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Frontiers Music SRL Holiday Bash To Feature L.A. Guns, Warrant, Jack Russell’s Great White And Riverdogs – December 2nd In Agoura Hills, California!

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Rockin Christmas Bash - 2017 - LA Guns Warrant - #33MO7ILMFSO33

Frontiers Music SRL Hard Rock recording artists L.A. Guns, Warrant, Jack Russell’s Great White and Riverdogs (featuring Vivian Campbell) will be performing in the Rockin Christmas Bash, this coming December 2nd!


The Canyon, 28912 Roadside Drive, Agoura Hills, California


December 2nd, 2017 – Doors: 6:00pm / Showtime: 7:30pm

The Canyon Phone: 888-645-5006

For more info:


WARRANT – Cherry Pie 21st Anniversary Tour With Special Guests FIREHOUSE & TRIXTER!

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WARRANT – Here is a WARRANT tour to look forward to in 2012! With special guests FIREHOUSE and TRIXTER, the CHERRY PIE 21st Anniversary Tour looks to ROCK like there’s no tomorrow! Tour dates and venues are currently  being booked. Once dates and venues are confirmed, Metal Odyssey will have ’em posted!

WARRANT will be out once again supporting their kick-ass, 100 proof and Hard Rockin’ 2011 album: ROCKAHOLIC.

FIREHOUSE will be touring is support of their latest album – Full Circle.

TRIXTER will be having their brand new studio album New Audio Machine releasing via Frontiers Records. Look for an April 20th, 2012 release date in Europe and an April 24th 2012 release date in North America! This is the first new album from TRIXTER in 2 decades!


Stone Says: A Message to The Grammy Awards and anyone affiliated to not acknowledging the late Jani Lane at the 54th Grammys: You should all be embarrassed for the omission of this talented vocalist, musician and songwriter. Jani Lane helped shape Hair Metal and late 80’s Hard Rock, while being a major part as to why Warrant sold multi-millions of albums. The Grammys exhibited a true act of irresponsibility by being so oblivious to Jani Lane’s passing.


For more info, click on the links below:





Jani Lane – May He Rest In Peace

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Metal Odyssey extends heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, band mates and fans of Jani Lane. The former lead singer of Warrant and Saints Of The Underground passed away on August 11, 2011. Jani Lane was only 47.

As a lead vocalist, songwriter and lyricist for Warrant, Jani Lane’s Hair Metal and Rockin’  identity could never be denied, especially on such Warrant album classics as 1989’s Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich and 1990’s Cherry Pie. Jani Lane’s music will live on for generations to enjoy. God Bless Jani Lane and may he rest in peace.


Five Hard Rock Albums You Must Own This Summer Of 2011 – Part I

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It’s been a fantastic year thus far for Hard Rock album releases. No, make that super fantastic. The obvious trend I’ve seen with all these incredible Hard Rock albums of 2011 is: A majority of these albums are from seasoned or old school bands. There have been many comeback albums released so far this year that absolutely ROCK… hello King Kobra, The Cars, Warrant, Mr. Big and Nelson, to name a few.

Many of these bands can easily be tagged as 80’s Heavy Metal, Hair Metal, Glam Metal, Classic Rock or Arena Rock and I’m down with that. Deciding which Rock genre a band nestles into comfortably is not difficult. Heck, it’s not like figuring out calculus or some insane Food Network recipe. Many bands are often placed into multiple genres anyways. Metal be thy name.

Realistically, I cannot possibly listen to every Hard Rock album that’s been released at this point in the year, therefore this list of MUST OWN albums for this Summer of 2011 may not correspond with your favorites in parts or in whole. As we approach the midway point of 2011, these are the Hard Rock albums that have ROCKED my brains out! In my Metal opinion, these are five albums worth your hard earned money to buy and crank up LOUD during this coming Summer of 2011… and beyond.

* Metal Odyssey Note: This list is in no particular order and it is Part I of a series. All of the albums chosen are 2011 releases. You have to wait for the “Metal Odyssey Best Of 2011” lists that come out around Christmas/New Years for a definitive list. Be patient, that time will come quicker than we all know!

KING KOBRA – Yes, King Kobra is back. Why? Well, cause Carmine Appice says so. Plus, this self-titled comeback album from King Kobra ROCKS like every day is F’n Friday. Metal be thy name, Carmine should have given this album a title after all… and named it Feel Good. Carmine assembled the original King Kobra lineup once again for this 2011 edition… only the lead singer is the exception. Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt & Quiet Riot) has taken over the vocal lead now. Why? Well, cause Carmine asked him to that’s why. Plus, as a bonus, Paul can sing pretty damn good. (King Kobra was released on Frontiers Records).

WARRANT – No, no, no. And no again. This is NOT the Warrant you remember from 1989, 1990 or even 2006. Nope. This Warrant can kick any of those Warrant’s asses. Why you ask? Cause this Rockaholic album (Frontiers Records) kicked my ass into next wednesday. Except at lead vocals, an “original” Warrant lineup is in place on Rockaholic. This third vocalist for Warrant has turned out to be their BEST, in my crazed Metal opinion. Robert Mason (Lynch Mob) and a “less cheese is more” approach has made this Warrant album smoke, from start to finish. (Rockaholic was released on Frontiers Records).

JOURNEY – Somewhere along the line, someone told Neal Schon to make a Journey album that would psyche-out Stone over at Metal Odyssey to the point of ridiculous Hard Rockin’ ecstasy. Neal and his band did just that… and it’s titled Eclipse. Thank you Neal. By the way… this new Journey album, excuse me, I mean CD, is a Walmart exclusive. It’s o.k. to go to Walmart and buy this new Journey CD. For Metal sakes, Walmart is not going to bite you in the ass and give you an infection if you go there to buy Eclipse.

FAITHSEDGE – For those of you who recognizes this Faithsedge album cover from being at the top of this post, well done. This Southern California Hard Rock band not only released their self-titled debut this year, they’ve also made one of the BEST Hard Rockin’ albums I’ve heard all year. Melodic, contagious and simply 100% memorable is this Faithsedge album. By the way, remember this name: Giancarlo Floridia. Why you query? Cause this Rockin’ dude is more than likely the next Joe Lynn Turner of Hard Rock. (Faithsedge was released on Scarlet Records).

REV THEORY – Whoa. Uh, was Rev Theory beamed up by space aliens, only to arrive at Planet Kick-Ass Hard Rock? I think they were. Cause upon returning to this round ball of 75% water that we call Earth: Rev Theory have released their third studio album Justice, one that thunders along like an out of control micro-cell in the hot, humid, Summer sky. Not one song on Justice can I ignore, this album is that damn consistent with it’s Hard Rockin’ intensity. What you need to do here is: buy Justice, play it LOUD and get psyched-out. After that, you may thank me for a month of Saturdays.

* For more info on the bands and their albums listed above, just click on the very cool links provided below:


FAITHSEDGE – facebook

FAITHSEDGE – Official Website


REV THEORY – Official Website

REV THEORY – myspace music

KING KOBRA – Official facebook


The word “nestles” was used in this post.


WARRANT – ROCKAHOLIC: Hard Rock Glory Has Risen Again!

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WARRANT –  With a new vocalist in place to front the multi-million selling Hard Rock band we all know and embrace as Warrant, Rockaholic (Frontiers Records) comes at me with a new-found attitude and revved up Hard Rock sound that crunches. Robert Mason (Lynch Mob, Cry Of Love) is now the voice behind Warrant and it’s a return to Hard Rock glory for this group. The stereotypical Hair Metal posturing of years gone by is not the sheen of elegance anymore with Warrant, instead Rockaholic comes at me with more Hard Rock relevance than I ever could have expected.

With original members Jerry Dixon (bass), Erik Turner (rhythm guitar), Joey Allen (lead guitar) and Steven Sweet (drums), the backing vocals they all provide on Rockaholic lends a cool-fueled, feel-good atmosphere and tribute to their legendary Hair Metal roots. The ballad Home reminds me that Warrant still has the fever for making a memorable tear jerker. An inspirational ballad it is, the lyrics aren’t sappy… they just hit home. A well written ballad that has substance… and ballads don’t usually impress me. This one does.

Candy Man is a groovy Rocker that hits on all melodic cylinders. A song that is heavy and filled with gimme more hooks, I can understand if Candy Man becomes a strip club favorite. Sunshine has the up-tempo and sing-a-long savvy to be a live favorite. Something about Sunshine makes it a cool candidate for a beer drinking song for some reason. Sunshine is yet another song on Rockaholic that proves these Warrant dudes know a thing or two about playing some good time Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Life’s A Song has Robert Mason giving Jon Bon Jovi a run for his Hard Rock money. This song should hopefully be on Warrant’s live set list for their 2011 Summer gigs. Cocaine Freight Train embodies the heavier personality of Warrant, with a pedal to the Metal tempo and guitar licks that resonate Classic Rock Americana. What Love Can Do is all about the good-time vibes. Crank this song up, roll down the windows and let the breeze hit you in the face while Warrant makes your lazy day cruise Rock! Metal be thy name, this Warrant album is Hard Rock goodness.

Rockaholic is 14 songs, which have the Rockin’ bookends of Sex Ain’t Love opening and The Last Straw closing out. Both of these songs are critical for Sex Ain’t Love sets the Hard Rockin’ tone of Rockaholic from the onset, while The Last Straw makes me wish this album would go on for another six songs or more. Metal be thy name once again. Ring that Hard Rock bell of glory and tell ’em Stone told you to do so.

Dusty’s Revenge resonates with it’s Rock ‘n’ Roll outlaw sound, courtesy of Joey and Erik’s guitars and Robert’s vocals. This is perhaps my favorite song on Rockaholic, being carried by Robert’s vocals that embody the essence and mystique of a Classic Hard Rock performance. If there is to be more praise handed out here, it’s that Warrant is one band from the late 80’s era that knew how to evolve as a band. Did someone say bubble gum? I respond by saying kiss my Metal lovin’ ass. Warrant Rocks.

The hardened sound of Warrant today coupled with Robert Mason’s vocals, makes this entire album scream: It’s a new beginning! Warrant has surprised me with Rockaholic, fans of Warrant should surely be psyched-out of their minds by this new album. Even those few who may have shunned Warrant over the decades, just might realize, Rockaholic is a Hard Rock powerhouse of an album after just one listen. This is a band that never buckled under to nuthin’ and their fired-up and rejuvenated brand of Hard Rock is in the here and now. Warrant is back… and that is a Hard Rockin’ matter of fact!

* Rockaholic releases on May 13th in Europe and May 17th in the U.S., on Frontiers Records.

* Rockaholic was produced by Keith Olsen and mixed by Pat Regan.

Rockaholic Track Listing: 

Sex Ain’t Love

Innocence Gone


Dusty’s Revenge


What Love Can Do

Life’s A Song

Show Must Go On

Cocaine Freight Train

Found Forever

Candy Man


Tears In The City

The Last Straw

* For more info on WARRANT, click on the link below:




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