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Memorial Day – CD Cover (Knightsbridge – 2009)

Memorial Day weekend is upon us here, in the grand country of America. A federal holiday, Memorial Day is always celebrated on the last Monday of May. Memorial Day is for remembering and honoring all service men and women who’ve died in all the wars which America has been involved in. Parades, memorial services, fireworks shows and family picnics are four common ways in which Memorial Day is celebrated.

I am thankful to all the soldiers who gave their lives for American freedom. I’m also thankful to all the active duty service men and women of our armed forces who keep our country safe each day; as well as those who survived these terrible wars; both the wounded and retired.


Mark Tremonti (founding member/guitarist of Creed and Alter Bridge) will be having his debut solo album, All I Was, releasing in early July. The one and only time I interviewed Mark was for Hard Rock Hideout, back in March of 2011. Mark was a soft-spoken, polite and nice guy. You can read this interview in its entirety by clicking the large link below!

Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge and Creed – The Hard Rock Hideout Interview!


The new Aerosmith album, Music From Another Dimension, will be released on August 28th, 2012. This will be the 15th studio album from Aerosmith (counting their 2004 cover album Honkin’ On Bobo). I hope it’s a good Rockin’ album. The album artwork looks cool; it’s very retro. I will sample this album online before I make a purchase though…

What is mandatory Rock ‘N Roll? Check below:

Motörhead – Ace Of Spades (1980 – Bronze) 

What is mandatory Metal? Check below:

Testament – Live In London (2005 – Spitfire)


This past Sunday, May 20th, Robin Gibb passed away at age 62. My condolences to the family, friends and fans of Robin Gibb. If I have to name a favorite Bee Gees song… it’s… Nights On Broadway.

Those are my Metal and Rock ‘N Roll thoughts for Friday, May 25th, 2012. I wish everyone a safe, healthy and Rockin’ weekend, wherever you may roam. Reuse, Refurbish and Recycle. Metal be thy name.



Aerosmith – Permanent Vacation: Released 24 Years Ago Today, August 18th, 1987

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AEROSMITH – Back on August 18, 1987, Aerosmith had their ninth studio album, Permanent Vacation, release on Geffen Records. That was 24 years ago my fellow Rockaholics. Where were you 24 years ago? Were you born yet? Were you lost in the farthest region of the Amazon Rain Forest? Maybe you were like me, sleeping until noon everyday and partying until six in the morning. I couldn’t live like that now! Hell, as that ultra-classic Aerosmith song goes: Dream On.

Despite whatever you may have been doing, wherever that may have been, this Aerosmith album made quite the Hard Rock impact on MTV and FM radio back in 1987. I can recall seeing the music video for Dude (Looks Like A Lady) for the first time, all those years ago. I was semi-interested. It’s not a bad song, still it’s not Mama Kin either. I remember vividly the teary eyed ballad Angel being played on every FM Rock station every five minutes back then too. (Or so it seemed). Yuck.

Rag Doll. Once this song first hit my eardrums I was grimacing. I couldn’t figure out how Aerosmith could go from Sweet Emotion to sweet annoyance so swiftly. Yuck again. Hangman Jury is no better either. Overall, this is my least favorite Aerosmith album from their unquestionably legendary discography. Sure, Permanent Vacation has sold multi-million copies worldwide since it’s release date. Mainstream appeal back in 1987 resulted in overexposure, which equates to the masses wanting to run out and buy, just as it happens now in the Rock music world.

Heart’s Done Time, Magic Touch and Permanent Vacation are three songs on this album that I truly like. So all is not lost when it comes to Permanent Vacation being my least favorite Aerosmith album. I’ve always adored the heavier and harder sound that Aerosmith was and is so famous for. Would I recommend this album to a buddy? Nope. I would say buy the digital songs that you like individually instead.

Two years later, in 1989, Aerosmith released their tenth studio album Pump. I always gravitated toward Pump, really digging that album to this day. One thing is for certain, Aerosmith did catapult themselves into the Rock n’ Roll stratosphere with Permanent Vacation. Trust me, I will forever be an Aerosmith fan, nothing beats the classics this band churned out during those influential 70’s. When it comes to Permanent Vacation, I was and still am one of those fans who just wasn’t buying into the fast food approach that this album represented towards the song.


Steven Tyler – vocals, piano, harmonica

Joe Perry – lead guitar

Brad Whitford – rhythm guitar

Tom Hamilton – bass

Joey Kramer – drums, percussion

* Permanent Vacation was produced by Bruce Fairbairn.

Permanent Vacation – Track Listing:

Heart’s Done Time

Magic Touch

Rag Doll


Dude (Looks Like A Lady)

St. John

Hangman Jury

Girl Keeps Coming Apart


Permanent Vacation

I’m Down

The Movie

* For more info on Aerosmith, click on the link below:

AEROSMITH – Official Website



AEROSMITH – Revisiting Their Greatest Hits Album From 1980

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AEROSMITH – If I had a buffalo nickel for every good-time moment I had, while this 1980 Greatest Hits album from Aerosmith played, I’d be a wealthy Metal lovin’ dude. Then again, the wealth of good-time memories that I’ve accumulated from listening to Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits can’t be taken away from me… like money can. Sometime in the early 80’s I bought this album due to my not owning every Aerosmith album at the time, it just made good sense to have their hits all in one shot.

If my Metal memory serves me correct, just about every keg party and date I experienced through high school had this Aerosmith album playing in the background. Granted, it was not the only cool Rock ‘N’ Roll being played, yet it was played. In all Metal honesty, I had my cassette copy of Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits in my car, straight through my college years. Whenever I listen to this album today, I can vividly picture cruising in my 1985, dark blue, Cutlass Supreme… and driving in my 1984 Dodge Charger 2.2… looking for a party and chicks. Not hot rods were my cars back then, only they got the Metal job done. Ah, Metal youth and easy daze. Um, I mean easy days.

This Aerosmith album was released back when a “greatest hits” was truly just that. These were days when bands actually had ten or more solid hits to compile for their fans both old and new. All ten of these Aerosmith songs were FM radio hits and not supposed hits, b-sides or rarities, like many of today’s greatest hits albums boast. The ten songs on this album are undisputed classics, crossing through the Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal genres. Steven Tyler’s vocals and Joe Perry’s guitar are as identifiable as Mick Jagger and Keith Richards or Steve Perry and Neal Schon. Icons all.

Little did I know back in 1980, that the legendary guitar duo of Joe Perry and Brad Whitford would not be on the following 1982 Aerosmith studio album (and seventh overall) Rock In A Hard Place. Brad Whitford did play guitar on Lightning Strikes, which is my favorite song on Rock In A Hard Place. I do remember the “buzz” being written regarding the departure of Joe Perry and Brad Whitford back then, in Hard Rock magazines such as Creem and Hit Parader. As soon as 1985 came around, Aerosmith released Done With Mirrors with Joe Perry and Brad Whitford back in the saddle again, (no pun intended).

Regardless of the time edited versions of Same Old Song and Dance, Sweet Emotion, Kings and Queens and Walk This Way, I never balked at this greatest hits. Heck, back in those days I didn’t know the damn difference anyways! As decades have passed since this album’s release date, there have been at least ten more greatest hits compilations from Aerosmith, with a 2004 revised version of this 1980 classic as well.

With more than ten million copies sold, this 1980 Greatest Hits has been certified Diamond by the RIAA. Any greatest hits album that becomes certified Diamond must be a tried and true collection of exemplary songs, which stand the test of time. At the end of my Metal day, the one real Aerosmith Greatest Hits is this memories filled and certified Diamond from 1980.

* Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits was released on Columbia Records.

Track Listing For Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits:

Dream On

Same Old Song and Dance

Sweet Emotion

Walk This Way

Last Child

Back In The Saddle

Draw The Line

Kings and Queens

Come Together

Remember (Walking In The Sand)

* For more info on AEROSMITH, click on the link below:

AEROSMITH – Official Website



A New Addition Is Coming To Our Family… A Cat

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MetalOdysseyToday, my wife, myself and twin daughters all decided on adopting a homeless cat. He already comes with a name… Del. Del has only one eye, the other is shut closed. He is currently living in a shelter and is in great health. The shelter he is in now rescued him from a “kill” shelter. The poor guy has also been de-clawed, yet that is alright, Del will be our house cat. Yup, Del will be able to have full reign of the house,  (within reason of course). Being a four year old cat, he probably has some stories to tell… if he could only talk. We pick up Del on Sunday, November 15th. Del is a silver tiger, with white and gray stripes. (No, he is not a real tiger). I and my family cannot wait to get this dude, he will fit right in for sure.

Over my lifetime, I have owned five different cats, they were all unique. So, I do know what to expect from having a cat around the house… the only adjustment is to identify and know Del’s personality, his likes and dislikes. Sure, it will take a short time to have Del really blend in with our home and we are really looking forward to having him. We all went out this afternoon to purchase the necessities of making Del’s life with us comfortable. Del needed a break in his life… he is going to experience it on Sunday. Now, with a cat arriving into a household that loves Heavy Metal Music, I could not help myself from compiling a list of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock bands, songs and album titles that reference cat or any association to a cat. Yeah, it’s a list… but trust me, it’s a kick:

KITTIE – This all female Heavy Metal Band just happens to be… my favorite all female Heavy Metal Band. (Girlschool is my second favorite all female Heavy Metal band, in case you were wondering). Morgan Lander, (guitar & lead vocals) and her sister Mercedes Lander, (drums), can do no wrong by me. Kittie’s new studio album, In The Black, was released on September 15, 2009.

Kittie "In The Black" large album pic

The Motor City Madman, aka, Ted Nugent, (who belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by the way), has the coolest catalog of albums that are for me, timeless. Cat Scratch Fever from 1977, is definitely one of my favorites.

Ted Nugent "Cat Scratch Fever" large album pic

I like Aerosmith. Especially 1970’s Aerosmith. Still, at the end of the Metal day, I cannot turn away from any Aerosmith album that has been created. I can’t help it, that is just the way it is. Yeah, I will listen to Aerosmith ballads too and I am no fan of ballads. Aerosmith’s album from 1997, Nine Lives, makes this list. Hey, say what you want… but this album went double platinum.

Aerosmith "Nine Lives" large album pic

Alright, alright already… I know that the Stray Cats are not Heavy Metal or even close to being a Hard Rock Band. However, I have always been receptive to their Rock and Roll since day one. Back in the ’80’s, well, I had a very large poster of the Stray Cats on my bedroom wall… right between AC/DC and Judas Priest… honestly. Brian Setzer is just a brilliant guitarist, in my Metal opinion. The Stray Cats… Rock.

Stray Cats "Rant N' Rave" large album pic

What would this cat list be without – Look What The Cat Dragged In by Poison?

Poison "Look What The Cat Dragged In" small album pic #2

Nashville Pussy. Now, that is one heavy hitting, no holes barred band if there ever was one. Hey, they are referring to a cat with this bands name, aren’t they?

Nashville Pussy "Say Something Nasty" large album pic

Tygers of Pan Tang. O.k., so they spell tiger differently, who gives a crap. It actually looks better spelt that way. Now, this is a Heavy Metal blast from the past, plus these guys are still around. Animal Instinct was released on May 19, 2008. Tygers of Pan Tang have had their lineup changes over the decades… how many Heavy Metal Bands haven’t? I admire this bands perseverance and their pretty good at what they do too.

Tygers Of Pan Tang "Animal Instinct" large album pic

Kat Von D. I know, she is not a musician… still, she has created some damn great Heavy Metal tattoos, on a truck load of Heavy Metal players. Kat Von D knows her Heavy Metal too, she lives it. Plus… watching L.A. Ink is light years more better, fun and informative than watching Larry King Live. I am steadfast about that… it is the truth. As a bonus, Kat Von D is better to look at than Larry King any night.

Kat Von D - large photo #1

Well, that is about it for this cat list. I could go on and on here… what would be the point? Enough is enough I say. This list has been long enough, heck, it takes time to compile such a list. I certainly hope all who visited and put up with the list portion had a good time. I will update on Metal Odyssey just how our new family cat – Del, adjusts to his new life with us. I make that Metal promise.

Greatest Metal album of all-time list #5!

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3646022Here it is, list #5 in my soul searching quest to determine the greatest Metal album of all-time! I feel like I am nearing closure, the light is at the end of the Metal tunnel. Please feel free to chime in and throw at me any Metal album you have not seen on any of these lists thus far, that you feel is deemed worthy of nomination for the greatest Metal album ever. Why, for me to actually forget a legendary Metal masterpiece? Of course, I am only (Metalhead) human. Plus, the years of Metal have provided such a vast array of genres, so many cool and brilliant albums are out there. I will consider any Metal album suggestion that may come my way, despite my being a Heavy Metal expert – I am kidding of course, all you need to do is read my article on “experts”! Now without any more Metal delay, here goes another 10 nominations (in no particular order) for the greatest Metal album of all-time:

1.    Dream Theater – “Images and Words”

2.    Mountain – “Climbing”

3.    Van Halen – “Van Halen”

4.    Alice Cooper – “Billion Dollar Babies”

5.    Aerosmith – “Toys In The Attic”

6.    Metal Church – “Metal Church”

7.    Over Kill – “Feel The Fire”

8.    Manowar – “Battle Hymns”

9.    Rainbow – “Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll”

10.  Slipknot – “Slipknot”

Stay tuned!

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