HIGH STREET Unveils Debut EP, “Revival” – Hard Rock Band Closes Out Their Pacific West Coast Tour with New Release

Los Angeles, CA – High Street has just released their highly anticipated EP, Revival. The EP acts as a beacon of invigorating sound in the hard rock genre. Each song takes listeners on a journey of triumph, pain, love, and self-reflection while treating them to a unique combination of vocals and instrumentation that form a sonic odyssey. Revival’s release closes out the band’s tour of the same name with an epic show at Los Angeles’ historic venue, Molly Malone’s. Revival is now available to download and stream across all platforms.

This EP wastes no time launching listeners into a flurry of emotion and hard-hitting rock that captivates the spirit and entices the ears. Revival consists of the singles, “Swallow Your Pride,” “Bad Blood,” and “Light of Hope” along with a new track, “Rock Bottom Blues.” High Street describes the latter as “an angry breakup song with a touch of optimism in the bridge.” The song doubles as a conduit for vocalist, Noxigen, and guitarist, Erik Findling to demonstrate the breadth of their musicality and undeniable chemistry. Combined with Nic Metaxas’s fluid bass and Brandon Nikales’ adrenaline-fueled drums, the ensemble operates like a well-oiled harmonious rock machine.

With each track on Revival, High Street has showcased their ability to turn vulnerability into strength: “Swallow Your Pride,” dives into the nuances of ego and overcoming troubled times, “Bad Blood,” discusses ending a toxic relationship on a positive note, while “Light of Hope,” serves as a sweet grunge-inspired ballad that offers solace to those who are battling inner demons and striving for peace within. The band continues to grow and develop both as artists and people willing to be open and honest about their trials and triumphs.

The many personalities that form High Street can be felt in every note of their music, and it’s evident that they’re making an impact on listeners everywhere. Their transcendental hard rock has garnered praise from publications like Phoenix Magazine, HEAVY Mag, Jammerzine, V13, Metalheads Forever Magazine, DIVINE,and more. The latter of which called the band a “…tour-de-force in the genre.”

High Street got its roots in lead guitarist Erik Findling’s Chicago attic. The young middle-schooler at the time – who first picked up a guitar at the age of four – enlisted his brother, Kurt, to assemble a group with some of their musically-inclined classmates. Their attic rehearsal space looked out onto the corner of High Street, inspiring the band’s name. While still in junior high, High Street’s musical prowess surpassed some of the city’s most seasoned music veterans and allowed them to play at renowned Chicago venues such as The Double Door, Hard Rock Café, Subterranean, among others.

As the band garnered more success, Findling began to compose original music for the group, and soon after, the band collaborated and recorded albums with acclaimed producer Sean O’Keefe, who is best known for his work with Fall Out Boy. Upon moving to Los Angeles, Findling felt inspired to start the band back up again after a hiatus during their college years. The band’s rebirth now includes the sensational vocals of Noxigen, Nic Metaxas on bass, and Brandon Nikales on drums.

Each member of the four-piece outfit brings a fresh new take on the hard rock genre. Using his background in Indian classical music, Noxigen delivers awe-inspiring vocals that fuse perfectly with Nikales’s energetic drumming and Findling’s chill-inducing guitar, and Metaxas’s rhythmic bass.

As this year comes to an end, High Street seeks closure and rebirth as they enter the new year with their debut EP, Revival. The EP is now available to stream and download on platforms worldwide. For more information on the band visit HighStreetOfficial.com.

Source: Trend PR


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