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BIG BUSINESS – Kick Off 36-Date U.S. Tour On September 1st In San Jose

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(Photo Credit: Scott Martin)


Aug. 2, 2012, LOS ANGELES – Big Business kick off a 36-date U.S. tour on Sept. 1 in San Jose, Calif. at The Blank Club.

The Los Angeles-based trio (Jared Warren, Coady Willis and Scott Martin) will release a limited edition 7-inch of  the new song “Wild Kingdom” (b/w a cover of Siouxsie and the Banshees’ “Into the Light”) to coincide with the tour dates.  This is the second release from the band’s own  label, Gold Metal Records, having released the Quadruple Single EP in 2011.

Big Business cross paths with Melvins Lite (Warren and Willis are in the standard Melvins line-up) on a handful of dates: Sept. 2, Sept. 6 to 8 and 15-16.  Other bands joining Big Business on various dates are Federation X, Gay Witch Abortion, House of Lightning (members of Floor, Dove), Skycrawler and Black Cobra.


Tour Dates Are:

September 01     San Jose, CA     The Blank Club

September 02     Sacramento, CA     Ace of Spades

September 04     San Francisco, CA     Bottom of the Hill

September 06     Seattle, WA     Showbox at the Market

September 07     Portland, OR     Hawthorne Theatre

September 08     Boise, ID     Neurolux

September 09     Salt Lake City, UT     Urban Lounge

September 10     Denver, CO     Larimer Lounge

September 13     Kansas City, MO     The Riot Room

September 14     St. Louis, MO     The Firebird

September 15     Omaha, NE     The Waiting Room

September 16     Des Moines, IA     Wooly’s

September 17     Minneapolis, MN     Triple Rock Social Club

September 18     Milwaukee, WI     Shank Hall

September 19     Chicago, IL     Bottom Lounge

September 20     Detroit, MI     Small’s

September 22     Pittsburgh, PA     Brillobox

September 23     Buffalo, NY     Mohawk Place

September 25     Hoboken, NJ     Maxwell’s

September 27     S. Burlington, VT     Higher Ground

September 28     Cambridge, MA     Middle East Upstairs

September 29     New York, NY      The Studio at Webster Hall

September 30     Brooklyn, NY     Death By Audio


October 01     Philadelphia, PA     Johnny Brenda’s

October 02     Baltimore, MD     Ottobar

October 03     Washington, DC     DC9

October 04     Raleigh, NC     Kings Barcade

October 05     Atlanta, GA     The Earl

October 06     Pensacola, FL     Handlebar

October 07     New Orleans, LA     One Eyed Jack’s

October 08     Houston, TX     Warehouse Live

October 09     Austin, TX     Red 7

October 12     Tucson, AZ     Club Congress

October 13     San Diego, CA     Casbah

October 14     Los Angeles, CA     Down and Out

October 15     Long Beach, CA     Alex’s Bar


For more info on BIG BUSINESS, click not the link below!

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FOOLS FOR ROWAN – Twisted. Tied Up. Tangled: Steady Rockin’, Alternative and Absolutely Can’t Miss!

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FOOLS FOR ROWAN – They’re hip. They’re now. They’re Steady Rockin’ and Alternative. They’re a Modern Rock band that will eventually be more famous than they could ever probably imagine. They’re: FOOLS FOR ROWAN. Let me say this, this band isn’t foolin’ around with their contagious and legit Alternative-Rock meets Hard Rock sound and style. Originating from the grand and Rock historical city of Nashville, Tennessee, this five piece is commercially accessible while still bestowing a blue-collar appeal. Fools For Rowan released their debut album Twisted. Tied Up. Tangled back in 2009, via Lava Lamp Records and it is a can’t miss of it’s genre.

It’s very difficult for me to not be impressed by the vocals of Erin Mullins, she is a show stealer. Erin’s range is head turning and she comes across as so damn natural that it’s scary. Nothing sounds forced as I listen to Erin sing on this entire album. Just a true vocal talent is she. Not to overlook the rest of this band that makes Fools For Rowan sound so inventively Rockin’, this young group of musicians sound as if they’ve been together for a decade.

As I listen to Twisted. Tied Up. Tangled, I hear a vocalist and band that doesn’t seem to hold nuthin’ back. When Fools For Rowan are playing full-tilt with Tangled, Burnt Around the Edges and Living Dangerously, they’re high octane energy to let it all Rock is infectious. Metal be thy name. There are ballads on this album and they showcase Erin’s provocative crooning skills, she could probably make a pissed-off copperhead snake transform into vapors… yeah, she’s that good. No and Dead are two well written ballads that don’t light up the sappy meter, both fit right into the diverse Rockin’ mix I hear on Twisted. Tied Up. Tangled.

If forced to choose my favorite song from this album, then that song is: It’s Alright. I cannot help being reminded of the legendary Joan Jett as I listen to Erin Mullins vocals on this Rockin’ and boppin, free groovin’ strewn song. Rachel Brandsness on lead guitar and Ryan Harrison Nanney on rhythm guitar both dish out some creative licks that are guaranteed not to go unnoticed. A refreshing Rock sound and originality sure does go a long way, Fools For Rowan have both qualities.

Fools For Rowan have created quite an impressive sound, incorporating Rock and Hard Rock with a blend of Alternative stylings. Rock fans who want to catch onto a band that is rising faster than a thermostat in the deep South, in the middle of July, should take notice here. I sincerely look forward to witnessing Fools For Rowan continue their climb on the ladder of Rock ‘n’ Roll success.

* Take a look and listen to Burnt Around the Edges below:


Erin Mullins – vocals

Rachel Brandsness – lead guitar

Ryan Harrison Nanney – rhythm guitar

Aaron Elliott – bass

Jordan Cullen – drums

Twisted. Tied Up. Tangled – Track Listing:

Burnt Around the Edges

Take Me Down



Light Me Up


I Don’t Have the Strength

It’s Alright

Isn’t It Enough

Living Dangerously

Burnt – Remix

* For more info on FOOLS FOR ROWAN, click on the links below:

FOOLS FOR ROWAN – Official Website

FOOLS FOR ROWAN – Official facebook Fan page




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lacrimas profundere is a Gothic Metal Band hailing from Germany. They trace their Gothic Metal roots back to the early ’90’s, with nine studio albums and three EP’s under their Gothic belts. Their third EP, Again It’s Over, was released in 2006 on Napalm Records. Christopher on lead vocals is the focal point in this band’s Gothic sound. He extols the doom and gloom and at times sinister vocals with a commanding tone. Metal truth be told, I find it difficult not to be entertained by this Gothic Metal vocalist named Christopher. There are moments where the creep out meter begins to rise, due to Christopher’s vocals, especially on To Love Her On Knees. The melancholy and nightmarish keyboards played by Christian also assist in the creepy department as well, To Love Her On Knees makes for a foggy nights drive theme song.

Supreme Surrender is a non-album track, without hesitation is my favorite song on this EP. The Metal riffs are attention grabbers and Supreme Surrender is just a strong and heavy song… period. Again It’s Over is just as heavy and riff infested of a song as Supreme Surrender. This song has every dire and gray attribute necessary to be considered a Gothic Metal head turner, both lyrically and musically. Gallowsong, (non-album track), is the most Gothic saturated song on Again It’s Over. The backing vocals behind Christopher’s sullen vocals are what drives this down trodden song into the depths of Gothic despair… it’s a very good song indeed.

To Watch Her While She Wipes Her Eyes, (non album track), puts me in this semi-dark and misty, run down warehouse, where I feel surrounded by a bunch of lost and forgotten night dwellers, all dressed in black. Hey, I do refer to this EP as a Gothic Metal mind storm for a reason… certain music I listen to, makes my mind wander into strange and make believe worlds, Metal be damned… I just cannot help it.

In a Metal nutshell, I like the Gothic Hard Rock and Metal of lacrimas profundere. This band can be labeled as either Hard Rock or Metal, it just depends on the song, either way it makes no difference to me. Fans of Gothic music of any genre should take an easy liking to lacrimas profundere. For those of you who like to dabble into different genres of heavy music, lacrimas profundere is a Gothic Metal Band I have no problem in recommending. Again It’s Over EP is a fine starting point, to sneak into the Gothic Metal world of lacrimas profundere.

lacrimas profundere, as they appeared on Again It’s Over EP:

Christopher – lead vocals

Oliver Nikolas – lead & clean guitars

Christian – keyboards

Daniel – bass

Tony – guitars

Korl – drums

Track Listing For Again It’s Over EP:

Again It’s Over (single version)

Gallowsong (non-album track)

Supreme Surrender (non-album track)

Again It’s Over (album version)

To Watch Her While She Wipes Her Eyes (non-album track)

To Love Her On Knees (album version)

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