8466885Ted Nugent has not wandered off too far these days. In fact, Ted Nugent is as glorious and intense of a Heavy Metal performer as he has ever been. “Love Grenade” is an intense, fun, and loud album, what more can we expect from Nugent? The well respected musicians backing up Nugent are Barry Sparks on bass and Tommy Clufetos on drums, these guys are responsible for making this album sound so tight and Metal. “Aborigine” is a political statement, for Nugent he makes this song heavy and fun, with his vocals being the true standout here. “Journey To The Center Of The Mind” is a remake of Nugent’s Amboy Dukes band of the late 1960’s, wow how this song takes off and hammers home just how good of a Rock performer Nugent really is. The vocal harmony and chorus for “Journey To The Center Of The Mind” really makes this song come alive. “Girl Scout Cookies” is the single most funniest Ted Nugent and/or Heavy Metal song I have ever listened to in my life and that is a compliment. Just listening to Nugent sing about his love for eating Girl Scout Cookies is a riot! Plus, the song has an addicting slow beat groove that has you nodding in appreciation while you laugh, go figure. This is what “Love Grenade” accomplishes, it will make you laugh, feel sympathetic, take you back to the Amboy Dukes and most of all, it will convince you that Ted Nugent is just as serious as he is fun and games.

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