Five Hard Rock Albums You Must Own This Summer Of 2011 – Part I

It’s been a fantastic year thus far for Hard Rock album releases. No, make that super fantastic. The obvious trend I’ve seen with all these incredible Hard Rock albums of 2011 is: A majority of these albums are from seasoned or old school bands. There have been many comeback albums released so far this year that absolutely ROCK… hello King Kobra, The Cars, Warrant, Mr. Big and Nelson, to name a few.

Many of these bands can easily be tagged as 80’s Heavy Metal, Hair Metal, Glam Metal, Classic Rock or Arena Rock and I’m down with that. Deciding which Rock genre a band nestles into comfortably is not difficult. Heck, it’s not like figuring out calculus or some insane Food Network recipe. Many bands are often placed into multiple genres anyways. Metal be thy name.

Realistically, I cannot possibly listen to every Hard Rock album that’s been released at this point in the year, therefore this list of MUST OWN albums for this Summer of 2011 may not correspond with your favorites in parts or in whole. As we approach the midway point of 2011, these are the Hard Rock albums that have ROCKED my brains out! In my Metal opinion, these are five albums worth your hard earned money to buy and crank up LOUD during this coming Summer of 2011… and beyond.

* Metal Odyssey Note: This list is in no particular order and it is Part I of a series. All of the albums chosen are 2011 releases. You have to wait for the “Metal Odyssey Best Of 2011” lists that come out around Christmas/New Years for a definitive list. Be patient, that time will come quicker than we all know!

KING KOBRA – Yes, King Kobra is back. Why? Well, cause Carmine Appice says so. Plus, this self-titled comeback album from King Kobra ROCKS like every day is F’n Friday. Metal be thy name, Carmine should have given this album a title after all… and named it Feel Good. Carmine assembled the original King Kobra lineup once again for this 2011 edition… only the lead singer is the exception. Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt & Quiet Riot) has taken over the vocal lead now. Why? Well, cause Carmine asked him to that’s why. Plus, as a bonus, Paul can sing pretty damn good. (King Kobra was released on Frontiers Records).

WARRANT – No, no, no. And no again. This is NOT the Warrant you remember from 1989, 1990 or even 2006. Nope. This Warrant can kick any of those Warrant’s asses. Why you ask? Cause this Rockaholic album (Frontiers Records) kicked my ass into next wednesday. Except at lead vocals, an “original” Warrant lineup is in place on Rockaholic. This third vocalist for Warrant has turned out to be their BEST, in my crazed Metal opinion. Robert Mason (Lynch Mob) and a “less cheese is more” approach has made this Warrant album smoke, from start to finish. (Rockaholic was released on Frontiers Records).

JOURNEY – Somewhere along the line, someone told Neal Schon to make a Journey album that would psyche-out Stone over at Metal Odyssey to the point of ridiculous Hard Rockin’ ecstasy. Neal and his band did just that… and it’s titled Eclipse. Thank you Neal. By the way… this new Journey album, excuse me, I mean CD, is a Walmart exclusive. It’s o.k. to go to Walmart and buy this new Journey CD. For Metal sakes, Walmart is not going to bite you in the ass and give you an infection if you go there to buy Eclipse.

FAITHSEDGE – For those of you who recognizes this Faithsedge album cover from being at the top of this post, well done. This Southern California Hard Rock band not only released their self-titled debut this year, they’ve also made one of the BEST Hard Rockin’ albums I’ve heard all year. Melodic, contagious and simply 100% memorable is this Faithsedge album. By the way, remember this name: Giancarlo Floridia. Why you query? Cause this Rockin’ dude is more than likely the next Joe Lynn Turner of Hard Rock. (Faithsedge was released on Scarlet Records).

REV THEORY – Whoa. Uh, was Rev Theory beamed up by space aliens, only to arrive at Planet Kick-Ass Hard Rock? I think they were. Cause upon returning to this round ball of 75% water that we call Earth: Rev Theory have released their third studio album Justice, one that thunders along like an out of control micro-cell in the hot, humid, Summer sky. Not one song on Justice can I ignore, this album is that damn consistent with it’s Hard Rockin’ intensity. What you need to do here is: buy Justice, play it LOUD and get psyched-out. After that, you may thank me for a month of Saturdays.

* For more info on the bands and their albums listed above, just click on the very cool links provided below:


FAITHSEDGE – facebook

FAITHSEDGE – Official Website


REV THEORY – Official Website

REV THEORY – myspace music

KING KOBRA – Official facebook


The word “nestles” was used in this post.


16 Responses to “Five Hard Rock Albums You Must Own This Summer Of 2011 – Part I”

  1. I should be getting the Warrant album for my big five- oh on Tuesday. Will have to check the others out.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      The “Big Five-Oh” on Tuesday huh? Right On! Hey… you’ll still be younger than: Betty White, Jerry Lee Lewis and Sir Tom Jones. 🙂

      You’ll really dig the new Warrant. If you don’t, then I’m ducking for cover!

  2. Hey Stone! The Journey album looks promising – the clips Ive heard sound real good. I’m also quite excited about the Electric Boys’ comeback album, and hoping it rocks hard – and Black Country Communion, man!! Went to see Glenn Hughes over in the UK on his solo tour the other week, he’s on fire!

    Off to see BCC in the Czech republic in July…..niiice! 🙂

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Hey Kev! I’ll have to keep my eyes and ears out for the new Electric Boys… looks like a June 7th release date. I did not receive any “advance copy” of Black Country Communion “2”. 😦 It’s all good though, I’ll be buying it around the release date. 🙂

      You seeing Glenn Hughes on his solo tour in the U.K. = You Lucky! Have a blast seeing BCC in July too! That’s cool stuff. I’ll make sure to hit up your site right now… thanks for the link. …And your comments Kev, it is appreciated! \m/

      • Just heard some snippets from BCC2 – The Outsider download single, an acoustic version of ‘Cold’ by Glenn, and The Man in the Middle rehearsals, but I don’t doubt the album will be yet another step up from their debut. Can’t wait! It’s on its way to me right now!

        I did a rough demo version of Free’s Heartbreaker for my blog a while back after hearing that Joe Bonamassa and Glenn covered it on his Dust Bowl album:

        Keep rockin’ Stone! 🙂

        • metalodyssey Says:

          I’m gonna get my copy of BCC2 this coming week… I cannot be left behind! LOL! That Dust Bowl album is so good, no, so great isn’t it Kev? I’m sure it might make some sites/fans “album of the year”.

          Thanks for sharing your link to hear your demo of Heartbreaker! Thanks Kev and… YOU Rock! 🙂 \m/

          • Stone- just received BCC2 in the post this morning – on first listen it’s everything I thought it would be and more! Sherinian’s contribution is much more noticeable this time around, and Shirley has really showcased Bonham’s drumming. But the twin attack of Joe and Glenn really puts this head and shoulders above most of the stuff in the genre. It Rocks hard and heavy!

            • metalodyssey Says:

              Kev, you have me all pumped-up now to get my copy of BCC2! I’m glad you are enjoying it… that’s how Rock ‘n’ Roll should be! I’ve always been a supporter of Jason Bonham… going back to his band “Bonham”. I guess this CD will make it on Metal Odyssey after all! 🙂

  3. I haven’t heard Paul Shortino since he was the replacement singer for that Quiet Riot album (just like this new King Kobra album, that Quiet Riot didn’t have a title either).

    That “Rev Theory” sounds pretty good from what I just heard on YouTube…might just pick that album up!


    • metalodyssey Says:

      Yeah… just call me a big ol’ “Mr. Feel-Good” when it comes to Hard Rock. I love my dark stuff in Metal… yet I love those 80’s retro-trips I take with so many bands of yesteryear too. Rev Theory is one cool band… they have that “modern” edge to their sound too, which makes them a great listen.

      Hope all is calmer and getting better over there in Japan my friend! Rock Steady – \m/

  4. I think you forgot to take a look at Tokyo Blade’s new CD, “Thousand men Strong” produced by Chris Tsangerides. The critics are giving this album very high grades. Check it out!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      You know… I have not listened to this new Tokyo Blade CD. Now, I’m gonna have to go out and buy it and crank it up LOUD! Chris Tsangarides is a legendary producer… no doubt about that.

      Thanks for steering the new Tokyo Blade into this mix and visiting. \m/

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Hey Bear… I did not make the “connection” until after I left my first comment back to you. LOL… I promise I’ll listen to the new Tokyo Blade! It’s a small Hard Rockin’ and Metallin’ community. Fun stuff…

      – Stone \m/

  5. sorry folks but the new Black Country Communion is WAY better than anything Journey could ever hope to deliver…..ive heard the new Warrant and i agree its a deeper and better album for the times but i still think DRFSR/CP are classic albums. And the new Whitesnake/Hurtsmile albums pretty f-ing brilliant too ! (real rockers might wanna wrap ya laughing gear around some ballsier sounds than Journey, so the Faithsedge seems to be the go out of the lot you’ve got mentioned there!!)

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I am aiming to do a “three part series” of my Hard Rock album recommendations, with only 2011 releases of course. In all honesty, I have not received an advance copy of Black Country Communion “2”, so I will be buying it for certain upon it’s release. I can only list the albums I’ve listened to, (to keep integrity intact). 😉

      I agree with the new Whitesnake and Hurtsmile albums… I’ll be listing them for sure. Man, I’m just so impressed with the new Journey… Neal truly plays some lean & mean guitar licks on that entire album! I just have to stand by Journey’s “Eclipse”, it’s a personal choice of course. Faithsedge… whoa, I just cannot compliment that band enough.

      Thanks for joining in on the list and for the commentary – \m/

  6. I am with you on King Kobra. The new Warrant is decent just because Robert Mason is such a fine vocalist. Would like to hear the new Journey, but doubtful I’ll buy it. Don’t know Faithedge, but have heard nothing but praises about this album. I have no interest in Rev Theory.

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