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WITCH CROSS – Danish Heavy Metal Band Returns! Performing At: KEEP IT TRUE FESTIVAL XV

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WITCH CROSS – Danish Heavy Metal band Witch Cross is back on the scene. On the 27th of April 2012, Witch Cross will take to the stage at the prestigious Keep It True Festival in Germany in front of 2000 rocking Heavy Metal fans. The band will be performing songs from their acclaimed 1984 debut album Fit for Fight and founding member and guitarist Mike “Wlad” Koch says “it’s great to be playing the old songs along with one or two new ones, even though we couldn’t get the whole band back together for various reasons it’s exciting to be able to bring our music back to life in front of so many people”! And the band plans to continue to play live after this event so watch this space.

On stage with Mike Wlad will be 2 other original members of Witch Cross , bass player Jan “Little John” Fields and drummer Anders “AC” Hjort. The 3 have drafted in British singer Kevin Moore from Graham Oliver’s Saxon and guitarist Torben Aalykke who has been working with original Witch Cross singer Alex Savage for the last 23 years in Savage Affair and other musical outings.

The band’s debut album Fit For Fight along with their 1982 single No Angel/Are You There and 19 other demo tracks, spanning the bands early days until their split in 1985, has been released on a 4 vinyl limited collectors album by the American Heavy Metal label Hells Headbangers earlier this year. A double CD with some bonus video with be released in the near future.

Vocalist Kevin Moore Comments: On a personal note, it’s really exciting to be fronting Danish Metal band Witch Cross, taking my pro career full circle, as I began professionally playing in Denmark many years ago. Guitarist Mike and I are also busy writing new Witch Cross material.

WITCH CROSS Lineup – Keep It True Festival XV: 

Mike “Wlad” Koch – guitar

Jan “Little John” Fields – bass

Anders “AC” Hjort
 – drums

Kevin Moore – vocals

Torben Aalykke – guitar

FIT FOR FIGHT (1984 – RoadRunner Records)


(Sources: Kev Moore & Mike “Wlad” Koch)




ARCH / MATHEOS – Ultimate-Guitar host premiere of their new music video for “Midnight Serenade”

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First music video off of debut album, “Sympathetic Resonance”, now live!

Directed by David Brodsky of MyGoodEye (The Devin Townsend Project, Amon Amarth, Kylesa, Helmet, etc.) “Midnight Serenade” marks the first music video off of the Arch / Matheos release Sympathetic Resonance, which was just released on September 13th via Metal Blade Records. Check the video premiere out exclusively on HERE.

Arch / Matheos is the new progressive rock band featuring the talents of Jim Matheos (current member of the progressive rock powerhouse Fates Warning and OSI) and John Arch (former vocalist of Fates Warning) along with renowned drummer Bobby Jarzombek (Halford, Fates Warning, Sebastian Bach, Riot), bassist Joey Vera (Armored Saint, Anthrax, Fates Warning, Seven Witches), and additional lead guitarist Frank Aresti (Fates Warning).

Arch / Matheos’ Sympathetic Resonance debuted at #13 on the Billboard New Artist Chart and at #36 on the Billboard Hard Music Chart while also hitting the international charts at #27 in Germany, #67 in Austria, and #78 in Switzerland.

(Source: Metal Blade Records News Update)

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My Trip For Metal At The Lehigh Valley Mall: A Scary & Strange Trip It Was…

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Back on November 6th, 2011, I went to the overly large, metropolitan mall in Allentown, Pennsylvania, known as The Lehigh Valley Mall. My Metal mission was to pick up the new Arch Matheos – Sympathetic Resonance CD at f.y.e. and trail behind my family. We arrived there at around 12 noon, an hour after this mall opened. (This mall opens at 11:00 am on Sundays). Now, why was this trip to the mall scary and strange? Two words: power outage.

As I walked the first floor of this shopping mecca, I heard an ominous “hum” above me, circling within the atmosphere of this mall’s grand openness. Simultaneously, I heard what I would describe as “clickety clack” and “popping” sounds swirling all about and above me as well. Within a micro-second, I noticed the power go off in at least half of the stores I was near. Whoa. Not cool. My family members with me, on this mall excursion, were not flinching and wanted to ascend the stairs to the second level where the stores of their interest were. My family’s confidence was knowing their security blanket (me) was by their side. No way we were taking any elevator. As I came upon the second level of the mall, I noticed the anchor store JCPenney was without power, along with (again) at least half of the stores in my viewing area.

I felt very concerned, what was exactly happening? Honestly, I couldn’t help shake the awkward feelings of doom. I pointed out to my family members, where the two nearest main exits were, just in case some bad crap was going down. Hey man, who knows? As the family entered some teen clothing store (by a name I cannot pronounce), I asked a male clerk up front: “do power outages happen frequently at this mall?”. He seemed care-free about it all and just psyched that his store still had the power on. I then looked across to the other side of this second level of the mall. I was not pleased for f.y.e. had no damn power.

Arch / Matheos – Sympathetic Resonance

Metal Blade Records – Released September 13, 2011

This was not good. I needed to get my CD at f.y.e. and at the same token, I was still concerned about why this mall lost power to half of its stores. This f.y.e. even had that creepy Mad Max cage across its entrance too. As I walked towards this powerless f.y.e., the power came back on! The power outage seemed to last between ten to fifteen minutes. I did buy the Arch Matheos CD at f.y.e., asking the female associate there if power outages were common at this mall. She said: “of all the years I’ve been working here, this is a first”. As I exited f.y.e., I found it quite odd, that I did not witness one security guard on duty. None telling customers that everything is cool regarding power. None visible to me anyways.

Throughout this entire power outage at The Lehigh Valley Mall, never once was there a public service announcement. Absent was mall management telling the thousands of customers and employees of this power outage and of its status. Shame on The Lehigh Valley Mall facilities management for acting as though people are just supposed to go about their business, while we’re hearing strange noises in the mall’s atmosphere and witnessing half of the stores losing power. What is this mall’s safety protocol? Does it even have one?

Three words for this experience I had on this day: what the hell. I guess if no one else care’s why should I? Bullshit. I do care. Ever since 9/11, I do give a damn if I’m in a major metropolitan mall and suddenly the power goes out to half of the stores. Please note, there was no inclement weather happening on this day either, so blaming it all on a storm is null and void. It’s not that I was looking for Captain America to come rescue me and my family on this day. What I was hoping for was more real. I would have embraced some peace of mind in the form of communication between mall management and patrons.

Holy crap and Metal be thy name. Dumb and dumber oversees the safety procedures of the entire Lehigh Valley Mall. Stone’s Metal advice: When in doubt, get out… and I should have gotten my family and I out of that mall when the power started going off. Who’s to say that the same situation will turn out as okay the next time? I now know, that there will never be any proper safety and public service announcement given to the mall patrons and employees at The Lehigh Valley Mall whenever the next power failure occurs. Experience tells me so.




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