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Four Bizarre Mothers Day Album Covers

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Mothers Day - Cherry Pie - promo album cover pic

Mothers Day is on Sunday, May 10th. I wish all the moms and grandmas a Happy Mothers day. Here at Metal Odyssey, our special way of celebrating Mothers Day is to present this list of Four Bizarre Mothers Day Album Covers. Each album cover on this list is clearly created by people that have not a clue, in my opinion.

The Mothers Day album cover (above) really has me questioning: who is the dummy that decided to combine Mothers Day with cherry pie for an album cover? WTF?! That is flat-out insane, immature and embarrassing! Of all the freaking pies in the world, why spotlight cherry pie? Apple pie, peach pie or any other stinking pie would have done just nicely, thank you very much.

The Flexican & Sef - Mothers Day - extended version - promo pic - 2014

Evidently the musical artist for this Mother’s Day song is: The Flexican & Sef. My big question is: what the hell does the artwork on this MP3 single have to with Mother’s Day? Two dudes and a city skyline, inside a burst, does not represent Mother’s Day to me. Un-freaking-real. Whatever.

Mothers Day Special - promo album cover pic - 2013

The above Mother’s Day album cover is incredibly bizarre! That mother depicted is bloodied and in obvious pain! Did this mother really deserve such a dreadful situation as this? What is that piece of lumber that she is holding? What does this cover art mean? WTF?!

The Mothers Day Massacre - Vol. 2 - promo album cover pic

Lastly, I don’t dig the combination of Mother’s Day and massacre; it is grossly immature to combine the two. Really. The moron(s) that decided to attach The Mothers Day Massacre to a Heavy Metal compilation of songs needs to have their lame-ass brain(s) examined for worm rot. Once again, I’m reminded that dumb-asses are among us. This also reminds me that there are people still out there sniffing model glue and they are roaming among us.

I love my mother with all my heart and hope she has a fun day in heaven, alongside my sister. I miss them both dearly. Metal be thy name – Stone.


Stone - 2011 Photo #1



Christmas Album Covers That Are FUNNY! 2012 Edition From Metal Odyssey!

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Crazy Christmas Time - promo cover pic!

Welcome aboard to Metal Odyssey’s 2012 edition of: Christmas Album Covers That Are FUNNY! Take a look around here at these 8 funny Christmas albums; all are currently for sale on the World Wide Web. Each Christmas album cover below has made the staff here at Metal Odyssey… F’n laugh! Laughter is good Metal medicine too. The album cover (above) pretty much says it all: Crazy Christmas Time. That’s funny and true combined!

Hopefully you’ll get a chuckle from these Christmas album covers as well. Enjoy and thank you for stopping by for some (hopefully) good holiday laughter!

Boobs For Christmas - promo cover pic!

Boobs For Christmas – richard d. curtin

This album title sounds very, very good to me! Does the gal on this cover look like a dude… who looks like a lady?

Funny Cat - Christmas Songs - promo cover pic!

Funny Cat – Christmas Songs

That cat (if it’s real) looks… FUNNY! Since I’m a cat owner, this Christmas album cover is all the more FUNNY.

Motor Booty Affair - A Mothership Christmas - promo cover pic!

Motor Booty Affair – A Mothership Christmas

Now this is FUNNY! Motor Booty Affair spreads some Christmas funky cheer across the galaxy! Remember what Motor Booty Affair says:

It is your duty…to SHAKE YOUR BOOTY!

Motor Booty Affair is also having a Funky Christmas fundraiser on December 21st, in Portland Maine. For more Funkalicious details, click on the link here: Motor Booty Affair

Sexy Christmas House Tunes Vol. 2 - promo cover pic!

Sexy Christmas House Tunes Vol 2

Um… this “sexy” gal on this album cover appears to have only 1 arm and 1 leg. I feel so bad for her. I guess I shouldn’t have put this one on the “Funny List” huh?

The Hot Dogs - Holy Shit, It's Christmas - promo cover pic!

THE HOT DOGS – Holy Shit, It’s Christmas!

This Christmas CD cover needs NO images to be funny! Just the name of this band and the title to their CD is F’n funny stuff! HOLY SHIT THIS IS FUNNY!

Holiday Classics - The Bob & Tom Show - promo cover pic!

Holiday Classics – The Bob & Tom Show

I can’t help it. This Christmas album cover just comes across as FUNNY to me. Metal be thy name.

Funny Christmas Songs! - promo cover pic!


We started this feature with Santa on an album cover… now we’re ending this feature with who else? Santa! The  funny thing is… this Santa is not quite “right” looking. Add the fact that the word “FUNNY” is in this album’s title; then you have a FUNNY Christmas album cover!


Here’s hoping you had a laugh or two… or a semi-chuckle!


Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small




Independence Day, July 4th, 2012 – Album Covers That Celebrates This American Holiday!

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JULY 4TH, 2012 – As that colorful album cover above states, I wish everyone in America a Rockin’ Independence Day! July 4th is a holiday in America that observes and celebrates our forefathers adopting The Declaration Of Independence. The Declaration Of Independence was approved by The Continental Congress, back on July 4th, 1776; which resulted in the thirteen American Colonies no longer being part of/under rule of The British Empire.

Okay, the American history lesson is over! Now kick back, scroll down and enjoy some fun album covers that celebrates July 4th, Independence Day! Please note: you may find a couple of album covers here that were never intended as an Independence Day celebration; nonetheless, it goes along with the theme quite well.

1 Hour Of Orchestral Fireworks

Andre Reger And The Paris Pop Orchestra

Doesn’t this album cover give off a 1970’s Progressive and/or Psychedelic Rock vibe?



This is the second studio album from the Hard Rockin’ band from Germany we all embrace as: BONFIRE. Fire Works  was released back in 1987 on BMG International. Fireworks are essential in their symbolism, during events and or activities that celebrates Independence Day.



I have absolutely no idea what type of party music is on this album, other than it’s celebrating July 4th.


POLKA FIREWORKS – Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones

WHOA! Polka makes it to Metal Odyssey! Now… say “Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones” 5 times as fast as you can. Nice try. Hey… could there be such a genre as: Polka Metal? There might be… check out the video below to find out!



As I mentioned before, the 4th of July wouldn’t be the same without live fireworks. If you have 0% access to live fireworks today; then I suggest you get yourself a copy of this Live Fireworks album. Whoa.



This album cover is very patriotic. I dig that.



Yes, more fireworks! Roxette released this Fireworks 7″ single back in 1994; taken from their 1994 and fifth studio album: Crash! Boom! Bang! 



Original Soundtrack Recording – Music By David Arnold

I just watched this movie on Monday night! A sci-fi classic! Seriously, I’ve seen this movie more times than I can count. This Independence Day movie culminates with the world’s independence from those pissed-off and severely constipated space aliens. Independence Day won an Academy Award for visual effects too. Whoa.

Here is another cover for the Independence Day movie soundtrack.


Thanks for sticking around for this entire list of Independence Day, July 4th album (themed) covers. Have a safe and happy Independence Day! Also… make certain you check the expiration dates on your hot dog and hamburger buns.

Metal Be Thy Name.


Life, Liberty, METAL and the pursuit of Happiness.

Long Live Polka Metal.


RELENTLESS – As An Album Title, How Popular Or Overused Is This Word?

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JackylRelentless (2002)

Long Live Jackyl.

RELENTLESSAny dictionary will reveal the meaning of Relentless for you as: that does not relent; unyieldingly severe, strict, or harsh; unrelenting: a relentless enemy. This is a strong word. In my opinion, relentless can make for a tough as nails Hard Rock or Heavy Metal album title. Comedians along with musicians and bands from other music genres have used relentless as an album title, only it does not come across as riveting or true to me outside of Heavy Music.

As I went deeper into researching relentless as an album title, I found too numerous examples to mention and/or list. If I did list all the albums I’ve found with the title of relentless, then that would be rather relentless on my part. What I have learned is relentless is easily one of the most popular album titles ever to be used! Metal be thy name! Is this a bad or good thing? Is relentless overused on album titles? I guess I’ll leave the answer for you to ponder, for I don’t want to pass on any relentless judgement on the popularity of this word.

Alright, I will add, before a comedian, musician or band uses such a forceful word such as relentless, they should seriously consider it’s true definition and make certain if “fits” with their persona and/or album content.

Here are 14 albums (including the Jackyl cover on top of post) that caught my attention while compiling this relentless album title research:

Bill HicksRelentless (1992)

This cover photo just doesn’t go with the definition of relentless. Nope.

Sharel CassityRelentless (2009)

Maybe Sharel is relentless with her saxophone playing? I just don’t know. I’ve never checked out her music… now I’m curious.

MORTIFICATIONRelentless (2003)

Relentless goes just fine here. These dudes are Christian Metal too. Long Live Mortification.

Jason Aldean Relentless (2007)

Jason looks too subdued here to be connected to relentless at all.

PENTAGRAMRelentless (1985)

Yup. Relentless fits quite well on this cover. Doom Metal Legends. Long Live PENTAGRAM.

Natalie GrantRelentless (2008)

Look at the PENTAGRAM album cover, then look at this Natalie Grant cover. Does relentless have multiple definitions that I’m now aware of?

YNGWIE MALMSTEENRelentless (2010)

Yes. Yngwie Malmsteen has been considered by many to be a relentless axe slinger. Long Live Yngwie Malmsteen.

Misty EdwardsRelentless (2008)

A Christian Music vocalist, Misty Edwards digs this title too. The album cover looks Heavy Metal to me though.

Walter Trout and the RadicalsRelentless (2003)

Walter Trout and the Radicals can have an album title of Relentless. It’s all good.

Here are three bands that actually take the word relentless and give it an F’n boost in their album titles. These three bands can get away with it too. You’ll see what I mean…

Asking AlexandriaReckless & Relentless (2011)

Long Live Asking Alexandria.

Children Of BodomRelentless Reckless Forever (2011)

Long Live Children Of Bodom.

Death AngelRelentless Retribution (2010)

Long Live Death Angel.

Lastly, here is a 1993 Pet Shop Boys album that goes by the title: Very. However, look a little closer at this album cover and you will see Relentless in the album title! It’s probably the one and only “hidden relentless” in the history of album cover titles! Whoa!

This concludes the list of Relentless Album Titles. As you witnessed, this popular word needs to be applied where it truly belongs. In conclusion, relentless isn’t just any word that can be slapped onto any album cover.



Metal Odyssey’s ‘Best Of The Rest’ Awards For 2011! Queensrÿche Live, Best Metal Cover Song, Album Art and More!

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Queensrÿche – live at The Crocodile Rock Cafe, August 2nd, 2011

(Photo Credit: Tom Coderre)

Best Of The Rest Awards For 2011 – Now that the Metal Odyssey “Best Of 2011” lists are posted for Rock, Hard Rock and Metal albums, along with Hard Rock and Metal Songs respectively, I turn my attention to Metal Odyssey’s Best Of The Rest Awards. What exactly are the Best Of The Rest? Scroll down, read on and enjoy! Oh… and…. Metal be thy name.



(Metal Blade Records)

Tim Lambesis vocally made this Judas Priest classic his very own. Electric Eye being sung in Death Metal tones is, well, F’n fun to hear! As a Metal bonus, this band gives a 100% effort in giving Hellion / Electric Eye their deserved Classic Metal respect. To be street about it, As I Lay Dying kicks Metal ass with this classic intro and cover song.



(Metal Blade Records)


Choosing the best album cover art is, like music itself: subjective. There are many, many album covers from 2011 that I adore. I chose the PENTAGRAM and HAVOK album covers due to my staring at them for semi-long periods of time. Does that sound funny? I don’t think it’s funny. Okay, maybe a tad funny.

The Grim Reaper has always been the dark and sinister mascot of Metal. Mo Moussa captured that old school Metal look with this Last Rites art and I extend my Metal appreciation for that.


(Candlelight Records)


The skull on this macabre skeleton is chilling! The attention to detail is incredible on this HAVOK cover, with the lightning outside the window and other skeletons in the backdrop adding to the overall horror appeal. From what lead vocalist & guitarist David Sanchez told me, (during a Hard Rock Hideout interview), Halsey Swain actually put brush to canvas for this ultra-fabulous Time Is Up album cover. Old School strikes once again! Hey… if it wasn’t for Old School, there would be no new school.



(Nuclear Blast)

Whoa what a box set this is! A 16 page, full color, hardcover concert photo book. Two DVD’s, (1 concert & 1 documentary) with 16 pages of more incredible concert photos & cool liner notes. 1 live CD. It’s all DORO, The Queen of Heavy Metal, her amazing voice and her band!

This amazing DORO package features the celebration of her 25th Anniversary concert on December 13, 2008, at the ISS Dome in Düsseldorf, Germany, (Doro’s hometown). Pure quality, from beginning to end, with both the DVD’s and live CD. The concert photo book is so hard to put down. A timeless and priceless DORO box set for me.

The following Queensrÿche photos credited to: Tom Coderre

Geoff Tate & Stone

Michael Wilton & Stone

Scott Rockenfield & Stone



When I received the assignment from Rob Rockitt, over at HARD ROCK HIDEOUT, to cover Queensrÿche live at The Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown, Pennsylvania… I was psyched out of my Metal mind! Metal Odyssey staff photographer Tom Coderre and I had a blast on this evening of Queensrÿche Metal.

Yes, this was my Best Metal Moment Of 2011, however, this was the Best Metal Moment Of My Life as well. To personally meet Geoff Tate and each member of Queensrÿche, back on August 2nd, 2011, made for Rock ‘N Roll dreams to come true. I personally thank each member of Queensrÿche for their being incredibly professional and polite. This band kicked ass onstage that night too! Metal be thy name they did.

I also thank Tom Coderre for being my Metal Buddy on that momentous evening and documenting so professionally this Queensrÿche concert and personal Metal moment. Thank you Rob Rockitt and Hard Rock Hideout for the golden opportunity to cover & meet the legendary Queensrÿche.



For more cool “2011 Best Of Lists” of Rock, Hard Rock and Metal, click on the links below and visit these fantastic blogs/websites!

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Metal Odyssey’s Rock Music Book Pick: “A Brief History Of Album Covers”

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A BRIEF HISTORY OF ALBUM COVERS – I recently discovered and bought a book that is about one of my favorite Rock ‘N’ Roll topics, that being album covers. A Brief History Of Album Covers set me back just $5 (U.S. funds). The store where I bought this cool book sells nothing higher than $5, hence the store name: Five Below. Now, this is not a used book store, nor a thrift store, all the variety of merchandise is sold as “new” at Five Below. There are a few of these Five Below stores in my area of Eastern Pennsylvania. Finding a book that interests me seems to be the norm, each time I visit a Five Below.

A Brief History Of Album Covers is an entertaining and insightful book to read. Author Jason Draper covers nearly 200 classic album covers, all in chronological order. From the debut and self-titled Elvis Presley album from 1956, to the (best of) Oasis album from 2006 – Stop The Clocks. From the Fifties to the “Noughties” as Jason Draper refers to the Millennium decade, he chooses album covers that are “the most iconic, unusual or representative” of each respective decade. It’s interesting and simply fun to see the album covers which Jason Draper has chosen for this book.

Each album cover has a brief write-up, with an anecdotal approach that works just well with me. Every album that is revisited has it’s respective cover pictured, in full color, along with it’s record label, release dates and songwriters. I find this book to be extremely helpful with it’s details that it offers. A Brief History Of Album Covers could have easily been a mammoth sized coffee table book, however, in this instance, the “less is more” school of thought comes together very attractively. This book has a soft cover and is 384 pages long. The oddball measurements (approximately) for this book are: 6 and 5/8″ x 6 and 1/4″.

There are not an abundance of Heavy Metal album covers found in Jason Draper’s research here and I quite honestly can live with it. Not everyone will submit the same list or book of what they consider to be the standout album covers that span 60 years. Iron Maiden’s third studio album from 1982, The Number Of The Beast is included, along with Van Halen’s 1984 and Led Zeppelin’s ultra-legendary sixth studio album – Physical Graffiti.

(Led ZeppelinPhysical Graffiti)

The diversity is seen here in A Brief History Of Album Covers that lends itself as a tribute to many Rock Music genres, only not all of them. From Frank Sinatra to Lynyrd Skynyrd with Pink Floyd and the Sex Pistols in-between, Jason Draper has accomplished a tidy celebration of album cover art. Sure, if it were my book on a history of album covers I would include representations from Black, Death and Thrash Metal without blinking a Metal eye. As I mentioned earlier though, not everyone will share the same opinion on an absolute list of decade defining album covers.

Even with the lack of Extreme Metal being represented within A Brief History Of Album Covers, I still strongly endorse this book and applaud Jason Draper for revisiting such a tremendous catalog of album covers. His interpretations of the album cover art he compiled, has made me look at these covers with an “open mind” once again. I also commend Jason Draper for paying homage to what is now quickly becoming an obsolete experience for younger generations of music fans, of being able to view and enjoy the album cover art that so often represents the respective music of the album and it’s creators. The LP does live on though, thanks to Jason Draper’s brief journey with all of these cool covers.

There are many interesting facts found in A Brief History Of Album Covers, both historic and artistic. One fact that I was reminded of, (due to my blatantly forgetting about), is the design similarity between Elvis Presley’s 1956 debut album and London Calling by The Clash, which was released back in 1979. Jason Draper refers to The Clash cover as “parodying” the Elvis Presley debut, only I beg to differ. My interpretation is The Clash are paying tribute to a true pioneer of Rock ‘N’ Roll, regardless if the initial intent was to be that of parody or not. Both the Elvis Presley debut album and London Calling are serious representations of their respective Rock genres, therefore the tag of “parody” realistically does not apply. Take a look for yourself below:

Elvis Presley (debut/self titled) – RCA Victor – 1956

The Clash (London Calling) – CBS Records (UK), Epic Records (U.S.)

* Jason Draper is the Reviews Editor for Record Collector Magazine, the United Kingdom’s longest running monthly music magazine, with distribution in the UK and worldwide. Jason Draper is described as a “true collector” on the inside back cover panel of this book… I would tend to agree he surely is, without knowing him.

* The foreword for A Brief History Of Album Covers was written by Paul Du Noyer. As the founder of Mojo (music magazine based in the United Kingdom), Paul Du Noyer has also edited many Rock Music reference books and is an author himself.

* A Brief History Of Album Covers was first published in 2008, by Flame Tree Publishing, based in the United Kingdom.




Funniest Heavy Metal Album Covers… Here’s Five!

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FUNNIEST HEAVY METAL ALBUM COVERS – It’s time to laugh out loud or at least crack a smile… or maybe two. I have always been a fan of memorable album covers. From Horror themes to dragons and every flaming Flying V guitar in-between, I find album artwork to be a representation of the respective musician or band’s music heard within. This may not always be the case, however, it is more often than not a pretty good gauge when caught up in a “blind purchase”. Funny album covers are out there as well and there are perhaps a countless variety of them.

I dug up five funny album covers recently, just to throw out to the world for some Metal lightheartedness. Drop a comment about any other funny album cover you want to laugh about. I hope you get a chuckle out of ’em like I have. If these funny album covers don’t have you cracking even the slightest smile, well, then, your most likely constipated and it is making you grouchy.


PRIMUS – Frizzle Fry

No matter how you slice it, Les Claypool and his Funky band PRIMUS do belong in the Heavy Metal family. This “head thing” in the frying pan, on the 1990 album cover for Frizzle Fry, always has me laughing out loud. Plus, there have been times, where an omelette I’ve cooked slightly resembles this grotesquely funny atrocity. This is not the type of thing you want to find, staring up at you from a port-O-potty toilet at the country fair.


Ugly Kid Joe – America’s Least Wanted

Another Funky Heavy Metal band, Ugly Kid Joe’s kid mascot always put’s a grin on my face. This time around, on America’s Least Wanted, (their 1992 debut full-length), that cartoon mascot kid can’t bug on any adult conversation.


Scorpions – Lovedrive

Released back in 1979, on Mercury Records, this is a classic Scorpions album, even if it doesn’t boast a Top 40 ballad or an MTV smash hit video. Coast To Coast and Holiday are two songs worth the price of picking up this album alone. Now, can someone explain to me, how a dude can get caught in a pickle like this? What makes it so funny to me, is it’s visually bizarre… plus, seeing a huge sticky wad of bubble gum, being pulled from this ballroom babe’s breast is downright funny!


NOISY MAMA – Everybody Has One

Released back in 1991, on ATCO/Atlantic Records, this NOISY MAMA album cover is simply a funny classic. The album cover illustration was created by Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, who created the iconic hot-rod mascot of the 1960’s and ’70’s known as Rat Fink. “Big Daddy” opened the door to custom automotive cartoon art. As a custom car builder, he helped to create and innovate Kustom Kulture. Ed “Big Daddy” Roth passed away back in 2001, still, his legendary custom cars, album artwork and illustrations for the hot-rod community live on. It’s album artwork like you see here, that makes it so damn cool to buy the physical CD and have the liner notes to enjoy. Take that mp3’s.

For all Metal intents and purposes, this NOISY MAMA band knew how to play some good-times, Hard Rockin’ songs. Everybody Has One… ROCKS! You can hear for yourself, by clicking on the link below. This link will take you to a myspace music fan page for NOISY MAMA, where there are some of their songs streaming to ROCK OUT to!

NOISY MAMA – myspace music fan page



From 1991, it’s DANGER DANGER with Screw It. This was their second studio album, released on Epic Records. A while back, best Metal buddy Scott Coverdale reminded me of this hilarious album cover, which in turn, prompted me to revisit it and take in these songs from Screw It! once again. I’m telling you, that gorilla is funny, while he is holding that jungle hottie while she is ready to devour that lucky banana! In my Metal opinion, this is an excellent Hair Metal album from Danger Danger. Screw It! is definitely worth owning. The only drawback, is Yeah, You Want It! is a Rap/Metal song that stinks like skunk poop that’s roasting in the hot Summer sun.



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