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HIGH STREET Unveils Debut EP, “Revival” – Hard Rock Band Closes Out Their Pacific West Coast Tour with New Release

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Los Angeles, CA – High Street has just released their highly anticipated EP, Revival. The EP acts as a beacon of invigorating sound in the hard rock genre. Each song takes listeners on a journey of triumph, pain, love, and self-reflection while treating them to a unique combination of vocals and instrumentation that form a sonic odyssey. Revival’s release closes out the band’s tour of the same name with an epic show at Los Angeles’ historic venue, Molly Malone’s. Revival is now available to download and stream across all platforms.

This EP wastes no time launching listeners into a flurry of emotion and hard-hitting rock that captivates the spirit and entices the ears. Revival consists of the singles, “Swallow Your Pride,” “Bad Blood,” and “Light of Hope” along with a new track, “Rock Bottom Blues.” High Street describes the latter as “an angry breakup song with a touch of optimism in the bridge.” The song doubles as a conduit for vocalist, Noxigen, and guitarist, Erik Findling to demonstrate the breadth of their musicality and undeniable chemistry. Combined with Nic Metaxas’s fluid bass and Brandon Nikales’ adrenaline-fueled drums, the ensemble operates like a well-oiled harmonious rock machine.

With each track on Revival, High Street has showcased their ability to turn vulnerability into strength: “Swallow Your Pride,” dives into the nuances of ego and overcoming troubled times, “Bad Blood,” discusses ending a toxic relationship on a positive note, while “Light of Hope,” serves as a sweet grunge-inspired ballad that offers solace to those who are battling inner demons and striving for peace within. The band continues to grow and develop both as artists and people willing to be open and honest about their trials and triumphs.

The many personalities that form High Street can be felt in every note of their music, and it’s evident that they’re making an impact on listeners everywhere. Their transcendental hard rock has garnered praise from publications like Phoenix Magazine, HEAVY Mag, Jammerzine, V13, Metalheads Forever Magazine, DIVINE,and more. The latter of which called the band a “…tour-de-force in the genre.”

High Street got its roots in lead guitarist Erik Findling’s Chicago attic. The young middle-schooler at the time – who first picked up a guitar at the age of four – enlisted his brother, Kurt, to assemble a group with some of their musically-inclined classmates. Their attic rehearsal space looked out onto the corner of High Street, inspiring the band’s name. While still in junior high, High Street’s musical prowess surpassed some of the city’s most seasoned music veterans and allowed them to play at renowned Chicago venues such as The Double Door, Hard Rock Café, Subterranean, among others.

As the band garnered more success, Findling began to compose original music for the group, and soon after, the band collaborated and recorded albums with acclaimed producer Sean O’Keefe, who is best known for his work with Fall Out Boy. Upon moving to Los Angeles, Findling felt inspired to start the band back up again after a hiatus during their college years. The band’s rebirth now includes the sensational vocals of Noxigen, Nic Metaxas on bass, and Brandon Nikales on drums.

Each member of the four-piece outfit brings a fresh new take on the hard rock genre. Using his background in Indian classical music, Noxigen delivers awe-inspiring vocals that fuse perfectly with Nikales’s energetic drumming and Findling’s chill-inducing guitar, and Metaxas’s rhythmic bass.

As this year comes to an end, High Street seeks closure and rebirth as they enter the new year with their debut EP, Revival. The EP is now available to stream and download on platforms worldwide. For more information on the band visit

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On This Day In METAL History – June 18th… From JIMI HENDRIX To TREMONTI

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Embed from Getty Images

On June 18th, 1967 – The super legendary Jimi Hendrix with The Jimi Hendrix Experience, performs at the Monterey International Pop Festival. At the end of his performance, Jimi Hendrix set on fire his Fender Stratocaster; this would become one of the most iconic moments in Rock History. Whoa! A special thank you to Metal Buddy Jay, for the heads up on this one!

Foreigner - debut album promo pic

On June 18th, 1977Foreigner had their hit single, Feels Like The First Time, ranked at #4, on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart. Holy macaroni! This hit single is featured on the debut and self-titled album from Foreigner, released in 1977.

Van Halen "OU812" large album pic!

On June 18th, 1988 – The great Van Halen had their hit single, Black And Blue, ranked at #34, on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart. Yup. This hit single is featured on Van Halen’s eighth studio album from 1988: OU812.

Lita Ford - Kiss Me Deadly - promo 45rpm pic - 1988 - #061888LFMOSLHN

On June 18th, 1988 – The fabulous Lita Ford had her hit single, Kiss Me Deadly, ranked at #12, on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart. Hot damn! This hit single is featured on Lita Ford’s third and self-titled studio album from 1988.

Tremonti - Cauterize - promo album banner pic - 2015 - #TMOSRLN061815

On June 18th, 2015Cauterize, the second studio album from Mark Tremonti’s band, Tremonti, has debuted on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart at #40. Holy guacamole! Wolfgang Van Halen is the bassist on this album.

Ozzy Osbourne - Memoirs Of A Madman - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #0633GALSAN

On June 18th, 2015Ozzy Osbourne’s Memoirs Of A Madman is ranked at #7, on the iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart. This greatest hits collection was released back in the Fall of 2014. Long live Ozzy!!


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KEV MOORE Of WITCH CROSS – Reveals What Album He Cannot Live Without!

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Kev Moore - live concert photo!

Kev Moore


This post marks the first of (hopefully) many features that showcase musicians and the album they cannot live without. Every music lover has that one album they cannot live without! I would think, anyways! Metal be thy name.

The only parameters I’ve asked from each gracious participant is that they not choose an album of their own and they can answer in as many words as they would like. Our first participant is Kev Moore! Kev has a Rock ‘N Roll resume that is exceptional, is a multi-instrumentalist and is the lead vocalist/songwriter for the legendary Witch Cross.

Here’s Kev Moore’s album he cannot live without, in his own words:


Way back in the hazy days of the early 1970’s, barely a month went by without a band releasing an album of note. They were the times. Rock music was gaining momentum, approaching perhaps one of several peaks from a commercial standpoint, unknowingly about to crash and burn upon the rocks of insipid disco and punk, the latter ironically fuelling the NWOBHM and a whole new era. But as the 70’s dawned, the giants were already walking among us. Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, releasing masterworks one after the other. As I look back through time’s kaleidoscope, I marvel at my good fortune to have been born into this era of Rock creativity.

But the album that I cannot live without, at the time, marked a sea-change, a huge gamble for the band concerned. It introduced a singer to the world that, up until that moment had sung only part-time, worked in a boutique in the Industrial north of England, and whose only publicity photo was one of him as a boy scout, which he duly sent to the group in question. It is to his eternal credit that he seized the opportunity given to him and never faltered when thrust into the limelight, and to the band’s credit that they recognised something in this raw, untested vocalist. This five piece supergroup were not just replacing their frontman however, they also needed a bassist. They were huge, and replacing two-fifths of the band was a decision not to be taken lightly.

The bassist they settled on, although having three albums and some American touring under his belt, was far from a household name himself however. But he was possessed of something else. One of the greatest voices in rock.  When combined with his fluidity, his virtuosity, his feel, on the bass, it was an irresistible combination for me as a young 16 year-old drummer. The drums were gone. From that moment on, I was a bass playing vocalist. Something I still am, almost forty years later. This album – BURN by DEEP PURPLE and their bass player/singer GLENN HUGHES, changed my life forever, and it is therefore THE album I simply cannot live without.

DEEP PURPLE - Burn - promo cover pic - #56

Don’t get me wrong, Coverdale impressed me – as a twin vocal attack, no-one, but NO-ONE has ever come close. But Glenn’s soaring screaming harmonies, his soulful vocal sections, a magnificent counterpoint to The Cov’s Blues wail, coupled with his fluid, driving bass runs, stole my heart. “That”, I declared to an otherwise empty living room, “is what I want to do.”  It is quite simply the reason I am a professional musician to this day, and I’m grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to meet Glenn on several occasions, the first of which gave me the chance to tell him so.

The album itself is a masterpiece. Comprising just 8 tracks, one of which is a fairly throwaway instrumental, it is still nevertheless one of the greatest rock albums of all time. Because the previous seven tracks just hit you over the head. There is no pause for breath. The title track is surely one of the openers of all-time. It absolutely takes no prisoners. the band is on fire – as if to say, “think we made a mistake? think again!” Both vocalists are magnificent, Paice is a drum solo all over the track, but never overshadowing it, Blackmore’s machine gun riff is unstoppable, Glenn’s bass weaves in and out with ease and the late Jon Lord sprinkles classical magic over the whole shebang. It is simply awesome. You barely have time to draw breath before the Vanilla-Fudge inspired riffage of ‘Might just take your life’ grabs you by the throat. Coverdale wails and moans, the whiplash crack of the snare, then Glenn’s bass is all over it. Coverdale owns the verse, Blackmore’s counterpoint guitar subtle…then Hughes’ harmonies lift us into the Chorus. It’s glorious stuff. Coverdale and Hughes bring a swagger and boogie to the band that wasn’t there before. Hughes then takes over vocals, wonderfully contrasting Cov, and the song soars because of it. Lordy fires up the Hammond, and we’re off…what’s not to love?

Kev Moore - Solo Pic - Promo - #10

Kev Moore

A honky-tonk piano drags us into “Lay Down, Stay Down”, Blackmore and Hughes doubling another classic riff while Coverdale and Hughes trade the vocal line by line. Other bands of the day must’ve hung their heads in despair when they heard these two big guns firing. Their vocals blend superbly on the choruses, greater than the sum of their parts. Paice is all over the track, jazz-influenced fills, the band is really swinging. Something all the best rock drummers can do. The tone of Ritchie’s guitar on the solo is to die for, no hundred notes a minute here, just an amazing SOUND. Then we’re into Side 1’s closer, ‘Sail Away’. Probably one of my favourite riffs of all time, it is funk-laden rock monster, with a deep-throated Coverdale setting the scene, the higher-octane Hughes taking it on to another level. the song is full of menace, it is superb stuff.  Hughes’ bass pops and shimmies all over the chorus, he owns it. It should be illegal; for one guy to have this much talent.  Thank God he conquered his demons and can still share it with us.

You could be forgiven for thinking they’d shot their bolt with a side one like that, but flip it over and you’re kicked in the teeth with ‘You Fool No-one’, perhaps one of the greatest duets you’ll hear this side of heaven, for that’s what it is. It might rocket along like freight train, propelled by Paice’s incredible rhythm track, but it’s still a duet. When Glenn sings “Gonna make you live to regret it!” you know you would sell your own Grandmother to sing like that.

“What’s Goin’ On Here”  just exudes joy, you can hear a band on fire, long before the rot set in, revelling in their abilities. In a song full of star turns, Jon Lord’s glorious saloon bar piano is top of the bill in this one, I just break into a huge grin every time the solo kicks in. This is quintessential, good-time rock’n’roll.

The instrumental A200 aside, the closer for me is ‘Mistreated’. This is where Coverdale, from the grim industrial town of Middlesboro in the North of England, growing up in the shadow of local hero Paul Rodgers of Free, finally gets the appropriate showcase to sing his blues. And boy, does he sing them. This one of the great modern blues songs. Just think for a moment….to be surrounded by the likes of Blackmore, Lord and Paice, and one of the great vocalists in Hughes, how intimidating must it have been to deliver that song?  He nailed his colours to the mast that day. The interplay between Blackmore’s guitar and Coverdale’s vocal is sublime.

Burn is an album I have played regularly, without fail, since the day I bought it back in ’74. I know every note, every nuance. It is in my DNA. It is the reason I am a working musician. It is a masterpiece, and hell no, I cannot live without it.

Witch Cross - promo band pic - banner - 2013 - #22



* For more info on KEV MOORE: Moore: Music

* For more info on WITCH CROSS:

Facebook: Witch Cross

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TOKYO DRAGONS “Give Me The Fear” – This Hard Rockin’ Album From 2005 Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Tokyo Dragons - Give Me The Fear - promo cover pic!



TOKYO DRAGONS – They came from London, England. They played in-your-face, denim and leather wrapped, good-times Hard Rock. Their debut album Give Me The Fear was released back in 2005, via Escapi Music. This band certainly packed 100% Heavy Rockin’ potency and Give Me The Fear is 100% proof, to my middle-aged and Metal scorched ears. Tokyo Dragons was their name and how I wish they were still in the Hard Rock game!

Apparently, Tokyo Dragons is no longer a band. From what I’ve read, Tokyo Dragons disbanded back in 2008; just after releasing their sophomore album Hot Nuts. With no official website or facebook page existing for this band, the alternative source for information is reading about their career biography on Wikipedia. Now that’s an unfortunate thing.

What I do know is what I hear and Give Me The Fear is an amazing experience of Hard Rock bliss upon my senses! This debut from Tokyo Dragons could have easily been titled: Psyche-You-Out-Of-Your-Hard-Rockin’-Party-Lovin’ Mind! ALL 11 songs on Give Me The Fear are high-octane and pedal to the metal! This is an album that can be enjoyed by both Classic Rock and Hard Rock fans alike; with the 80’s Heavy Metal crowd undoubtedly included!

Tokyo Dragons - large logo - B&W

There’s so many memorable riffs and hooks on Give Me The Fear that it’s flat-out insane! Guitar driven to the maximum and lead vocalist/guitarist Steve Lomax sounds like a seasoned superstar of the Hard Rock world. To me, Tokyo Dragons were (very likely) feeling and sharing some legitimate Hard Rockin’ chemistry as a band, when they recorded their debut; it’s such a damn shame they’re no longer around.

I landed Give Me The Fear on CD this past weekend; finding a used copy at a store called Buybacks Entertainment. For $2.99, I couldn’t have spent my money any wiser! Due to Give Me The Fear, I’ve been transported from being unfamiliar with Tokyo Dragons to being a fan of their heavy music. Tokyo Dragons played some blue-collar, kick-ass Hard Rock. ‘Nuff said.

In my most honest opinion, Tokyo Dragons wasn’t any copycat band. Fans of AC/DC to Cheap Trick (with Helix, Fastway and Motörhead fans in-between) can all find something to savor from Give Me The Fear. I know I’m savoring every moment, each and every time I listen to this album. Now if only Tokyo Dragons would reunite… that would be Hard Rock news to celebrate. Metal be thy name.


Give Me The Fear – Track Listing:

What The Hell

Get ‘Em Off

Do You Wanna?

Come On Baby

Let It Go

Johnny Don’t Wanna Ride

Teenage Screamers

Ready Or Not

Burn On

Rockin’ The Stew

Chasing The Night



Steve Lomax – lead vocals & guitar

Phil Martini – drums & vocals

Mal Bruk – guitar & vocals

Ade Easily – bass guitar

In the liner notes of Give Me The Fear, it reads: “Tokyo Dragons welcome aboard Mathias Stady on Bass Guitar.”


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Heavy Rockin’ Blasts From The Past: Paul Stanley, Covered Call and Thunder – 3 Albums You Must Know About!

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Metal Odyssey’s Scott Coverdale Reports:

Here are three Pre 2012 Albums you should check out! Throughout 2012 I was fortunate to get my hands on lots of great music both new and old.  Listed below are 3 standout albums that eluded me during their original year of release. For all the Hard Rock/Metal fans out there, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to some truly great music!!

Paul Stanley - One Live KISS - DVD promo cover pic!

Paul Stanley – One Live Kiss

This live album from Paul Stanley came out in 2008. I have to admit, that I’ve never been a big KISS fan. There are many of their songs that I do like, only I’ve always felt that they’re a bit over the top as a band. Anyway, a few months ago I was curious to hear how Destroyer (Resurrected) was going to sound. When I typed KISS onto my iTunes account, all the KISS albums displayed and this Paul Stanley album caught my eye. I sampled a few tunes and thought it wasn’t half bad. I did a little research and discovered that this Live album is only available on iTunes or DVD. I made the purchase! Man O’ Man, does this album Rock!!! It’s a great mix of Classic KISS and solo Paul Stanley.

Covered Call - Money Never Sleeps - promo cover pic!

Covered Call – Money Never Sleeps

Money Never Sleeps came out in 2009. Just like the Paul Stanley album, I stumbled upon this Covered Call album on iTunes and gave it a sample. I really liked what I heard and bought it! When I listen to Money Never Sleeps, many of the songs remind me a lot of the good ones Bon Jovi put out in the 80’s and 90’s. My favorite songs are, Til’ the EndNothing at All and What about Us.

Thunder - Robert Johnson's Tombstone - promo cover pic!

Thunder – Robert Johnson’s Tombstone

Robert Johnson’s Tombstone came out in 2006. I really dig this album, it’s (kind of) a Southern Hard Rock album recorded by a band that doesn’t get enough credit here in the States. If you like the Jammin that Southern Rock offers you won’t be disappointed with the song Don’t Wanna Talk about Love, which is probably my favorite song on Robert Johnson’s Tombstone.

In my humble opinion, if you’re looking to spend a few Christmas dollars on yourself this new year, any one of these albums surely won’t disappoint!


For more info on the bands listed above, click on the links below!

Paul Stanley:

Covered Call:




‘Re-Machined A Tribute To Deep Purple’s Machine Head’ – Album Releases On September 25th!

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Superstar-filled tribute to one of the greatest Classic Rock albums of all time!  Available on CD September 25!

2012 is the 40th anniversary of the release of Deep Purple’s landmark album Machine Head. In recognition of Deep Purple’s influence, and that of the “Machine Head” album in particular, some of rock music’s biggest names have each contributed a version of their favorite track on the album to create “Re-Machined – A Tribute To Deep Purple’s Machine Head”.

1) Smoke On The Water – Carlos Santana & Jacoby Shaddix

2) Highway Star – Chickenfoot

3) Maybe I’m A Leo – Glenn Hughes & Chad Smith

4) Pictures Of Home – Black Label Society

5) Never Before – Kings Of Chaos (Joe Elliott, Steve Stevens, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum)

6) Smoke On The Water – Flaming Lips

7) Lazy – Jimmy Barnes with Joe Bonamassa

8) Space Truckin’ – Iron Maiden

9) When A Blind Man Cries – Metallica

10.) Highway Star – Glenn Hughes, Steve Vai, Chad Smith, Lachlan Doley

Check out the making of Re-Machined on our YouTube page!

Pre-order the CD now!


Stone Says: What a grand album and band, in all the history of Rock ‘N Roll! Re-Machined certainly is a celebration of an iconic band, album and Heavy Rock sound! Machine Head is an album that shall forever live on for generations! Metal be thy name.

If you’d like to read my piece on Deep Purple’s Machine Head, click on the link below!

DEEP PURPLE – “MACHINE HEAD” A Once In A Lifetime Hard Rock Album


(Source: Eagle Rock Entertainment)



SOUNDGARDEN ‘Down On The Upside’ – This Album Stood By Me, During A Lonely Print Sales Career

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SOUNDGARDEN – The fifth studio album and platinum selling Down On The Upside was released back in November of 1996, via A&M Records. Already super fond of Soundgarden, I bought this album (on cassette) back in 1996 and still own it to this day. Last weekend I finally upgraded my ownership of Down On The Upside to CD. I bought it at Super Walmart for $5 (U.S.). Whoa! What took me so long to upgrade this Soundgarden classic? I can’t even answer that question myself. File that question in Stone’s mystery folder and carry on my wayward son.

Back in 1996 I was a traveling printing salesman. Yes, you read that correctly. I need to correct that, I was a traveling printing salesman whore. Why use the word whore? Well, my customers treated me like shit regardless of my stellar customer service; while the various owners I worked for only gave a shit about my contacts and how much money they were worth. As a printing salesman, my self-image was at an all-time low; existing for the sole purpose to make someone else a ton of money, while making corporate print buyers look like winners of the week.

Why have I brought up this part of my past, in the middle of a very cool Soundgarden post? The reason is simple. Down On The Upside got me through (at least) three years of a profession that drained my spirit, while driving around all of New England. I’m serious about that. That Soundgarden cassette was my best friend on many, many lonely drives while being a white-collar punching bag.

I remember once, a jack-ass V.P. of my biggest client bellowing aloud, as I entered the room: “here come’s just another slimy salesman.” What an asshole that guy was. A genuine narcistic scum bag. Nice greeting to start my day, with a customer I essentially sacrificed my soul for. That dumb ass had  an “I’m an ABBA fan” written all over his face every time I saw him as well.

I remember leaving the building of that customer, on that God forsaken day, shaking my head in disgust. Once I started up my Ford Contour, I slapped in my Down On The Upside cassette and cranked up Pretty Noose… then Rhinosaur… then Zero Chance… and Soundgarden had me snickering all the way down the overstuffed highway to hell… or next disloyal customer, if you will.

Believe me, there were many other cassettes in my Contour while I served time as a printing salesman. Too many bands and titles to mention. It’s just that this Soundgarden album kept me afloat and had me realizing that it was Rock ‘N Roll that poured through my veins and soul… and not some stupid ass print-sales career. Whatever Soundgarden did with tweaking their musical nuances on Down On The Upside, they did it with a mystical wand.

From the very first time I heard Soundgarden, I recognized an attitude in their sound that beckoned me to become a fan. Is it Chris Cornell’s vocals? Can it be Kim Thayil’s guitar tones? The totality of Soundgarden’s sound is so unique, I never could even classify them as a “Grunge only” band. Hell no. There’s no question that Soundgarden did originate from the birth place of Grunge and pioneered an entirely new Rock movement. At the end of my Metal day, this band has and always will kick my ass with their hard and heavy Rock style and that’s all that matters to me.

It feels F’n grand to get this (silly) part of my life off of my chest today. No matter how I slice it, I can relate segments and experiences of my life to Rock ‘N Roll… and how it has and will forever save my Rockin’ soul. Thank you Chris Cornell, Kim Thayil, Ben Shepherd and Matt Cameron. Metal be thy name.


For more info on SOUNDGARDEN, click on the links below!



JACKYL “Best In Show” – FUN Has Returned To Hard Rock Once Again, Courtesy Of JACKYL!

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JACKYL – On July 31st, 2012, Georgia’s very own JACKYL released their 7th studio album, Best In Show, via MIGHTY LOUD / Fontana Distribution. Jesse James Dupree and his band have once again put the FUN back into Hard Rock. JACKYL’s southern fried attitude and flavor reigns supreme on Best In Show and I honestly LOVE this album more than their 2010 studio album: When Moonshine and Dynamite Collide. (And I really appreciated that last album from this band too).

The songs lyrics on Best In Show are FUN to listen to and I couldn’t expect any less from JACKYL. Couple this with a total impact of ass kicking Hard Rock and Best In Show has already earned its reservation on Metal Odyssey’s “Best Hard Rock Albums Of 2012” list. JACKYL has recorded an album that is a 100% escape from my (silly) worries over bills, warm beer, a crappy economy and lousy service at any McDonalds drive-thru window. Whoa.

Top to bottom and side to side, Best In Show is a SOLID reason as to why JACKYL is still around after 20 years playing Heavy Rock ‘N Roll; the kind of Rock ‘N Roll to piss off your elitist neighbors that have never waved to you. I ran into my elder Metalhead hermit buddy, up in the remote woods of North/Central Pennsylvania late yesterday. He told me: “Stone, they just don’t make ’em like that JACKYL band anymore… All-American and blue-collar Hard Rock never surrenders.” I commented back to him: “Metal be thy name, you are so F’n right.”

My favorite song among favorite songs on Best In Show is: Golden Spookytooth. The thumpin’ and stompin’ Rock ‘N Roll that JACKYL plays is as refreshing to my ears, as a pot of home-made mashed potatoes is to my stomach. Down-home Hard Rock is JACKYL and they’ve brought it in heaping piles with Best In Show. Their cover version of Cover Of The Rolling Stone is damn cool stuff. (This song was originally recorded and made famous by Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show).

Better Than Chicken is a KEEPER of a song. Metal as my witness, this song has erased any dumb-ass and downer mood I could potentially be in for the next couple of years. Sample this new JACKYL online, seek-it-out and BUY IT! That’s it. This JACKYL review is over now. I gotta go and run some F’n errands while I crank up Best In Show in the car… and nuthin’ will get under my skin cause JACKYL has set me Rockin’ straight… again.


There is a hidden 12th track. A Cover of It’s Tricky by RUN-D.M.C. It’s a cool good-times, party till dawn sing-a-long song; 1part Rap, 1 part Rock ‘N Roll. I dig it. As Lenny Wolf of Kingdom Come would say: “It is what it is.”



Jesse James Dupree – vocals & guitar

Roman Glick – bass

Jeff Worley – guitar

Chris Worley – drums

BEST IN SHOW – Track Listing:

Best In Show

Encore (It Makes My Bic Dig Her)

Screw Driver

Horns Up

Golden Spookytooth

Cover Of The Rolling Stone

Walk My Mile

Favorite Sin

Better Than Chicken

Don’t Lay Down On Me



For more info on JACKYL, click on the link below!



WINCHESTER REBELS “Private Angel” – Stone’s Metal Pick Of The Day!

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WINCHESTER REBELS – They’re from Santa Barbara, California. They play memorably cool Hard Rock and are as relevant as the F’n oxygen we’re all breathing in today. In other words, Winchester Rebels are one credibly talented band to catch onto. They’re song Private Angel is Stone’s Metal Pick Of The Day. Metal be thy name.

Private Angel is a slick and Hard Rockin’ song from Winchester Rebels’s debut album Three Sheets To The Wind. Give a listen to Private Angel below… crank it up LOUD for maximum Hard Rockin’ and psyche-you-out vibes!


Nick Hunt – vocals

Nick Fitzgerald – guitar

James Longoria – guitar

John Livergood – bass

Barry Carter – drums

Buy Winchester Rebels debut album “Three Sheets To The Wind”

* Three Sheets To The Wind was released on October 13th, 2011.


For more info on WINCHESTER REBELS, click on the links below!…!/WinchesterRebel…



Some “Comeback Albums” Should Go Back Home; While Others Are Welcome To Stay

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Dud Exhibit A: Sledge Leather – Imagine Me Alive

Let’s face it, not every band that hibernates for a number of years (or decades) is going to have a successful comeback. (I’ll get back to this momentarily). I have written numerous album reviews that involve successful comebacks. At least I think they were successful. Trixter and Mr. Big have both released above amazing comeback albums, in my Metal opinion. Tyketto really surprised and psyched the living daylights out of me, with their new (and memorable) comeback album: Dig In Deep.

My open letter to any past successful band and/or musician thinking about recording a comeback album includes some realistic thought. With the Rock, Hard Rock and Metal markets saturated with bands of all generations, all vying for the same money and audiences; many very good new album releases do get lost in the shuffle, regardless if they kick ass. Therefore, a “comeback album” has to consist of unreal quality music with unreal memorable songs. Using smoke and mirrors while resting on laurels doesn’t work anymore. Period. Without quality songs and non-rusted musicianship, any comeback album will fall flat on its face.

Dud Exhibit B: Black ‘n Blue – Hell Yeah!

A once famous “name” isn’t a guarantee of fortune and fame. Lita Ford found that out back in 2009 with her comeback studio “effort” called: Wicked Wonderland. The once popular 80’s Hard Rock band Black ‘n Blue released a mammoth dud with their comeback album from 2011: Hell Yeah! Whoa, it’s a dud. Here in 2012, we have Sledge Leather making a magical comeback. Their new album, Imagine Me Alive, is not that good. As a matter of fact, it sounds like it was slapped together in 3 or less days. Structurally, the songs on Imagine Me Alive lost me and It’s all a complete mess.

I will be the first to admit, in recent years, with the 80’s Hard Rock and Heavy Metal resurgence, many old school bands have Rocked my face off with their comeback albums. Hello KISS and Whitesnake. Then you have the Doobie Brothers and Iron Claw releasing albums of 100% Rockin’substance; both of their comeback albums I still can’t get enough of. Anthrax released an unbelievably grand comeback album with Worship Music; plus they play unquestionably kick-ass live today as they did during the 80’s.

Not all comeback albums are pretty and yet many are gems. Sample songs on the internet and read a few album reviews before you make a comeback album purchase. Metal be thy name.




Aerosmith – Permanent Vacation: Released 24 Years Ago Today, August 18th, 1987

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AEROSMITH – Back on August 18, 1987, Aerosmith had their ninth studio album, Permanent Vacation, release on Geffen Records. That was 24 years ago my fellow Rockaholics. Where were you 24 years ago? Were you born yet? Were you lost in the farthest region of the Amazon Rain Forest? Maybe you were like me, sleeping until noon everyday and partying until six in the morning. I couldn’t live like that now! Hell, as that ultra-classic Aerosmith song goes: Dream On.

Despite whatever you may have been doing, wherever that may have been, this Aerosmith album made quite the Hard Rock impact on MTV and FM radio back in 1987. I can recall seeing the music video for Dude (Looks Like A Lady) for the first time, all those years ago. I was semi-interested. It’s not a bad song, still it’s not Mama Kin either. I remember vividly the teary eyed ballad Angel being played on every FM Rock station every five minutes back then too. (Or so it seemed). Yuck.

Rag Doll. Once this song first hit my eardrums I was grimacing. I couldn’t figure out how Aerosmith could go from Sweet Emotion to sweet annoyance so swiftly. Yuck again. Hangman Jury is no better either. Overall, this is my least favorite Aerosmith album from their unquestionably legendary discography. Sure, Permanent Vacation has sold multi-million copies worldwide since it’s release date. Mainstream appeal back in 1987 resulted in overexposure, which equates to the masses wanting to run out and buy, just as it happens now in the Rock music world.

Heart’s Done Time, Magic Touch and Permanent Vacation are three songs on this album that I truly like. So all is not lost when it comes to Permanent Vacation being my least favorite Aerosmith album. I’ve always adored the heavier and harder sound that Aerosmith was and is so famous for. Would I recommend this album to a buddy? Nope. I would say buy the digital songs that you like individually instead.

Two years later, in 1989, Aerosmith released their tenth studio album Pump. I always gravitated toward Pump, really digging that album to this day. One thing is for certain, Aerosmith did catapult themselves into the Rock n’ Roll stratosphere with Permanent Vacation. Trust me, I will forever be an Aerosmith fan, nothing beats the classics this band churned out during those influential 70’s. When it comes to Permanent Vacation, I was and still am one of those fans who just wasn’t buying into the fast food approach that this album represented towards the song.


Steven Tyler – vocals, piano, harmonica

Joe Perry – lead guitar

Brad Whitford – rhythm guitar

Tom Hamilton – bass

Joey Kramer – drums, percussion

* Permanent Vacation was produced by Bruce Fairbairn.

Permanent Vacation – Track Listing:

Heart’s Done Time

Magic Touch

Rag Doll


Dude (Looks Like A Lady)

St. John

Hangman Jury

Girl Keeps Coming Apart


Permanent Vacation

I’m Down

The Movie

* For more info on Aerosmith, click on the link below:

AEROSMITH – Official Website



FOOLS FOR ROWAN – Twisted. Tied Up. Tangled: Steady Rockin’, Alternative and Absolutely Can’t Miss!

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FOOLS FOR ROWAN – They’re hip. They’re now. They’re Steady Rockin’ and Alternative. They’re a Modern Rock band that will eventually be more famous than they could ever probably imagine. They’re: FOOLS FOR ROWAN. Let me say this, this band isn’t foolin’ around with their contagious and legit Alternative-Rock meets Hard Rock sound and style. Originating from the grand and Rock historical city of Nashville, Tennessee, this five piece is commercially accessible while still bestowing a blue-collar appeal. Fools For Rowan released their debut album Twisted. Tied Up. Tangled back in 2009, via Lava Lamp Records and it is a can’t miss of it’s genre.

It’s very difficult for me to not be impressed by the vocals of Erin Mullins, she is a show stealer. Erin’s range is head turning and she comes across as so damn natural that it’s scary. Nothing sounds forced as I listen to Erin sing on this entire album. Just a true vocal talent is she. Not to overlook the rest of this band that makes Fools For Rowan sound so inventively Rockin’, this young group of musicians sound as if they’ve been together for a decade.

As I listen to Twisted. Tied Up. Tangled, I hear a vocalist and band that doesn’t seem to hold nuthin’ back. When Fools For Rowan are playing full-tilt with Tangled, Burnt Around the Edges and Living Dangerously, they’re high octane energy to let it all Rock is infectious. Metal be thy name. There are ballads on this album and they showcase Erin’s provocative crooning skills, she could probably make a pissed-off copperhead snake transform into vapors… yeah, she’s that good. No and Dead are two well written ballads that don’t light up the sappy meter, both fit right into the diverse Rockin’ mix I hear on Twisted. Tied Up. Tangled.

If forced to choose my favorite song from this album, then that song is: It’s Alright. I cannot help being reminded of the legendary Joan Jett as I listen to Erin Mullins vocals on this Rockin’ and boppin, free groovin’ strewn song. Rachel Brandsness on lead guitar and Ryan Harrison Nanney on rhythm guitar both dish out some creative licks that are guaranteed not to go unnoticed. A refreshing Rock sound and originality sure does go a long way, Fools For Rowan have both qualities.

Fools For Rowan have created quite an impressive sound, incorporating Rock and Hard Rock with a blend of Alternative stylings. Rock fans who want to catch onto a band that is rising faster than a thermostat in the deep South, in the middle of July, should take notice here. I sincerely look forward to witnessing Fools For Rowan continue their climb on the ladder of Rock ‘n’ Roll success.

* Take a look and listen to Burnt Around the Edges below:


Erin Mullins – vocals

Rachel Brandsness – lead guitar

Ryan Harrison Nanney – rhythm guitar

Aaron Elliott – bass

Jordan Cullen – drums

Twisted. Tied Up. Tangled – Track Listing:

Burnt Around the Edges

Take Me Down



Light Me Up


I Don’t Have the Strength

It’s Alright

Isn’t It Enough

Living Dangerously

Burnt – Remix

* For more info on FOOLS FOR ROWAN, click on the links below:

FOOLS FOR ROWAN – Official Website

FOOLS FOR ROWAN – Official facebook Fan page




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CAVO – Upon listening to the opening track, Champagne, one would be lent to believe CAVO is going to blast through Bright Nights Dark Days with reckless Hard Rock abandon. Um, wrong. CAVO does electrify with Champagne, this song is one to play at maximum potential and has all the ingredients to “pump-up” the party. This is the chart topping single that has catapulted CAVO into the Rock stratosphere of popular music, which also appeared on their 2008 EP aptly titled – Champagne. Only this is a band that delves deeper into an all around Modern Rock sound, allowing some thick maturity to seep forth from their music and lyrics. Bright Nights Dark Days is a thorough listen into what a Rock band can accomplish, when song writing and lyrics are looked upon conscientiously.

It’s always a grand achievement when a Rock band can show their different levels of Hard and Heavy sound, while not coming across as being too darn diversified for their own liking. CAVO has assembled 11 songs on their major label debut album that sincerely gives them a true Rock identity. I like to steer away from the Post-Grunge label that has been given to CAVO here and there… I’d rather label CAVO as a Rock/Hard Rock Band that mingles with a flare for Modern sound. In a sophisticated way. To simplify things, CAVO Rocks.

CAVO is not the second coming of CREED, nor are they a commercial/bubble gum ready band for the Nickelodeon Network. CAVO is already carving out their very own Rock legacy only one year in since their major record label debut. This band has grasped that fine balance between Rock’s mainstream accessibility and Hard Rock hallelujah, while making their songs sound and feel like the now. CAVO has obviously tasted and experienced quite a bit of success since this album has been released, with another huge hit – Let It Go being included on the soundtrack for – Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen. Let It Go is a powerful song, with it’s total Rock vibe and memorable chorus, I can understand why this song was picked for a blockbuster movie soundtrack.

I hear a genuine emotion that resonates from the vocals of Casey Walker. Casey Walker never comes across as pre-fabricated when he sings on this album, he comes across as really feeling the song’s respective musical and lyrical message. Cry Wolf and Ghost are two excellent examples of what I mean. Ghost is as personal a song can be lyrically and Casey Walker has a natural born talent to convey some moving emotion through his vocals. One listen to My Little Secret and it is quite clear as to how inspiring this lead vocalist sounds, taking a ballad that could have been turned into sappy city and instead Casey Walker makes this song a riveting listen.

Musically, CAVO comes across loud and clear as being one Rock solid unit. This is not a band that was born overnight, almost a decade in the making is CAVO. With numerous new Rock and Hard Rock Bands evolving within the last several years, it’s the bands that make quality songs and albums that stand out to my ears. CAVO should appeal to fans of Creed, of course, yet fans of Nickelback, Papa Roach, Pop EvilDaughtry and even Saliva, (to name a few), should easily embrace their Rock & Hard Rock sound and songs. CAVO seems to be off to an incredible start with Bright Nights Dark Days, I honestly look forward to what this band delivers in the future.

* For more info on CAVO, you can freely click on the links below!

CAVO – MySpace Music Page

CAVO – Official Website

* Bright Nights Dark Days was released on August 11, 2009, on Reprise Records.


Casey Walker – vocals

Chris Hobbs – guitars

Brian Smith – bass

Chad LaRoy – drums

Track Listing For CAVO – Bright Nights Dark Days:



Let It Go

Cry Wolf



My Little Secret


We All Fall Down

Over Again


* Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen soundtrack was released on June 23, 2009 on Reprise Records. Let It Go by CAVO is track #3 on this soundtrack.



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BONHAM – It was sometime in 1989, I was a student in College and the debut album from Bonham was released, The Disregard Of Timekeeping. I first heard of this album courtesy of some FM radio station that played the single – Wait For You. (Note: The 2:09 intro – The Disregard Of Timekeeping is a track in and of itself, yet it belongs attached as a necessary segue to Wait For You). Upon hearing both this psyched up intro and Wait For You, I knew I extremely needed to buy this Bonham album. I picked up The Disregard Of Timekeeping as a CD in ’89 and have never grown tired of it since.

I never listened to the overpaid and supposed professional Rock Music critics who took cranky shots at Bonham and this album. Man, have I grown tired of hearing the same old criticisms about Bonham… one being that they were a Led Zeppelin rip off band and secondly, that drummer Jason Bonham could never be like his legendary father, the late John Bonham from the ultra iconic Led Zeppelin. Many of the criticisms I have read over the years about Bonham were/are not only unnecessary, they are just plain cruel. I knew back then, as I know now, that I will listen to what moves me and makes my Metal & Hard Rock soul happy. Metal be thy name.

WARNING: The following paragraph may be deemed too sentimental for some hardcore Metal and Hard Rock fans. Regardless, music is also about emotion and it can affect your life and invoke great Metal memories.

Going back to Wait For You, this song was THE song for my girlfriend and I, back when I was at College. It was OUR song! That girlfriend, well, she is now my unreal great wife. We still listen to this song together and make some flirty glances at each other while it Rocks on. (Sorry for the sappiness, sometimes it happens here on Metal Odyssey).

Playing To Win is another Hard Rockin’, Heavy Hittin’ and riveting song that plays out at 6:55, not long enough in my Metal opinion. I simply cannot find one trace of Led Zeppelin copycat in this song… that must really piss off those old and constipated professional Rock music critics. Guilty is as steadfast and hard drivin’ of a Hard Rock song as they come. Very melodic, very memorable and uh, very great is this song. Cross Me And See plays out better than many of the Hard Rock songs that are currently supposed to be “great” in 2010… and this is a deep album cut. Look out… I can almost hear those pissed off professional Rock critics, from days gone by, screaming with their dentures falling out after that last sentence!

Bonham jumped on board that 1980’s Hard & Heavy train and took my ears and memories along for the ride. Again, any Led Zeppelin comparisons are just a waste of time for me. How many young bands are out there today, that sound like Motley Crue or Nickelback? There are hordes aplenty! Comparisons and influences can never be avoided, when it comes to any Rock & Roll discussion.

I will forever listen to this Bonham album and be a better Metalhead for it. Um, HardRockHead for it. This is as legitimate a Hard Rock album, as it is a commercial Heavy Metal album, in my Metal opinion. Jason Bonham can take a Metal bow for having created this band when he did. As the ol’ Metal saying goes… let the music do the talking. The Disregard Of Timekeeping does just that, only it roars with a genuine Hard Rock and mainstream Heavy Metal sound that evokes positive emotion… for me.

Back on March 16, 2008, Daniel MacMaster, the lead vocalist for Bonham passed away, at age 39. When I first heard of this sad news then, I thought to myself… too damned young, a tragic loss. The passing of Daniel MacMaster leaves a void to the world of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Daniel MacMaster’s voice can forever be enjoyed by fans of the past, present and future, through the music he has left us all. I know I am one of those fans.

BONHAM, as they appeared on The Disregard Of Timekeeping:

Daniel MacMaster – lead vocals

Jason Bonham – drums, percussion

Ian Hatton – lead & rhythm guitars

John Smithson – bass, keyboards, violin


Rest In Peace, Daniel MacMaster.



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CHARM CITY DEVILS – This Hard Rock Band from the “Charm City” of Baltimore, Maryland caught my Metal attention last Summer of 2009. Their debut album – Let’s Rock-N-Roll was released on May 26, 2009. I have continued to listen to this album, quite regularly, since I bought it last Summer. Charm City Devils delivers American Hard Rock the Old School way… with foot stomping rhythms and melodic moments aplenty, Lets Rock-N-Roll is an album that flows along like a kickin’ keg party that ends too fast. There’s nothing ultra fancy about the Hard Rock Music of Charm City Devils… just blue collar and Hard Rock N’ Roll!

I blabbed about how much I like this album from Charm City Devils, with many more details, on October 18, 2009. There are those certain bands, that I just need to remind the world about more often, on Metal Odyssey. Charm City Devils is definitely one of those bands. Check out my past post on them, if you like, by clicking the header below:

Charm City Devils “Let’s Rock-N-Roll” – A Charming Hard Rock Album

I checked out Charm City Devils, last night, (Friday night), at the Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown, Pennsylvania, with Ryo Vie from The Rock and Roll Guru by my Metal side. Simply put, Charm City Devils ROCKED. I’ll have a few more cool details about this Charm City Devils concert, in the coming week… the headlining band that came out after Charm City Devils, well, they kicked some serious Metal butt! Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoy this Let’s Rock-N-Roll video and song from Charm City Devils as much as I do!

Now… crank this mutha up LOUD and Let’s Rock-N-Roll!!!



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Welcome to Metal Odyssey’s 1st Annual Top Ten Hard Rock Albums list! This list is for Hard Rock albums released in 2009. These albums are my favorites that I listened to most consistently this past year, while hearing the best in overall musicianship and songs. For sure there are Hard Rock albums released in 2009 that I have passed over, (time and money plays a factor). *Please note the links throughout this list, navigating you to a more detailed review, that I have written for past Metal Odyssey posts during 2009, regarding the respective album.


The more I listened to this Supergroup lineup of Sammy Hagar (lead vocals), Joe Satriani, (lead guitar), Michael Anthony, (bass guitar) and Chad Smith, (drums), the more it dawned on me… I was probably more star struck at the initial release of this album, (June 5, 2009), than I am in December, 2009. Don’t get me wrong, I really, really like Chickenfoot. This album takes me back to the late ’80’s Hard Rock vibe of Van Hagar, uh, Van Halen, plus the songs remind me of good time Summer days. For me not to have these guys in my Top Ten of Hard Rock Albums for 2009 – would be an insult to myself. This Chickenfoot album I will without question, listen to time and again… especially during the Summer months. For more stuff I wrote about Chickenfoot on May 1, 2009, click on the heading below:

Watch out Metal & Hard Rock fans – Chickenfoot is coming!


Yeah, sure, there is some slight Pop in the music of Madina Lake, with an overlying style of Alternative Rock, still… the hard edge heard inside the inner linings of the songs, on Attics To Eden, is what still lures me in. Madina Lake convinced me, that they give a damn about song writing and lyrics, not caving in to being too hard or too soft at the same time. Call me corny, Madina Lake created one heck of an inspiring album, with Attics To Eden. My detailed review I posted on August 13, 2009, can be yours by clicking you know where – below:

MADINA LAKE – “Attics to Eden” is an Alternative Rock detour to take


Jacoby Shaddix makes this album so appreciable for me, with his vocals not overpowering the band, instead they distinguish the individual songs heard on Metamorphosis. Papa Roach is not a band trying to be something they are not… instead Papa Roach mixes Rock styles into a menagerie of hard and at times, heavy songs on this album. Papa Roach may have given a nod to some decades old, retrospective melodic heaviness, yet still kept the relevancy factor at full throttle. O.k., I’m guilty of calling the most accessible song on Metamorphosis my favorite… Lifeline more than rivets me, it lifts my spirits high. I posted just how much this album thrilled me, on April 7, 2009… click below to see what I blabbed.

Papa Roach “Metamorphosis” – leave your stress behind!

#7 – DOMMIN – EP

Sure, this is just an EP from DOMMIN, subsequently titled – EP, nonetheless, it had such an impact on me that it made my Top Ten Hard Rock Album List. Kristofer Dommin has quite the vocals and can write some catchy, moody and dark songs. There are four songs on EP, in my Metal opinion they are dynamite. I am really looking forward to the complete studio album from DOMMIN, Love Is Gone, to be released on February 10, 2009. On October 19, 2009, I let everyone in the world know, just how thrilled I am about EP… check out what I ranted and raved about by clicking below:

DOMMIN – “E.P.” Has Me Hooked


The album title for this 2009 version of Foreigner is extremely fitting for founding member Mick Jones. Kudos to Mick for not slowing down at all. The Foreigner brand and band is at the top of their Hard Rock game musically, making an album that should not only catapult this current Foreigner lineup but spotlight the Hard Rock history of this band as well. Foreigner has been a mainstay band for me since the late 1970’s, following my heart is not what I am doing here… this is a very good album. Kelly Hansen fits right in with Foreigner, he even sings the bands classics like they were intended for him. I could never compare him to Lou Gramm, there forever will only be one Lou Gramm. It doesn’t hurt that Jeff Pilson is the bass guitarist with Foreigner either. I definitely recommend this album, Foreigner 2009 is not an anomaly, they are for real… just as they ever were.


Yes, I am a Wolfmother believer, one who could not wait for them to release their sophomore album. Cosmic Egg is NOT a carbon copy of the debut Wolfmother album, instead the songs take on a more melodic and streamlined sound. There is definitely MORE happening on this second album from Wolfmother, with song structure and production seeming to take on a prominent role. The songs on Cosmic Egg sound beefier than that of it’s predecessor. Wolfmother carries on with their psychedelic whomp on Cosmic Egg, carrying over the Old School riffs and chops that remind me of the early to mid 1970’s Hard Rock world. I may never know for sure, if there are those Old School Hard Rock influences coming into play with Wolfmother, regardless, this album never ceases to send sensory shock waves of heavy glee through me, with each listen. Simply, a super all around Hard Rock album.


Call it my insatiable appetite for Progressive Music… Progressive Hard Rock 101 = The Mars Volta. There are layers and whirlwinds of musical innuendo to be heard on Octahedron. Could anyone familiar with The Mars Volta have expected anything substandard? Never. It will most likely take me another fifty listens to this album, to finally come close in hearing every piece of music, that radiates from within it’s unreal great core. The Mars Volta could go into a time machine and make relevant Rock and Roll, Rock or Hard Rock in any of the past six decades. Octahedron is not math Rock… it is genius and Progressive Hard Rock. The Mars Volta have done their homework in Progressive Rock history and appreciation, now I am forever appreciating this band and Octahedron. Oh, yeah, I did praise The Mars Volta up and down, on July 7, 2009. Just do a quick click below to read what I mean:

The Mars Volta “Octahedron” – A Progressive Hard Rock mind pill


Cheap Trick. I became a lifelong fan of this band a long time ago, in a very expensive state called Connecticut, far, far, away. The album opener Sleep Forever is what grabbed me emotionally from the onset, a somber intro/prelude to a Cheap Trick bevy of Rock and Roll delight. Cheap Trick has maintained their elite status in the history of Rock Music… for me and I’m convinced many others as well. The Latest is just that – the latest great blend of Rock and Hard Rock Music from a band that DESERVES TO BE IN THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME. On July 26, 2009, I was blogging away as to how enormously great this new Cheap Trick album is… lookie below and click away to read it!

Cheap Trick “The Latest” is their latest great album


During the early half of 2009, I found it easy to slap the Metal label on CKY. Then, upon my listening to Carver City on numerous occasions, I decided this band is in fact, a Hard Rock Band to my ears. I never professed to be a music genre genius… just a music genre blabber. Yes, CKY can and has proven the excellent ability to play very, very, heavy, (Old Carver’s Bones, for example), yet songs such as A #1 Roller Rager and The Era Of An End solidifies my belief as CKY being Hard Rock. Carver City is as muscular with great songs and invitingly macabre as any album I could possibly wish for. I willingly became a CKY fan in 2009, prompted by this unreal great album. I really laid it on thick as to why CKY and Carver City made me so ecstatic… yes I did… on May 21, 2009 and if you want to, check out the details I blabbed by… uh, huh… clicking the heading below.

CKY “Carver City” is diverse, macabre Metal at it’s finest

Here is the front cover to CKY – CARVER CITY… spooky scene there, one of my favorite covers of 2009.

Here is the back cover of CKY – CARVER CITY… again, very spooky, this stuff I can’t get enough of.


Upon my very first listen to Lynyrd SkynyrdGod & Guns, I realized I was listening to something very special. An American Rock Music icon… survivors, Southern Rock legends… Lynyrd Skynyrd. When choosing a #1 album, for me, it is all about total song quality. ALL 12 songs are a journey into a world of Southern Hard Rock musicianship at it’s upmost finest. Yes, this album does dabble in Country Rock with Unwrite That Song and That Ain’t My America… and why shouldn’t Lynyrd Skynyrd go in that direction if they so choose? This great band is deserving of creating any damn song they want, they have earned it. Trust me, this is an album that will be appreciated by skeptics and critics more for it’s total sum than it’s parts… ten, maybe twenty years from now. The Hard Rock parts are all there to be heard, with Southern Rock and Country Rock roots swirled into the mix. God & Guns is patriotic and I am proud to be an American. Long live Lynyrd Skynyrd. Metal Odyssey applauds this band for creating God & Guns.

Don’t hesitate to read my fully detailed review on God & Guns, I bellowed through my blog just how much this album means to me on October 2, 2009:


Thank you for visiting Metal Odyssey and checking out my Top Ten Hard Rock Album List for 2009!

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Where Have You Gone, UGLY KID JOE? Come Back!

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Ugly Kid Joe "America's Least Wanted" small album picBack in October of 1991, Ugly Kid Joe released their debut EP – As Ugly As They Wanna Be. 1991 was a year smack in the middle of the Grunge Music invasion… Ugly Kid Joe didn’t seem to care in the least. The mix of Hard Rock, Funk Metal and Heavy Metal had me more than interested in Ugly Kid Joe, I bought As Ugly As They Wanna Be and it served me right – back in 1991. Parodies aside, I could care less about what the titles of Ugly Kid Joe’s albums were making fun of… it was the funky heavy grooves of their songs that mattered most to me. Everything About You was a song that sounded unlike anything I was into back then, (Thrash, Death, Speed and mainstream Heavy Metal was what I was used to). When I first heard Everything About You, the first bands that came to mind that I was familiar with, in the Funk Metal genre, was Living Colour and Anthrax when they did I‘m The Man. White Zombie for certain had some Funk happening in their Metal back then too, yet this Ugly Kid Joe was not the dark side of heavy Funk either. This band was not as flamboyant as Faith No More, there seemed to be more of a street level accessibility to Ugly Kid Joe back in 1991-92.

Ugly Kid Joe made the funk in their heavy come out and smack me offside the head. Metal Music be my saving grace, I became hooked by Ugly Kid Joe, both by their music and persona. 1991 and 1992 were turning points with Metal Music, so many great Metal Bands were still around and largely ignored by the mainstream media… Ugly Kid Joe busted onto the scene and was very hard to ignore, in my Metal opinion.

Ugly Kid Joe - group photo promoObviously the freshness of Ugly Kid Joe caught on with MTV and FM radio, it had to. Ugly As They Wanna Be and America’s Least Wanted (from 1992), both sold over 2 million copies each, this Ugly Kid Joe sound really caught on, an undisputed Metal fact indeed. Ugly Kid Joe was not just about putting the funk into Heavy Metal, no sir. Their cover version of the legendary Black Sabbath’s classic Sweet Leaf exemplified their fondness for the heavier side, all the while paying tribute to their Heavy Metal influences. Ugly Kid Joe was not the refined and glamorous Hair Metal Band nor were they an extremely pissed off Extreme Metal Band. This was a band that was not even in the middle for they were so unique.

What Ugly Kid Joe brought to the masses was a mixture of Heavy Metal genres, almost as if they grabbed ahold of the very best of what these genres possessed and intertwined them all into their very own sound. To the best of my Metal memory, Ugly Kid Joe was not a copy cat band and no other Heavy Metal Band followed after, that sounded like Ugly Kid Joe either. (Maybe there was, I just never heard of them and they never lasted very long).

In 1992, I bought America’s Least Wanted and could not have been happier about it. Listening to Ugly Kid Joe cover the late Harry Chapin classic Cat’s In The Cradle only solidified the diverse musical nature of this band. I was astonished as a Metalhead back in 1992… here is Ugly Kid Joe, covering songs from Black Sabbath to Harry Chapin. Cool. I had bought a Harry Chapin greatest hits album in the late ’80’s, (keeping it a secret amongst my Metalhead buddies), yet Ugly Kid Joe made it known to the Metal world they dug Harry Chapin – I realized then that music is one big connected family.

I really look back on the first two Ugly Kid Joe albums with the utmost Metal fondness, this band was different, a Heavy Metal band that was fun without ever displaying any artificial pose to their music or appearance. Menace To Sobriety was released in 1995, followed by Motel California… I gave both albums their justified listens and due, yet I still uphold the first two Ugly Kid Joe albums as their finest moments.

The Metal bottom line is this, with all of the revivals going on in the Heavy Metal genres, especially with reunions and reunion tours, it would be cool to once again see and hear Ugly Kid Joe. It is not my intent to say that Ugly Kid Joe was the best thing since light beer, rather they were a cool band to choose from the Heavy Metal buffet… and still are. So many bands from the 1980’s and 1990’s are huge again, making albums and touring… Ugly Kid Joe would most likely be quite the hit with this new generation of kids that are just getting into Hard Rock and/or Heavy Metal. The Ugly Kid Joe look and sound is all around, as I meander around in public, (especially the Malls) in 2009. This now vintage band would fit right in today…  what once was old is new again – yet this is only my Metal opinion… and I am sticking to it.

Ugly Kid Joe:



DAVE FORTMAN — guitar 



Ugly Kid Joe "As Ugly As They Wanna Be" large EP pic

Seether – “Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces” is awe inspiring Hard Rock

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main-150Seether is a Hard Rock band that does not need any plastic Hollywood music awards to be told they are damn great. The fans know. The music of Seether tells the whole story… of just how sensational Hard Rock songs are written. “Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces” is an album that should be a required musical manual for any up and coming Hard Rock band. Seether has proven to me, that lyrics are very, very, important in Heavy Music. Shaun Morgan, in my Metal opinion, encompasses many musical gifts… his vocals, guitar skills and the song writing that leaves me in awe. Lyrically, this is one of the best albums I have ever listened to in my lifetime. Couple these tremendously inspiring lyrics with Hard Rock music that is maximized by it’s hardness and mesmerizing grooves, well, you have yourself an instant classic. Shaun Morgan for me, is a vocalist that I listen to so intently, that the music at times becomes a backdrop. (This is by no means, an insult, it is just that Shaun Morgan’s vocals are so searing, they take hold of my attention and leave me zoned out on his voice and lyrics). I have to listen to Seether and say to myself, o.k., I am going to pay more attention to the music this time around, when I do it is like a double dose of Hard Rock music and Hard Rock vocal exhilaration. 

“Rise Above This” is a song that has hit me in such a right way. I lost my sister four years ago, man do I miss her. Since this song came into my life, well, It just seems to say exactly how I feel about missing her. My sister left to go to heaven at age 43, there was way too much more that I wanted to do with her and say to her. I never had a chance to say goodbye to her, this is my song that encourages me it is alright. I am ecstatic that there is a band like Seether and a vocalist/lyricist like Shaun Morgan that can combine Hard Rock with real lyrics recognizing true humanity. “No Jesus Christ” is probably the heaviest song on this album, it basically calls a deceitful person out, a song that just about anyone who is not a backstabbing, evil entity, can relate to. “Fake It” is the single greatest song to commemorate all of the scum bag, plastic people of this world, who cannot find their own identity and try their best to be nothing but despicable chameleons. I raise my fist and say hooray to Seether and Shaun Morgan for knowing that crappy people make great subject matter for Hard Rock songs! “Six Gun Quota” is a song about self inflicted destruction – of both body and soul. This song rocks, despite the honest to goodness gray subject matter.

The popularity and record sales of Seether are for a measurable reason. This band connects to me, it is only logical Seether connects to an unknown many others. Fans of Seether already know this, yet I need to tell new, prospective fans, that “Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces” is not your run of the mill Hard Rock album written with the premise to just party hard and pick up chicks. The music found here is of substance and quality Hard Rock, it is also story telling that mixes in a menagerie of human emotions and trials. 

Seether as they appear on “Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces”: Shaun Morgan on guitar & lead vocals, Dale Stewart on bass guitar & backing vocals and John Humphrey on drums.


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