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THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE “Live At Berkeley” – Another Rock Music Treasure, From An Iconic Band And Historic Era Of Rock

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THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE – Released on July 10th, 2012, via Sony Legacy, Live At Berkeley is a Rock ‘N Roll gem to own. There’s never been a doubt in my Metal mind, that The Jimi Hendrix Experience were a trio of musicians that helped plant the seeds of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. I always ponder to myself, what would Jimi Hendrix think of today’s Heavy and Extreme Music? How would have Jimi’s guitar playing evolved if he had never passed away at such a young age of 27? I imagine I’m not alone with the wonder of it all. I bought this CD last week and I couldn’t be happier. Then again, if I scored a million dollar lottery ticket, I would be happier.

The production across the board on Live At Berkeley is sensational; the clarity of sound is undeniably first-rate. (The original location recordings were engineered by Abe Jacob). To have The Jimi Hendrix Experience captured live from this momentous evening of Rock history is Classic Rock personified. In my personal Metal opinion, there can never be enough live material of The Jimi Hendrix Experience; these Rock historic recordings recovered and released to the public are sonic journeys into a gilded past of music, in which I absorb like a sponge. There exists that select group of artists and bands that will always meet the demand for their (often times rare) unreleased studio and live music; The Jimi Hendrix Experience is a profound member of this select group.


As with many live albums that have spanned the history of Rock Music, Live At Berkeley can also be considered a greatest hits. With such iconic Rock/Hard Rock songs such as Hey Joe, Purple Haze, Stone Free, Foxy Lady and Jimi’s adaptation of The Star Spangled Banner, Live At Berkeley showcases the songs that made both Jimi Hendrix and Heavy Rock escalate into the mainstream of popular music, during times of enormous social change. These are the songs that defined an era of Hard Rock, laying the field stone path for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal to follow.

Live At Berkeley was recorded on May 30th, 1970, (the 2nd show) at the Berkeley Community Theatre. On that storied night, Jimi Hendrix, along with Mitch Mitchell on drums and Billy Cox (from Band Of Gypsys fame) on bass, most likely never knew of their eventual pop-culture and Rock historical impact they would have on multiple generations of musicians and fans. The Jimi Hendrix Experience left a Rock ‘N Roll impact that can never be duplicated ever again.


Stones Note: The also legendary Noel Redding will always be included when I reference The Jimi Hendrix Experience; being the original bassist for this band, Noel was no longer a member when this Berkeley concert was recorded.


The Jimi Hendrix Experience has left me awestruck with their pioneering contributions and immeasurable influence to Rock and Heavy Music. With all of its glorious genres that have spiraled from the bulging and glowing core of Heavy Music, I can thank The Jimi Hendrix Experience (and other select pioneering artists and bands) for all being the incubus that kick-started it all. The very least I can do now, is write about legends the likes of The Jimi Hendrix Experience and celebrate the release of their live music from the past. The Jimi Hendrix Experience… never to be forgotten and never to be replaced. Metal be thy name.

LIVE AT BERKLEY – Track Listing:


Pass It On (Straight Ahead)

Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)

Lover Man

Stone Free

Hey Joe

I Don’t Live Today

Machine Gun

Foxey Lady

Star Spangled Banner

Purple Haze

Voodoo Child (Slight Return)




World EXCLUSIVE Premiere – The Jimi Hendrix Experience “HEY JOE” Is Covered By THE NEW CZARS! LISTEN HERE FIRST!

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THE NEW CZARS – Metal Odyssey is extremely proud and honored, to present to the Rock Music world, the World Premiere Exclusive listen of Hey Joe covered by The New Czars! Metal Odyssey is the only place you will hear this cover version right now! *(Just click on the arrow in the bar below, to hear this song, in it’s entirety for yourself!). This ultra classic song from the ever legendary and late Jimi Hendrix is timeless. Hey Joe was released by The Jimi Hendrix Experience, on their debut album, Are You Experienced in 1967.

This cover of Hey Joe by The New Czars is solid in both it’s relevancy and classic heaviness carried over from it’s time. Greg Hampton adds his unique vocals and guitar skills to a song that some may consider sacred and does so with such rightful Rock reverence, which makes me say whoa, well done! Greg’s vocals have an instilled “Classic Rock sound and vibe” that only makes his singing Hey Joe that much more real to me. In my Metal opinion, Greg Hampton and The New Czars have nailed down the true Rock essence of Hey Joe. Jimi Hendrix is probably smiling from above, as he hears this cover version of Hey Joe.

Greg Hampton tells Metal Odyssey: “I have been a lifelong fan of Jimi Hendrix. With the fortieth anniversary of Jimi Hendrix’s passing approaching, I’ve been listening to a lot of his music. I wanted to do something to commemorate Jimi Hendrix on this important anniversary, through song. This cover of Hey Joe I’ve been working on for quite some time and I am very proud of it. I hope the fans will appreciate this cover of Hey Joe and like it as much as I do”.

* This cover version of Hey Joe by The New Czars will be available for purchase on itunes, on October 5, 2010.

* Hey Joe will also be featured on the forthcoming EP from The New Czars, titled: Mining The Ruins. This EP is slated for a November 30, 2010 release.

* Greg Hampton, (founding member of The New Czars), plays all instruments on this cover of Hey Joe, except for drums which are played by The New Czars alumni and multi-instrumentalist Chris Collier.

* To listen to the World Exclusive Premiere of Hey Joe by The New Czars, click the arrow in the bar below!

Long live the music of Jimi Hendrix!

Long live The New Czars!



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JIMI HENDRIX – Back on September 18, 1970, Jimi Hendrix passed away in London, England, at age 27. Forty years ago, the loss of Jimi Hendrix was just getting underway. Getting into the exact details of where Jimi Hendrix died and how he died is not my purpose here. I am solely reflecting on my introduction to his music as a young teen and how his music continues to entertain me to this very day. Check that… the music of Jimi Henrix continues to bring me joy to this very day.

Back when I was in high school in the early 1980’s, (1980-85), Jimi Hendrix was a huge favorite amongst the crowd of kids I hung with who listened to Heavy Metal. (Yes, I did “extra time” in high school… big deal). Even the kids who listened to straight up Rock and Hard Rock listened to Jimi Hendrix too. It seemed as if no one dared to say they didn’t dig Hendrix back then… he was too cool and bigger than life, regardless if he had passed away a decade earlier. There was this mystique, an almost reverent aura about the songs that Jimi Hendrix sang and played guitar on back in those days. I still get that sense of mystique, a brilliant vibe of reverence when I listen to Jimi Hendrix now… in 2010.

Why the reverence? The mystique? Well, in my Metal opinion, who else can be looked upon as the leading pioneer of electric Heavy Metal guitar? The riffs. Oh, those riffs. Seriously, who else back in 1967 was playing that style of “heavy guitar”? On a consistent level? Yes, you can go back through Rock ‘N’ Roll history with a magnifying glass and find those guitarists who “flirted” with some “heavy” riffs before and during the Jimi Hendrix era. I’m only being real about the impact that Jimi Hendrix had on Rock Music history. His guitar and vocals were so unique to the time that it’s a mesmerizing thought to behold.

It is difficult to pinpoint which was the first Jimi Hendrix song I ever heard, although I will venture to guess it was Foxy Lady. The three FM radio stations I listened to, while in high school, were WCCC and WHCN out of Hartford, the third being WPLR out of New Haven, Connecticut. Those three FM stations played Jimi Hendrix like it was going out of style the Beatles, The WhoRUSH and Led Zeppelin were also played so continuously, that I found no reason to buy all of their albums right away. It’s quite possible to admit, that I listened to Jimi Hendrix each day of my high school life due to those FM radio stations. Truthfully.

Of course, I borrowed and listened to Are You Experienced, Axis: Bold As Love and Electric Ladyland from my friends before I owned them. Swapping albums was the norm back then… not too many of us had the cash to run out and buy every album we wanted. Those are and always will be the “big 3” Jimi Hendrix albums for me. Sure, there have been many other studio albums released after his death, only these are the three albums that defined Jimi Hendrix and made me one of his countless fans.

To stop and reflect for a second, on just how many times I have listened to Jimi Hendrix over the years is mind numbing. Then, to realize that I have never grown tired of the music that Jimi Hendrix created is a double shot of mind numb. Yes, this is all my personal opinion and the way I truly feel. Jimi Hendrix was a pioneering guitar player who paved the way for Heavy Metal to be where it is today. I sometimes wonder what Jimi Hendrix would think of Metal Music in 2010? What would Jimi Hendrix have to say, during those “building block” years of Heavy Metal during the 1970’s and 1980’s? Man, it would be very cool to know.

There could never be another set of album releases such as the first 3 from the Jimi Hendrix Experience. To have three albums in a row, with such amazingly memorable songs is unparalleled. Purple Haze, Crosstown Traffic and All Along The Watchtower… really, what more can be said for the originality and pure heaviness of their time? Timeless is a powerful word… Jimi Hendrix epitomizes this word each and every time I listen to his music.

Rest In Peace, Jimi Hendrix.

Thank you for your timeless music.


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