Cheap Trick “Dream Police” – Pops Into My Head, Has Me Revisiting 1979…

CHEAP TRICK – Just like it was yesterday. That’s how it feels each time I listen to the 1979 Dream Police album from Cheap Trick. Those days of just playing pick-up basketball games around the neighborhood, going to friends birthday parties on Saturdays, messing around at the roller rink, hanging out at my grandma’s, reading MAD Magazine and having a major crush on Loni Anderson. Back then, I even had a huge crush on Donna Pescow, (she played Angie, on her own sitcom Angie). Yup.

I don’t know exactly why I had Dream Police playing in my head today… maybe because this song reminds me of Winter more than any other season. Songs will do that though… they just “pop” into my head without warning. I’m sure you know what I mean. Wow, maybe “those” Dream Police really do “live inside of my head”. Hey, as long as they’re cool songs that “pop” into my head and not something from The Wiggles (from days when my girls were crawling and rolling on the floor). Whatever the reason why Dream Police caught me off guard today, this song ROCKS and so does Cheap Trick. Metal be thy name.

I hope you enjoy this song and dig Cheap Trick too. This video below is Classic Cheap Trick. ‘Nuff said. If you don’t dig Cheap Trick, well, then go take a laxative and stop watching C-SPAN for awhile.

Back on May 16, 2009, I posted about this Rocktastic Cheap Trick album – Dream Police. If you like to read about it, just click the giant header-link below:

Cheap Trick – “Dream Police” an essential Hard Rock album




10 Responses to “Cheap Trick “Dream Police” – Pops Into My Head, Has Me Revisiting 1979…”

  1. Such a great band, Stone – and i always thought that album cover was fantastic!
    Graham Oliver and I have had an idea in the pipeline for years that we’ve still never gotten around to, which was recording CT’s ‘Surrender’ (Graham’s toured with them and knows Rick) with both our offspring on drums (Paul Oliver) and vocals (Hollie Moore). -and the video would be great, my daughter yelling “daddy’s alright, he just seems a little weird” in my face! Maybe we’ll get around to it one day!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Kev, you have to follow up on that Rockin’ idea! It’s too good to pass up. A video of you guys playing “Surrender” would be a treat to hear and watch. Plus, with YouTube, that video would be a smash! 🙂

  2. Love Cheap Trick and if the phrase power pop had not been invented it would have been to describe this band. I can’t think of any other band who could tour with both AC/DC and Smashing Pumpkins and fit right in perfectly

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Yes Manny, it seems like Cheap Trick can hang out with any band in the crowd. Plus… “Gonna Raise Hell” from “Dream Police” is as bona fide a Heavy Metal song as there ever was one! Whoa, does that song STILL make my home stereo speakers SMOKE! At over 9 minutes long, “Gonna Raise Hell” is easily one of my very first introductions to… Heavy Metal. 😉

  3. That was a good album. However, my main memories of 1979 were graduationg high school and joining the marines.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Whoa… that’s definitely a contrast. Here you were, taking a giant leap into manhood and I was still a kid reading Mad Magazine and most likely still capturing spiders in mayonnaise jars in the backyard as well… back in 1979.

      Thank you for serving/protecting our country BTW! 🙂

  4. Thanks, I wish I knew you when I got out in 83. See, when I got out, I grew my hair and wore “funny” clothes as a result of 4 years of sporting a crew cut and dressing like everyone else. However, I got a lot of crap off people as a result.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Yeah… people who judge a man by the length of his hair or by the clothes he wears are plastic clones. I learned a very long time ago… you really can’t judge a book by it’s cover. If I had caught up with you back in ’83, I’m sure there would have been some beer drinkin’ and hell raising stories to tell now. 😉 Metal be thy name.

      • 80smetalman Says:

        That would have been great. In another shameless plug to promote Rock And Roll Children, in the story, one of the main characters has an older brother who served in the marines and was wounded in Lebanon. (Something the Regan administration swept under the carpet). Although I didn’t actually go there, but I do tell some of my experiences after coming out through the character.

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