‘Re-Machined A Tribute To Deep Purple’s Machine Head’ – Album Releases On September 25th!

Superstar-filled tribute to one of the greatest Classic Rock albums of all time!  Available on CD September 25!

2012 is the 40th anniversary of the release of Deep Purple’s landmark album Machine Head. In recognition of Deep Purple’s influence, and that of the “Machine Head” album in particular, some of rock music’s biggest names have each contributed a version of their favorite track on the album to create “Re-Machined – A Tribute To Deep Purple’s Machine Head”.

1) Smoke On The Water – Carlos Santana & Jacoby Shaddix

2) Highway Star – Chickenfoot

3) Maybe I’m A Leo – Glenn Hughes & Chad Smith

4) Pictures Of Home – Black Label Society

5) Never Before – Kings Of Chaos (Joe Elliott, Steve Stevens, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum)

6) Smoke On The Water – Flaming Lips

7) Lazy – Jimmy Barnes with Joe Bonamassa

8) Space Truckin’ – Iron Maiden

9) When A Blind Man Cries – Metallica

10.) Highway Star – Glenn Hughes, Steve Vai, Chad Smith, Lachlan Doley

Check out the making of Re-Machined on our YouTube page!

Pre-order the CD now!


Stone Says: What a grand album and band, in all the history of Rock ‘N Roll! Re-Machined certainly is a celebration of an iconic band, album and Heavy Rock sound! Machine Head is an album that shall forever live on for generations! Metal be thy name.

If you’d like to read my piece on Deep Purple’s Machine Head, click on the link below!

DEEP PURPLE – “MACHINE HEAD” A Once In A Lifetime Hard Rock Album


(Source: Eagle Rock Entertainment)



2 Responses to “‘Re-Machined A Tribute To Deep Purple’s Machine Head’ – Album Releases On September 25th!”

  1. Machine Head is nothing less than iconic – and the stellar cast here that recreate it is nothing less than this meisterwerk deserves. Can’t wait to hear Glenn, Chad and Vai tackle ‘Maybe I’m a leo’!

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      I second your every word Kev! I will buy this CD!! \m/\m/

      I’ve already listened to (and continuously enjoy) Carlos Santana and Jacoby Shaddix nail ‘Smoke On The Water’… from Santana’s ‘Guitar Heaven’ CD. 🙂

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