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FOREIGNER – Revisiting Their 1979 Album: Head Games

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FOREIGNER – Back in 1979, I was exiting seventh grade in the Spring and entering eighth grade for the coming Fall season. I turned thirteen years of age in January of 1979, kicking off this memorable year as a teen. I used to think the world was mine for the pickings back then… I know much better now. One album that was released back in 1979 was definitely mine for the pickings though, it was Head Games by the forever steady and legendary Foreigner. Head Games was the third studio album from Foreigner, released on Atlantic Records.

When I realized my mother was going to buy me this album, as a reward for doing yard work and other chores, I was ecstatic. You see, Foreigner would be the very first band where I owned every one of their albums! Fortunately for me, Foreigner did not have an extensive catalog of albums back then, so corralling their first three releases was not a difficult task… I just had to earn these albums. Let me tell you this much, I did feel like a big shot and a tad cocky among my school buddies back then, due to my Foreigner loyalty in owning all three of their albums. I chuckle about it now for did it really matter? I guess it did matter at that age.

With albums being such a rare gift or reward for me, (back in 1979 that is), I kept this Head Games album in ultra mint condition. Yes, I did play Head Games like the cows were coming home to fart. I played this album and made certain that my favorite song Dirty White Boy was cranked up the loudest. Being thirteen and turning up the volume to Dirty White Boy, with my bedroom windows open during the warm days, so the neighbors could hear it, was my big idea of rebellion. Yes, I thought I was a rebel by doing that. Metal be thy name.

The big hit was the title track of course and Head Games was played on FM radio all the time back in ’79. I remember like it was yesterday, the ostrich bumps I would get up and down my arms and face whenever I played this song loud… or heard it on the FM dial. Um, I still kinda get ostrich bumps from this song… kinda. Rev on the Red Line is another song on Head Games that never lost it’s Classic Rock cool to my ears… it plays out so smooth and flows so well, while holding it’s hard edge.

Back in ’79, I considered Head Games to be my third favorite Foreigner album, behind their debut/self-titled from 1977 and Double Vision from 1978. I still feel this way. (Double Vision is hands down, my favorite Foreigner album ever). Yes, I do hold fond memories for this Foreigner album. I can remember the album cover giving off the “wow factor” to us kids back then, now I can only shrug and chuckle at it’s classic innocence.

I was into Lou Gramm’s vocals before I ever knew who Joe Lynn Turner was. I was into Foreigner before I can honestly say I was really into Black Sabbath. In reality, thirteen was the age I was during this year of ’79, which was part of the beginning years of my journey, a Rock music journey toward discovering more bands and albums that I could ever dream of. Head Games is an album I will always consider to be a building block of my lifetime infatuation with Hard Rock and yes… Metal.

FOREIGNER as they appeared on Head Games:

Lou Gramm – vocals

Mick Jones – guitar

Rick Wills – bass

Ian McDonald – guitar

Al Greenwood – keyboards

Dennis Elliott – drums

Track Listing For Head Games:

Dirty White Boy

Love on the Telephone

I’ll Get Even With You


Head Games

The Modern Day

Blinded By Science

Do What You Like

Rev on the Red Line

* One nifty fact about Foreigner:  Guitarist (multi-instrumentalist) Ian McDonald was a founding member of the legendary Progressive Rock band: King Crimson.

* For more info on FOREIGNER, click on this link: FOREIGNER

The word “nifty” was used in this Metal Odyssey post. Um, yup.




Cheap Trick “Dream Police” – Pops Into My Head, Has Me Revisiting 1979…

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CHEAP TRICK – Just like it was yesterday. That’s how it feels each time I listen to the 1979 Dream Police album from Cheap Trick. Those days of just playing pick-up basketball games around the neighborhood, going to friends birthday parties on Saturdays, messing around at the roller rink, hanging out at my grandma’s, reading MAD Magazine and having a major crush on Loni Anderson. Back then, I even had a huge crush on Donna Pescow, (she played Angie, on her own sitcom Angie). Yup.

I don’t know exactly why I had Dream Police playing in my head today… maybe because this song reminds me of Winter more than any other season. Songs will do that though… they just “pop” into my head without warning. I’m sure you know what I mean. Wow, maybe “those” Dream Police really do “live inside of my head”. Hey, as long as they’re cool songs that “pop” into my head and not something from The Wiggles (from days when my girls were crawling and rolling on the floor). Whatever the reason why Dream Police caught me off guard today, this song ROCKS and so does Cheap Trick. Metal be thy name.

I hope you enjoy this song and dig Cheap Trick too. This video below is Classic Cheap Trick. ‘Nuff said. If you don’t dig Cheap Trick, well, then go take a laxative and stop watching C-SPAN for awhile.

Back on May 16, 2009, I posted about this Rocktastic Cheap Trick album – Dream Police. If you like to read about it, just click the giant header-link below:

Cheap Trick – “Dream Police” an essential Hard Rock album




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