FOOLS FOR ROWAN – Twisted. Tied Up. Tangled: Steady Rockin’, Alternative and Absolutely Can’t Miss!

FOOLS FOR ROWAN – They’re hip. They’re now. They’re Steady Rockin’ and Alternative. They’re a Modern Rock band that will eventually be more famous than they could ever probably imagine. They’re: FOOLS FOR ROWAN. Let me say this, this band isn’t foolin’ around with their contagious and legit Alternative-Rock meets Hard Rock sound and style. Originating from the grand and Rock historical city of Nashville, Tennessee, this five piece is commercially accessible while still bestowing a blue-collar appeal. Fools For Rowan released their debut album Twisted. Tied Up. Tangled back in 2009, via Lava Lamp Records and it is a can’t miss of it’s genre.

It’s very difficult for me to not be impressed by the vocals of Erin Mullins, she is a show stealer. Erin’s range is head turning and she comes across as so damn natural that it’s scary. Nothing sounds forced as I listen to Erin sing on this entire album. Just a true vocal talent is she. Not to overlook the rest of this band that makes Fools For Rowan sound so inventively Rockin’, this young group of musicians sound as if they’ve been together for a decade.

As I listen to Twisted. Tied Up. Tangled, I hear a vocalist and band that doesn’t seem to hold nuthin’ back. When Fools For Rowan are playing full-tilt with Tangled, Burnt Around the Edges and Living Dangerously, they’re high octane energy to let it all Rock is infectious. Metal be thy name. There are ballads on this album and they showcase Erin’s provocative crooning skills, she could probably make a pissed-off copperhead snake transform into vapors… yeah, she’s that good. No and Dead are two well written ballads that don’t light up the sappy meter, both fit right into the diverse Rockin’ mix I hear on Twisted. Tied Up. Tangled.

If forced to choose my favorite song from this album, then that song is: It’s Alright. I cannot help being reminded of the legendary Joan Jett as I listen to Erin Mullins vocals on this Rockin’ and boppin, free groovin’ strewn song. Rachel Brandsness on lead guitar and Ryan Harrison Nanney on rhythm guitar both dish out some creative licks that are guaranteed not to go unnoticed. A refreshing Rock sound and originality sure does go a long way, Fools For Rowan have both qualities.

Fools For Rowan have created quite an impressive sound, incorporating Rock and Hard Rock with a blend of Alternative stylings. Rock fans who want to catch onto a band that is rising faster than a thermostat in the deep South, in the middle of July, should take notice here. I sincerely look forward to witnessing Fools For Rowan continue their climb on the ladder of Rock ‘n’ Roll success.

* Take a look and listen to Burnt Around the Edges below:


Erin Mullins – vocals

Rachel Brandsness – lead guitar

Ryan Harrison Nanney – rhythm guitar

Aaron Elliott – bass

Jordan Cullen – drums

Twisted. Tied Up. Tangled – Track Listing:

Burnt Around the Edges

Take Me Down



Light Me Up


I Don’t Have the Strength

It’s Alright

Isn’t It Enough

Living Dangerously

Burnt – Remix

* For more info on FOOLS FOR ROWAN, click on the links below:

FOOLS FOR ROWAN – Official Website

FOOLS FOR ROWAN – Official facebook Fan page



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