MORBID ANGEL To Headline SPREAD THE METAL FEST; More Bands Announced To Lineup

Halifax based Spread The Metal Festival, whose goal is to raise $100,000 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada with 100% of ticket revenues, is proud to announce headliners Morbid Angel, along with Blackguard, Cryptopsy and Last Call Chernobyl as the next batch of bands added to the line up to support the festival charity fundraiser.

“Spread the Metal Records has lofty ambitions for this festival and as it grows each year, I want to prove that the label is as committed to philanthropy as we are to releasing phenomenal records. We take on the responsibility to help those who cannot help themselves, and this festival has the power to help a lot of people, year after year.” – Matt Day STM owner and festival organizer commented.


Tickets available at the Halifax Forum or by phone at 1-888-311-9090 and online

Event Link –


Answer With Metal – 12pm –!/answerwithmetal

Last Call Chernobyl – 1pm

Dischord – 2pm

Hallows Die – 3:15pm

Descend – 4:30pm

Fallen Joy – 6pm


KATAKLYSM – 9:15pm


Cry Oh Crisis – 12pm

Strigampire – 1pm

Death Valley Driver – 2pm

Crimson Shadows – 3:15pm

Blasphemy Reborn – 4:30pm

Black Moor – 6pm

CRYPTOPSY – 7:30pm


ABOUT: Spread The Metal Fest was inspired by STM Records owner Matt Day, whom previously worked for HSF as a volunteer and decided it was time to give back to the community and help an organization and cause that promotes awareness of heart disease along with financial support.

ABOUT: Spread the Metal Records is an artist-oriented label. They recognize the commitment of all those who have signed with them and those who continue to support them in other ways. A label is only as strong as its artists, and indeed the job of the record label is to create an environment where they can pursue their artistic vision. That means giving straight answers, holding themselves accountable, taking responsibility for their mistakes, and recognizing their own limitations. STM believes in every release that they put out and they have more respect for the fans than to expose them to a sub-par album. STM demands the best from themselves, and so they can’t accept any less from the bands that they represent.


Stone Says: I’ve stated once before, the sincere admiration I have for Matt Day’s charitable kindness through his Spread The Metal Festival and Spread The Metal Records. I also admire each and every band that are giving their time to perform at this fabulous festival; along with the sponsors and anyone else that is involved in making this event happen. This Spread The Metal Fest proves that Metal can make a difference in people’s lives.


(Source: Asher Media Relations)

For More Info:

For more band info, click on the links below:





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