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PAGAN ALTAR – Decibel Magazine Debuts Title Track From PAGAN ALTAR’s “The Time Lord” EP

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Decibel Magazine has posted an exclusive stream of the title track from PAGAN ALTAR’s The Time Lord EP. Consisting of remastered material from as far back as 1978, The Time Lord will be released on September 11th, 2012 by Shadow Kingdom Records. Visit the Deciblog ( now to check out “The Time Lord.” The EP and other PAGAN ALTAR releases can be ordered from the Shadow Kingdom store at this location:

In other news, PAGAN LORD has recently been confirmed for Maryland Death Fest XI, which will take place May 23rd – 26th, 2013 in Baltimore, MD. For for information and updates visit

Stone Says: You absolutely MUST check out PAGAN ALTAR! This is tried and true N.W.O.B.H.M. and it’s Classic Metal; this is the stuff that helped build the foundation for the Metal we all love and follow today! Just amazing Metal from a pioneering Metal band. I’ve become an instant fan of PAGAN ALTAR after my very first listen to The Time Lord. I have been Metal schooled once again by a legendary Metal band and it’s PAGAN ALTAR. Metal be thy name.


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LIZZY BORDEN – Check it out below! The NEW 2012 promo video for LIZZY BORDEN has landed! WARNING: By watching this video below, you will have the uncontrollable urge to seek out a LIVE gig of LIZZY BORDEN in 2012. Don’t say I didn’t F’n warn you.



Lizzy Borden – Vocals

Joey Scott – Drums

Marten Andersson – Bass

Dario Lorina – Guitar

AC Alexander – Guitar


For more info on LIZZY BORDEN, click on the links below:



DERAILED – To Unveil New Songs “Live” Off Their Upcoming Sophomore CD “Underground”

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DERAILED – are anxious to play some new songs off their upcoming sophomore CD “Underground” so they will perform a set at the infamous ‘Distillery’!!

The show will be held Thursday, March 15th @ 9pm. The Distillery Public House is located @ 615- 7th Ave SW, downtown Calgary.


(Source: DERAILED)

For more info on DERAILED, click on the link below:

DERAILED – Official Website



CAGE – ‘Hell Destroyer vs. Metal Devil’ Video: Prodigious Power Metal Intensified!

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CAGE – Originating from San Diego, California, is one hell of an amazing Power Metal / Classic Heavy Metal band globally known as: CAGE. Led by frontman Sean “The Hell Destroyer” Peck and his Metal falsetto, both he and band are an American Metal paragon to hear!

Supremacy Of Steel, the sixth studio album from CAGE, was released back on December 13th, 2011, via music by mail distro on their own Heavy Metal media label imprint. The vinyl release for Supremacy Of Steel will be released on April 27th, 2012, via Pure Steel Records. Hell Destroyer vs Metal Devil is a blazing Power Metal song that never relents for a micro-second. The driving guitars and resounding rhythm section combine with Sean’s vocals, for a pure listen into Power Metal on high!

Listen to the Power Metal brilliance of CAGE and check out the stunning animated video below! “From the Supremacy of Steel album, the final battle between The Hell Destroyer and the Metal Devil”. This is what Power Metal is all about! Metal be thy name!


Sean “The Hell Destroyer” Peck – Vocals

Dave “Conan” Garcia – guitars

Pete “Hands of” Stone – Bass guitar

Steve “MetalBrog” Brogden – guitars

Norm “The Legend” Leggio – drums


For more info on CAGE, click on the links below:



IRON CLAW – “A Different Game”: Bluesy, Classic Hard Rock That Points To The Past And Leads Us To The Present

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IRON CLAW – Step aside, Anvil… there’s a Rock n’ Roll comeback story that blows yours into the stratosphere. IRON CLAW is the Rock n’ Roll comeback story of legend. We’re looking at a band that hasn’t released new material in nearly forty years and now A Different Game will be set loose upon the Rock Music world on October 4th, 2011, on Ripple Music. For IRON CLAW, it is “a different game” and they haven’t a thing to lose, only amazing praise to gain from anyone who respects and enjoys beyond memorable Classic Hard Rock and vintage Heavy Metal.

You see, IRON CLAW was playing their brand of Heavy Rock at live gigs when Heavy Metal was just getting it’s name. The early 70’s were the building blocks for the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal that we all cherish deeply in 2011… and IRON CLAW was there… planting the seeds. Touring during the early years with the legendary likes of The Kinks, Spencer Davis and Pink Fairies, (to name a few), IRON CLAW easily can be considered an important underground player within the structure of the British Rock Movement. Without a “coveted” record contract, the Rock history books have overlooked too many silent legends, the pioneers of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock such as IRON CLAW. With A Different Game, their role in Rock history shall never go unspoken again.

Stone at Metal Odyssey won’t overlook IRON CLAW, no Metal way. If you have even a sliver of Hard Rock or vintage Heavy Metal in your Rock n’ Roll soul, you too will not overlook IRON CLAW and their forthcoming Hard Rock gemstone: A Different Game. Life is funny and filled with surprises. IRON CLAW has been my most personal biggest Rock n’ Roll surprise I’ve ever encountered in my entire Metal lovin’ and Hard Rockin’ life. With all this said, you can’t possibly short change yourself from being a part of what I consider to be “one of”, if not “the biggest” Rock n’ Roll comebacks in Rock Music history and it’s IRON CLAW –  A Different Game.

(Photo courtesy of IRON CLAW)

(L to R: Jimmy (guitar), Gordon (vocals), Ian (drums) and Alex (bass))

These Rockin’ dudes from Scotland would never have considered even an attempt at a comeback, if they felt this new album wasn’t their best work of their lives. It is their best work. A Different Game contains the thick and muscular riffs from Jimmy Ronnie’s guitar that will guarantee to make the iconic Tony Iommi nod with approval and pride. Jimmy can jam, so go spread the Rockin’ word. As I listen to Jimmy Ronnie play guitar on this album, I realize that a new page must be added to any and all coffee table books on Rock guitarists. Add a chapter for this entire band in any Rock Music encyclopedia… right now. Their songs are that fantastic.

A Different Game is a reminder that Rock n’ Roll was born from the Blues and Gordon Brown’s vocals will have you searching to see if he ever “once” sang for Deep Purple. So fluid, so classic is the voice of Gordon’s that I swear he has a famously storied Rock career, one that VH1 would have a documentary on… only it’s all heard and told here on A Different Game. Alex Wilson on bass and Ian McDougall on drums play in rhythmic old school unison, fostering those visions of a world without big brother watching you and FM programming returning to AOR formats.

The relevance of IRON CLAW lies in the Hard Rockin’ and Bluesy sound they are so gifted at playing and is what countless bands of any age are trying to capture to this very day. Before I sat down to write this review on A Different Game, I wondered how inappropriate it would be to not call out individual songs and break ’em down. Then, the realization poured over me: what in the hell is there to point out, other than this IRON CLAW album holding it’s Hard Rock merit valiantly as a whole? IRON CLAW is a band that was bred when listening to an album from front to back was second nature. My album review here is one of totality and A Different Game is the total Classic Rock package.

A Different Game must be listened to and enjoyed from beginning to end. The underlying and deliberate rawness of sound, coupled with this bands old school style and musicianship, may hopefully be utilized one day as a blueprint to a young band’s future, while also serving as a reminder to us seasoned Rockaholics that the past is never a closed book. Instead, the roots of Rock are a never ending gateway and guide to where Rock Music is today and tomorrow. IRON CLAW has returned and their unfinished business might just Rock your world… It’s Rocked mine.


Gordon Brown – vocals

Jimmy Ronnie – guitar

Alex Wilson – bass

Ian McDougall – drums

A Different Game – Track Listing:

What Love Left


The Traveler

A Different Game

Angel Woman

Southern Sky

Falling Down

It’s Easy

My Way Down

Love Is Blind


See Them Fall

Closing In

* For more info on IRON CLAW, click on the links below:

IRON CLAW – facebook

IRON CLAW – twitter

Ripple Music

Ripple Music – IRON CLAW – What Love Left/Free Download



PHARAOH – TEN YEARS EP: This Is American Power Metal… Loud, Proud and Heavy Hitting

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PHARAOH: TEN YEARS EP – American Power Metal is well represented when a band such as Pharoah exists. Seriously. The six songs on the Ten Years EP are a strong representation of just how excellent the musicianship of Pharaoh is. Metal truth be told, I wish this was a 12 song album, Pharaoh hammers out their one-of-a-kind Metal sound that well. This is a durable band with mighty Metal experience (see band lineup below) and this experience comes through remarkably well on each song.

The Classic Heavy Metal feel and vibes are unmistakable as I listen to Ten Years. Pharaoh plays their American-made Power Metal with relevant muscularity, with melodic moments flourishing throughout their sound.  One Metal constant about Pharaoh is their ability to sound raw and tough, with an old school sensibility. It’s this raw toughness in the Metal mix that adds to Pharaoh’s mystique, for me.

Ten Years will be released on June 7th, 2011, on Cruz Del Sur. This EP contains two unreleased songs from the Be Gone (2008) recording sessions, two tracks previously released only as a bonus 7″ and two cover songs: Slayer’s Tormentor and New Model Army’s White Light. Ten Years sets the Metal stage for the forthcoming and fourth studio album from Pharaoh, which is scheduled for release later in 2011.

Pharaoh does a standup  job at covering Slayer’s Tormentor, with no slippage on the speed factor on both guitar and the rhythm section. Tim Aymar may not be Tom Araya on vocals, still he embellishes this song with the necessary searing notes, leathery vocals and pissed-off attitude. Tim Aymar can hit the high notes with ease as well as delivering gritty, old school tones. A great example of just how diverse Tim’s vocals are is the title track Ten Years. This song is a Metal showcase for Tim’s vocals, there’s no doubt to my ears about that.

The thick and melodic sounds of Matt Johnsen’s guitar are totally enjoyable. Matt’s flirtation’s and nod’s to Classic Speed Metal are apparent and very welcomed to my Metal lovin’ ears. Matt Johnsen has his own signature tone happening on guitar and perhaps should be looked upon as one of Metal’s best kept secrets.

Pharaoh has always been a dynamite Power Metal band, it’s time for scores of Metal fans out there to realize just how excellent a band they truly are. I highly recommend all of Pharaoh’s works from the past and this Ten Years EP. Pharaoh was formed back in 1997 and there hasn’t been a better time than now to be catching onto their sound. Classic Heavy Metal and American Power Metal lives… and Pharaoh carries these two sub-genre’s torches with Metal pride.

PHARAOH on Ten Years EP:

Tim Aymar – vocals (Control Denied)

Matt Johnsen – guitar (Fool’s Game, Dawnbringer)

Chris Kerns – bass

Chris Black – drums (Dawnbringer, Superchrist, High Spirits, ex-Nachtmystium)

Ten Years – Track List:

Ten Years

When We Fly

White Light

Reflection and the Inevitable Future

Nothing I Can Say


* For more info on PHARAOH, click on the links below:



HELSTAR – To Embark On Summer Of Hate Tour In June 2011

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HELSTAR – Houston’s heavy metal kings HELSTAR are set to blaze a trail east next month on their six-date Summer Of Hate U.S. tour, the newest rash of ongoing performances in support of the band’s seventh studio full-length, Glory Of Chaos. Released onto North America in February via AFM Records, amidst a flood of critical praise of the album’s crushing Speed/Power Metal attack, Glory Of Chaos is a ballsy, blazing, full-length display of pure American Heavy Metal, which elevates the classic HELSTAR sound to aggressive new measures.

HELSTAR Summer Of Hate U.S. Tour:

6/17/2011 The Rail Club – Fort Worth, TX w/ Solitude Aeturnus, Era De Guerra

6/18/2011 Dirty Dog Bar – Austin, TX w/ Ignitor, Dead Earth Politics, Headcrusher

6/22/2011 Manhattan Room – Philadelphia, PA w/ Wastelander, Season of Mourning, Midian, Machine Dog

6/23/2011 Sonar – Baltimore, MD

6/24/2011 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY

6/25/2011 The Blue Room – Secaucus, NJ w/ Armor Column, Bröhammer

(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info on HELSTAR, click on the links below:



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