Below is my list of current news that I have two words for: WHO CARES? Just due to my writing this list is not equal to me caring about the topics. I really don’t care about what’s below and want the world to know it.

1. James Corden is having his last episode of The Late Late Show tonight. Good. See ya. Bye, bye!

2. Mötley Crüe or Mick Mars? Honestly, who cares! All of them have more money than they can count and I’m broke. Whatever.

3. The NFL Draft. C’mon. More busts come out of the NFL Draft than bonafide football players. Don’t believe me? Just google away. Oh and who cares.

4. Coachella. Who. Cares.

5. The United States debt ceiling. Who cares! There’s nothing I can do about it. Nothing.

Thank you for reading this; that I DO CARE ABOUT!

Metal Be Thy Name. Stone.


4 Responses to “WHO CARES?”

  1. This is actually a really healthy attitude. Especially #5.

  2. Right, who cares?

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