The Hunting Accident – Ancient Fish: 4 Song EP Of Alternative Rockin’ Coolness

THE HUNTING ACCIDENT – I found this very cool band on twitter recently. This band goes by: The Hunting Accident. Actually, they found me first on twitter. 99% of the time, when a band follows Stone on twitter, Stone follows back. What happened to the other 1% somebody might ask? Those are the bands that aren’t really bands at all… they just try to fool you. Metal Odyssey doesn’t have nearly as many followers on twitter as I would like… so please feel free to follow Stone! (Especially if you are a band known across many continents as: Cheap Trick). Come on Cheap Trick… I’ve already pledged on twitter that if you follow Metal Odyssey, um, (Stone), then I would graciously write a “positive” piece on… ABBA. I cringed as I wrote that you know. Still, Stone gives his Metal promise on that one. Metal be thy name one thousand time over.

I do follow just about everyone except: doctors, lawyers and marketers who are only trying to make an easy buck from anyone they sucker. Seriously, if I needed a doctor or lawyer, the last place on Mother Earth I would seek one out on is twitter. Metal be thy name. I’ve seemed to have gotten off topic here and that’s cool. Why is that cool you might query? For the simple fact that sometimes I grow extremely tired of the formatted and run-of-the-mill album review. It’s normal.

Don’t get me wrong, I guarantee you will certainly see those  strict and conscientious album reviews here at Metal Odyssey. They will never go away. I wish political advertisements would go away though. Head cheese too. I wouldn’t touch head cheese with my worst enemy’s big toe. If I had a worst enemy that is. Maybe it’s the dude that keeps leaving postcards on my front door asking if I need “new uv-rated windows or a patio”.

Okay, now it’s definitely time to steer back to The Hunting Accident. Hey, this band is damn good. Yes sir and madam. All four songs on their Ancient Fish EP are just steaming with an Alternative bite that is both relevant and Hard Rockin’. These are songs that should catapult this band to some sort of Rock and Roll stardom. In my opinion, from these songs I’ve listened to, The Hunting Accident could realistically open for the legendary Alt/Rock band we all know and love called: The Cars. Just one listen to their song Big Mistake and you might not think I’m so crazy for stating that last thought.

I can honestly say I am hoping The Hunting Accident releases a full-length album very soon. I’ll admit, I never heard of this band before my twitter encounter with them and this Ancient Fish EP has served me right. Each musician of The Hunting Accident has a very decent track record in the music industry too. Really, they do. Check out their website here for more bio and info on them: The Hunting Accident – Official Website

You can either download this 4 song EP for free (yes free) or buy the 7″ EP of Ancient Fish directly on their site. How amazing is that? Free Rock and Roll or buy some vinyl… those words are wonderful to my ears. Plus, you can stream all 4 songs if you like, before you make that important decision as to how you want to own them. Seriously, if you are into Alternative Rock/Hard Rock or just want to hear 4 very groovy songs, The Hunting Accident is delivering the Rockin’ goods.

* You can also check out The Hunting Accident by clicking on their facebook link below:

The Hunting Accident – Official facebook

Ancient Fish – Track Listing:

Hot Drum


Jack Trap

Big Mistake


The words “wonderful” and “groovy” were used in this post.


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