OF THE SUN – To Release Next Single “Lost Tongue”

OF THE SUN showcases a different side to their heavy sound with the new single “Lost Tongue“. Landing on May 5th, the second offering from the upcoming EP Pattern Rebirth, delivers soaring vocal harmonies, intricate melodies and progressive arrangements.

The band comments:

Inspired by feelings of neglect and abandonment of the self, ‘Lost Tongue’ is a departure from the typically aggressive OF THE SUN songwriting style. It’s a solemn tune, billowing with the dark harmonic vocal character akin to an ALICE IN CHAINS song, while attacking tooth and nail the frustration that lies at the heart of a toxic relationship. The start of it illustrates the epiphany, finding myself years deep in something that required the absence of my true persona. From there, ‘Lost Tongue’ navigates through the course of this circumstance, as well as through the confusion, anxiety, anger, and disbelief found in this condition, ultimately resolving to uproot everything.”

Pre-order: https://noiseofthesun.bandcamp.com/track/lost-tongue

Listen to the previous single “Pattern Rebirth” here: https://noiseofthesun.bandcamp.com/track/pattern-rebirth

Beginning in Myrtle Beach, SC, before moving to Austin, TX, and landing in southern Germany, the metal outfit, OF THE SUN, has traveled a long, winding path, and continues to build on its approach to song writing through structural variation and stylistic revisions. Influenced by bands like BTBAM, OPETH, SOUNDGARDEN, and MR BUNGLE, OF THE SUN draws from a diverse vocabulary of musical language and boils it down into the particular visions of chief creator, Patrick Duvall. Recruiting from overseas, drummers Bryce Butler (SHADOW OF INTENT, THE FACELESS, CONTRARIAN) and Rom Gov (SEEK IRONY, TIBETAN SKY RITUAL), along with bassist Jacob Umansky (INTERVALS, THE FACELESS, PAINTED IN EXILE) have joined ranks for Pattern Rebirth.

Patrick Duvall

Source: C Squared Music


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