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On This Day In METAL History – December 22nd… Happy Rockin’ Birthday, Rick Nielsen Of Cheap Trick!

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Rick Nielsen - US Rockstar - promo magazine cover - January - 2014

Above: January 2014 issue of U.S. Rockstar Magazine.

On December 22nd, 1946, Rick Nielsen was born in Elmhurst, Illinois. Happy Rockin’ birthday, Rick! Whoa, yeah and Metal be thy name! Rick Nielsen is world-famous as the co-founder, guitarist, songwriter and backing vocalist for the amazing Cheap Trick. It’s no secret that the legendary Rick Nielsen has been an innovator and influence during his exemplary Rock ‘N Roll career. From the late John Lennon to Dave Grohl, with Mötley Crüe in between, Rick Nielsen has collaborated with the very best.

Rick Nielsen - Creem - December 1980 - promo cover

Above: December 1980 issue of Creem.

Why Rick Nielsen and Cheap Trick are not in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is bewildering to me. Regardless, this post is about celebrating the birthday and Rock ‘N Roll achievements of Rick Nielsen; so onward we venture! Below are several very cool facts about the Rock ‘N Roll career of Rick Nielsen and Cheap Trick. Enjoy! Whoa.

Fuse - promo album cover pic - #1969RN - Rick Nielsen

01Rick Nielsen and Cheap Trick bassist Tom Peterson both belonged to a band named Fuse, before Cheap Trick was formed. Fuse released an eight song album in 1970, via Epic Records. (See photo above).

02 – Cheap Trick have released 16 studio albums since 1977. Cheap Trick have also released 7 live albums and numerous compilations.

03 – Cheap Trick have been featured on 29 movie soundtracks.

04 – Cheap Trick have earned 40 Gold and Platinum recording awards.

Rick Nielsen - original orange five neck guitar - Hamer

Above: Rick Nielsen’s 1981 Hamer (original orange) Five Neck guitar that is now on display at Piece; which is Rick Nielsen’s restaurant in Chicago. Whoa, man, that’s cool!

05 – Rick Nielsen’s father, Ralph Nielsen, was a famous tenor that toured extensively and recorded 40 solo albums. Ralph Nielsen later opened a musical instrument store in Rockford, Illinois. Rick Nielsen moved to Rockford Illinois with his family, at 8 years old.

06 – Rick Nielsen is a self-taught musician who started off playing drums and later switched to guitar.

07 – Adding to Rick Nielsen’s iconic guitar playing and persona is his Hamer custom-made Five Neck guitar, as pictured above and below on the 1997 (self-titled) Cheap Trick album cover. Rick Nielsen owns 3 different Hamer Five Neck guitars.

Cheap Trick - promo album pic - 1997 - #97RNRZTPBEC

Above: 1997 Cheap Trick (self-titled) album cover.


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RICK NIELSEN Of CHEAP TRICK – Is Cover Feature For July Issue Of Guitar Player Magazine!

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Rick Nielsen - Cheap Trick - Guitar Player - cover promo banner - 2013

The July 2013 issue of Guitar Player is on the newsstands now!

Cheap Trick’s legendary Rick Nielsen is the featured cover story! Metal be thy name!


For more info on CHEAP TRICK, click on the links below!

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Cheap Trick - Classic logo - promo block - B&WFor more info on GUITAR PLAYER, click on the links below!

Facebook: Guitar Player Magazine

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small




Can Anyone Explain To Me, Why After ALL These Years, CHEAP TRICK Are NOT Inducted Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame? Shameful, Shocking And Embarrassing, It Truly Is. It’s an INSULT to Cheap Trick and ALL Knowledgeable Rock Music Fans Worldwide.

So Let It Be Metal Written, So Let It Be Metal Told: This Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ‘Good Old Boys Politically Bias Club’ Has Gotten Very Old.


Cheap Trick – “Dream Police” an essential Hard Rock album

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I have been fascinated with the Hard Rock music of Cheap Trick since 1978. Yup, 1978. I owned with pride, the 8-track cassette copy of “Dream Police” and played it until only a hissssssss sound was heard, while a faint sound of tunes played in the background noise. It was not easy tossing away that 8-track copy of “Dream Police” – I eventually bought a CD copy of it down the road, somewhere around 1986 and I still have that CD. There is no hissssss sound on this Cheap Trick CD, no sir. All I hear is the sensational Hard Rockin’ music that is 100% vintage Cheap Trick. “Gonna Raise Hell” in my Metal opinion, is as bona fide a Heavy Metal song that Cheap Trick has ever created. This tune, for me, is what makes “Dream Police” such a classic album. Seriously, “Gonna Raise Hell” is a jaw dropping, head banging, anthem of a timeless tune. The bass play on this track alone is like a thunderous, stomping mad, evil, forest gremlin army marching toward battle. (There are times when my musical interpretations can become quite creative). Tom Petersson, in my opinion, takes a back seat to no one as a bassist in Hard Rock.

“Voices” is a smoothly written power ballad, only power ballads were not supposed to be around until Hair Metal came out of L.A. in the ’80’s. “Dream Police” is the fast paced, musically heavy driven, winner of a title track. To say that these mentioned songs, quite possibly the entire album, is relevant to what is created in todays Hard Rock or Heavy Metal circles is not far fetched. I feel that if a band today, created and released the song “Gonna Raise Hell”, it would do just that. This song is too darn good to be considered an old time classic. “Need Your Love” may be over seven minutes long, however, Cheap Trick makes this tune groove along at a pace that gives it an addicting Rock flavor. Cheap Trick melded together harmony, melody and Hard Rock in such a blissful heavy way, I cannot stop myself from labeling “Dream Police” as an essential Hard Rock album to own. Why else would I be reaching for this CD to rock out to, going on three decades now?

The vocals of Robin Zander were attitude laden with a slice of Punk, I can never mistake the overflow of confidence in his voice on “Dream Police”. Rick Nielsen on guitar is fluid and creatively distinctive on “Dream Police”. I find his signature sound to be legendary, Rick Nielsen was and still is one of a kind. What can be said for Bun E. Carlos on drums? This man carries out the identity of a true Rock and Roll drummer, he never over extends on “Dream Police” and only super enhances the rhythm section with skillful beats. In Summary, “Dream Police” is a work of Hard Rock musical art, from a legendary dream team of Rock musicians, forever known as Cheap Trick. 


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