COVEN 13 – To Perform At Hammer Of Doom Festival 2012

Legendary U.S. Doom act COVEN (also known as COVEN 13) has been confirmed to appear at Germany’s Hammer of Doom Festival on November 10, 2012 at Posthalle in Würzburg. The festival begins on November 9th for Epic Night at which ROSS THE BOSS will headline. COVEN will join PENTAGRAM, THE SKULL, SOLSTICE and others in performing the next day, appropriately called Doomsday!

Visit Hammer Of Doom Festival for more information on the fest.

Shadow Kingdom Records reissued COVEN’s legendary 1987 album Worship New Gods on July 31st of this year. This reissue marks the first official release of Worship New Gods on CD and is available at

“It’s impossible to make albums that sound like this anymore, and for that we’re thankful that Shadow Kingdom are bringing back bands that sound live Coven.” Decibel

“Coven’s Worship New Gods reveals the best of the underbelly of American underground heavy metal from the Eighties. Easily recommended.” – Dangerdog

“Its antiquity will only serve in its favor, as it conjures forth a genuine nostalgia for the 80s efforts of bands like Cirith Ungol, Pentagram, Manilla Road and St. Vitus. Sword and sorcery spent in harmonious, atmospheric flesh with plenty of variation to keep the listener hooked as if he/she were smoking a bone while deeply immersed in a Fritz Leiber or Michael Moorcock story.” – From the Dust Returned

“There’s really no reason to not take the time out and hear this underground gem you probably never even knew existed.” – Apoch’s Metal Review

“Worship New Gods” is an enjoyable album of contrasts, melodic soft interludes between occult like slabs of heaviness, but at all times fresh (For the time) and interesting. Happy 25th birthday!” Destructive Music


(Source: ClawHammer PR)

For more info on COVEN 13, click on the links below!




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