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Stone’s Relocation Files: Part One – My METAL Head Is Spinning!

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Motorhead - The World Is Ours Vol 2 - promo cover pic!

As I have expressed on both Metal Odyssey and twitter during the past month of January, my family and I have relocated to Ohio. Ohio ROCKS. I’m not just saying that cause I’ve been living here in a hotel for about 8 days now; in fact, every person I’ve met in this grand state thus far is downright friendly. Stone digs that. Meeting new people and experiencing new places is what life is all about. Metal be thy name and ring that relocation bell!

Within these next 24 hours, our official status of becoming residents of Ohio will be solidified; as we move into our new home. With a new home comes (the possibility of) no immediate internet access; resulting in a temporary burp in Metal coverage you are used to reading and seeing on Metal Odyssey. Have no fear, I have purposely scheduled some (very cool) posts that will run through the third week of February (just in case the internet is not installed/delivered to our residence in a timely fashion). I truly hope you dig what I’ve got in store for you with these Rockin’ posts too!


By now you must be asking: Stone, why is that album cover for Motörhead The Wörld Is Ours – Vol 2: Anyplace Crazy, As Anywhere Else at the top of this post? I answer: this CD is one of the first I’ve purchased while living here in Ohio. I found this Motörhead CD at Best Buy. Plus, I couldn’t resist tying in the title of this double live Motörhead album with this post. Anyplace Crazy, As Anywhere Else… that’s what relocation is all about. Nuff’ said.

There are so many little and big things to accomplish when you relocate! My Metal head is spinning! No, I’m not kidding! Okay, after that crybaby outburst, I want to thank each and every visitor (both casual and loyal) to Metal Odyssey for understanding there may be a lapse in normal action in the coming days. Hopefully the internet arrives to our new home quickly and I can breathe a sigh of relief! In the meantime… keep on Rockin’ with no sign of stoppin’! 


Back on January 2nd, I wrote about the relocation that would be taking place in the live’s of my family and I. You can read all about it by clicking that handsome link below! Whoa!

Relocation Is On The Horizon For Stone… What’s Next For Metal Odyssey?


Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small



Long Live Motörhead.


Christmas 2012 Special Feature – A Couple Of Childhood Memories Of My Christmas Past

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Van Halen - 1984 - promo cover pic!

I received this (now classic) Van Halen 1984 album as a Christmas present from my sister, back in… 1984. I was very psyched-out to receive this album as a gift back then. I can vividly recall playing this Van Halen vinyl on my old turntable and trying to do spinning back kicks (like David Lee Roth) to the hit-song Jump. Whoa.


CHRISTMAS 2012 – With Christmas only being days away, It seems like yesterday was the start of Labor Day weekend. Time keeps on moving, like greased lightning! Is it just me or does time move along slower when you’re a kid? When I was a kid, it seemed as if the first 24 days of December went by like an entire year!

A couple of childhood Christmas memories of mine, I’d like to share:

I remember going to The Warner Theatre in downtown Torrington, Connecticut for the annual UAW Local 1645 Christmas party. This Christmas party was a spectacle to experience as a little kid! My Father was a member of this union; therefore I was lucky enough to attend this fun Christmas event at The Warner. Santa gave a toy to each child (and it was a decent/large toy too). There was a movie (G rated, of course) and cartoons to watch on the theater screen, while munching down popcorn and drinking soda to my heart’s delight.

Here’s what The Warner Theatre looks like today: notice the Art-Deco style to this theatre’s exterior. The restoration that has been done to The Warner Theatre is nothing short of amazing. Whoa.

The Warner Theater - Torrington - CT - promo pic


I remember going to Torrington’s Christmas Village. This Christmas Village is world-known, (just like The Warner Theatre is). When I was a very young lad, the lines of people who waited to get inside our hometown’s Christmas Village seemed endless to me! The hot chocolate sold on the sidewalk (leading to Christmas Village) was and always shall be: The World’s Greatest Hot Chocolate Ever Served.

Yes, Santa and his merry elves were waiting inside this magnificent Christmas Village for all the visitors to see. Santa sat by a very large, wood burning fireplace. Man, I can still feel the warmth of that fireplace on my face, as I write this Christmas memory down. My body would shake and my words would tremble, as I sat on Santa’s lap. Never would I request more than two toys; it’s how I was taught by my parents, back in the day.

Santa’s reindeer were there at Christmas Village too! Each and every one of them. Crap, I can’t remember if Rudolph was there, after all these years. Regardless, my wife and I were fortunate enough to take our daughters  to this same Christmas Village when they were just tots as well. Good Christmas times.

Here’s what the front entrance to Torrington’s Christmas Village looks like:

Christmas Village - Torrington - front entrance - promo pic!

I wish everyone a Very, Merry and Rockin’ Christmas! Happy holidays, Feliz Navidad and Happy New Year too!


God Bless the children and faculty of Sandy Hook Elementary School. God Bless all of their families and the community of Newtown, Connecticut as well. Heaven welcomed in a heroic group of angels from Sandy Hook Elementary School, on December 14th, 2012. I know for certain my sister Christine took part of their welcoming them into Heaven; for my late sister was the greatest (teaching) paraprofessional I ever had the honor to know and work alongside with.




Humanity. It’s Not Just A Word, It’s What We Should Cherish

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As I write these words, I’m still in shock of today’s horrific event that took place in Newtown, Connecticut. An evil coward decided to end the lives of innocent children and educators at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. The number of children and educators killed is mind numbing. 20 children in all. I am extending my heartfelt condolences to their families and friends; while praying for each innocent victim and those directly affected.

As a parent, I was touched like never before by the news and video footage of this unthinkable event. I was an educator myself, during a brief moment of my life. I know first-hand the responsibility that comes with being an adult guardian inside an elementary classroom. Children lean upon their teachers for not just learning, they lean upon them for safety as well. All the teachers and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School are incredible heroes, to me.

As I was tweeting away tonight, I sent out a favorite message of mine that I like: Metal unites us all. Then, seconds later, a friend replied to this tweet with: Humanity unites us all. How immensely true was this reply. Humanity. What are we all here for? What is our purpose on Earth? With wars, violence and hate dominating our world news on a daily basis, It is so very difficult to understand the negative/evil side of civilization.

I thank God for my family, friends and faith. I then thank God for the inspiration and healing affects of music; only on this day (Friday) I couldn’t enjoy the sounds of any song that I tried to listen to. This extremely sad event in Newtown, Connecticut wrapped around my soul like a black blanket. As this day draws to an end, it’s a new beginning and a new day will be upon us all. I will continue to pray to God above and draw inspiration from both my faith and beloved Metal music. I will see my family and friends again; only in an entirely new light, cherishing each and every one of them like never before.

No one can predict the future. No one can make sense out of the tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School. We can talk about gun control and stricter legislation regarding firearms; only political rhetoric won’t bring back the precious lives lost from this terrible event. The “bad guys” will (unfortunately) always find a way to obtain guns or any means of weapons. Regardless of that reality check, there is hope, kindness and love in this world. We just need to reach out for it and spread it around like never before. Humanity. It’s not just a word. It’s a gift that each and every one of us should never take for granted.




CHAMPPS AMERICANA – Dayton Ohio Restaurant Proves Its “Champion” Status!

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Every so often, I will write about a topic that is non-music related. This is one of those times. A couple of weekends ago, my wife and I had to travel on business to Dayton, Ohio. A very fine city is Dayton. The surrounding area and townships around Dayton are excellent to explore as well. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Centerville, which is located south of (and minutes from) Dayton.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites – Dayton, Ohio

Our stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Centerville was superb, from top-to-bottom. Angela Shockley, CHS, Director of Sales was a class-act. I have no problem with recommending anyone to stay at this Holiday Inn Express. Located in the same business park as this Holiday Inn Express (and within walking distance) is Champps Americana. Seeing this restaurant conveniently located, next to where we were staying, was instant comfort for us. Food… and cold beer for Stone. Whoa.


This was our first time dining at Champps Americana and needless to say, it won’t be our last. The service and staff were brilliant. Television screens were strategically located everywhere; each one showing a different live or vintage sports game. If you are a sports junkie and like to eat, this is the place! The bar is HUGE and the table seating throughout Champps is numerous. One aspect I really enjoyed about Champps is the spaciousness between tables. This is one vibrant Sports Bar and yes, the restrooms were clean too. Whoa.

Champps Americana (bar) – Dayton Ohio 

The menu at Champps is an All-American festival of food. The portions that were served to us were bountiful! My wife ordered the BBQ Chopped Salad and loved it. She stated: “this is one of the best salads I’ve had in a long time”. I ordered the Champps Cheeseburger with waffle fries and I thoroughly enjoyed every bite. What a juicy burger it was! Whoa.

BBQ Chopped Salad and Champps Cheeseburger

Upon our first trip to Champps (we went 3 times) the General Manager made his way over to our table. Adam Harkless is his name and taking care of Champps business is his game! Adam was professional, courteous, humorous and made my wife and I feel like we were home again. In essence, Adam Harkless became an instant Metal Buddy to Stone. We both wish Adam nothing short of the very best with his career at Champps; the corporate level should know they have a top-tier General Manager running this franchise in Dayton. Whoa.

Stone and General Manager Adam Harkless – Dayton, Ohio

Our stay in Dayton included my wife’s birthday. On Saturday, July 14th, we both returned to Champps for our third time! Adam was on top of his game that Saturday night. He stopped by our table once again for some chit-chat and was thrilled that it was my wife’s birthday. Being both a gentleman and a Champps asset, Adam ordered the Mile High Ice Cream Pie for us to enjoy! On the house baaabbbbyyyy! Can you say: birthday surprise? Trust me, this Mile High Ice Cream Pie can feed four or more people.

Whoa! That’s the Mile High Ice Cream Pie! Um, that’s me in the background with a cold one.

Both my wife and I agree, that Champps Americana in Dayton Ohio has some gooooood food and nice staff, coupled with a good-times and relaxing atmosphere. Thank you, Adam. Metal be thy name.


Champps Americana – Dayton (Centerville), Ohio – address & info:

Phone: (937) 433 – 2333

7880 Washington Village Drive

Dayton, Ohio 45459


Holiday Inn Express & Suites – Dayton (Centerville) Ohio – address & info:

Phone: (937) – 938 – 9550

7701 Washington Village Drive

Dayton, Ohio 45459


For more info on CHAMPPS AMERICANA, click on the link below!



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Some Metal and Rock ‘N Roll Thoughts – Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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On a recent trip to f.y.e., I was accompanied by Best Metal Buddy Scott Coverdale and he discovered this unreal and not readily easy-to-find Sepultura EP (pictured above). Tribus – Australian Special Tour Edition was released back in 1999, via Roadrunner Records. This primo Sepultura find was in a large bin of unused CD’s that were drastically reduced in price. I paid 50 cents for it. 50 cents!! Ring that bargain Metal bell and whoa. There’s more to come in this post, about this f.y.e. trip…


I am currently in the preliminary stages of relocating with my family. Where to? Hint: the Pretenders had a hit single about this state (My City Was Gone) and it can be found on this album:

Pretenders – Learning To Crawl

Released: (1983 U.K.) (1984 U.S.) on Sire


Just when you think you’ve seen everything, well, think again. I guess we all get stunned every once in-awhile. Now… take a look at this… if you dare:

Yup. An ABBA tribute band. They’re called ARRIVAL. They’re also dubbed “The worlds greatest ABBA tribute band” too. The scary thing about all of this; is the clear fact that people are paying to see them perform. Metal be thy name and may the Metal Gods save my Metal soul.


My apologies for showing the above, my Metal brethren. At least now, you know stuff like this actually exists. To remedy any aftershock from what you’ve just read and saw, stare at the album cover below:

NILE – At The Gate Of Sethu (Nuclear Blast)

Yes, by staring at the cover art for At The Gate Of Sethu, it will rid you of any possible ABBA cover band nightmares. This new NILE album is incredible. What else can be expected from NILE? Buy it. Play it. Play it often. Play it F’n loud. NILE F’N RULES. I couldn’t be more Metal precise than that.


As mentioned at the beginning of this post, Best Metal Buddy Scott Coverdale and I had a Metal reunion! The last time I saw him was on our trip to the 2010 M3 Rock Festival down in Columbia, Maryland. The family and I took a trip up to Connecticut from Pennsylvania this past weekend and putting aside a few hours to hang out with Coverdale was Metal mandatory. Coverdale just returned from a 3 week trip to Lebanon and London. We only had a short window of time to see each other; so here is where we went:

Yes, Scott Coverdale and I found out that the Metal was aplenty at the f.y.e. in Torrington, Connecticut (both used and new CD’s). Believe it or not, we spent just under 2 hours there! We had to make comments about every damn CD we picked up; yelling across the aisles whatever we had to say, we were like 2 old ladies at a bingo hall! Coverdale and I both spent (about) $40 each; with used CD’s being the rule. As Coverdale always says: “you get more Metal bang for your buck, when you buy used CD’s”. I honestly can’t argue with him there.

Hey. Speaking of “bingo hall”… can you keep a secret? Stone used to oversee the entire operation of a parochial school bingo. It was a huge weekly event; one which raised a handsome amount of money for the school. Metal be thy name.

Alright. Enough about F’n bingo. Coverdale and I then left the f.y.e. store and drove our cars 50 feet to:

Ninety Nine. It’s a restaurant. It’s a bar. It has a family atmosphere too. Burgers, fries, chicken, salads, etc. are served up there. I’ve always liked the food and service at Ninety Nine. Coverdale and I opted to sit at the bar and take in on the big screen: the warriors from the Bronx, a.k.a. New York Yankees pounding on the hapless Boston Red Sox. What did we eat you’re wondering? We shared a huge plate of hot wings. What did we drink it all down with? Cold beer.

I’m a devout Yankees fan and Coverdale is, well, a Red Sox fan. Our baseball rivalry has always made for memorable debates! Once we both knew it was time to say goodbye, it kind of sucked. Our schedules and distance keeps us apart, still, we are… Best Metal Buddies to the end! Metal be thy name.


Thank you for sticking around and reading my Metal and Rock ‘N Roll Thoughts. It is appreciated. Now remember: during these hot and humid Summer months, watch where you’re walking in parking lots. Why? You don’t want to step on any gooey and sticky-as-shit bubble gum that some dork threw on the ground.






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My Trip For Metal At The Lehigh Valley Mall: A Scary & Strange Trip It Was…

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Back on November 6th, 2011, I went to the overly large, metropolitan mall in Allentown, Pennsylvania, known as The Lehigh Valley Mall. My Metal mission was to pick up the new Arch Matheos – Sympathetic Resonance CD at f.y.e. and trail behind my family. We arrived there at around 12 noon, an hour after this mall opened. (This mall opens at 11:00 am on Sundays). Now, why was this trip to the mall scary and strange? Two words: power outage.

As I walked the first floor of this shopping mecca, I heard an ominous “hum” above me, circling within the atmosphere of this mall’s grand openness. Simultaneously, I heard what I would describe as “clickety clack” and “popping” sounds swirling all about and above me as well. Within a micro-second, I noticed the power go off in at least half of the stores I was near. Whoa. Not cool. My family members with me, on this mall excursion, were not flinching and wanted to ascend the stairs to the second level where the stores of their interest were. My family’s confidence was knowing their security blanket (me) was by their side. No way we were taking any elevator. As I came upon the second level of the mall, I noticed the anchor store JCPenney was without power, along with (again) at least half of the stores in my viewing area.

I felt very concerned, what was exactly happening? Honestly, I couldn’t help shake the awkward feelings of doom. I pointed out to my family members, where the two nearest main exits were, just in case some bad crap was going down. Hey man, who knows? As the family entered some teen clothing store (by a name I cannot pronounce), I asked a male clerk up front: “do power outages happen frequently at this mall?”. He seemed care-free about it all and just psyched that his store still had the power on. I then looked across to the other side of this second level of the mall. I was not pleased for f.y.e. had no damn power.

Arch / Matheos – Sympathetic Resonance

Metal Blade Records – Released September 13, 2011

This was not good. I needed to get my CD at f.y.e. and at the same token, I was still concerned about why this mall lost power to half of its stores. This f.y.e. even had that creepy Mad Max cage across its entrance too. As I walked towards this powerless f.y.e., the power came back on! The power outage seemed to last between ten to fifteen minutes. I did buy the Arch Matheos CD at f.y.e., asking the female associate there if power outages were common at this mall. She said: “of all the years I’ve been working here, this is a first”. As I exited f.y.e., I found it quite odd, that I did not witness one security guard on duty. None telling customers that everything is cool regarding power. None visible to me anyways.

Throughout this entire power outage at The Lehigh Valley Mall, never once was there a public service announcement. Absent was mall management telling the thousands of customers and employees of this power outage and of its status. Shame on The Lehigh Valley Mall facilities management for acting as though people are just supposed to go about their business, while we’re hearing strange noises in the mall’s atmosphere and witnessing half of the stores losing power. What is this mall’s safety protocol? Does it even have one?

Three words for this experience I had on this day: what the hell. I guess if no one else care’s why should I? Bullshit. I do care. Ever since 9/11, I do give a damn if I’m in a major metropolitan mall and suddenly the power goes out to half of the stores. Please note, there was no inclement weather happening on this day either, so blaming it all on a storm is null and void. It’s not that I was looking for Captain America to come rescue me and my family on this day. What I was hoping for was more real. I would have embraced some peace of mind in the form of communication between mall management and patrons.

Holy crap and Metal be thy name. Dumb and dumber oversees the safety procedures of the entire Lehigh Valley Mall. Stone’s Metal advice: When in doubt, get out… and I should have gotten my family and I out of that mall when the power started going off. Who’s to say that the same situation will turn out as okay the next time? I now know, that there will never be any proper safety and public service announcement given to the mall patrons and employees at The Lehigh Valley Mall whenever the next power failure occurs. Experience tells me so.




THE BIG BOPPER “Chantilly Lace” – Reflecting On Rock ‘N’ Roll’s Roots

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The Big Bopper, (Jiles Perry “J. P.” Richardson, Jr.), was a pioneer of Rock ‘N’ Roll. Singer, songwriter, musician and an American disc jockey, The Big Bopper’s multi-tasking career was truly cut short tragically in 1959. February 3, 1959 is historically known as “The Day The Music Died”, with the untimely passing of The Big Bopper, Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens, due to their being in a small plane that crashed, from presumably flying into an Iowa blizzard. The pilot, Roger Peterson, also passed away from the crash.

While growing up as a young lad, I remember this story being told to me time and again by my parents. Eventually, the multitudes of television documentaries on 1950’s Rock ‘N’ Roll more than adequately covered this tragically historic event. I can remember playing my mother’s Buddy Holly 45 rpm’s and thinking about that awful day in Rock ‘N’ Roll history. I took to heart, the reality of this event despite my adolescence, I imagine it was due to the way I was raised by my parents.

The one true side story to this unimaginable day in 1959, was the one as told by Country legend, (the late), Waylon Jennings himself in many well documented articles and interviews. Apparently, Waylon Jennings was supposed to fly on this very same small plane, only he gave up his seat to The Big Bopper… due to The Big Bopper having the flu. Whoa. That is one side story I could not believe, even though I have seen documented footage of Waylon Jennings telling it himself. I guess when it is “your time”… that’s it.

Waylon Jennings had a remarkably legendary career, singing and playing his guitar in the Country, Outlaw Country and Country Rock genres. I missed out on two opportunities to see Waylon Jennings live, both times he played very close to my hometown in Connecticut. One such venue was The Warner Theatre, in Torrington, Connecticut. This unreal cool and Art Deco Theatre still plays host to many incredible bands crossing all music genres, along with a diverse mix of entertainers and shows. From the late George Carlin to Foreigner… The Warner Theatre has had them all, it seems. Waylon Jennings passed away at the very young age of 64, back on February 13, 2002.

I guess missing out on seeing Waylon Jennings two times, so close to home, serves as a reminder for me to cherish each Rock ‘N’ Roll performer and Metal Band I do get to see… from Slayer to Pat Benatar. Well, getting long winded on the roots of Rock ‘N’ Roll is something I’m very good at. It’s just the pure history, the factual beginnings of the music that I and so many billions of other people love so much, that I find so difficult to ignore.

Today, I ventured out with my wife and daughters on a Sunday cruise to do some shopping. Thankfully, the weather was 100% pure Autumn and sunny, with no rain or dreary weather to get in the way of our plans. One stop was to a store called Christmas Tree Shops, it is a semi-discounted department store, that focuses on a ton of items that my wife really digs. Plus, there usually is a small display of discounted CD’s for sale there too. Today however, I did not find a CD display… whatever, I’ll live. This store is where The Big Bopper came back to life again in my ears… his song Chantilly Lace was played on the rotation of music that was heard, while we shopped. Once again, my mind wandered right back into some Rock ‘N’ Roll thoughts…

A fabulous, Classic and Rock Historical song is Chantilly Lace. Just the vocals of The Big Bopper are enough for me, while I listen to this song. Flamboyant and loaded with Rock ‘N’ Roll confidence were the vocals of The Big Bopper. Metal as my witness, his vocals alone are enough to put me in a great mood. “Oh baby you know what I like”! Just the way he describes this girl in Chantilly Lace is legendary. “A wiggle in the walk and a giggle in the talk”, “Make the world go ’round”… the lyrical rhyme scheme is Rock ‘N’ Roll perfection at it’s earliest beginnings.

Despite Chantilly Lace being a Rock ‘N’ Roll song from 1958, there is something about it that radiates a relevant cool to me. This song always has been a “1950’s Rock ‘N’ Roll” favorite of mine, since the first time I heard it as a young lad. The incredible aspect about this song, is that there are no “in-your-face” guitars, drums or bass and it still Rocks like there is no tomorrow. The subdued volume of the instruments played on Chantilly Lace does help catapult the vocals of The Big Bopper and his enthusiasm for this song can’t be denied each time I hear it.

The girl is referred to as “honey” and “baby” during Chantilly Lace, making for as true a listen into Rock ‘N’ Roll’s innocence as you could ever ask for. Compare “honey” and “baby” to some of today’s female referenced adjectives you hear in popular music… and yes, Chantilly Lace is innocence. I don’t like to think of “what ifs” when it comes to life, The Big Bopper was here and he left us all with some incredible Rock ‘N’ Roll.

Chantilly Lace is a song that is immeasurable in it’s worth to Rock ‘N’ Roll History. I’ll always be a fan of The Big Bopper and be grateful for what he and his fellow peers accomplished back in those fabulous 1950’s. The Rock ‘N’ Roll seeds they all planted back then, have certainly grown into quite a remarkable existence in both music, culture and personal emotion.

* To learn more about the Warner Theatre, in Torrington, CT, click the link below:

The Warner Theatre

Rest in peace, The Big Bopper, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, Roger Peterson, Waylon Jennings… and George Carlin too.


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