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THE TREWS – Colin MacDonald: An Exclusive Metal Odyssey Interview

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L to R: Jack Syperek, John-Angus MacDonald, Sean Dalton, Colin MacDonald

THE TREWS – Back on August 5th, 2011, I posted an album review for THE TREWS newly released studio album Hope & Ruin. The 4th full-length from this Canadian Rock band impressed me so much that I listened to it constantly since early Summer. Now that Winter has settled in, Hope & Ruin has never lost its edgy Rock luster with me. I have listened to many other Rock albums during 2011 and none seemed to enthuse me as the way this new album from THE TREWS has done.

THE TREWS seemed to have captured an old spirit of Rock that I once heard from early R.E.M. and U2, back when these two iconic bands really did care about their songs and fans. A flirtation of retro college radio meets modern Rock vibe overflows with Hope & Ruin. I simply love that. Back on August 18th, I did not fully realize, that this album would eventually stand out amongst the rest of its 2011 Rock album peers in such a special way for me.

It was also back on August 18th, when I had the golden opportunity to interview Colin MacDonald, the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for THE TREWS. As my sincere appreciation for Hope & Ruin grew stronger by the week, I eventually decided to savor the moment, an eventual moment when I would launch this exclusive interview with Colin MacDonald simultaneously with naming Hope & Ruin by THE TREWS… as Metal Odyssey’s 2011 Rock Album Of The Year.

If the late and legendary Ed Sullivan were to come back to life for just one day, I’d love to hear him say: Ladies and Gentlemen… THE TREWS! Instead, I’m announcing this band at this moment and I’m very proud to have had the opportunity to interview Colin MacDonald. From album reviews to opening for Robert Plant, here is what Colin had to say:

Stone: In the July (2011) issue of Classic Rock AOR Magazine, Hope & Ruin received a nine out of ten review. Taking a quote from this review: “Man, there isn’t a flawed track. Indeed, it’s one of those rare albums where every song could easily become a hit single. It’s rare feat for an album to be so consistently powerful.” How does this type of praise make you feel?

Colin: Awesome. It feels amazing. It’s like Sting had put it: “If you believe the good stuff, it doesn’t make you want to work as hard and if you believe the bad stuff, it only makes you work harder. It’s always great to be recognized for the work we do, especially by a big magazine like that.

Stone: On a personal level, which song on Hope & Ruin means the most to you?

Colin: I really like Hope & Ruin. This song really seems to take on a life of its own live.

Stone: In your music video for Hope & Ruin, there are many scenic backdrops. Where in the world was this footage shot?

Colin: It was shot in Toronto for the city. It was done on the coldest day on record too and I was really freezing out there while I was singing! We also went to the East Coast and Nova Scotia. We created a contrast of city, coast and countryside and it made for an amazing result with this video.

Watch and listen below to THE TREWS – Hope & Ruin, it is an incredible song!

Stone: With The Trews, which is written first, the music or the lyrics?

Colin: Always the music. We’ll come up with a riff, a melody, a little idea and work on it until it becomes a big idea. We take a melody idea and then a line comes with it. You then work your way back from there.  I never try to over think the lyrics. I try to balance things out and let the lyrics compliment the song.

Stone: With The Trews being for all intents and purposes, family, what is it like for you guys to sit down, write and record music?

Colin: It’s the only way of life we’ve known for such a long time. I really don’t have anything else to compare it to. We are a tight group of guys. Sure, we have heated arguments, although they can simmer very quick. That’s what has kept us together for so long.

Stone: How important is it for a Rock band today, compared to a decade ago, in adapting to changes in how they promote themselves?

Colin: It’s really important. A band has to always garner new fans. It’s hands on now. There’s not a lot of mystique or mystery to promotion anymore. Our main priority is to always make good music. You must never lose sight in making music that the fans like. You must keep up the musical content. There’s twitter and facebook to reach out to the fans with. Those bands that keep all of this in mind will do well with the new model.

Stone: Is the record industry today more hope or more ruin?

Colin: It depends on who you ask. There are lots of bands getting through today that probably wouldn’t have decades ago, like, Mumford & Sons. Bands are selling out big venues, so that’s hope for sure. The days of signing big money record deals and getting big contracts up front are no more. So that’s ruin.

Stone: Which country has the toughest music market for The Trews to tap into and do you want to conquer that market?

Colin: Right now, we’re doing great in Australia and the UK. We’d like to get bigger in America because it’s close and easy to tour, so obviously we want to break into that market. Any band that are making good music and stays true to themselves will do well and that’s what we try to do.

Stone: What band or which musician would The Trews be honored to share the stage with, where you haven’t shared the stage with before?

Colin: We’d love to play with Neil Young. That would be awesome! We’d love to open for AC/DC. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. We’ve opened for The Stones. We’ve also opened for Robert Plant across Canada.

Stone: Where did you open for The Rolling Stones?

Colin: We opened for them in Toronto and Phoenix back in 2005. They were secret club gigs.

Stone: Where did you play with Robert Plant?

Colin: It was all across Canada for his entire tour here.

Stone: Is Robert Plant a nice guy?

Colin: Robert Plant is a super cool guy! He’s always interested in new music and never rests on his laurels. I find inspiration in that and it sticks with us. As a lead singer, Robert Plant is always moving forward and that’s a quality about him I admire most.

Stone: As a band, do you guys want to continue experimenting and maturing musically or have you reached a level of self-contentment of where you are now?

Colin: Never man. We keep pushing forward. We have more in us. There’s so much more music in us still and so much more to come. I still feel we have not made our best record yet.

Stone: Is there anything you’d like to tell your fans?

Colin: Thank you for supporting us and for so long! When the fans come out to see us live, it really means  a lot to us.

* For more info on THE TREWS, click on the links below:

THE TREWS – Official Website

THE TREWS – myspace music



Metal Odyssey’s Top Ten Rock Albums Of 2011

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Top Ten Rock Albums Of 2011 – This Top Ten Rock Album list comprises various genres, the likes of: Blues, Alternative, Rockabilly, Acoustic, New Wave, some shades of Hard Rock and of course, Rock itself. Isn’t Rock a grand blanket term for such incredible music diversity? I love Rock. Without Rock, there wouldn’t have been Heavy Metal.

If you are counting, there are actually thirteen Rock albums in this Top Ten list. Admittedly, compiling a “Top Ten” of anything is grueling for me, therefore the two “ties” below are as honest as I could ever possibly be, without pulling what hair I have left off of my head. Furthermore, I couldn’t resist adding Jeff Beck – Rock ‘n’ Roll Party/Honoring Les Paul as an “Honorable Mention”. It’s a good times, roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll listen, one that I’ve enjoyed time and again.

I chose the following Rock albums due to how memorable, fun and interesting they came across to my senses. The quality of Rock contained in these following albums, I simply revere. There are some elite musicians and bands on this list for certain. They all have proven to me just how diverse Rock ‘N Roll really is, with their respective albums. These are the Rock albums that I gravitated to and became inspired by most often during 2011. I highly recommend you check ’em out, if you haven’t already.


Honorable Mention

JEFF BECK – Rock ‘n’ Roll Party Honoring Les Paul







(Verve Forecast)


TESLA – Twisted Wires & The Acoustic Sessions…

(Tesla Electric Company Recordings, Inc.)



(Universal Music)




#5 (Tie)

SOCIAL DISTORTION – Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes


#5 (Tie)





(Playing In Traffic Records / LonelyTone Records)

#3 (Tie)


(Hear Music / Concord Music Group)

#3 (Tie)


(Warner Bros.)



(J&R Adventures)



(Bumstead Productions Ltd.)

Hope & Ruin took me by surprise in 2011. THE TREWS captured a Rockin’ vibe that made my mood soar anytime I listened to this album. Melodic songs that glisten lyrically and musically, Hope & Ruin can easily become someone’s Rockin’ companion. THE TREWS are that Rock band you need to know about. This band defies the illogical American Rock mainstream press, proving that exquisite and blue-collar Rock music does exist in places other than Billboard or Rolling Stone magazine.

When I listen to Hope & Ruin, I’m not hearing a Rock band that is out to prove themselves. I’m instead hearing a Rock band that created a complete album of songs, which I imagine is straight from their Rock ‘N Roll hearts.

* To read my review on Hope & Ruin, (posted on August 5th, 2011), click on the large header link below:

THE TREWS – “HOPE & RUIN”: A Rock Album of Solid and Memorable Songs

Thank you to all the Rock bands & musicians above! Happy Holidays & Happy New Year To All!



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THE TREWS – Play The Viper Room, West Hollywood, CA: August 23rd, 2011

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* To read the Metal Odyssey album review for THE TREWS new album Hope & Ruin, (posted on August 5th, 2011), click on the big header link below:

THE TREWS – “HOPE & RUIN”: A Rock Album of Solid and Memorable Songs

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THE TREWS – Official Website

THE TREWS – myspace music



THE TREWS – “HOPE & RUIN”: A Rock Album of Solid and Memorable Songs

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THE TREWS – One Rock album that I’ve been listening to consistently since it’s April 12th release date is Hope & Ruin from The Trews. Released on Bumstead Productions Ltd., this album is enriched with memorable melodies, standout vocal harmonies and Alternative stylings aplenty. With two gold records and ten top ten singles on their Rock resume, The Trews in my Rockin’ opinion are one of the best of bands imported from The Great White North. Based in Toronto, Canada, The Trews exemplify to me, just how grand a Rock album can sound when equal importance is given to lyrics and music.

Hope & Ruin makes it rather non difficult, when comparing The Trews to their Rock peers such as Counting Crows and Goo Goo Dolls. Song structures, lyrical diligence, tempos and degrees of Rock hardness all come into play when making such a comparison. The Trews just don’t bang-it-out on this album, they play the song and take you on an escalator of Rock, one that is aimed for being memorable and not run of the mill. There’s no question The Trews are accomplished artists and Hope & Ruin solidifies this, in my Rockin’ opinion.

You Gotta Let Me In is the mellow song on Hope & Ruin, with an acoustic listen that also takes advantage of soothing strings to compliment the soothing vocals of Colin MacDonald. Wether you listen to You Gotta Let Me In first or last, this song is a Folk Rock welcome mat from The Trews, which ultimately suggests this band’s admirable level of music appreciation. Upon hearing the guitar intro to The World I Know, the realization that The Trews are about to Rock-it-out is ever apparent. Latter days of The Alarm and early days of R.E.M. jump out at me, while The World I Know is cranked up, reminding me that yes, there is an old school Alternative Rock heaviness swirled about in this song.

Stay With Me is just an undisputed song of Rock excellence, both musically and lyrically. It’s easy for me to say this song would be a number one single on Billboard (if it were only 1985 all over again)… only real Rock music like this in 2011 takes a pounding from teen-Pop on those sacred charts. Rock fans with a pulse, know a number one single with relevance when they hear it and Stay With Me soars. The Trews compliment Stay With Me with yet another foot stomping and body jumping number called: People of the Deer. What this song substantiates, is, the true desire to move your body to Rock and Roll and let the vibes from the song take control.

Misery Loves Company is a short Hard Rock number (2:57) that flirts with a Punk fever tempo and bouncy bop to its beat. No, The Trews are not so diverse on this album that they lose their identity, their sound and semi-raw delivery is all there to be heard and recognized. Love Is The Real Thing encapsulates all good things about The Trews on Hope & Ruin: up-tempo, lyrical competence and a sensibility of some lean, blue-collar Rock, while hovering in and out with an Alternative appeal.

If You Wanna Start Again opens with delicate piano keys, only to become a guitar and chorus driven mover. Colin sings his Rockin’ heart out and John- Angus plays his guitar with unreal memorable licks on this song. The title track is yet another solid song on an already solid Rock album. With the tempo level being raised steadily as Hope & Ruin plays out, this song captivates with its unending Rock passion, from the vocals and backing vocals and all the way along its rhythmic beats. A fabulous title track to have, especially when it’s such an inspiring listen.

On Hope & Ruin, The Trews capture the sound, mood and vibes of Rock, Alternative Rock and Hard Rock with an efficiency that is easy to seize and enjoy. If you’re looking for an album that has been created with Rock discernment in mind, this is for you. Hope & Ruin pours with a sound of Rock that is not only real and sincere, it’s downright distinguished with its Rock stylings. Wether it’s a long drive, party time or you’re just chilling out, this is an album to turn to often for a cool dose of Rock.


Colin MacDonald – vocals

John-Angus MacDonald – guitar

Sean Dalton – drums

Jack Syperek – bass

Hope & Ruin – Track Listing:

Misery Loves Company

One By One

People Of The Deer

Stay With Me

Hope & Ruin

If You Wanna Start Again

The World I Know

Dreaming Man

I’ll Find Someone Who Will

Love Is The Real Thing


You Gotta Let Me In

* For more info on THE TREWS, click on the links below:



THE TREWS – “Hope & Ruin” Releases April 12th, 2011! Track Listing, Album Art and Info…

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“Big riffs, bigger hooks, anthemic choruses – Canadian Alt-Rockers The Trews bring all of that and more” – Guitar Edge Magazine

THE TREWS’ fourth full-length studio album, Hope & Ruin, due out on The Trews Records on April 12, is a level-raising evolution for the Toronto-based rock band with two gold records, 10 top-10 singles and 800-plus concerts logged. After wrapping up the first leg of touring for 2009’s  Acoustic – Friends & Total Strangers retrospective, The Trews found themselves with time off and a blank canvas in front of them for the first time in years. The band decided to retreat to Tragically Hip’s fabled Bathhouse Studio’s, which is an old converted lake house just outside of Kingston, Ontario.

Recorded live-off-the-floor, they captured lightning in a bottle, resulting in a sound that is raw, electric and igniting. Of course, the ripping rockers that have made front man Colin MacDonald; his brother, guitarist John-Angus; their cousin, drummer Sean Dalton; and long-time friend, bassist Jack Syperek one of Canada’s top live acts are still present with the heavy “The World I Know,” unrelenting “Misery Loves Company” and pummeling “People of the Deer.”

We haven’t forgotten how to rock, but there’s new ground being covered,” says Colin. The Trews have never made an album in the manner in which they recorded Hope & Ruin, and it’s an album they never could’ve made before now. There’s a certain connection, comfort and intuition that’s needed to write and record in such an off-the-cuff, inspired manner. And that takes years to develop.

As the “Hope & Ruin” single continues to climb up the Active Rock charts in The Trews native Canada (currently at #7), the band is receiving accolades from around the globe. Performer Magazine here in the U.S. claims that “The Trews are, without a doubt, the greatest rock band of their generation” and upon their departure from their Australian tour  this month, famous native and rock affectionado Russell Crowe tweeted “Bon Voyage @thetrews hope you make it back to Australia soon. They came, they saw, they rocked”

The Trews will be touring the U.S. this Spring.

Hope & Ruin Track Listing:

Misery Loves Company

One By One

People of the Deer

Stay With Me

Hope & Ruin

If You Wanna Start Again

The World I Know

Dreaming Man

I’ll Find Someone Who Will

Love Is The Real Thing


You Gotta Let Me In

* I’ve listened to One By One, a song currently streaming from Hope & Ruin several times over. The Alternative Rock sound blended with a relevant Classic Rock feel and vibe, makes One By One erupt with all things fabulous about quality songwriting, memorable lyrics and guitar driven Rock Music. I’m really looking forward to landing my ears into this entire new album from The Trews.

* For more info on THE TREWS and to hear One By One streaming, click the links below:

THE TREWS – Official Website

THE TREWS – myspace music

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