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Stone’s Relocation Files: Part Two – It’s The Final Countdown!

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Europe - The Final Countdown - promo cover pic!

Stone’s Relocation Files: Part Two – Back on January 2nd and February 8th, I wrote about how my family and I are relocating to Ohio. Leaving the Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania and embarking on an entire changeover to Ohio is no easy task! Therefore, there may be some interruption with my covering the Metal news, album reviews, interviews and random Metal blabbing that you’ve become accustomed to on Metal Odyssey.

I have scheduled some kick-ass posts that will run through the third week of February (just in case there’s a bottleneck in getting the internet into our new home).

As you read this, my family and I are now official residents of Ohio! Whoa! We are now residents of the Buckeye State! 

Have no fear, Metal Odyssey is not going anywhere and I shall get back in the Metal groove, once my family and I are settled into our new home and surroundings in Ohio. In the Metal meantime, I’m crossing my Metal fingers that internet access will be delivered to our new home in a reasonable time frame!

Here’s A BIG METAL THANK YOU to every visitor for your supporting Metal Odyssey!


By now you are probably wondering: why did Stone put the album cover of EUROPE – The Final Countdown at the top of his Relocation Files post? The answer is simple. Ever since this whole relocation gig began to heat up, the title track from this EUROPE album popped into my Metal brain! I just couldn’t shake this (very popular) song from my sub-conscious! Therefore, as each day passed and our relocation to Ohio became more of a reality, it all became a final countdown feeling to this entire life changing journey.

I never would have predicted that this (very huge 80’s hit) from EUROPE would become a theme song for me, as it represents such an important chapter in my Metal life. Metal be thy name.


DID YOU KNOW: EUROPE will be playing a very special gig at this year’s Sweden Rock Festival, on June 7th; celebrating their 30th Anniversary as a world-wide successful Hard Rockin’ band! Whoa!

Europe - Sweden Rock Festival - 2013 - promo banner - 30th Anniversary


Back on January 2nd, I wrote about the relocation that would be taking place in the live’s of my family and I. You can read all about it by clicking that handsome link below! Whoa!

Relocation Is On The Horizon For Stone… What’s Next For Metal Odyssey?


EUROPE – The Final Countdown was released back in the Spring of 1986, via Epic Records.

For more info on EUROPE, click on the links below!

facebook: Europe

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small






STRYPER ‘Calling On You’ Music Video – A Classic From 1986

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This tremendous Stryper song has woke me up today. I cherish living and all that’s good in my life. I dedicate Calling On You to Nilla. Metal be thy name.

Calling On You is from the 1986 album from Stryper: To Hell With The Devil


For more info on STRYPER, click on the link below:

Stryper – Official Website



Joe Elliott’s Down ‘N’ Outz’s ‘Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding’ Streaming On Band’s Facebook Page

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As reported on the official website of DEF LEPPARD:

Joe Elliott’s Down ‘N’ Outz’s version of “Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding” has been a big hit on Joe’s weekly radio show on Planet Rock.  Due to the many requests you can now stream the track on demand over at the Down ‘N’ Outz Facebook page: Down ‘n’ Outz – Facebook


For more info, click on the link below:




THIN LIZZY – ICON Greatest Hits: 11 Songs Of Timeless, Classic Hard Rock

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THIN LIZZY – Released on June 21st, 2011, via Mercury Records is the Icon series of greatest hits installment of the ultra-legendary: Thin Lizzy. There are 11 songs on this Thin Lizzy compilation. Timeless, Revered, Classic Rock songs all. This past week, I bought this CD for two reasons: 1. I really dig Thin Lizzy and 2. I do not have every Thin Lizzy album on CD. Stone still swims among his vinyl and cassettes, therefore, Metal be thy name and ring that Old School F’n bell.

This Thin Lizzy CD set me back $7 (U.S.) and I’m happier than a pig in murky, stink ridden mud now that I own it. How can any of these Thin Lizzy classics ever grow stale? Impossible I say! These Thin Lizzy songs are the reason why the word “Classic” was put in front of the word “Rock”.

It is a difficult task in choosing which is my favorite Thin Lizzy song on this CD. I’ll go with Cowboy Song for now, then an hour later it is Jailbreak. Tomorrow it’s The Boys Are Back In Town as my top choice. You get the Metal picture.

Thin Lizzy – Icon Track Listing:

Whiskey In The Jar

The Rocker

Still In Love With You


The Boys Are Back In Town


Cowboy Song


Don’t Believe A Word

Bad Reputation

Dancing In The Moonlight (It’s Caught Me In It’s Spotlight)

* For more info on THIN LIZZY, click on the link below:



Rest In Peace, Phil Lynott and Gary Moore.


DEEP PURPLE – “King Of Dreams”: Song From 1990 Revisited

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DEEP PURPLE – Released back in October of 1990, Slaves and Masters became the thirteenth studio album from the ultra-legendary Deep Purple. This terrific album embodied the reunion of Rock icons Joe Lynn Turner (vocals) and Ritchie Blackmore (guitar), both formerly together in Rainbow, a Rock historic and outrageously important band founded by Ritchie Blackmore. The Joe Lynn Turner and Ritchie Blackmore partnership in Rainbow spanned three studio albums: Difficult To Cure (1981), Straight Between The Eyes (1982) and Bent Out Of Shape (1983).

My favorite song from Slaves and Masters is: King Of Dreams. Sure, as with this entire album, there are flashes of melodic Rainbow that seep out of King Of Dreams… all due in part to Joe Lynn Turners melodic and harmoniously contagious vocals. The tone of Ritchie Blackmore’s guitar does resonate Deep Purple, yet there are reminders of his Rainbow era that resonate in his style as well… in my Metal opinion.

King Of Dreams is just a solid melodic Hard Rock song that seems to carry with it a “no end in sight” shelf life. The sound heard on this album and King Of Dreams is extremely relevant to my ears. I find it incredible that I bought Slaves and Masters on cassette 22 years ago. I still have the cassette… Metal be thy name.

I hope you dig King Of Dreams as much as I do. If not, well, go listen to some Milli Vanilli and take some laxatives.

DEEP PURPLE (Mk V) on Slaves and Masters:

Joe Lynn Turner – vocals

Ritchie Blackmore – guitar

Roger Glover – bass

Jon Lord – keyboards

Ian Paice – drums

* The CD single photo for King Of Dreams is at top of this post. I found this CD single at an antique store on Friday, May 20th, 2011. Yes, an antique store. This is a “For Promotional Use Only” copy which contains both the album and edit version of King Of Dreams. The whole package is in mint shape too. I paid a whopping $3 (U.S. funds) for this piece of Deep Purple history! This King Of Dreams CD single is not the one which contains the track Fire In The Basement. The record labels on the backside of the liner notes are: BMG and RCA.

(Slaves and Masters album cover/1990 – BMG & RCA)

* For more info on DEEP PURPLE, click on the link below:






World EXCLUSIVE Premiere – The Jimi Hendrix Experience “HEY JOE” Is Covered By THE NEW CZARS! LISTEN HERE FIRST!

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THE NEW CZARS – Metal Odyssey is extremely proud and honored, to present to the Rock Music world, the World Premiere Exclusive listen of Hey Joe covered by The New Czars! Metal Odyssey is the only place you will hear this cover version right now! *(Just click on the arrow in the bar below, to hear this song, in it’s entirety for yourself!). This ultra classic song from the ever legendary and late Jimi Hendrix is timeless. Hey Joe was released by The Jimi Hendrix Experience, on their debut album, Are You Experienced in 1967.

This cover of Hey Joe by The New Czars is solid in both it’s relevancy and classic heaviness carried over from it’s time. Greg Hampton adds his unique vocals and guitar skills to a song that some may consider sacred and does so with such rightful Rock reverence, which makes me say whoa, well done! Greg’s vocals have an instilled “Classic Rock sound and vibe” that only makes his singing Hey Joe that much more real to me. In my Metal opinion, Greg Hampton and The New Czars have nailed down the true Rock essence of Hey Joe. Jimi Hendrix is probably smiling from above, as he hears this cover version of Hey Joe.

Greg Hampton tells Metal Odyssey: “I have been a lifelong fan of Jimi Hendrix. With the fortieth anniversary of Jimi Hendrix’s passing approaching, I’ve been listening to a lot of his music. I wanted to do something to commemorate Jimi Hendrix on this important anniversary, through song. This cover of Hey Joe I’ve been working on for quite some time and I am very proud of it. I hope the fans will appreciate this cover of Hey Joe and like it as much as I do”.

* This cover version of Hey Joe by The New Czars will be available for purchase on itunes, on October 5, 2010.

* Hey Joe will also be featured on the forthcoming EP from The New Czars, titled: Mining The Ruins. This EP is slated for a November 30, 2010 release.

* Greg Hampton, (founding member of The New Czars), plays all instruments on this cover of Hey Joe, except for drums which are played by The New Czars alumni and multi-instrumentalist Chris Collier.

* To listen to the World Exclusive Premiere of Hey Joe by The New Czars, click the arrow in the bar below!

Long live the music of Jimi Hendrix!

Long live The New Czars!



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VANDENBERG – Let’s go back to 1982. I was a sophomore in high school and very proud of my ability to draw the band logos for Styx, Michael Schenker Group and of course… KISS. (The Judas Priest band logo was and forever will be too difficult for me to draw freehand). Hirax, Hellhammer and Armored Saint were formed, just to name a few Metal bands. Alright, W.A.S.P. was formed in 1982 too. World famous pro basketball star, (UCONN & Pheonix Mercury) Diana Taurasi was born.

Ronald Reagan was the United States President and Bryant Gumbel began his 15 year career as NBC’s The Today Show co-host. The Weather Channel also launched into cable television back in 1982. Well, enough with the 1982 trivia… this post is about guitarist Adrian Vandenberg’s own Hard Rock band which debuted their self-titled album Vandenberg, this very same year on Atco Records.

This Vandenberg debut album was and always will be an excellent listen for me. My favorite song from this album is Burning Heart. That’s correct… a ballad. A Power Ballad too. Me, the dude who likes to tip-toe around ballads in almost any album review I do, really digs Burning Heart. Ever since I first heard this song on the FM dial back in 1982, I have been an admirer of it. Bert Heerink was the lead vocalist on this song and album. Could it be the strength in Bert’s vocals that I hear be the deciding factor for my liking Burning Heart so much? How about the guitar talent of Adrian Vandenberg himself? Adrian’s solo in Burning Heart is as articulately placed and played as any I’ve ever heard over all these years.

Adrian’s tone and feel that comes out at me from his guitar just always seemed to have that wallop. On Burning Heart, Adrian makes his guitar come across with such a free floating sound, making this Power Ballad come together perfectly… he dictated this song and commanded it with his guitar eloquence. Burning Heart from the very onset of my hearing it, never came across to me as being sappy. It is quite an emotional song for certain and radiates that essential vibe that seems to be lacking in so many Power Ballads over the decades.

Does Burning Heart remind me of a love I once had? Nope. Does it remind me of a love I could never have? Nope again. Despite this, this is a song that just reminds me of a time in my life when I was seeking out my place amongst my peers and just trying to get along. In actuality, that is really what I’m still doing, to this very day. Any song, from the vast and seemingly infinite world of music, will hold it’s own unique affect on an individual. Burning Heart stays in my music mind files as being… timeless.

*  Besides being a legendary guitarist, find out more about Adrian Vandenberg and his other artistic talent… as a world renowned painter in the fine arts. Peruse Adrian’s brilliant artwork by clicking this link: ADRIAN VANDENBERG – ARTIST

Vandenberg, as they appeared on the debut/self titled album:

Adrian Vandenberg – guitar, keyboards and backing vocals

Bert Heerink – lead vocals

Dick Kemper – bass and backing vocals

Jos Zoomer – drums and backing vocals



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