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CHEAP TRICK “Bang, Zoom, Crazy… Hello” – New Studio Album Releases On April 1st, 2016

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Cheap Trick - Bang Zoom Crazy Hello - promo album cover pic - #MO33099ILMF

CHEAP TRICK will be releasing their 17th studio album on April 1st, 2016. Titled Bang, Zoom, Crazy… Hello, this new album is releasing just one week before Cheap Trick’s induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Finally, hell and yeah!! The album will be released via Big Machine Records.


Bang, Zoom, Crazy… Hello – Track List:

01 Heart On The Line

02 No Direction Home

03 When I Wake Up Tomorrow

04 Do You Believe Me?

05 Blood Red Lips

06 Sing My Blues Away

07 Roll Me

08 The In Crowd

09 Long Time No See Ya

10 The Sun Never Sets

11 All Strung Out

Cheap Trick - Bang Zoom Crazy Hello - promo album banner pic - 2016 - #MOCT999ILMFM

Pre-order the new album from:





Louis St. August – Legendary Vocalist Of Mass To Make Special Appearance With Iconic Classic Rock Band, Boston, At Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT

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Boston - Heaven On Earth Tour - promo banner - 2014

As reported on the MASS Facebook page:

Join our own Louis St August as he makes a special appearance with the band BOSTON at the Mohegan Sun Casino on Saturday, June 28th.

Louis St. August - Promo Photo 2011

Louis St. August – MASS vocalist

I’ll be joining BOSTON for a tune on Saturday June 28th @ The Mohegan Sun Arena, CT. Cheap Trick opens the show!


Below, listen to Boston – Heaven On Earth, taken from their new studio album  Life, Love & Hope. Louis St. August provides his backing vocals and harmonies on Heaven On Earth!

Boston - Life Love & Hope - promo album pic - 2013 - #1

BOSTON – Life, Love & Hope is available now, via Frontiers Records!


For more info on BOSTON:


For more info on LOUIS ST. AUGUST:


Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small






RICK NIELSEN Of CHEAP TRICK – Is Cover Feature For July Issue Of Guitar Player Magazine!

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Rick Nielsen - Cheap Trick - Guitar Player - cover promo banner - 2013

The July 2013 issue of Guitar Player is on the newsstands now!

Cheap Trick’s legendary Rick Nielsen is the featured cover story! Metal be thy name!


For more info on CHEAP TRICK, click on the links below!

Facebook: Cheap Trick

Cheap Trick - Classic logo - promo block - B&WFor more info on GUITAR PLAYER, click on the links below!

Facebook: Guitar Player Magazine

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small




Can Anyone Explain To Me, Why After ALL These Years, CHEAP TRICK Are NOT Inducted Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame? Shameful, Shocking And Embarrassing, It Truly Is. It’s an INSULT to Cheap Trick and ALL Knowledgeable Rock Music Fans Worldwide.

So Let It Be Metal Written, So Let It Be Metal Told: This Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ‘Good Old Boys Politically Bias Club’ Has Gotten Very Old.


Happy Metal New Year From Metal Odyssey! 2012 Shall ROCK! \m/

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Metal Odyssey would like to THANK ALL OF YOU who come to visit all year, sharing the same passion for Rock, Hard Rock and… METAL! Throughout the past year, Metal Odyssey receives support in ways too numerous to mention. However, there are those “thank yous” that I need to mention, If I leave anyone out, believe me, you are included.

THANK YOU to all the super cool PR people and record companies that have made it possible for Metal Odyssey to deliver the METAL news and album reviews! Each and every one of you ROCK beyond belief! Without them, I am in the dark.

THANK YOU to all the bands and musicians that have been mentioned, featured and/or interviewed here on Metal Odyssey this past year. Without them, life would suck big time. Really.

THANK YOU to all my Metal Buddies around the world! You know who you are and I don’t take any of you for granted.

THANK YOU to Best Metal Buddy/Metal Researcher Scott Coverdale & staff photographer Tom Coderre.


THANK YOU to KINGER at Demolish Fanzine – 1980’s Heavy Metal Revival

THANK YOU to Metal Mark at Heavy Metal Time Machine

A very, very, very special THANK YOU to Metal Chick.

Now, here are some Metal thoughts, um, ramblings from Stone:

The world will NOT end in 2012. Sorry. If I’m wrong and the dreaded doomsday does come to pass this year, I will hopefully be with my family while any ORANGE GOBLIN album is blasting LOUD around me.


Cause… Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill are… BACK!

Cause… KISS is releasing a new studio album titled: MONSTER.

Cause… KING DIAMOND is better and… back in action! Just ask Metallica.



The New York Yankees will win the 2012 World Series.


There are so many that are too boring to list. Okay, here’s two:

I shall eat less potato chips and listen to MORE METAL \m/


I wish for an end to world hunger and human suffering of any kind. May there be world peace? On a smaller scale, I wish that Motörhead would receive a deserved “Lifetime Achievement Award” from The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences.

I wish CHEAP TRICK would follow Metal Odyssey on twitter. If this happens, I will write, without hesitation, a positive article on ABBA and feature it right here on Metal Odyssey for the world to read and see. I’m honestly not kidding. CHEAP TRICK F’n RULES.


Would you like more album reviews? Short or long album reviews? More/less Metal news? Classic Rock news? Are you demanding more band interviews? Are “lists” good or bad? More or less of Stone’s ramblings? Let your thoughts and feelings be heard by leaving a comment! Man, it would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you to my Metal Buddy down South, for that thoughtful package of CD’s and videos after the hurricane struck. You know who you are.


The Hunting Accident – Ancient Fish: 4 Song EP Of Alternative Rockin’ Coolness

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THE HUNTING ACCIDENT – I found this very cool band on twitter recently. This band goes by: The Hunting Accident. Actually, they found me first on twitter. 99% of the time, when a band follows Stone on twitter, Stone follows back. What happened to the other 1% somebody might ask? Those are the bands that aren’t really bands at all… they just try to fool you. Metal Odyssey doesn’t have nearly as many followers on twitter as I would like… so please feel free to follow Stone! (Especially if you are a band known across many continents as: Cheap Trick). Come on Cheap Trick… I’ve already pledged on twitter that if you follow Metal Odyssey, um, (Stone), then I would graciously write a “positive” piece on… ABBA. I cringed as I wrote that you know. Still, Stone gives his Metal promise on that one. Metal be thy name one thousand time over.

I do follow just about everyone except: doctors, lawyers and marketers who are only trying to make an easy buck from anyone they sucker. Seriously, if I needed a doctor or lawyer, the last place on Mother Earth I would seek one out on is twitter. Metal be thy name. I’ve seemed to have gotten off topic here and that’s cool. Why is that cool you might query? For the simple fact that sometimes I grow extremely tired of the formatted and run-of-the-mill album review. It’s normal.

Don’t get me wrong, I guarantee you will certainly see those  strict and conscientious album reviews here at Metal Odyssey. They will never go away. I wish political advertisements would go away though. Head cheese too. I wouldn’t touch head cheese with my worst enemy’s big toe. If I had a worst enemy that is. Maybe it’s the dude that keeps leaving postcards on my front door asking if I need “new uv-rated windows or a patio”.

Okay, now it’s definitely time to steer back to The Hunting Accident. Hey, this band is damn good. Yes sir and madam. All four songs on their Ancient Fish EP are just steaming with an Alternative bite that is both relevant and Hard Rockin’. These are songs that should catapult this band to some sort of Rock and Roll stardom. In my opinion, from these songs I’ve listened to, The Hunting Accident could realistically open for the legendary Alt/Rock band we all know and love called: The Cars. Just one listen to their song Big Mistake and you might not think I’m so crazy for stating that last thought.

I can honestly say I am hoping The Hunting Accident releases a full-length album very soon. I’ll admit, I never heard of this band before my twitter encounter with them and this Ancient Fish EP has served me right. Each musician of The Hunting Accident has a very decent track record in the music industry too. Really, they do. Check out their website here for more bio and info on them: The Hunting Accident – Official Website

You can either download this 4 song EP for free (yes free) or buy the 7″ EP of Ancient Fish directly on their site. How amazing is that? Free Rock and Roll or buy some vinyl… those words are wonderful to my ears. Plus, you can stream all 4 songs if you like, before you make that important decision as to how you want to own them. Seriously, if you are into Alternative Rock/Hard Rock or just want to hear 4 very groovy songs, The Hunting Accident is delivering the Rockin’ goods.

* You can also check out The Hunting Accident by clicking on their facebook link below:

The Hunting Accident – Official facebook

Ancient Fish – Track Listing:

Hot Drum


Jack Trap

Big Mistake


The words “wonderful” and “groovy” were used in this post.


Cheap Trick “Dream Police” – Pops Into My Head, Has Me Revisiting 1979…

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CHEAP TRICK – Just like it was yesterday. That’s how it feels each time I listen to the 1979 Dream Police album from Cheap Trick. Those days of just playing pick-up basketball games around the neighborhood, going to friends birthday parties on Saturdays, messing around at the roller rink, hanging out at my grandma’s, reading MAD Magazine and having a major crush on Loni Anderson. Back then, I even had a huge crush on Donna Pescow, (she played Angie, on her own sitcom Angie). Yup.

I don’t know exactly why I had Dream Police playing in my head today… maybe because this song reminds me of Winter more than any other season. Songs will do that though… they just “pop” into my head without warning. I’m sure you know what I mean. Wow, maybe “those” Dream Police really do “live inside of my head”. Hey, as long as they’re cool songs that “pop” into my head and not something from The Wiggles (from days when my girls were crawling and rolling on the floor). Whatever the reason why Dream Police caught me off guard today, this song ROCKS and so does Cheap Trick. Metal be thy name.

I hope you enjoy this song and dig Cheap Trick too. This video below is Classic Cheap Trick. ‘Nuff said. If you don’t dig Cheap Trick, well, then go take a laxative and stop watching C-SPAN for awhile.

Back on May 16, 2009, I posted about this Rocktastic Cheap Trick album – Dream Police. If you like to read about it, just click the giant header-link below:

Cheap Trick – “Dream Police” an essential Hard Rock album





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Welcome to Metal Odyssey’s 1st Annual Top Ten Hard Rock Albums list! This list is for Hard Rock albums released in 2009. These albums are my favorites that I listened to most consistently this past year, while hearing the best in overall musicianship and songs. For sure there are Hard Rock albums released in 2009 that I have passed over, (time and money plays a factor). *Please note the links throughout this list, navigating you to a more detailed review, that I have written for past Metal Odyssey posts during 2009, regarding the respective album.


The more I listened to this Supergroup lineup of Sammy Hagar (lead vocals), Joe Satriani, (lead guitar), Michael Anthony, (bass guitar) and Chad Smith, (drums), the more it dawned on me… I was probably more star struck at the initial release of this album, (June 5, 2009), than I am in December, 2009. Don’t get me wrong, I really, really like Chickenfoot. This album takes me back to the late ’80’s Hard Rock vibe of Van Hagar, uh, Van Halen, plus the songs remind me of good time Summer days. For me not to have these guys in my Top Ten of Hard Rock Albums for 2009 – would be an insult to myself. This Chickenfoot album I will without question, listen to time and again… especially during the Summer months. For more stuff I wrote about Chickenfoot on May 1, 2009, click on the heading below:

Watch out Metal & Hard Rock fans – Chickenfoot is coming!


Yeah, sure, there is some slight Pop in the music of Madina Lake, with an overlying style of Alternative Rock, still… the hard edge heard inside the inner linings of the songs, on Attics To Eden, is what still lures me in. Madina Lake convinced me, that they give a damn about song writing and lyrics, not caving in to being too hard or too soft at the same time. Call me corny, Madina Lake created one heck of an inspiring album, with Attics To Eden. My detailed review I posted on August 13, 2009, can be yours by clicking you know where – below:

MADINA LAKE – “Attics to Eden” is an Alternative Rock detour to take


Jacoby Shaddix makes this album so appreciable for me, with his vocals not overpowering the band, instead they distinguish the individual songs heard on Metamorphosis. Papa Roach is not a band trying to be something they are not… instead Papa Roach mixes Rock styles into a menagerie of hard and at times, heavy songs on this album. Papa Roach may have given a nod to some decades old, retrospective melodic heaviness, yet still kept the relevancy factor at full throttle. O.k., I’m guilty of calling the most accessible song on Metamorphosis my favorite… Lifeline more than rivets me, it lifts my spirits high. I posted just how much this album thrilled me, on April 7, 2009… click below to see what I blabbed.

Papa Roach “Metamorphosis” – leave your stress behind!

#7 – DOMMIN – EP

Sure, this is just an EP from DOMMIN, subsequently titled – EP, nonetheless, it had such an impact on me that it made my Top Ten Hard Rock Album List. Kristofer Dommin has quite the vocals and can write some catchy, moody and dark songs. There are four songs on EP, in my Metal opinion they are dynamite. I am really looking forward to the complete studio album from DOMMIN, Love Is Gone, to be released on February 10, 2009. On October 19, 2009, I let everyone in the world know, just how thrilled I am about EP… check out what I ranted and raved about by clicking below:

DOMMIN – “E.P.” Has Me Hooked


The album title for this 2009 version of Foreigner is extremely fitting for founding member Mick Jones. Kudos to Mick for not slowing down at all. The Foreigner brand and band is at the top of their Hard Rock game musically, making an album that should not only catapult this current Foreigner lineup but spotlight the Hard Rock history of this band as well. Foreigner has been a mainstay band for me since the late 1970’s, following my heart is not what I am doing here… this is a very good album. Kelly Hansen fits right in with Foreigner, he even sings the bands classics like they were intended for him. I could never compare him to Lou Gramm, there forever will only be one Lou Gramm. It doesn’t hurt that Jeff Pilson is the bass guitarist with Foreigner either. I definitely recommend this album, Foreigner 2009 is not an anomaly, they are for real… just as they ever were.


Yes, I am a Wolfmother believer, one who could not wait for them to release their sophomore album. Cosmic Egg is NOT a carbon copy of the debut Wolfmother album, instead the songs take on a more melodic and streamlined sound. There is definitely MORE happening on this second album from Wolfmother, with song structure and production seeming to take on a prominent role. The songs on Cosmic Egg sound beefier than that of it’s predecessor. Wolfmother carries on with their psychedelic whomp on Cosmic Egg, carrying over the Old School riffs and chops that remind me of the early to mid 1970’s Hard Rock world. I may never know for sure, if there are those Old School Hard Rock influences coming into play with Wolfmother, regardless, this album never ceases to send sensory shock waves of heavy glee through me, with each listen. Simply, a super all around Hard Rock album.


Call it my insatiable appetite for Progressive Music… Progressive Hard Rock 101 = The Mars Volta. There are layers and whirlwinds of musical innuendo to be heard on Octahedron. Could anyone familiar with The Mars Volta have expected anything substandard? Never. It will most likely take me another fifty listens to this album, to finally come close in hearing every piece of music, that radiates from within it’s unreal great core. The Mars Volta could go into a time machine and make relevant Rock and Roll, Rock or Hard Rock in any of the past six decades. Octahedron is not math Rock… it is genius and Progressive Hard Rock. The Mars Volta have done their homework in Progressive Rock history and appreciation, now I am forever appreciating this band and Octahedron. Oh, yeah, I did praise The Mars Volta up and down, on July 7, 2009. Just do a quick click below to read what I mean:

The Mars Volta “Octahedron” – A Progressive Hard Rock mind pill


Cheap Trick. I became a lifelong fan of this band a long time ago, in a very expensive state called Connecticut, far, far, away. The album opener Sleep Forever is what grabbed me emotionally from the onset, a somber intro/prelude to a Cheap Trick bevy of Rock and Roll delight. Cheap Trick has maintained their elite status in the history of Rock Music… for me and I’m convinced many others as well. The Latest is just that – the latest great blend of Rock and Hard Rock Music from a band that DESERVES TO BE IN THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME. On July 26, 2009, I was blogging away as to how enormously great this new Cheap Trick album is… lookie below and click away to read it!

Cheap Trick “The Latest” is their latest great album


During the early half of 2009, I found it easy to slap the Metal label on CKY. Then, upon my listening to Carver City on numerous occasions, I decided this band is in fact, a Hard Rock Band to my ears. I never professed to be a music genre genius… just a music genre blabber. Yes, CKY can and has proven the excellent ability to play very, very, heavy, (Old Carver’s Bones, for example), yet songs such as A #1 Roller Rager and The Era Of An End solidifies my belief as CKY being Hard Rock. Carver City is as muscular with great songs and invitingly macabre as any album I could possibly wish for. I willingly became a CKY fan in 2009, prompted by this unreal great album. I really laid it on thick as to why CKY and Carver City made me so ecstatic… yes I did… on May 21, 2009 and if you want to, check out the details I blabbed by… uh, huh… clicking the heading below.

CKY “Carver City” is diverse, macabre Metal at it’s finest

Here is the front cover to CKY – CARVER CITY… spooky scene there, one of my favorite covers of 2009.

Here is the back cover of CKY – CARVER CITY… again, very spooky, this stuff I can’t get enough of.


Upon my very first listen to Lynyrd SkynyrdGod & Guns, I realized I was listening to something very special. An American Rock Music icon… survivors, Southern Rock legends… Lynyrd Skynyrd. When choosing a #1 album, for me, it is all about total song quality. ALL 12 songs are a journey into a world of Southern Hard Rock musicianship at it’s upmost finest. Yes, this album does dabble in Country Rock with Unwrite That Song and That Ain’t My America… and why shouldn’t Lynyrd Skynyrd go in that direction if they so choose? This great band is deserving of creating any damn song they want, they have earned it. Trust me, this is an album that will be appreciated by skeptics and critics more for it’s total sum than it’s parts… ten, maybe twenty years from now. The Hard Rock parts are all there to be heard, with Southern Rock and Country Rock roots swirled into the mix. God & Guns is patriotic and I am proud to be an American. Long live Lynyrd Skynyrd. Metal Odyssey applauds this band for creating God & Guns.

Don’t hesitate to read my fully detailed review on God & Guns, I bellowed through my blog just how much this album means to me on October 2, 2009:


Thank you for visiting Metal Odyssey and checking out my Top Ten Hard Rock Album List for 2009!

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