PHARAOH – TEN YEARS EP: This Is American Power Metal… Loud, Proud and Heavy Hitting

PHARAOH: TEN YEARS EP – American Power Metal is well represented when a band such as Pharoah exists. Seriously. The six songs on the Ten Years EP are a strong representation of just how excellent the musicianship of Pharaoh is. Metal truth be told, I wish this was a 12 song album, Pharaoh hammers out their one-of-a-kind Metal sound that well. This is a durable band with mighty Metal experience (see band lineup below) and this experience comes through remarkably well on each song.

The Classic Heavy Metal feel and vibes are unmistakable as I listen to Ten Years. Pharaoh plays their American-made Power Metal with relevant muscularity, with melodic moments flourishing throughout their sound.  One Metal constant about Pharaoh is their ability to sound raw and tough, with an old school sensibility. It’s this raw toughness in the Metal mix that adds to Pharaoh’s mystique, for me.

Ten Years will be released on June 7th, 2011, on Cruz Del Sur. This EP contains two unreleased songs from the Be Gone (2008) recording sessions, two tracks previously released only as a bonus 7″ and two cover songs: Slayer’s Tormentor and New Model Army’s White Light. Ten Years sets the Metal stage for the forthcoming and fourth studio album from Pharaoh, which is scheduled for release later in 2011.

Pharaoh does a standup  job at covering Slayer’s Tormentor, with no slippage on the speed factor on both guitar and the rhythm section. Tim Aymar may not be Tom Araya on vocals, still he embellishes this song with the necessary searing notes, leathery vocals and pissed-off attitude. Tim Aymar can hit the high notes with ease as well as delivering gritty, old school tones. A great example of just how diverse Tim’s vocals are is the title track Ten Years. This song is a Metal showcase for Tim’s vocals, there’s no doubt to my ears about that.

The thick and melodic sounds of Matt Johnsen’s guitar are totally enjoyable. Matt’s flirtation’s and nod’s to Classic Speed Metal are apparent and very welcomed to my Metal lovin’ ears. Matt Johnsen has his own signature tone happening on guitar and perhaps should be looked upon as one of Metal’s best kept secrets.

Pharaoh has always been a dynamite Power Metal band, it’s time for scores of Metal fans out there to realize just how excellent a band they truly are. I highly recommend all of Pharaoh’s works from the past and this Ten Years EP. Pharaoh was formed back in 1997 and there hasn’t been a better time than now to be catching onto their sound. Classic Heavy Metal and American Power Metal lives… and Pharaoh carries these two sub-genre’s torches with Metal pride.

PHARAOH on Ten Years EP:

Tim Aymar – vocals (Control Denied)

Matt Johnsen – guitar (Fool’s Game, Dawnbringer)

Chris Kerns – bass

Chris Black – drums (Dawnbringer, Superchrist, High Spirits, ex-Nachtmystium)

Ten Years – Track List:

Ten Years

When We Fly

White Light

Reflection and the Inevitable Future

Nothing I Can Say


* For more info on PHARAOH, click on the links below:



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