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Terry Ilous Of Great White – An Interview With This Legendary Band’s Lead Singer And Songwriter

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Great White - Group Promo Pic - 2013 - #5!

Left to right: Michael Lardie (keys & guitar), Audie Desbrow (drums), Mark Kendall (guitar), Terry Ilous (lead vocals) and Scott Snyder (bass).


“I genuinely love my fans.” – Terry Ilous

Terry Ilous is no longer the new singer of the legendary Great White. Terry Ilous is the singer of Great White. Make no mistake about it, the electricity is swirling in the air within the Great White camp and Terry Ilous is a credible reason why. One listen to Great White’s 12th studio album Elation and their newly released live gem 30 Years – Live From The Sunset Strip and the energy and good-times vibes are contagious, all with a little boost from Terry Ilous.

With previous work with an envious list of who’s who within the Rock, Metal and Pop recording industries, plus previous live lead vocal duties under his belt for Great White, along with being an original member and vocalist for XYZ, Terry Ilous couldn’t have been a better choice for this new era of Great White. Terry Ilous answered the Rockin’ call. Big time.

With an intensely busy schedule, Terry Ilous was very considerate to answer a few questions for me. This music and fan driven artist reflects on his invitation to join Great White, making money, playing live, his greatest moments as a musician and yes… the fans. Here’s what Terry Ilous had to say:

Stone: Terry, how did it all unfold as your becoming the lead vocalist for Great White?

Terry: I was asked to join the band in 2010 to replace Jack (Russell) who was sick. I received a phone call from Mark on Wednesday asking if could perform with the band the next day. I said, ” Yes, of course!” The fans were very supportive. It wasn’t easy, to be honest, as those were big shoes to fill. Jack has recorded some amazing songs. I respect his talent.

The band was very helpful.  I developed a strong friendship with them and it helped me tremendously. We performed over 80 shows. When Jack decided not come back in December 2011, I was asked to permanently join the band. Please remember I was initially asked to temporarily join the band, to fill-in during Jack’s absence.

It’s never easy to replace a lead singer. It doesn’t matter how good the singer is! Fans are used to a sound they love. Introducing someone new is very challenging. That’s why when I sing the classic Great White hits, I respect the core structure of the melody.

Stone: Of course, money is essential to live. However, what is more important, selling multi-millions of albums or playing the music that you love in concert for your fans?

Terry: I think both are important. An artist has to have both a business mind and a creative mind.  How can I perform for my fans if I have to work two jobs to support my family? And, if I only have a business mind, how can I be creative and genuine for my fans? The music I would create would be calculated and not heart-felt. The fans can feel that. I spend a lot of time with them, I answer my own Facebook questions, not always timely as I receive over 200 emails per day, plus I manage my own Twitter account. I genuinely love my fans.

GREAT WHITE - Elation promo cover

Stone: Media and fan response to “Elation” and your hit single “Hard To Say Goodbye” has been phenomenal. What were your expectations with the release of “Elation”? I look upon it all as a tremendous fresh and new start for Great White.

Terry: I didn’t know what to expect to be honest with you. All I could do as a singer/songwriter is to be honest with myself. The band sat down, started writing and writing non-stop, comparing ideas. Michael would come up with something then Mark and then myself, not necessarily in that order and we would jam on them and if one idea would please all of us, we would work on it. Audie and Scotty would also be at the studio to comment and help us as well.

At times, it was very exhilarating and at times scary, as we only had 2 weeks to write the songs. We went into the studio with 2 songs. We had to be finished writing, recording, mixing, and mastering within 28 days!  It was a lot of pressure! I believe in sincerity and honesty, I know, I’m old-fashioned. So I gave it my very best. Yes, I was nervous, I knew some would welcome me and some would not. I know that replacing a singer is never easy. The fans are used to a sound and it’s sometimes difficult for some to accept a new singer but it’s been done many times before. Dio replaced Ozzy and Coverdale replaced Gillan. Talk about iconic singers being replaced!

We did what a real band does and that’s write music because we love music! They love their fans! Before anything else they are just a bunch of guys getting together to share their same passion for music, not money. Previously, you had asked me about money and the fans. In this case it’s all for the love of music!

Listen to and watch “Hard To Say Goodbye” below!

Stone: Terry, could you pinpoint the greatest moment you’ve experienced as a musician, regardless of how small or large the moment was?

Terry: Coming to America with $500 dollars in my pocket! Getting the deal with XYZ, opening a sold out show for Ted Nugent in Detroit, performing on stage with an acoustic guitar and hearing eighteen thousand fans sing the song a cappella with me, and of course joining the Great White! That’s for sure!

Great White - Group and Logo - promo header -        #1________________________________________________

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facebook: Great White [Band]

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Great White’s Mark Kendall – An Interview With This Legendary Band’s Founding Member, Guitarist And Songwriter

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Mark Kendall - Great White - promo pic - #11 - 2012

Our fans are the are the most loyal fans in the world. We are totally grateful and feel very blessed! – Mark Kendall


The story of Great White has many twists and turns; rising to a hard-earned status of world-wide popularity in the 80’s, with millions of albums sold, resulting in an instantly recognizable and branded band name, a 1990 Grammy nomination, touring across the globe with the industries biggest name bands, tragedy, a media intensified change in lead vocalists, lawsuits and then… Elation. With the arrival of Terry Ilous as the new frontman for Great White, a whole new era of Rock ‘N’ Roll spirit was ushered in as well for this legendary band.

Mark Kendall, Great White’s founding member, guitarist and songwriter, has recently took the time from his packed schedule to be interviewed by me; for which I extend a tremendous thank you to this talented and legendary gentleman of Rock. Mark elaborates on what the current vibes within Great White are like, the band’s newest studio and live albums, the changeover with lead vocalists and of course the fans. Here is what Mark Kendall had to say:


Stone: What was (until now) the untold “big break” that Great White encountered during the early days of the band?

Mark: One of our first big breaks was meeting our Manager Alan Niven and making our first 5 song EP. This was such a huge moment for us. Michael Wagener was brought out from Germany to Engineer and Produce it and we already knew of him because of his work with Accept. Then when airplay followed on the 2 biggest Radio Stations in Los Angeles on KMET and KLOS we had really started to get excited.

Stone: After all these years, can Great White declare a feeling of Elation, just as your new album title reads?

Mark: Absolutely! We are really enjoying ourselves at the moment and the energy within the band is very positive!

GREAT WHITE - Elation promo cover

Stone: During the exit period of Jack Russell was there ever a time when you thought Great White was “on the ropes”?

Mark: I never felt the band was on the ropes, but I felt Jack was. It’s very difficult to watch a person self destruct and you can’t do anything about it. I have never put that much energy and attention into trying to get a person sober and healthy in my entire life. It just wears on you and it’s a very difficult thing when someone just won’t accept help. His addiction unfortunately is winning and it has literally destroyed his body. He has this huge extended stomach, skinny little legs and just looks so sick, it’s very sad. I asked people who have 30 plus years sobriety is there anything I am missing or is there something else I can be doing for him. I was told that if an addict is not ready to surrender to his addiction there is nothing anyone can do. I work with a lot of struggling addicts and alcoholics on a daily basis, as well as I am involved with the Grammy Foundation through MusiCares to give back to the program and help people. What I have found is the ones who do well and are successful are the ones who want it more than anything! One can only hope he finds help before it’s too late..He remains in our prayers…

Stone: Is there a new-found feeling of brotherhood within Great White, now that Terry (Ilous) has become your new lead vocalist?

Mark: Everything is just easy and fun. We are having fun again without any drama. That alone is worth its weight in gold! Terry leaves it on stage every night and always brings everything he has to our live shows. He is a pleasure to be around and always has a positive vibe. He makes you feel good when you’re around him. The brotherhood is totally intact and our creative juices are flowing like crazy! I can’t wait to do the next record.

Great White - Group Publicity Pic - 2013 - #10


Mark Kendall – Guitar
Michael Lardie – Keyboards & Guitar
Scott Snyder – Bass
Audie Desbrow – Drums
Terry Ilous – Vocals


Stone: Mark, how did it all unfold as Terry becoming the lead vocalist for Great White?

Mark: He filled in when Jack was on his path of self-destruction. Jack had to pull out of a tour with more than 30 dates on the books. To save face with the promoters we asked Terry to fill in. Terry had already filled in for one show. We actually had Jani Lane fill in for a few shows as well. When Jack reached the point of no return and announced he was moving on, Terry was a no brainer. We loved the man. Terry is such a good singer and a total pro. He is very dedicated and wants to work very hard all the time and is always very motivated. He vibrates at a frequency that’s a little higher than your average person!

Stone: Of course money is essential to live, however, what is more important, selling multi-millions of albums or playing the music that you love, live for your fans?

Mark: Playing live is everything to us!! Selling music has nothing to do with anything as far as just pure enjoyment. The great thing if you are selling millions of records though means your music is reaching a lot of people. That probably means more people will be at the shows and that’s very cool. Playing live is my favorite thing about making music though. Nothing else even comes close!

Great White - 30th Anniversary - promo cover pic!

Stone: I look upon your newly released “30 Years – Live From The Sunset Strip” (Frontiers Records) as not only a celebration of Great White; I look upon it as a band that has persevered and showcases one of America’s greatest live Hard Rock Bands of yesterday and today. Did you guys have to be prodded for this live anniversary album or was it always in the cards?

Mark: No we didn’t. This is a tremendous milestone and we really wanted to celebrate it. We felt what a great way to do it by bringing it back to where it all started for us on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood California! It was such a great night. All our friends, fans and family came down to the show. We brought the video cameras out and recorded the show.

Stone: Media and fan response to “Elation” and your hit single “Hard To Say Goodbye” has been phenomenal. What were your expectations with the release of “Elation”? I look upon it all as a tremendous fresh and new start for Great White.

Mark: The feedback from everyone has been absolutely amazing!I think it’s a very great first effort. It was a lot of fun to make and we are all happy. I think the album is consistent and for writing, recording, mixing and mastering the album in 35 days we can’t complain. I really look forward to doing the next one. I am ready to make a statement and the next album I feel is going to be our strongest ever. I am setting my goals high and I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t believe it. This  is a new chapter in the Great White book and we are enjoying riding the wave. Our fans are the are the most loyal fans in the world. We are totally grateful and feel very blessed!

Listen to and watch “Hard To Say Goodbye” below!

Stone: Frontiers Records has continuously signed the crème de la crème of 80’s Rock and Hard Rock bands. Were you approached by Frontiers or did you approach them?

Mark: We approached them and a few others. I think it’s great that there are labels that help get rock and roll music to the people. It’s a different world now than it was back in the day. We no longer have all the mediums like MTV and Radio, so it’s harder to get our music to the people. I just want people to hear our music. Everything is internet now so you really need a good team of people who know how to network.We have a great staff who are doing a wonderful job!

Stone: Mark, could you pinpoint the greatest moment you’ve experienced as a musician, regardless of how small or large the moment was?

Mark: For me it was having a musician father that encouraged me. I had some natural ability and there was always music in my house. I think having a Mother and Father that encouraged just about anything I did musically was a great experience and I don’t think anything else could really compare to that.

Great White - large classic logo___________________________________________________

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WITCH CROSS – Lead Vocalist Kev Moore Talks About Band’s New Album And Their Legendary Comeback!

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Witch Cross - Group Promo Pic - 2013 - #5

WITCH CROSS – Lead vocalist Kev Moore of Metal legends Witch Cross has recently took time out of his unreal busy schedule to do an exclusive interview with Metal Odyssey. A huge Metal thank you to Kev for being so obliging! Below you’ll read about Kev reflecting on the writing of the forthcoming Witch Cross album: Axe To Grind. Kev also speaks with the utmost respect for the Metal legacy in which Witch Cross has earned; as well he speaks the same for his band’s former and current members.

Band chemistry, special (well-known) guest musicians on Axe To Grind, playing the Metal festival circuit and (of course) the fans of Witch Cross, are all touched upon by this talented and charismatic frontman. It’s been many years since the last Witch Cross studio release; that being 1984’s Roadrunner Records release of Fit For Fight. It’s a new Metal era for this Danish rooted Metal band. The fans never went into hiding, Metal never died and now… Witch Cross is back! Here’s what Kev Moore had to say:

Stone: Kev, how excited are you and the entire Witch Cross band & camp to see ‘Axe To Grind’ release?

Kev: We’re totally psyched-up about this release Stone – it’s very, very important to us, as ‘Fit for Fight’ has achieved such a cult status in the Metal world, all these years later we knew it would be a hard act to follow. But we think we’ve stayed true to the ethic of the original, never losing sight that ‘The song is King’.

Stone: Can you tell us Metal faithful how cool it is to have Chris Tsangarides do the mixing for ‘Axe To Grind’?

Kev: To have Chris mix the album is a huge Metal bonus for us. We had him in mind right from the start, and we are great admirers of his work in this genre, his track record speaks for itself! We knew he could help us stay true to the genre and the era from which our music is born.

Stone: Can you elaborate on the flow and chemistry as you and (guitarist/founding member) Mike ‘Wlad’ Kock wrote songs for ‘Axe To Grind’? Anyone else contribute to the songwriting?

Kev: Finding a songwriting partner that is easy to work with and complements your own ideas is not an easy task. Primarily, you have to check your ego at the door, and be prepared to have the other guy say  ‘I don’t like what you did there’ or ‘that sucks!’ because you need to focus on what is best for the song, nothing else. When Mike sent an idea over for me to look at way before we even got deep into the ‘Axe to Grind’ project, and we started ‘ping-ponging’ the ideas back and forth, I immediately knew we could write together. Mike is prolific and fast, as am I. We worked at a furious pace, honing the material to how we wanted it. I want to give huge credit to Mike, who really kept his eye on the ball regarding his vision for this album, keeping it true to the band and the genre. In addition, we really wanted to make this album very inclusive, and ‘Part of the Machine’ was co-written with our bassist, Jan ‘Little John’ Fields, and ‘Metal Nation’ was co-written with guitarist Paul Martin. To take the ‘inclusive’ vibe further, we have our original drummer from ‘Fit for Fight’, Anders “A.C” Hjort as a guest on several tracks too.

Check out the teaser video below for Axe To Grind… Whoa!

Stone: How did your guest musicians Marta Gabriel, Graham Oliver  and Jax Chambers all come on board for this exciting Metal chapter in Witch Cross history?

Kev: We’re so pleased to have these great Metal mates on board for this album! I’ve known Graham for many years, I sang with Oliver/Dawson Saxon for two tours before Wardi joined them and both Graham and I have guested on each others albums in the past. It was natural to want him to contribute to ‘Ride with the Wind’ which is a motorcycle song in the best Saxon tradition! I also get to play bass on that one, so it’s Graham and I together again like the first tour we did. We worked with the fabulous Crystal Viper at Metal Magic in Denmark last year, and Marta’s amazing vocals just knocked us out! It was an honour to have her take the part of the ‘Bird of Prey’, she just rips it to shreds… fantastic Metal stuff!

We’ve known Girlschool for years, often getting the same flights to and from Germany to shows. Jax was a natural to ask to contribute and she’s great fun! She laid down a great solo for ‘Chelsea 100’. What was also cool was my son Corey did the recording of Graham and Jax over in the UK for us, so we kept it in the family! It’s truly an honour to have these three great artists share this album with us. They rock!

Stone: Which are your favorite songs on ‘Axe To Grind’ or is the entire album a favorite?

Kev: It’s REAL hard to pick a favourite, throughout the process it’s changed…but if I had to pick one, it’s probably ‘The Killing of Chelsea 100’. I love the time signature changes and I’m very proud of the lyrics, which reference much of the history and people who went through that famous New York hotel. That said, the album as a whole is a fine body of work, in my obviously biased opinion!

Kev Moore - Promo Pic - 2013 - #1

Kev Moore

Stone: Have you performed any new songs ‘live’ yet? If so, how have the fans responded?

Kev: Yes, we’ve been performing ‘Demon in the Mirror’ and ‘Pandora’s Box’, and I have to say, we were blown away by the fans reaction! When you realize that they also have to deal with me as the ‘new’ vocalist singing the old songs and then hearing new stuff on top, it really gave us a great feeling as we were recording ‘Axe to Grind’.

Stone: Are there songs that didn’t make the cut for ‘Axe To Grind’ that (hopefully) will land on a future EP or studio album?

Kev: Hell yeah! We had so many ideas coming out that we’re well on the way to another album’s worth of material already! We had to think long and hard about what to leave off this one and things are shaping up nicely so that we hope it won’t be another 28 years between releases!

Stone: What can you tell your Metal brethren about the ‘live’ Witch Cross experiences you’ve had thus far?

Kev: You know, playing ‘Keep it True’ in Germany last year was immense for us. It was SO important. We didn’t really know how we’d be received, whether we could recapture any of the magic the band had back in the day, and from a personal perspective, whether I would be accepted as the new frontman, because, and I want to go on record with this: Alex Savage’s vocal performance on ‘Fit for Fight’ was a tour de force – it’s a superb piece of work. I’m no stranger to filling a role though. Going out singing Saxon’s catalogue with Graham Oliver, Nigel Durham and Steve Dawson was a big task too and the experience probably helped me when we resurrected WITCH CROSS.

Witch Cross - Classic Logo - Large - B&W!!

Kev: The fans reaction was truly amazing. You must remember, as is so often the case with Metal, this music gets ‘handed down’ from older brothers, or indeed through generations and there are many people who know the old songs, who never thought they’d ever hear them performed live. Some of the messages of support we’ve had have been wonderful, and the instances of meeting many of the fans at the great festivals such as Metal Magic and Heavy Metal Maniacs in Holland have been very important to us. It is a symbiotic relationship. The band IS its fans, it is our raison d’etre. Without their enthusiasm, their approval, their support, I doubt this album would have been made.

Stone: What are the release dates for ‘Axe To Grind’ in North America, Europe and the UK?

Kev: We have a tentative worldwide release for the beginning of April, but nothing more definite than that at the time of writing. I DO know that our wonderful label Hells Headbangers, will be issuing it in on both CD and 12″ vinyl. More news as we get it!


Above photos courtesy of Kev Moore.

For more info on WITCH CROSS, click on the links below!

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KISS By Monster Mini Golf Anniversary Bash – March 23rd, Las Vegas: Here’s The KISStastic Info!

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KISS - mini golf -  Anniversary Bash - 2013 - flyer

KISS – Celebrate the one year anniversary of KISS by Monster Mini Golf with a special VIP Party on Saturday, March 23rd from 6pm – 8pm in Las Vegas! Special guest KISS drummer Eric Singer will be available for photos and autographs and will also be doing an intimate Q&A!

Platinum and MONSTER ticket packages are available for the VIP Party. Sales are limited as we would like everyone in attendance to enjoy the party!

The day will kick off with a free KISS Expo outside in the parking lot of KISS by Monster Mini Golf from 10am – 6pm.

Special Expo Guests include Bob Kulick and Ken Kelly.

– Shop for KISS collectibles at a KISS venue!

– Get your Face “KISS” Painted!

– Get your Photo taken in the KISS boots!

For more info, click on the link below:


(Source: facebook: KISS)

For more info on KISS, click on the link below!

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GORDON BROWN – A Metal Odyssey Interview (Part II) – Starts A New Band, Talks Singing and Rock and Roll!

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The first interview I had with Gordon Brown was just after his amicable departure from Heavy Rock legends Iron Claw; that interview was posted here on Metal Odyssey practically a year ago to this day, on October 21st, 2011. Now, with a fresh start and always the positive outlook on the future, Gordon Brown has started a new band: Delta One Six.

A Scottish gentleman with music flowing from his soul, Gordon Brown has a bluesy voice that fits right into any decade of Rock and Roll. This past year, Gordon Brown shared many of his songs that he has recorded throughout his life, via Soundcloud. (See link at bottom of post). The “open-book” approach that Gordon Brown has taken, with the music he’s created, shows to me the honest-to-goodness personality of this man.

Since I’ve known Gordon Brown, he has always taken a nothing to hide approach with his music and has never dodged a question. This is an artist I’ve been rooting for since I first heard him sing. Recently, Gordon Brown answered another round of questions, being his typical friendly and polite self! I’m proud to present to you, this second interview with Gordon Brown:


Stone: Can you give more (untold) details as to why the Iron Claw partnership ended?

Gordon: Very simply, the band wanted to play a heavier style of music than I did.  Once the recording of the album was finished things just didn’t work out – if it isn’t right it’s time to move on. There’s no animosity, we don’t see each other as we live in different towns, but I dare say at some point we’ll have a pint or two.  At this stage it appears unlikely that Iron Claw will perform live again, I was speaking to Alex Wilson recently and told him that I would consider writing lyrics and singing on any future recordings. As far as I’m concerned that door is not shut, only it would have to be music that appealed to me.  The music from “A Different Game” lives on in a live sense though, currently I’m doing Southern Sky with a view to possibly adding some others further down the line.

Stone: How has “life after Iron Claw” been treating you?

Gordon: Life has been good, I am working on some collaborations with songwriters in the USA and have started a new band “Delta One Six”, we’re due to go live on November 9th and have a song being included in a compilation of Scottish Blues acts due for release in November. Throughout my musical career I have been fortunate enough to play with some truly amazingly talented musicians, the boys in Delta One Six are an absolute delight to play with.

People have had the chance via You Tube to see some of the very early practice sessions, they were recorded using a mobile phone, the sound quality, despite being taken from one side is pretty good – I think people will enjoy what we’re looking to create – a tiny amount in the way of effects, just ass-kicking blues/rock played with passion.

Check out Delta One Six below, jamming during a rehearsal this past August! This is cool stuff! Metal be thy name!

Stone: You list the music you “err towards” as British Blues, Southern Boogie, Chicago Blues and “a hint of Bluegrass chucked in for good measure” on your bio. You’ve obviously excelled, on a grand scale, with (Bluesy) Hard Rock with Iron Claw.  What is the one genre you want to sing, that comes straight from your heart and soul?

Gordon: The bluesy thing will remain, it suits the way I like to sing. I always end up coming back to the Blues, having said that I’m not a huge fan of Delta Blues, I much prefer the electric sound.  It’s fair to say that I do like ballads as well, the Blues I do is a mash-up of Free, Whitesnake, The Allmans and too many others too mention.

Stone: While growing up as an aspiring musician, what records were in your collection?

Gordon: It kinda went in stages, I started off listening to my elder brothers and sisters music, The Beatles, Stones, Cream, Fleetwood Mac (with Peter Green), the first record I remember listening to was Jigsaw Puzzle Blues, it was the B side to Albatross.  When I started secondary school I was a big fan of a band called Slade for a couple of years – then came the Black Sabbath period, but I was also listening to all manner of things like, Atomic Rooster, Wishbone Ash, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Pink Floyd, The Groundhogs, Frankie Miller, Blue Oyster Cult, Humble Pie, Thin Lizzy and in particular one band which has stuck with me since that time – the mighty FREE (and Bad Company ), I’m a huge fan of Paul Rodgers.

Southern Rock came along in the shape of Lynyrd Skynyrd at about age 15 and I’ve loved that genre ever since.  Punk arrived when I was 17 – I didn’t think much of it, so pretty much ignored it. The NWOBHM didn’t really shake my boat either – I did enjoy gigs by Saxon and Iron Maiden, but found myself still listening to the things I grew up on and I still do!  My little confession is that I’ve always wanted to do a blues/rock cover of At The Car Wash by Rose Royce. Unfortunately, so far no-one shares my vision for it!

Stone: Which well-known bands and/or musicians of today would you want to work with on a “special guest” level of recording?

Gordon: Warren Haynes, Paul Rodgers or Greg Allman would be top of my list, Glenn Hughes, Buddy Guy and so many more including Iron Dave from Diablo Canyon. I think the real answer would be “anyone who asked”!

Stone: These are turbulent times in the world right now; many countries economies and wars have taken it’s toll on the human spirit it seems, yet music seems to be the universal language of peace, hope and friendship that unites fans and bands worldwide. What are your thoughts on the power of music to unite and heal?

Gordon: I agree with you 100% that music brings people together and I would say one genre more than any other to do that is Metal. Music does much already to unite people to combat famine etc. in terms of providing money to assist, alas, I think we humans are too wrapped up in making a profit and fighting over oil.

Stone: If you could change the record industry overnight, what changes would you mandate?

Gordon: Fair contracts for bands. Too many bands sign themselves away just to become a “signed band” and end up being ripped off or having their recordings buried.  The most important thing for most bands to understand is that you get back what you put in, if you don’t work hard you’ll go nowhere – the music business is 90% business and 10% music – sad but true!

Stone: Gordon, there is no denying you have an amazing voice and music is in your soul. For all aspiring vocalists out there, what are the golden rules to follow in protecting your voice? Is a true lyricist born or made?

Gordon: Don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol, avoid air-conditioning and take lots of exercise while eating a healthy balanced diet. Well, I drink, smoke and probably don’t exercise as much as I used to. My simple Golden Rule is practice, practice, practice! I probably sing somewhere between 1 and 2 hours per day (most days!).  There are certain songs I use as “training songs” in which I simply sing along to a record and try to match the high and low notes, (for example) Ronnie James Dio singing Heaven and Hell and Catch the Rainbow, maybe a bit of David Coverdale and always some Paul Rodgers, I find it helps with the way I like to phrase songs, I don’t try to imitate them, quite often I’ll do a harmony to their vocal, if possible get some lessons and learn how to breathe properly.

On stage I am always accompanied by Vocalzones, Strepsils, Vicks (for up my nose!) a flask of hot tea and about 3 litres of water, before a gig I do lots of breathing exercises and some scales just to warm up, occasionally I’ll gargle a glass of whisky (sometimes I might even drink it!) but my firmly held view is that when I’m on stage I’m working and therefore no excessive alcohol intake.

Lyricists, I think they can be both born and made, probably more born than made though, I think you have to be in tune with the music and let it talk to and guide you as to the direction the lyrics should take.  Unless of course you have the lyric but no tune to go with it, I think that’s harder to do and those who can put a tune to lyrics are born.

Stone: You have showcased your musical evolution on Soundcloud. I find this “open-book” approach to your musical resume commendable and inspiring. What and/or who has been most influential to you, in creating your life’s soundtrack?

Gordon: In everything you do, there is something that shapes the person you become, every person you meet from your parents onwards define your path.  Personally, I think I’ve led a full and interesting life so far, it’s had its highs and lows, but I’m very much an optimist, if you get knocked down, get up, brush yourself down and keep moving forward.  The open book approach and putting up videos of band rehearsals and recordings that weren’t the greatest was a gamble, it could have put people off completely and fortunately that hasn’t been the case.

Very simply, I think that people can appreciate an honest approach, they know that live music isn’t about every note being perfect (even the best bands/artists make mistakes), live music is about finding a vibe and making the audience believe in what you’re doing.

Stone Says: I’d like to thank Gordon Brown for this interview and for being such a cool long-distance Metal Buddy!


Go listen to/enjoy the timeline of songs from/sung by Gordon Brown, by clicking the link below!

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MUNICIPAL WASTE – facebook Fan Interview Streaming Online!

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Via the official Nuclear Blast Europe Facebook page, fans from all around the world had the chance to ask MUNICIPAL WASTE their questions – and when Philipp of Nuclear Blast met the band at the Summer Breeze Open-Air in Germany, he forwarded them to Ryan and Dave. This resulted in a great video interview that can be watched HERE.


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THE TREWS – Colin MacDonald: An Exclusive Metal Odyssey Interview

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L to R: Jack Syperek, John-Angus MacDonald, Sean Dalton, Colin MacDonald

THE TREWS – Back on August 5th, 2011, I posted an album review for THE TREWS newly released studio album Hope & Ruin. The 4th full-length from this Canadian Rock band impressed me so much that I listened to it constantly since early Summer. Now that Winter has settled in, Hope & Ruin has never lost its edgy Rock luster with me. I have listened to many other Rock albums during 2011 and none seemed to enthuse me as the way this new album from THE TREWS has done.

THE TREWS seemed to have captured an old spirit of Rock that I once heard from early R.E.M. and U2, back when these two iconic bands really did care about their songs and fans. A flirtation of retro college radio meets modern Rock vibe overflows with Hope & Ruin. I simply love that. Back on August 18th, I did not fully realize, that this album would eventually stand out amongst the rest of its 2011 Rock album peers in such a special way for me.

It was also back on August 18th, when I had the golden opportunity to interview Colin MacDonald, the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for THE TREWS. As my sincere appreciation for Hope & Ruin grew stronger by the week, I eventually decided to savor the moment, an eventual moment when I would launch this exclusive interview with Colin MacDonald simultaneously with naming Hope & Ruin by THE TREWS… as Metal Odyssey’s 2011 Rock Album Of The Year.

If the late and legendary Ed Sullivan were to come back to life for just one day, I’d love to hear him say: Ladies and Gentlemen… THE TREWS! Instead, I’m announcing this band at this moment and I’m very proud to have had the opportunity to interview Colin MacDonald. From album reviews to opening for Robert Plant, here is what Colin had to say:

Stone: In the July (2011) issue of Classic Rock AOR Magazine, Hope & Ruin received a nine out of ten review. Taking a quote from this review: “Man, there isn’t a flawed track. Indeed, it’s one of those rare albums where every song could easily become a hit single. It’s rare feat for an album to be so consistently powerful.” How does this type of praise make you feel?

Colin: Awesome. It feels amazing. It’s like Sting had put it: “If you believe the good stuff, it doesn’t make you want to work as hard and if you believe the bad stuff, it only makes you work harder. It’s always great to be recognized for the work we do, especially by a big magazine like that.

Stone: On a personal level, which song on Hope & Ruin means the most to you?

Colin: I really like Hope & Ruin. This song really seems to take on a life of its own live.

Stone: In your music video for Hope & Ruin, there are many scenic backdrops. Where in the world was this footage shot?

Colin: It was shot in Toronto for the city. It was done on the coldest day on record too and I was really freezing out there while I was singing! We also went to the East Coast and Nova Scotia. We created a contrast of city, coast and countryside and it made for an amazing result with this video.

Watch and listen below to THE TREWS – Hope & Ruin, it is an incredible song!

Stone: With The Trews, which is written first, the music or the lyrics?

Colin: Always the music. We’ll come up with a riff, a melody, a little idea and work on it until it becomes a big idea. We take a melody idea and then a line comes with it. You then work your way back from there.  I never try to over think the lyrics. I try to balance things out and let the lyrics compliment the song.

Stone: With The Trews being for all intents and purposes, family, what is it like for you guys to sit down, write and record music?

Colin: It’s the only way of life we’ve known for such a long time. I really don’t have anything else to compare it to. We are a tight group of guys. Sure, we have heated arguments, although they can simmer very quick. That’s what has kept us together for so long.

Stone: How important is it for a Rock band today, compared to a decade ago, in adapting to changes in how they promote themselves?

Colin: It’s really important. A band has to always garner new fans. It’s hands on now. There’s not a lot of mystique or mystery to promotion anymore. Our main priority is to always make good music. You must never lose sight in making music that the fans like. You must keep up the musical content. There’s twitter and facebook to reach out to the fans with. Those bands that keep all of this in mind will do well with the new model.

Stone: Is the record industry today more hope or more ruin?

Colin: It depends on who you ask. There are lots of bands getting through today that probably wouldn’t have decades ago, like, Mumford & Sons. Bands are selling out big venues, so that’s hope for sure. The days of signing big money record deals and getting big contracts up front are no more. So that’s ruin.

Stone: Which country has the toughest music market for The Trews to tap into and do you want to conquer that market?

Colin: Right now, we’re doing great in Australia and the UK. We’d like to get bigger in America because it’s close and easy to tour, so obviously we want to break into that market. Any band that are making good music and stays true to themselves will do well and that’s what we try to do.

Stone: What band or which musician would The Trews be honored to share the stage with, where you haven’t shared the stage with before?

Colin: We’d love to play with Neil Young. That would be awesome! We’d love to open for AC/DC. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. We’ve opened for The Stones. We’ve also opened for Robert Plant across Canada.

Stone: Where did you open for The Rolling Stones?

Colin: We opened for them in Toronto and Phoenix back in 2005. They were secret club gigs.

Stone: Where did you play with Robert Plant?

Colin: It was all across Canada for his entire tour here.

Stone: Is Robert Plant a nice guy?

Colin: Robert Plant is a super cool guy! He’s always interested in new music and never rests on his laurels. I find inspiration in that and it sticks with us. As a lead singer, Robert Plant is always moving forward and that’s a quality about him I admire most.

Stone: As a band, do you guys want to continue experimenting and maturing musically or have you reached a level of self-contentment of where you are now?

Colin: Never man. We keep pushing forward. We have more in us. There’s so much more music in us still and so much more to come. I still feel we have not made our best record yet.

Stone: Is there anything you’d like to tell your fans?

Colin: Thank you for supporting us and for so long! When the fans come out to see us live, it really means  a lot to us.

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