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MANRAZE – Premieres Brand New Single/Video Titled “TAKE ON THE WORLD” From SUPERBIKER Film Sequel

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Photo Credit: Helen Collen



Video Premiere on

(Los Angeles, CA) – Manraze, that powerful trio consisting of Def Leppard’s lead guitarist Phil Collen who also stands front & center on MR lead vocals, the Sex Pistol’s iconic drummer Paul Cook, and Collen’s former Girl band bassist Simon Laffy brings in 2012 with a fast paced tribute for one of Britain’s best and brightest in the world of BSB.

Tommy Hill secured the MCE Insurance British Super Bike Championship title after an epic climax during the 2011 season celebrating an emotional maiden crown at Brands Hatch back in October 2011. His pivotal journey to winning the championship is chronicled in two documentaries created by avid motorbike rider & veteran film maker Mark Sloper. In 2011 Manraze debuted their kinetic single ‘I, Superbiker’, aptly titled after the film, as the theme song for the first half of this electric series of motorbike racing and personal, introspective looks into the lives of the die-hard contenders. Director Mark Sloper continued his emotional chronicle in part 2 of the series “The Showdown: I, Super Biker II” due to be released in 135 theatres across the UK February 21, 2012. This time around Sloper places an even greater focus on Tommy Hill who lost the 2010 BSB race due to injuries sustained during a crash but manages to triumphantly emerge in the film’s sequel as the 2011 British Super Bike champion winning by 0.006of a second. Once again Mark approached Manraze about delivering a game-changing anthem that would embody the spirit of the British super bike racers.

Manraze’s new energetic rock/dance track ‘Take On The World’ featuring newcomer Debbi Blackwell-Cook, is a tribute written for the strength & unmoving dedication Tommy Hill put forth to win the 2011 BSB championship. Phil Collen states, “Tommy’s been through the ringer. I love stories about people overcoming such adversity. Writing this song for him was a no-brainer. Check out his history. We really admire him.” The song & video due for release and distribution by Primary Wave Music will be available worldwide for download via I-tunes starting February 7, 2012.   A premiere of the Mark Sloper directed video is streaming now on

ESPN VIDEO Premiere for “Take On The World”

iTunes Link: “Take On The World”

(Source: MAD Ink, PR)



MECCA ‘Undeniable’ – A Melodic Rock Album Which Accentuates AOR Quality

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MECCAJoe Vana, vocalist and founding member of MECCA, has once again assembled a group of seasoned musicians to showcase their skills on Undeniable. This being the sophomore release from MECCA, it firmly establishes why Joe Vana has all the reason in the world to carry out his musical visions. Released back on November 29th in North America, on Frontiers Records, Undeniable is undeniably melodic and lyrically engaging.

Wether it’s the mid-paced ballad Did It For Love or the steadier rocker W2W, MECCA bestows the talent  for creating a mood within the song that compliments its respective story. Undeniable isn’t going to Rock your face off, instead this album will entertain with its eleven songs of emotion filled vocals from Joe Vana and soothing melodies that do soar, with the title track being a fine example of this. Joe Vana’s vocals are so identifiable for Melodic Rock and he easily seizes these songs on this album.

Life’s Too Short and Perfect World are two songs where MECCA combines philosophical lyrics with AOR quality that too often is missing on current American FM playlists. MECCA presents their music with intelligent lyrics, still the sappy meter does explode on such tracks as Did It For Love and From The Start. It’s the quality of the song, courtesy of the musicianship of MECCA, that makes me overlook any sappy saturation that happens lyrically. If you’ve ever been, want to be or are in love, these songs are accurately relevant.

In a Melodic Rock nutshell, MECCA has proven they can make me fall for the mellow and semi-hard side of Rock once again, with their respect for quality at every turn being a cumulative highlight for my ears. Undeniable is an album that also captures the spirit of AOR with its inspired vibes ever-present and lifeless moments nowhere to be found. This is an album of songs that belongs on my top shelf, I won’t be storing it away anytime soon.

Fans of Survivor, Toto, REO Speedwagon, Bryan Adams, Mister Mister and Foreigner (to name a many few) should  enjoy the Rockin’, soothing and melodic ride that MECCA takes on Undeniable. AOR and Melodic Rock fans across the board could justifiably find many, if not all of these songs on Undeniable difficult to forget.


Joe Vana – vocals

Joey Vana – guitars, backing vocals

Brian Moritz – keyboards

Paul Pisciotto – synthesizers

Wally Hustin – bass

Rick Vitek – drums

Mark Alano – guitars

UNDENIABLE – Track Listing:

Perfect World

Closing Time

Ten Lifetimes

Life’s Too Short

I Know

Did It For Love

From The Start

Deceptive Cadence



As I Walk Alone

* For more info on MECCA, see the links below:




The Black Keys ‘El Camino’ – An El Boring Listen Into What’s Already Been Done In Rock ‘N Roll

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The Black Keys – Yes, I blindly purchased the new CD from The Black Keys (nonesuch) and it’s for some reason titled El Camino. I pay dearly sometimes for making a “blind purchase” when it comes to music. To sum it up, this El Camino CD is boring. It sounds as if Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney are not just huge fans of 70’s Rock… they obviously are both stuck in the “it’s been done already” school of Rock ‘N Roll and are a long way from graduating.

A fuzzy guitar sound with raw and unnecessary fuzzy production is pure nonsense when it comes to this genre of Rock in 2012. The Psychedelic, Stoner, Doom and Black Metal genres can utilize the “fuzz” in their respective sound brilliantly, only a Rock group like The Black Keys should stick to some clarity in their presentation of sound and maybe they won’t come across like a 1977 garage band playing to just their cousins.

Too numerous are the moments on El Camino where I recognize that IT HAS BEEN DONE BEFORE! The Black Keys are not pushing the Rock ‘N Roll envelope here folks and that’s what makes this CD such a waste of time. Where’s the relevance? Listening to this band is like listening to a severely slow-paced Wolfmother with a hangover. The worst song on El Camino is hands down: Little Black Submarines. This song is so annoying, that upon my first listen I wanted to break down and cry, fearing that it made me constipated.

The one and only “bright spot” on El Camino is Sister. This song rocks like there is no tomorrow. Mind Eraser ends this CD on a cool note, still it’s too late. If only The Black Keys stuck to this Rockin’ blueprint of Sister and Mind Eraser throughout all 11 songs… and they didn’t. The digipak and liner notes are equally repetitive and humdrum as the music. Do we really need to waste paper like this? The liner notes are 16 pages which dedicate 15 of these pages to photos of what else? El Caminos. The digipak is a four-fold that features… 8 more photos of… El Caminos! Laugh out loud and Metal be thy name!

By now you realize I’m not a fan of what The Black Keys are trying to accomplish with their Rock sound. If you’re looking for a memorable and original sounding Rock CD you are better off picking up the newest CD from The Trews. Trust me, a thorough listen into Hope & Ruin from The Trews is a quantum leap forward compared to El Camino. The Black Keys surely won’t care about anyone who doesn’t dig their music. Why? They made the cover of Rolling Stone! Life goes on…

El Camino – Track Listing:

Lonely Boy

Dead And Gone

Gold On The Ceiling

Little Black Submarines

Money Maker

Run Right Back


Hell Of A Season

Stop Stop

Nova Baby

Mind Eraser


THE TREWS – Colin MacDonald: An Exclusive Metal Odyssey Interview

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L to R: Jack Syperek, John-Angus MacDonald, Sean Dalton, Colin MacDonald

THE TREWS – Back on August 5th, 2011, I posted an album review for THE TREWS newly released studio album Hope & Ruin. The 4th full-length from this Canadian Rock band impressed me so much that I listened to it constantly since early Summer. Now that Winter has settled in, Hope & Ruin has never lost its edgy Rock luster with me. I have listened to many other Rock albums during 2011 and none seemed to enthuse me as the way this new album from THE TREWS has done.

THE TREWS seemed to have captured an old spirit of Rock that I once heard from early R.E.M. and U2, back when these two iconic bands really did care about their songs and fans. A flirtation of retro college radio meets modern Rock vibe overflows with Hope & Ruin. I simply love that. Back on August 18th, I did not fully realize, that this album would eventually stand out amongst the rest of its 2011 Rock album peers in such a special way for me.

It was also back on August 18th, when I had the golden opportunity to interview Colin MacDonald, the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for THE TREWS. As my sincere appreciation for Hope & Ruin grew stronger by the week, I eventually decided to savor the moment, an eventual moment when I would launch this exclusive interview with Colin MacDonald simultaneously with naming Hope & Ruin by THE TREWS… as Metal Odyssey’s 2011 Rock Album Of The Year.

If the late and legendary Ed Sullivan were to come back to life for just one day, I’d love to hear him say: Ladies and Gentlemen… THE TREWS! Instead, I’m announcing this band at this moment and I’m very proud to have had the opportunity to interview Colin MacDonald. From album reviews to opening for Robert Plant, here is what Colin had to say:

Stone: In the July (2011) issue of Classic Rock AOR Magazine, Hope & Ruin received a nine out of ten review. Taking a quote from this review: “Man, there isn’t a flawed track. Indeed, it’s one of those rare albums where every song could easily become a hit single. It’s rare feat for an album to be so consistently powerful.” How does this type of praise make you feel?

Colin: Awesome. It feels amazing. It’s like Sting had put it: “If you believe the good stuff, it doesn’t make you want to work as hard and if you believe the bad stuff, it only makes you work harder. It’s always great to be recognized for the work we do, especially by a big magazine like that.

Stone: On a personal level, which song on Hope & Ruin means the most to you?

Colin: I really like Hope & Ruin. This song really seems to take on a life of its own live.

Stone: In your music video for Hope & Ruin, there are many scenic backdrops. Where in the world was this footage shot?

Colin: It was shot in Toronto for the city. It was done on the coldest day on record too and I was really freezing out there while I was singing! We also went to the East Coast and Nova Scotia. We created a contrast of city, coast and countryside and it made for an amazing result with this video.

Watch and listen below to THE TREWS – Hope & Ruin, it is an incredible song!

Stone: With The Trews, which is written first, the music or the lyrics?

Colin: Always the music. We’ll come up with a riff, a melody, a little idea and work on it until it becomes a big idea. We take a melody idea and then a line comes with it. You then work your way back from there.  I never try to over think the lyrics. I try to balance things out and let the lyrics compliment the song.

Stone: With The Trews being for all intents and purposes, family, what is it like for you guys to sit down, write and record music?

Colin: It’s the only way of life we’ve known for such a long time. I really don’t have anything else to compare it to. We are a tight group of guys. Sure, we have heated arguments, although they can simmer very quick. That’s what has kept us together for so long.

Stone: How important is it for a Rock band today, compared to a decade ago, in adapting to changes in how they promote themselves?

Colin: It’s really important. A band has to always garner new fans. It’s hands on now. There’s not a lot of mystique or mystery to promotion anymore. Our main priority is to always make good music. You must never lose sight in making music that the fans like. You must keep up the musical content. There’s twitter and facebook to reach out to the fans with. Those bands that keep all of this in mind will do well with the new model.

Stone: Is the record industry today more hope or more ruin?

Colin: It depends on who you ask. There are lots of bands getting through today that probably wouldn’t have decades ago, like, Mumford & Sons. Bands are selling out big venues, so that’s hope for sure. The days of signing big money record deals and getting big contracts up front are no more. So that’s ruin.

Stone: Which country has the toughest music market for The Trews to tap into and do you want to conquer that market?

Colin: Right now, we’re doing great in Australia and the UK. We’d like to get bigger in America because it’s close and easy to tour, so obviously we want to break into that market. Any band that are making good music and stays true to themselves will do well and that’s what we try to do.

Stone: What band or which musician would The Trews be honored to share the stage with, where you haven’t shared the stage with before?

Colin: We’d love to play with Neil Young. That would be awesome! We’d love to open for AC/DC. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. We’ve opened for The Stones. We’ve also opened for Robert Plant across Canada.

Stone: Where did you open for The Rolling Stones?

Colin: We opened for them in Toronto and Phoenix back in 2005. They were secret club gigs.

Stone: Where did you play with Robert Plant?

Colin: It was all across Canada for his entire tour here.

Stone: Is Robert Plant a nice guy?

Colin: Robert Plant is a super cool guy! He’s always interested in new music and never rests on his laurels. I find inspiration in that and it sticks with us. As a lead singer, Robert Plant is always moving forward and that’s a quality about him I admire most.

Stone: As a band, do you guys want to continue experimenting and maturing musically or have you reached a level of self-contentment of where you are now?

Colin: Never man. We keep pushing forward. We have more in us. There’s so much more music in us still and so much more to come. I still feel we have not made our best record yet.

Stone: Is there anything you’d like to tell your fans?

Colin: Thank you for supporting us and for so long! When the fans come out to see us live, it really means  a lot to us.

* For more info on THE TREWS, click on the links below:

THE TREWS – Official Website

THE TREWS – myspace music



Metal Odyssey’s Top Ten Rock Albums Of 2011

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Top Ten Rock Albums Of 2011 – This Top Ten Rock Album list comprises various genres, the likes of: Blues, Alternative, Rockabilly, Acoustic, New Wave, some shades of Hard Rock and of course, Rock itself. Isn’t Rock a grand blanket term for such incredible music diversity? I love Rock. Without Rock, there wouldn’t have been Heavy Metal.

If you are counting, there are actually thirteen Rock albums in this Top Ten list. Admittedly, compiling a “Top Ten” of anything is grueling for me, therefore the two “ties” below are as honest as I could ever possibly be, without pulling what hair I have left off of my head. Furthermore, I couldn’t resist adding Jeff Beck – Rock ‘n’ Roll Party/Honoring Les Paul as an “Honorable Mention”. It’s a good times, roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll listen, one that I’ve enjoyed time and again.

I chose the following Rock albums due to how memorable, fun and interesting they came across to my senses. The quality of Rock contained in these following albums, I simply revere. There are some elite musicians and bands on this list for certain. They all have proven to me just how diverse Rock ‘N Roll really is, with their respective albums. These are the Rock albums that I gravitated to and became inspired by most often during 2011. I highly recommend you check ’em out, if you haven’t already.


Honorable Mention

JEFF BECK – Rock ‘n’ Roll Party Honoring Les Paul







(Verve Forecast)


TESLA – Twisted Wires & The Acoustic Sessions…

(Tesla Electric Company Recordings, Inc.)



(Universal Music)




#5 (Tie)

SOCIAL DISTORTION – Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes


#5 (Tie)





(Playing In Traffic Records / LonelyTone Records)

#3 (Tie)


(Hear Music / Concord Music Group)

#3 (Tie)


(Warner Bros.)



(J&R Adventures)



(Bumstead Productions Ltd.)

Hope & Ruin took me by surprise in 2011. THE TREWS captured a Rockin’ vibe that made my mood soar anytime I listened to this album. Melodic songs that glisten lyrically and musically, Hope & Ruin can easily become someone’s Rockin’ companion. THE TREWS are that Rock band you need to know about. This band defies the illogical American Rock mainstream press, proving that exquisite and blue-collar Rock music does exist in places other than Billboard or Rolling Stone magazine.

When I listen to Hope & Ruin, I’m not hearing a Rock band that is out to prove themselves. I’m instead hearing a Rock band that created a complete album of songs, which I imagine is straight from their Rock ‘N Roll hearts.

* To read my review on Hope & Ruin, (posted on August 5th, 2011), click on the large header link below:

THE TREWS – “HOPE & RUIN”: A Rock Album of Solid and Memorable Songs

Thank you to all the Rock bands & musicians above! Happy Holidays & Happy New Year To All!



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FireSky – An All Female Band You Must Know About, ‘Cause They’re Playing Some Serious Rockin’ Noize!

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L to R: Kio K, Anni Sutinen, Brenda Mejia, Shae Padilla

FireSky – Okay, to be upfront and honest, cause Stone can never tell a Metal lie, these four gals that call themselves FireSky… ROCKS! I’m very glad FireSky crossed my Metal path, this is a band that is ready for some Rock industry attention. After listening to their 5 song Erase The Enemy EP, (which was several times), I realized without hesitation that FireSky has “IT”. What is IT exactly, that FireSky has you’re asking? Song writing, vocals and these gals can play. FireSky has an attitude that comes through in their songs that screams: Rockin’ For Real. There’s some good Rockin’ vibes that emit from Erase The Enemy, Metal be thy name.

When you’re a DIY band and conscientious towards the song, word will travel fast and fans will follow. I’m listening to FireSky and they have created 5 melodically memorable songs, adding a contagious dose of Alt/Hard Rock flavor to their overall sound. It’s when my ears are introduced to a band like FireSky, that I wish I had the executive position at any record label to sign them. Instead, I can only pass along the great news that FireSky is out there, accomplishing and not just thinking about it, hungry for some Hard Rockin’ success.

If you are a fan of The Donnas, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Pink, Pat Benatar or The Bangles, you should get quite a Rockin’ thrill out of hearing the fresh and relevant Rock sound of FireSky.

Founding member, song writer and lead guitarist Shae Padilla recently told Metal Odyssey:

“Right now, FireSky is writing, rehearsing, playing locally here in California, and working on some touring opportunities! Its hard work being an independent band. But in our minds, if you have a dream you really believe in, you need to go for it. Even if you don’t “Make it”, you can be satisfied that you tried your hardest! And I’m happy to say, so far, so good for FireSky! We’ve made a lot of progress in the short time we’ve been a band, and it’s actually nice being the ones to make the decisions on the way our music sounds, and the way our band is presented to the public!

Shae elaborated on the title of her band’s EP, Erase The Enemy:

We decided to name it after the last track on the EP because it’s easy to remember and a good message. The song is about how often times, people are their own worst enemies and limit their potential. So you have to “Erase the enemy on the inside”. I love Anni’s (lead singer) lyrics! Definitely makes the writing process easy, when she’s right there coming up with interesting and meaningful lyrics!

When asked about a forthcoming full-length album being in the works, Shae responded:

“As far as a full length album goes, we’re hoping to have one out next year! We’re currently writing for it now, and also working on booking a tour so we can reach our fans wherever they may be!”

Where can fans buy your Erase The Enemy EP?

“You can buy our EP on iTunes by going to OR if you like having a physical copy, you can go to our webstore and buy a copy! Just go to“.

Erase The Enemy EP was released on iTunes on August 23rd, 2011.

FireSky’s last two shows of 2011:

November 20th – Hollywood, CA @ Molly Malone’s

November 23rd – Upland, CA @ The Wire


Shae Padilla – Guitar

Anni Sutinen – Vocals

Brenda Mejia – Bass

Kio K – Drums

Erase The Enemy EP – Track List:

Free Fall

Pleasure For Mourning

Soundtrack Of My Life

Black As The Night

Erase The Enemy

* For more info on FireSky, click on the links below:

Long Live FireSky.


DAUGHTRY – New Studio Album “Break The Spell” Releases November 21, 2011

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DAUGHTRYBreak The Spell, the third studio album from Daughtry, releases on November 21st, 2011, via RCA Records. Chris Daughtry has proven he is a premiere songwriter and Rock/Hard Rock vocalist with his band’s two previous studio albums Daughtry (2006) and Leave This Town (2009). The skilled musicians that round out Daughtry have solidified this band’s sound around Chris Daughtry’s unique and powerful vocals. Industry wide respected, embraced by countless fans, multi-platinum selling and chart topping, Daughtry looks to continue forward while never resting on their laurels with Break The Spell.


Chris Daughtry – vocals

Josh Steely – guitar

Brian Craddock – guitar

Josh Paul – bass

Robin Diaz – drums

Break The Spell – Track Listing:


Crawling Back To You

Outta My Head

Start Of Something Good


Break The Spell

We’re Not Gonna Fall

Gone Too Soon

Losing My Mind

Rescue Me

Louder Than Ever


Deluxe Edition – Additional Tracks:

Who’s They

Maybe We’re Already Gone

Everything But Me


* For more info on DAUGHTRY, click on the links below:

DAUGHTRY – Official facebook

DAUGHTRY – The Official Website



Kimball Jamison – Can’t Wait For Love (Official Music Video): A Melodic Rock Gem Of A Song

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KIMBALL JAMISON – Alright, it’s time to get those psyche-out ostrich bumps to rise up on your arms and face from an amazing song that boasts two legendary Rock vocalists: Bobby Kimball and Jimi Jamison. Trust me, I am still trying to shake the psyche-out fever I’ve contracted from Can’t Wait For Love. The dual vocal harmonies from Bobby and Jimi, on this song, are instantly identifiable and surely ever memorable.

Can’t Wait For Love Rocks in an elevated style, while showcasing the magical vocal fires that Kimball Jamison are combined. This is an AOR and Classic Rock gem of a melodic song, one that only Bobby Kimball and Jimi Jamison’s vocals could bring to such a heightened level of inspiration. Bobby Kimball is most famously known for his vocals and musical contributions with Toto. Jimi Jamison’s career is highlighted with his successful years he spent as a lead vocalist and songwriter with Survivor.

Check out Can’t Wait For Love below and crank it up! I hope you enjoy this song  as much as I do.

* Kimball Jamison releases October 14, 2011 in Europe and October 18th, 2011 in North America on Frontiers Records.

KIMBALL JAMISON – Track Listing:

Worth Fighting For

Can’t Wait For Love

Sail Away

Chasing Euphoria

Find Another Way

Get Back In The Game

I Did Everything Wrong

Shadows Of Love

Hearts Beat Again

We Gotta Believe

Kicking And Screaming

Your Photograph

* For more info on this Kimball Jamison album, click on the link below:





AFTERLIFE PARADE – REBIRTH: A Celebration Of Loss, Through The Alternative Rock Genius Of Quinn Erwin

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AFTERLIFE PARADE REBIRTHQuinn Erwin is a singer, musician and songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. He has a band that intertwines Alternative and Progressive Rock sounds with both soothing and upbeat vibes on Rebirth. Released on August 8th, 2011, Rebirth is an album that I am proud to review. The fact that Quinn’s vocals come across with heartfelt sincerity (to me), coupled with a soothing Rock coolness and Rebirth becomes an album that cannot be listened to on the fly or half sampled. Instead, I approached listening to Rebirth numerous times before considering what I would write about it, taking in each song and it’s message, both lyrically and musically.

Rebirth is the second in a two part concept album, with the companion project being titled: Death. Rebirth is an album that celebrates the loss of loved ones and Quinn Erwin set out to make a triumphant album of songs about death. Quinn “found himself surrounded by a series of losses in his own life and in the lives of those close to him” and felt “compelled by a desire to comfort the mourning”. I’ll have to make it quite clear here, the celebratory message about death that Quinn wanted to convey on Rebirth is astoundingly positive and moving.

On a personal level, I can’t resist relating to Rebirth, due to my losing my mother, sister and favorite aunt within the last several years and their leaving was just too close apart. Putting the theme of Rebirth aside, one mustn’t have to experience recent loss to enjoy the songs on this album. You can still play Rebirth loud while taking a long highway cruise or have this album playing during a party, it is that accessible. The open-air feeling that I take in from this album makes it all the more an enjoyable listen. Quinn obviously is astute in atmosphere of song.

Musically, the Rock of Afterlife Parade reminds me of U2, (only minus the annoying self-righteousness of the latter half of that iconic bands career). Quinn has seemed to capture the drive and hunger of a young Bono with his vocal approach, Black Woods, White Beach and the title track only accentuates my point here. My U2 comparisons may have you screaming that I’ve gone over the deep end here and I usually detest such comparisons myself. With that stated, Afterlife Parade is as original as German bratwurst, Quinn’s vocals are incredible, his songwriting is genius and his band plays exceptional.

This is an album that very well should catapult Quinn Erwin and Afterlife Parade to a level of impressive notoriety within the Rock music world. Rebirth has 8 songs that are as complete and artistically structured as any Grammy award-winning album in Rock Music today. Nothing on Rebirth comes across contrived or forced. Alternative Rock, Alt-Progressive Rock and old school “College Rock” fans are practically guaranteed to fall over for what Quinn Erwin has created here on Rebirth.

REBIRTH – Track List:



Black Woods, White Beach


Chinese Hand Drum


Devil’s Dirt


* All songs written by J. Quinn Erwin.

* REBIRTH – Produced, arranged and performed by Quinn Erwin and I Am the Actor.

* Album artwork and design by Jacob Blaze.

* Source for above article quotes: LAFAMOS PR & Branding

* You can stream the entire REBIRTH album and purchase it by clicking on the link below:


* For more info on AFTERLIFE PARADE, click on the link below:




Bratwurst was mentioned in this post.


NICKELBACK – Release Full Track Listing For “Here And Now”, Album Releases November 21st, 2011

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NICKELBACK – On Monday, November 21st, 2011, the new NICKELBACK album Here And Now will be released on RoadRunner Records. This date known as “NICKELBLACK MONDAY” will usher in the seventh studio album from this legendary Hard Rock band!  Two singles have already been released to Rock radio from Here And Now:  Bottoms Up and When We Stand Together.

You can listen to both new NICKELBACK songs streaming by clicking on the link below:

Head on over to iTunes to pre order Here and Now and automaticallly receive an instant download of one of the new singles, “When We Stand Together.”

Here And Now – Track Listing:

This Means War

Bottoms Up

When We Stand Together

Midnight Queen

Gotta Get Me Some


Kiss It Goodbye

Trying Not To Love You

Holding On To Heaven

Everything I Wanna Do

Don’t Ever Let It End

(Source: Nickelback/RoadRunner Records)

* For more info on NICKELBACK, click on the links below:





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PUDDLE OF MUDD – Cover song albums have been and forever will be a debatable topic. Is it a “good move” on the part of a band or individual musician to cover a “particular” song or (gasp) record an entire album of them? As I see it, at the end of the day it’s all about the music and cover songs are (supposed) to celebrate the original song without destroying it’s structural foundation. That’s my Metal opinion on the Metal matter and it is an endless discussion for certain. Lead guitarist Paul Phillips states it perfectly within this album’s liner notes: “Our goal in interpreting these songs was to pay more tribute rather than reinvent”. With that gabby intro of mine out-of-the-way, Puddle Of Mudd released an 11 song album of covers back on August 29th, 2011 via MRI/Arms Division that’s called: Re:(disc)overed.

Actually, the title of this cover song album is quite fitting for me, for Puddle Of Mudd has made me rediscover these songs that are undisputeded Rock classics. Over time, as I’ve read and conducted many an interview with musicians, the undeniable truth is that they are fans of music too. Musicians are artists and they can unquely re-package an already established Rock song, which in turn (hopefully) brings new life to such established songs. Making younger generations of Rock fans aware of the classics is so important, the roots of Rock can never be forgotten. Puddle Of Mudd have not only paid tribute to songs that mean something to them here, they have also given these 11 songs a substantial relevant vibe that I cannot resist.

This cover song album has grown on me like there is no tomorrow and I’m very glad I decided to buy it. I bought Re:(disc)overed without hearing a single sample or track beforehand, knowing that Puddle Of Mudd has no choice other than to deliver the goods. Honestly, I never expected to like all 11 songs and deep down inside of me I feel relieved that Puddle Of Mudd pulled this one off! This is an album that makes me feel so damn proud to be infatuated with Rock and Roll. As I listen to T.N.T., I really do hear a sincere admiration that Wes Scantlin has for the late and legendary Bon Scott.

After hearing the recent Redlight King cover of Neil Young’s Old Man, albeit with a sample style, I was blown away to realize that Puddle Of Mudd has also rediscovered such a monumentally historic Rock song too. I don’t know how Puddle Of Mudd did it here, yet their cover of Old Man doesn’t seem to be as depressing as it was originally meant to be by Neil Young himself. Maybe Puddle Of Mudd made Old Man sound more reflective than just plain sad? My hands down favorite cover here is Shelter Me. The Rolling Stones should send Puddle Of Mudd a congratulations card in the mail for the way they present and play their iconic song. Just fabulous.

I feel Billy Squier has too often been overlooked for his legacy of Hard Rock. With Everybody Wants You, Puddle Of Mudd makes certain this Rocker gets his proper Hard Rockin’ due. It’s funny, how hearing this cover of Everybody Wants You, it all reminds me of when I used to jump around the house to the original song as a banana brained young teen. Rocket Man has Puddle Of Mudd stamped all over it and still this band did not insult one single note of Elton John’s creation. Just an extraordinary Rock classic among the 11 others I am continuing to enjoy on Re:(disc)overed. In my Metal opinion, you should discover Re:(disc)overed, especially if you love and cherish the roots of Rock like I do. Puddle Of Mudd has proven to me, with this album, their reverence for Rock’s classic songs and artists.


Wes Scantlin – vocals & guitar

Paul Phillips – lead guitar

Doug Ardito – bass guitar

RE:(DISC)OVERED – Track Listing:

Gimme Shelter

Old Man


Stop Dragging My Heart Around


Everybody Wants You

Rocket Man

All Right Now

Shooting Star

D’yer Mak’er

Funk #49

* For more info on PUDDLE OF MUDD, click on the link below:

PUDDLE OF MUDD – Official Website




NICKELBACK – New Album “Here And Now” Coming November 21, 2011: NICKELBLACK MONDAY!

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NICKELBACK – As stated by the bands newsletter on August 8th, 2011:

You’ve waited, we’ve teased you and now the big news is finally here!

The brand new Nickelback album, Here and Now, is heading your way November 21, 2011 also known as “NICKELBLACK MONDAY!”  The first singles, “Bottoms Up” and “When We Stand Together” will ship to rock and pop radio respectively on September 26th, 2011.

Stay tuned for even more big news and keep an ear open for the new music!

* For more info on NICKELBACK, click on the link below:



THE TREWS – “HOPE & RUIN”: A Rock Album of Solid and Memorable Songs

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THE TREWS – One Rock album that I’ve been listening to consistently since it’s April 12th release date is Hope & Ruin from The Trews. Released on Bumstead Productions Ltd., this album is enriched with memorable melodies, standout vocal harmonies and Alternative stylings aplenty. With two gold records and ten top ten singles on their Rock resume, The Trews in my Rockin’ opinion are one of the best of bands imported from The Great White North. Based in Toronto, Canada, The Trews exemplify to me, just how grand a Rock album can sound when equal importance is given to lyrics and music.

Hope & Ruin makes it rather non difficult, when comparing The Trews to their Rock peers such as Counting Crows and Goo Goo Dolls. Song structures, lyrical diligence, tempos and degrees of Rock hardness all come into play when making such a comparison. The Trews just don’t bang-it-out on this album, they play the song and take you on an escalator of Rock, one that is aimed for being memorable and not run of the mill. There’s no question The Trews are accomplished artists and Hope & Ruin solidifies this, in my Rockin’ opinion.

You Gotta Let Me In is the mellow song on Hope & Ruin, with an acoustic listen that also takes advantage of soothing strings to compliment the soothing vocals of Colin MacDonald. Wether you listen to You Gotta Let Me In first or last, this song is a Folk Rock welcome mat from The Trews, which ultimately suggests this band’s admirable level of music appreciation. Upon hearing the guitar intro to The World I Know, the realization that The Trews are about to Rock-it-out is ever apparent. Latter days of The Alarm and early days of R.E.M. jump out at me, while The World I Know is cranked up, reminding me that yes, there is an old school Alternative Rock heaviness swirled about in this song.

Stay With Me is just an undisputed song of Rock excellence, both musically and lyrically. It’s easy for me to say this song would be a number one single on Billboard (if it were only 1985 all over again)… only real Rock music like this in 2011 takes a pounding from teen-Pop on those sacred charts. Rock fans with a pulse, know a number one single with relevance when they hear it and Stay With Me soars. The Trews compliment Stay With Me with yet another foot stomping and body jumping number called: People of the Deer. What this song substantiates, is, the true desire to move your body to Rock and Roll and let the vibes from the song take control.

Misery Loves Company is a short Hard Rock number (2:57) that flirts with a Punk fever tempo and bouncy bop to its beat. No, The Trews are not so diverse on this album that they lose their identity, their sound and semi-raw delivery is all there to be heard and recognized. Love Is The Real Thing encapsulates all good things about The Trews on Hope & Ruin: up-tempo, lyrical competence and a sensibility of some lean, blue-collar Rock, while hovering in and out with an Alternative appeal.

If You Wanna Start Again opens with delicate piano keys, only to become a guitar and chorus driven mover. Colin sings his Rockin’ heart out and John- Angus plays his guitar with unreal memorable licks on this song. The title track is yet another solid song on an already solid Rock album. With the tempo level being raised steadily as Hope & Ruin plays out, this song captivates with its unending Rock passion, from the vocals and backing vocals and all the way along its rhythmic beats. A fabulous title track to have, especially when it’s such an inspiring listen.

On Hope & Ruin, The Trews capture the sound, mood and vibes of Rock, Alternative Rock and Hard Rock with an efficiency that is easy to seize and enjoy. If you’re looking for an album that has been created with Rock discernment in mind, this is for you. Hope & Ruin pours with a sound of Rock that is not only real and sincere, it’s downright distinguished with its Rock stylings. Wether it’s a long drive, party time or you’re just chilling out, this is an album to turn to often for a cool dose of Rock.


Colin MacDonald – vocals

John-Angus MacDonald – guitar

Sean Dalton – drums

Jack Syperek – bass

Hope & Ruin – Track Listing:

Misery Loves Company

One By One

People Of The Deer

Stay With Me

Hope & Ruin

If You Wanna Start Again

The World I Know

Dreaming Man

I’ll Find Someone Who Will

Love Is The Real Thing


You Gotta Let Me In

* For more info on THE TREWS, click on the links below:



TESLA – Scarlet Records To Release: ‘Twisted Wires & The Acoustic Sessions…’

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As reported on the Scarlet Records website, June 28th, 2011:

TESLAScarlet Records is proud to announce that it will be releasing Californian rock legends’ Tesla new album Twisted Wires & The Acoustic Sessions… on July 25th in Europe. The album will feature 6 tracks that were recorded back in 2005 at bassist Brian Wheat’s J Street Recorders studio (which are the last recordings with original member Tommy Skeoch) and 6 newly recorded tracks which include acoustic remakes of songs from their entire catalog and two brand new songs called 2nd Street and Better Off Without You. Twisted Wires & The Acoustic Sessions… is the follow up to 2008’s Forever More.

2011 also marks the 25th anniversary of the band! To stay updated on everything Tesla visit their Official Site (, Facebook page ( and Youtube channel (




Los Lonely Boys – Rockpango: A Positive and Feel Good Album of Dynamite Rock Songs

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LOS LONELY BOYS – Are you currently hankering for an album that is: feel-good, easy going, fun, a bit funky, has some Soul and a sliver of Rap, a bit bluesy with Latin flavor and simply Rocks? Well then, that album is Rockpango. I can’t hold back my enthusiastic liking for this new Los Lonely Boys album. Rockpango was released back on March 29th, 2011, on their very own Playing In Traffic/LonelyTone Records. Being an early Spring release, Rockpango has gained some mighty steam as one of my favorite Rock albums of 2011.

This album I’ve been addicted to for over two months now and it’s all about the songs baby… it’s all about the songs. When an album like Rockpango has so many good songs, then it becomes memorable for me. The Garza brothers (Henry, Jojo and Ringo) have a remarkable knack for writing mainstream songs that are still street cool. Maybe it’s the Texican Rock and Roll vibe happening, still, Los Lonely Boys are a band that makes any dreary thoughts evaporate from my Metal mind the very second I listen to their music. That’s feel-good.

My favorite song on Rockpango is Smile. The orchestration is what makes this song standout, with the violin, viola and cello stirring up my infatuation with (my) beloved Electric Light Orchestra. Not to mention the guitar resonates a Classic Rock sound on Smile, bringing a retrospective feel to my listen. The song Rockpango takes a major chapter out of Santana’s Latin Rock groove, coupled with some tasty, bluesy guitar licks. The B3 organ (Riley Osbourn) lends a Classic Rock appeal to the overall recipe that this Rockpango song is all about in sound.

16 Monkeys is a fun listen in both music and lyrics. Los Lonely Boys certainly have their funny side and this song is a throwback to when Rock and Roll really did take aim at the funny bone. “16 monkeys on a chuck wagon rollin’ down the road… uh, huh”. Need I say more about (gasp) fun and Rock and Roll? Porn Star has the Rap, courtesy of Kush and the cuts and scratches are thanks to DJ Beans. Make no mistake, Porn Star does Rock along and the Funk I hear is no junk.

The always constant and harmonious vocals of the Garza brothers on Rockpango is a quality listen in and of itself. There is much to be said about creating positive Rock and Roll and Los Lonely Boys are masters at this craft. Believe, Love In My Veins and American Idle are three songs that deliver the high spirited Rock that’s chock full of genuine messages of kindness. No, Los Lonely Boys aren’t preaching, they’re just three cool dudes that aren’t about spreading hate through their music. Metal be thy name.

An admirable characteristic of Los Lonely Boys is their talented ability to incorporate so many styles of music to their sound, without ever coming across as stretching themselves too thin. Rockpango has turned out to be a highlight listen for me in the Rock category this year and will remain just that for years to come. When I listen to Rockpango, I’m listening to three musicians who just love music… period.

Los Lonely Boys:

Henry Garza – vocals, electric and acoustic guitar

Jojo Garza – vocals and bass guitar

Ringo Garza – vocals, drums and percussion

Track Listing For Rockpango:

American Idle

Fly Away

Love In My Veins

Road To Nowhere

16 Monkeys



Baby Girl

Change The World

Porn Star


* For more info on LOS LONELY BOYS, click the link below:

Los Lonely Boys – Official Website



Warren Haynes – Man In Motion: Five Reasons To Buy This Album

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Warren Haynes – The second studio album from legendary guitarist and vocalist Warren Haynes was released on May 10th, 2011, on Stax Records. Rock, Southern Rock and the Blues have and always will be in the Rockin’ arsenal of Warren’s skillful guitar playing. Best known for his membership with The Allman Brothers Band and Gov’t Mule, Warren has a Rock and Roll resume that goes much deeper than that. Playing guitar at a young age for Country legend David Allan Coe and even appearing live, onstage, with the Dave Matthews Band are a part of this highly respected guitarist’s musical history.

I want to share with you, five reasons why you should buy this new Warren Haynes album, here they are:

1. It’s all about the guitar. Any guitar aficionado will salivate at the pureness that Warren Haynes so eloquently expresses with his playing. Longtime fans of Warren Haynes surely know what I mean.

2. Diversity. Warren Haynes plays his patented Southern Rock tones, still he turns over some bluesy and funky licks that makes Man In Motion a case study in Rock appreciation.

3. Vocal coolness. When I listen to Warren Haynes sing, it’s listening to a dude that believes in his lyrics and the song. Storytelling and singing straight from the heart are two attributes of Warren that too many young vocalists nowadays don’t grasp… or even know exists.

4. Classic Rock never surrenders. The steady vibe of Classic Rock never subsides throughout Man In Motion. The organ, clavinet and tenor saxophone adds the old school mystique, making me drift back to those less stressful and technologically less invasive days of yesteryear. Songwriting never sounded so comfortably gilded.

5. “The three C’s”. Completeness, Competency and Creativity. When I can listen to an entire album that is richly guitar based and still be lured into the dynamics of the other instruments and vocals equally, that’s completeness. The competency is Warren Haynes and his musicians surrounding him on Man In Motion. The creativity is making an album of retrospective songs sound so suitable in 2011.

One big added bonus is the harmonious way all ten songs coexist together on Man In Motion. I’ve listened to this album many times now. I recommend Man In Motion to fans of discerning Rock taste and to those fans who keep their beer cold down in the creek; it makes no difference, this album comes across too damn refreshing. Warren Haynes has found, no, created a lucrative listen, into the world of a guitarist and vocalist who plays and sings with an immediacy that comes straight from his Rock and Roll soul.

* For more info on WARREN HAYNES, click on the link below:

Warren Haynes – Official Website



Five Hard Rock Albums You Must Own This Summer Of 2011 – Part I

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It’s been a fantastic year thus far for Hard Rock album releases. No, make that super fantastic. The obvious trend I’ve seen with all these incredible Hard Rock albums of 2011 is: A majority of these albums are from seasoned or old school bands. There have been many comeback albums released so far this year that absolutely ROCK… hello King Kobra, The Cars, Warrant, Mr. Big and Nelson, to name a few.

Many of these bands can easily be tagged as 80’s Heavy Metal, Hair Metal, Glam Metal, Classic Rock or Arena Rock and I’m down with that. Deciding which Rock genre a band nestles into comfortably is not difficult. Heck, it’s not like figuring out calculus or some insane Food Network recipe. Many bands are often placed into multiple genres anyways. Metal be thy name.

Realistically, I cannot possibly listen to every Hard Rock album that’s been released at this point in the year, therefore this list of MUST OWN albums for this Summer of 2011 may not correspond with your favorites in parts or in whole. As we approach the midway point of 2011, these are the Hard Rock albums that have ROCKED my brains out! In my Metal opinion, these are five albums worth your hard earned money to buy and crank up LOUD during this coming Summer of 2011… and beyond.

* Metal Odyssey Note: This list is in no particular order and it is Part I of a series. All of the albums chosen are 2011 releases. You have to wait for the “Metal Odyssey Best Of 2011” lists that come out around Christmas/New Years for a definitive list. Be patient, that time will come quicker than we all know!

KING KOBRA – Yes, King Kobra is back. Why? Well, cause Carmine Appice says so. Plus, this self-titled comeback album from King Kobra ROCKS like every day is F’n Friday. Metal be thy name, Carmine should have given this album a title after all… and named it Feel Good. Carmine assembled the original King Kobra lineup once again for this 2011 edition… only the lead singer is the exception. Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt & Quiet Riot) has taken over the vocal lead now. Why? Well, cause Carmine asked him to that’s why. Plus, as a bonus, Paul can sing pretty damn good. (King Kobra was released on Frontiers Records).

WARRANT – No, no, no. And no again. This is NOT the Warrant you remember from 1989, 1990 or even 2006. Nope. This Warrant can kick any of those Warrant’s asses. Why you ask? Cause this Rockaholic album (Frontiers Records) kicked my ass into next wednesday. Except at lead vocals, an “original” Warrant lineup is in place on Rockaholic. This third vocalist for Warrant has turned out to be their BEST, in my crazed Metal opinion. Robert Mason (Lynch Mob) and a “less cheese is more” approach has made this Warrant album smoke, from start to finish. (Rockaholic was released on Frontiers Records).

JOURNEY – Somewhere along the line, someone told Neal Schon to make a Journey album that would psyche-out Stone over at Metal Odyssey to the point of ridiculous Hard Rockin’ ecstasy. Neal and his band did just that… and it’s titled Eclipse. Thank you Neal. By the way… this new Journey album, excuse me, I mean CD, is a Walmart exclusive. It’s o.k. to go to Walmart and buy this new Journey CD. For Metal sakes, Walmart is not going to bite you in the ass and give you an infection if you go there to buy Eclipse.

FAITHSEDGE – For those of you who recognizes this Faithsedge album cover from being at the top of this post, well done. This Southern California Hard Rock band not only released their self-titled debut this year, they’ve also made one of the BEST Hard Rockin’ albums I’ve heard all year. Melodic, contagious and simply 100% memorable is this Faithsedge album. By the way, remember this name: Giancarlo Floridia. Why you query? Cause this Rockin’ dude is more than likely the next Joe Lynn Turner of Hard Rock. (Faithsedge was released on Scarlet Records).

REV THEORY – Whoa. Uh, was Rev Theory beamed up by space aliens, only to arrive at Planet Kick-Ass Hard Rock? I think they were. Cause upon returning to this round ball of 75% water that we call Earth: Rev Theory have released their third studio album Justice, one that thunders along like an out of control micro-cell in the hot, humid, Summer sky. Not one song on Justice can I ignore, this album is that damn consistent with it’s Hard Rockin’ intensity. What you need to do here is: buy Justice, play it LOUD and get psyched-out. After that, you may thank me for a month of Saturdays.

* For more info on the bands and their albums listed above, just click on the very cool links provided below:


FAITHSEDGE – facebook

FAITHSEDGE – Official Website


REV THEORY – Official Website

REV THEORY – myspace music

KING KOBRA – Official facebook


The word “nestles” was used in this post.


AVEDIS – Red Sea EP: Alternative Rock With A Slice Of Punk = It ROCKS!

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AVEDIS – Originating from the area known to mankind as Milwaukee, Wisconsin, there is a three-piece Rock outfit that is stirring up quite a buzz recently with their newly released 4 song EP titled: Red Sea. Since January of 2011, this EP has been available to feed your ears. I strongly suggest you DO give this Red Sea EP a valid listen and take in what AVEDIS is creating here. Diversity in style and sound is key with this band, they don’t appear to be stuck in any particular Rock genre.

AVEDIS doesn’t spread themselves so thin that there is an identity crisis either… they just flat-out can write and play some memorable songs. Bound Together is a soothing acoustic and keenly orchestrated song that carries with it some mid to late 70’s elegance in it’s vibe. The vocals of Corey Nietupski gives Bound Together it’s strong Alternative relevance, therefore, this becomes a listen that fuses together a Rock feel of yesteryear with the ever present day.

Mer de Mesonges glides along on a steady path to Alternative Hard Rockin’ bliss. Melodic guitar and an up-tempo pace gives this song it’s strong character. Corey’s vocals just come across so damn natural too that I’m freakin’ jealous. Throw in some very cool backing vocals that revive my very fond memories of The Alarm and this song spells out: winner. There’s a whole lotta’ Rock to this band’s Roll and I’m buying into it. The overall Modern appeal that seeps from this EP is what should drive AVEDIS to the top… or pretty darn close to the top.

Mega Ditz exemplifies just how grand Punk Rock can sound when a band feels it. The wha-wha guitar licks on Mega Ditz come with a warning label: Extremely Addicting To One’s Ears. If I could make one plea to AVEDIS, it would be: don’t stray too far away from this Punk flavor you have added into your Alternative repertoire. It’s the edgy Punk vibe of AVEDIS that revs me up most. I have never fallen victim to the “Punk is dead” school of thought from the mindless. AVEDIS obviously hasn’t either.

Walk Alone combines Alternative Rock and Punk, resulting with a thump and stomp, “rip up the club until closing” attitude laced experience. As I listen to Walk Alone, I realize that I do have some pent-up slam-dance energy left in my old bones after all. AVEDIS blends their own brand of Rock, Alternative Rock and Post Punk into this Red Sea EP with impressive attention to details. If AVEDIS is an unsigned band as advertised, then there has to be a record label out there for them. I couldn’t emphasize more loudly, as to how real and relevant the Rock sound of AVEDIS is.

* AVEDIS was formed in 2007 by Corey Nietupski (lead vocals, guitar & songwriter). Total Control was released at this time, the debut full-length from this Rockin’ trio.

* As stated by Corey Nietupski (in regards to the Red Sea EP) in the Official Bio of AVEDIS: “It’s a concept album that uses the color red to depict the different emotions one can feel when being in a relationship or in love”.


Corey Nietupski – vocals & guitar

Josh Lisiecki – bass & vocals

Chris Lehman – drums & percussion

* For more info, videos and streaming music on AVEDIS, just click on the links below:

AVEDIS – youtube

AVEDIS – Official Website


AVEDIS – facebook

AVEDIS – twitter



SEETHER – “Here And Now” Is Truly An Emotional And Stunning Song

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SEETHER – Before I bought the new Seether album I was already quite psyched-out by their top selling single Country Song. (It has peaked to #2 on the Billboard Rock Songs Chart). I could not hold back my heightened liking for Country Song, so I purchased it on iTunes a couple of weeks before Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray was released on May 17th. Yes, I was anticipating a new album from Seether that hopefully has the potential to blow me away. It has… and one particular song has blown me away ten-fold. That song is Here and Now.

It is not often that a song can touch me on such a personal level. When those moments do occur and a song speaks to me the way Here and Now does, it is simply put: mesmerizing. The lyrics of Here and Now coupled with the melodies, mood and emotional vocals of Shaun Morgan have frozen me in my tracks. This incredible song brought me to tears the first time I listened to it. Those tears were a long time coming. Whenever a song can move me this way, it becomes special to my Metal soul. I guess there isn’t much more I can say than that.

Thank you Shaun Morgan for writing the lyrics to Here and Now. Thank you Seether for the music.

* Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray is the fifth studio album from Seether and released on Wind-up Records.

* For more info on SEETHER, click on the links below:

SEETHER – Official Website

SEETHER – Official facebook

SEETHER – myspace music

* For more info on Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray, you can read the Metal Odyssey rundown which was posted on April 25, 2011 by clicking the big header below:

SEETHER – Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray: Releases May 17th, 2011!



9 Chambers: In Studio and Recording “Goin’ The Other Way” – See The Video Here!

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Left: Ed Mundell, Right: Greg Hampton

(All Photo Credits: Rockframe Media/Karen Murphy Mundell)

9 CHAMBERS – Led by multi-instrumentalist and producer Greg Hampton and ex-Monster Magnet guitarist Ed Mundell, the new Hard Rock supergroup of 9 Chambers is currently in the studio and recording for their forthcoming debut album.

The lineup for 9 Chambers with their storied backgrounds: Vocalist and guitarist Greg Hampton (Alice Cooper, The New Czars, Lita Ford, to name a few), guitarist Ed Mundell (ex-Monster Magnet), Jorgen Carlsson on bass (Gov’t Mule) and Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Heavn & Hell, DIO) on drums.

“Some guest drummers of recognition will be on board to finish off a few songs”, Greg Hampton has recently told me. Stay tuned for more updates, videos, song samples and news as it breaks from 9 Chambers… it will all be covered right here on Metal Odyssey! Check out Greg Hampton and Ed Mundell below, trading off and playing their guitar licks while recording “Goin’ The Other Way”:

Jorgen Carlsson – bass

Vinny Appice – drums

* Check out some very cool song samples from 9 Chambers by clicking this link: 9 Chambers – Audio Samples

* For more info on 9 Chambers, click on the links below:

9 Chambers – Official Website

9 CHAMBERS – Official facebook

9 Chambers – Reverbnation

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