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BILLY SQUIER – “Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You” Video Is Worth Revisiting Again!

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Ahhh… those good ol’ ’80’s. Billy Squier has always been a staple in my Hard Rock Music collection, since I can remember. This song and video does bring back some good time Holiday memories for me. Seeing some of those MTV VJ’s of yesteryear is a real hoot too. Enjoy this Christmas song and video! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a very Metal New Year to all!

My Least Favorite Ozzy Osbourne Song Ever Is…

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MetalOdysseyOzzy Osbourne, the Heavy Metal Prince of Darkness. Ozzy Osbourne – Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee with Black Sabbath. Honestly, I revere the living hell out of this Heavy Metal legend. I did get to see Ozzy Osbourne live in concert twice during my lifetime. For me, those two concerts were unbelievable, with Metallica opening up for Ozzy in New Haven Connecticut, (at the spooky New Haven Coliseum) – it was The Ultimate Sin Tour for Ozzy and Metallica was promoting their legendary Master of Puppets album. The other Ozzy concert I saw had Queensryche open for Ozzy in Springfield, Massachusetts, (at the Springfield Civic Center), on this same Ultimate Sin Tour. Alright, so it is obvious I think the Metal world of Ozzy Osbourne… fine. However, by process of elimination, there has to be my least favorite Ozzy Osbourne song out there and there is one. I do not think much of the song, uh, ballad So Tired from Ozzy’s Bark At The Moon album. This song, ugh, ballad is responsible for my distaste of most Heavy Metal ballads ever released since, by any band. This album was released on December 10, 1983. Don’t get me wrong here, the Bark At The Moon album as a whole, is unreal good. Three songs on this album are incredible for me… Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel, You’re No Different and of course – Bark At The Moon. These three Ozzy songs I can hold up on a Metal pedestal forever. Plus, Jake E. Lee on guitar is a Metal bonus to listen to.

So Tired is a song that in my Metal opinion, is overwhelmingly dull and depressing and does absolutely nothing but annoy me beyond belief. Who exactly is supposed to be so tired in this song? Is it Ozzy himself? Someone that Ozzy knows? I really do not care in the darn least who is tired. I get tired too, yet I never whine about it like Ozzy did in this song. Sure, maybe the tired theme was about waiting around for a love lost… who cares. So Tired is a perfect example of what happens when a Heavy Metal icon decides to go the Pop and Bubble Gum Music route with a song. Sappy city is open for tourists with So Tired. Get out the kleenex, So Tired is now playing… sniffle, sniffle, I am so moved. The orchestration in this song only annoys me more.

To me, So Tired just never seemed to fit in with the Bark At The Moon album. So Tired is a downer in the midst of some riveting Heavy Metal songs, a huge let down, like the depressed dude at a party trying to bring everyone else down with him. The video for So Tired, (which was on MTV too often back in the day), was so ridiculous that even I felt embarrassed for Ozzy. When the Bark At The Moon album was reissued, So Tired should have been omitted from the track list… it is that lousy – for me. In my Metal opinion, So Tired is the lowest moment of Ozzy Osbournes unparalleled and ultra legendary Heavy Metal career.

Ozzy Osbourne "Bark At The Moon" Large album picture

TWISTED SISTER – “Love is for Suckers” has made a sucker out of me

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Twisted Sister "Love is for Suckers" small picTwisted Sister – Love Is For Suckers was released on August 13, 1987, on Atlantic Records. Back then, as a Metal fan, I was totally engulfed with Thrash and Speed Metal. To make a Metal confession, I never bought this Twisted Sister album, after owning their first four albums. I was not overly impressed with Come Out And Play, (released in 1985), I guess the first three Twisted Sister albums really spoiled me. So, I took in whatever songs MTV or the FM stations were playing from Love Is For Suckers. Seeing the video for Hot Love and hearing it played on FM radio very frequently, back in 1987-1988 was, I thought, the coolest extent of this album. I always liked Hot Love, this song reminds me of some cool times back in 1987-88… and there isn’t anything wrong with that. Hot Love is upbeat and (gasp), commercially catchy in it’s unique Heavy Metal way. A few years ago, I bought Twisted Sister’s Big Hits and Nasty Cuts: The Best of Twisted Sister, it contains several cool live bonus tracks that enticed me… unreal great songs at that. The Metal kicker here, is that there are no songs from Love is for Suckers on this Best of album… I smell controversy. Therefore, my continuation of never hearing more than Hot Love from Love is for Suckers continued… Fast forward to September 18, 2009… Twisted Sister – Love is for Suckers has for all Metal intents and purposes, made a sucker out of me.

Understand, that I could never financially afford or find the time to listen to every Heavy Metal and Hard Rock album that has been created in the last forty years. For me, that is impossible, I would have to be able to do nothing at all but listen to Heavy Metal/Hard Rock every hour, around the clock, with an endless flow of cash available to buy every album out there. Step in my best buddy Scott… a copy of Love is for Suckers arrived in my mail today, thank you Scott. This album was just an unfortunate victim of being overlooked by me for over two decades… today I repent this Heavy Metal error and I am a better Metalhead for it. I now hereby declare, that Love is for Suckers is incredibly better than Come Out And Play, in my Metal opinion. Plus, all of the professionally paid Rock critics who have bashed and trashed this great album over the years should be embarrassed for never listening to it in the first place.

My favorite song is the album opener – Wake Up (The Sleeping Giant), not to sound like a lame television talent show judge here… Dee Snider on vocals is not just powerful, he is electrifying, in my Metal opinion. Whoa, do I wish I listened to this album years ago. I honestly will put this song at the top of my favorite list for Twisted Sister songs and Heavy Metal songs period. Me and the Boys and Yeah Right are two other stand out songs for me as well. Suffice to admit, there is not one song on Love is for Suckers that I would fast forward through ever. A wise Metalhead once told me… great Metal comes to those Metalheads who wait. Well, this Metalhead unbelievably waited twenty two years to finally listen to Love is for Suckers in it’s entirety. I’m sure Dee Snider will forgive me. I am Metal thankful to my best buddy Scott for making me realize… I am a sucker for Love is for Suckers after all.

Twisted Sister as they appeared on Love is for Suckers:

Dee Snider – lead vocals

Eddie “Fingers” Ojeda – lead guitar

Jay Jay French – rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Mark “The Animal” Mendoza – bass, backing vocals

Joe Franco – drums, percussion (credited as Joey “Seven” Franco)

* Obviously, the legendary A.J. Pero was not the drummer on Love is for Suckers.

* Kip Winger supplies backing vocals on Love is for Suckers… cool.

Twisted Sister "Love is for Suckers" large pic

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