Can We Stop Already With This Album Cover Art? Enough!

Here are three examples of an album cover showing a woman’s face behind a see-through cloth. I’m certain there’s more out there. I believe this idea of an album cover needs to retire. For good. Please. Stop.

The Rolling StonesGoats Head Soup (1973)

I’ll give The Rolling Stones a pass due to my thinking this was the first time this idea was used for an album cover. I could be wrong. Besides, it’s The Rolling Stones.

ScorpionsRock Believer (2022)

C’mon Scorpions. This album cover of Rock Believer is so bad it’s the reason why I didn’t buy the physical CD. I didn’t want to see it laying around my other CDs that have quality album art. Besides, I listen to Rock Believer on Spotify.

Halestorm – Back From The Dead (2022)

I’ll bet that Halestorm and Scorpions never expected to have nearly the same album cover released in the SAME YEAR!! Some people might say that’s glass covering over the face of Lzzy Hale. Is it Lzzy Hale though? Hard to tell maybe, with the violent screaming face. Anyways, I believe this is cloth covering her face. I always felt the Halestorm debut album cover art from 2009 was bizarre and cringey; yet this album cover takes the prize for unoriginal disaster.

Thank you for reading my semi-useless rant. Please feel free to comment! Metal Be Thy Name. – Stone


4 Responses to “Can We Stop Already With This Album Cover Art? Enough!”

  1. I think Lzzy’s is glass, but doesn’t matter. It looks like the Scorpions (or theirs looks like hers) which they all look like the Stones. Enough already!!

  2. It always feels great to get it out of your system so feel free to rant.

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