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TRIUMPH “Fight The Good Fight” – #3 In A Series Of Celebrating Peace And Hope On Metal Odyssey

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Triumph - promo banner - live band - classic logo - #1

Within this week marking the anniversary of the horrific events that occurred in the U.S.A. on September 11th, 2001, I will be featuring songs of hope, love, inspiration, positive vibes and goodwill towards man. These songs will be pulled from the Hard Rock and Metal genres too. Hopefully, an attack like that will never happen again upon any country.

There currently is way too much conflict and suffering happening in the world today; our life on Earth is too short for such carnage and despair. War is not the answer and I cherish life, family, music and of course… Metal Buddies. Metal be thy name.

Below is the live music video that shows the super legendary TRIUMPH performing their classic hit Fight The Good Fight. This footage was filmed at the incredibly historical US Festival ’83, on May 29th (1983). This special day was also designated as: Heavy Metal Day. Just the name of this band, TRIUMPH, is  inspirational!

Fight The Good Fight is a timeless song about being strong, overcoming everyday obstacles and embodying personal perseverance. Lyrically, this song also reasons that more money will not rest your soul. What more can be said about this classic song being positive? Crank it up below and always remember to… Fight The Good Fight! Metal be thy name.

Fight The Good Fight is from TRIUMPH’s 1981 studio album: Allied Forces.

Triumph Allied Forces - promo cover pic

US Festival - '83 - promo flyer pic - #1




Gil Moore – drums & vocals

Rik Emmett – guitar & vocals

Mike Levine – bass, keyboards & vocals


Keep Calm And Spread Some Hope - promo pic - Metal Odyssey

* The 1982 and 1983 US Festivals were founded/sponsored by the legendary Steve Wozniak.

* A special thanks to Best Metal Buddy, Scott Coverdale, for choosing this song from TRIUMPH, for this feature post.

* For More Info On TRIUMPH:

Facebook: Triumph

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small




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Dokk' Em - Open Air - promo flyer - 2013 - Iced Earth

Fullmetal Madness! For two days the best and hardest Metal in the Frisian countryside! Dokk’em Open Air: Friday 21 and Saturday, June 22, 2013, Dokkum.

On Dokk’em Open Air more than 20 of the best international Metal bands perform, spread over two days. Check out the lineup of Metal bands on the above festival flyer!

The event takes place on the festival grounds at the Hiausterdyk, just outside Dokkum, the N356 direction Bornwird / Holwerd (postcode 9101).
There is always plenty of parking.

Of course you can stay on Dokk’em Open Air, the festival campsite is next to the festival site. There are also to be found plenty of nice small hotels in the area. All information can be found at:



Testament - band pic - band logo - 2012


Iced Earth - band pic - band logo - 2012



For more info on TESTAMENT, click below!

facebook: Testament

For more info on ICED EARTH, click below!

facebook: Iced Earth

For more info on Dokk’em Open Air, click below!

facebook: Dokk’em Open Air


(Source: Dokk’em Open Air)

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BURNING SEA FESTIVAL – Zadar, Croatia, June 5th – 8th, 2013 > All The Cool Info YOU Need

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Burning Sea Festival - 2013 - poster promo pic!

The BURNING SEA FESTIVAL will take place in Zadar, Croatia from June 5th thru June 8th, 2013. With the legendary ICED EARTH and KING DIAMOND headlining, dozens of our Metal warriors will be there: OVERKILL, ANGEL WITCH, ENSLAVED, DESTRUCTION, AMORPHIS, CANDLEMASS  and TURISAS to name a many potent few!



BURNING SEA is combining the best two things in life. as the only Metal open air festival located directly on the sea beach. If you are tired of mud and rain, try something new: Metal holidays on the green peninsula, surrounded by beautiful beaches of azure Adriatic Sea. Experience the unique crimson sunset in the Mediterranean area and you’ll know why the festival is called Burning Sea. Located in an elite touristic part of over 3000 years old stony city of Zadar, Croatia, this festival will not leave any visitor cold. Enjoy the Mediterranean spirit, hot nights under a starry and moonlit sky together with the best company ever: METALHEADS like you and we are.

With Burning Sea, you decide to join a Metal festival and watch great bands on stage. Better yet, we have the mission to see you enjoying yourself while actually taking a great vacation AND hailing the gods of Heavy Metal at the same time. That’s why we chose the beautiful ancient Zadar, the everlasting heart of the Mediterranean. Visit us on and Watch out for our other great events in the Balkan region that fuse holiday and musical entertainment!

For a map view of concert venue, click here: Obala kneza Domagoja 18, 23000 Zādār

Burning Sea - Festival - Large Logo - Promo - 2013__________________________________________________________

(SourceBurning Sea Festival Facebook)

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KING DIAMOND – To Headline Bloodstock Open Air 2013

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As reported on

Hey Everyone! We have an official announcement regarding another festival!

“Here at Bloodstock HQ we’re excited to announce our first headliner for 2013. The Grammy-nominated, Danish metal legend KING DIAMOND will dazzle eyes and perforate eardrums in the Friday night top slot.

After a six-year touring hiatus, the band triumphantly returned to the stage in 2012 for European festivals, Hellfest and Sweden Rock. Friday night’s closing performance at Bloodstock Open Air 2013 marks not only their first ever UK festival appearance, but their first UK show of any kind in many years and will be their only UK date in 2013. When asked about Bloodstock, the mighty King quoth: “I’m looking so much forward to this, we all are. Finally back in England! The people at Bloodstock have gone the extra mile to make this possible, and will be expanding the stage to fit our full production. This is gonna be DARK and very HEAVY!”

Hugely-respected, with a 30+ year career, check out some spooktacular KING DIAMOND, both old and new, while you’re getting your scare on this October…

Sleepless Nights:

Give Me Your Soul –

The Invisible Guests –

The Family Ghost –

At The Graves –

Them –

…or even some fan-filmed footage of good friends Metallica and the King rockin’ out together at Metallica’s 30th Anniversary Show earlier this year –

This special headline appearance racks up alongside the previously announced special guests, ANTHRAX and ACCEPT, and UK exclusive appearances from FIREWIND and FOZZY.

Bloodstock ‘Early Bird’ tickets are available from the Bloodstock store at the bargain price of £100 (plus booking fee) for a four-day weekend pass. Snap ‘em up quick, as this limited time offer won’t last forever!”


Bloodstock Open Air 2013 will take place August 8th through August 11th. To find out more about this essential Metal festival, click on the links below!

facebook: Bloodstock Festival



King Diamond facebook: King Diamond





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As reported on

Here it is folks! Starjack Entertainment presents, the second annual FULL MOON DOG FESTIVAL at The Cockpit in Leeds. In memory of ASOMVEL founder member and front-man, JAY-JAY WINTER!

The 2011 festival was a huge success – and this one will surpass even that. Again, all proceeds will be used to grow the festival for the following year – ensuring that Jay’s name is never forgotten, and that we all have a kick-ass shin-dig in his honour!

As reported on the facebook page of Orange Goblin:

Orange Goblin will be appearing at the Full Moon Dog Festival at the The Cockpit in Leeds on Saturday 13th October, alongside heavyweights such as Solstice, Asomvel, Stuka Squadron, Dark Forest, Mercenary, Eliminator, Stiletto Farm and an as yet unconfirmed headliner. The festival is being held in honour of Jay Jay Winter. All this for just £15!!! Tickets for this are selling fast so get yours today.

For ticket/venue information & directions, click here:


For more info on ORANGE GOBLIN, click on the links below!…



Rest In Peace, Jay-Jay Winter.


WITCH CROSS – Confirm More Live Dates For October! A Newly Mastered/Special Edition CD/DVD ‘All That’s Fit For Fighting’ Releases This October!

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WITCH CROSS can now confirm these gigs for October:

Oct 23 Amager Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark supporting Gotthard

Oct 24 Helsingborg Tivoli, Sweden, supporting Gotthard

Oct 25 Kahytten, Fredericia, Denmark, with Mercyful Diamond* as support

Oct 26 TBA

Oct 27 – Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival at Manifesto, Hoorn, Holland

* Mercyful Diamond are a tribute to Mercyful Fate and King Diamond.


Also released in October is the CD/DVD Special edition of All That’s Fit For Fighting, which includes newly mastered and never before seen promo videos of the band from the 80’s, via Hell’s Headbangers Records.


(Source: Kev Moore / Witch Cross)

For a related and recent post on Witch Cross, click on link below!

WITCH CROSS – Confirmed To Support GOTTHARD In Copenhagen And Performing At HEAVY METAL MANIACS FESTIVAL In Holland!

For more info on WITCH CROSS, click on the link below!



COVEN 13 – To Perform At Hammer Of Doom Festival 2012

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Legendary U.S. Doom act COVEN (also known as COVEN 13) has been confirmed to appear at Germany’s Hammer of Doom Festival on November 10, 2012 at Posthalle in Würzburg. The festival begins on November 9th for Epic Night at which ROSS THE BOSS will headline. COVEN will join PENTAGRAM, THE SKULL, SOLSTICE and others in performing the next day, appropriately called Doomsday!

Visit Hammer Of Doom Festival for more information on the fest.

Shadow Kingdom Records reissued COVEN’s legendary 1987 album Worship New Gods on July 31st of this year. This reissue marks the first official release of Worship New Gods on CD and is available at

“It’s impossible to make albums that sound like this anymore, and for that we’re thankful that Shadow Kingdom are bringing back bands that sound live Coven.” Decibel

“Coven’s Worship New Gods reveals the best of the underbelly of American underground heavy metal from the Eighties. Easily recommended.” – Dangerdog

“Its antiquity will only serve in its favor, as it conjures forth a genuine nostalgia for the 80s efforts of bands like Cirith Ungol, Pentagram, Manilla Road and St. Vitus. Sword and sorcery spent in harmonious, atmospheric flesh with plenty of variation to keep the listener hooked as if he/she were smoking a bone while deeply immersed in a Fritz Leiber or Michael Moorcock story.” – From the Dust Returned

“There’s really no reason to not take the time out and hear this underground gem you probably never even knew existed.” – Apoch’s Metal Review

“Worship New Gods” is an enjoyable album of contrasts, melodic soft interludes between occult like slabs of heaviness, but at all times fresh (For the time) and interesting. Happy 25th birthday!” Destructive Music


(Source: ClawHammer PR)

For more info on COVEN 13, click on the links below!




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