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DRAIN YOU – Columbus, Ohio’s Post-Punk Band You Must Know About!

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Drain You - promo cover - self-titled - 2016 - #MO667099

DRAIN YOU – During my everyday Metal life, I always get turned on to at least one new band I’ve never heard of before. Today’s band is DRAIN YOU and they’re from Columbus, Ohio. The band’s bass player, Kevin, actually played me their 4 song demo tonight. I became (rather instantly) hooked by the raw onslaught of Post-Punk meets Sludge that DRAIN YOU belts out so freaking well.

Click that bandcamp box below and let Izzy’s vocals give you the cranium slap you’ve been asking for while the Punk noize of DRAIN YOU leaves you in a well-deserved state of sonic shock syndrome. Dig it.

Support DRAIN YOU And Buy Their Music. ‘Nuff Said.


Facebook: Drain You




BEASTMILK – Apocalyptic Post-Punk Outfit To See North American Release Via Magic Bullet

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Beastmilk - promo band pic - 2013 - #385

Climax is the highly anticipated debut full-length from Finnish apocalyptic post-punk rock quartet BEASTMILK. Recorded, mixed, and produced in July of 2013 at GodCity Studios by Kurt Ballou, the album features ten songs of staggering refinement, brilliance, and complete mastery the likes that only rarely appear on albums destined for classic, genre cornerstone status.

It’s almost paradoxical to consider, but Climax conveys a true, genuine excitement and all-consuming state of euphoric thrall in the face of the bleak, end-of-days thematic narratives spun by vocalist Kvohst. Instead of stereotypically brooding and glacially plodding through the inherent darkness cast from Kvohst’s poetic spells, the instrumentalists of BEASTMILK (guitarist Goatspeed, drummer Paile, and bassist Arino) apply a unique, surging catchiness composed of infectious anthemic charges and unbreakable spirit from beginning to end.

True to form, when the end finally comes and consumes all else, Climax stands as the enduring battle hymn for the exhilarated survivors of a cold world.

Give in to the voices in your head.

Hear the first full song off Climax at Pitchfork, who states with the track, “Apocalyptic visions and a wicked sense of humor populate audio nightmares as BEASTMILK create visceral, unsettling death rock for the elite in ‘Love in a Cold World,’ a jangly post-punk death wish.” “Love in a Cold World” is now playing RIGHT HERE.

To be released on CD, digital download and LP — the first pressing to see both white and white with red swirl color schemes – Climax will see the light of day through Magic Bullet Records in North America on November 29, 2013, under direct license from Svart Records, also set to release the album the same day across Europe.

Climax – Track Listing:

01. Death Reflects Us
02. The Wind Blows Through Their Skulls
03. Genocidal Crush
04. You are Now Under Our Control
05. Ghosts Out of Focus
06. Nuclear Winter
07. Fear Your Mind
08. Love in a Cold World
09. Surf the Apocalypse
10. Strange Attractors


(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For More Info On BEASTMILK:

Facebook: Beastmilk

Magic Bullet Records - logo - large - 2013

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small



Post-Punk/Indie Band THE ANTICS Releases Debut Album: RUNNING FASTER

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New Jersey band channels rock through the ages with a modern twist

Los Angeles, CA – Expect to be captivated by a roll of basement jams and garage grooves on the debut album Running Faster from post-punk/indie rock band The Antics, available now on iTunes and Bandcamp. The New Jersey-based band cooks up a cohesive rock genre toss-up featuring fuzzy guitar riffs and raw emotion that is quickly making these guys hometown heroes.

Fun-loving and gifted, the young men of The Antics are Luke Meisenbacher (vocals/guitar), Derek Rosengarth (guitar), Kyle Hammerschmidt (bass) and Josh Reitan (drums). Practicing their instruments from an early age, each member grew up in different parts of NJ but play like they’ve been together all their lives. Just three years strong, the band has endured a few changes but their brotherly bond enabled them to create a staple sound that defines their vibrant personalities.

Listen to and watch THE ANTICS perform Payday below! Whoa! 

The Antics’ music radiates high energy supported by crunchy guitar licks, bright melodies and toe-tapping drums. Their material often reminds fans of post-punk super groups and major influences Joy Division, The Strokes and The Smiths. The group describes their sound as post-punk influenced accented by 60’s pop, surf and garage rock.

Stellar production from RH Management Services LLC and Meisenbacher on Running Faster illuminates the lead singer’s bright, clean vocals, while enhancing the texture of each instrument. Penning the album’s lyrics, Luke draws inspiration from The Beatles and The Strokes to conjure up sing-along melodies and conversational lyrics.

“I think I’m a very honest songwriter,” Luke said. “I don’t write music that sounds exactly like something else or things that don’t matter to me.” The Antic’s heartbreak single “In The Night” is a prime example of the group’s knack for catchy rhythms with an impressive 50-second, raging guitar solo to finish off. With a track listing to cure heartache, much of the subject matter on Running Faster surrounds love, pain and happiness.

Killer hits, relatable lyrics and rock star personas – equipped with the full package, The Antics are delivering a top-notch effort of rock through the ages with a modern twist. Having entertained crowds at Connecticut and New Jersey venues The Space, Crossroads and The Stone Pony, The Antics are eager to take their masterpiece to the masses. Keep up with the New Jersey foursome by visiting their website or like them on Facebook.


(Source: LaFamos PR & Branding)



Repeater – Reinvent Their Sound and Kickstarts LP

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Long Beach quartet’s new LP to be released on CD and Vinyl

LOS ANGELES, CA – Long Beach CA’s sonic superheroes Repeater have launched a campaign with fund-raising site Kickstarter to help press physical copies of their latest album, We Walk from Safety. Both CD and vinyl copies of the album will be available if the goal is met, and the album is already set for digital release on August 2.

Repeater goes above and beyond for their fans by offering an array of incentives, such as Repeater merchandise, dinner with the band, private music lessons, private concerts and even the Juno 6 keyboard used on the album.

For We Walk from Safety the band teamed up once again with renowned producer Ross Robinson (The Cure, The Klaxons, At-The Drive In). A collaboration in the truest sense, Repeater and Robinson create a unique sonic journey with the combination of haunting vocals, art rock guitars, pounding drums, driving bass and sweeping ambient keys. Each song on We Walk from Safety captures a strange moment in life and time, and reinvents it as a sonic picture.

Repeater is comprised of Steve Krolikowski (vocals and bass), Rob Wallace (keyboards), Alex Forsythe (guitar) and Matt Hanief (drums). Their compelling live show has earned them a dedicated fanbase and garnered them notice from the music media. Repeater was voted one of the “best international bands of 2010” (It’s All Indie UK).

Repeater’s Kickstarter campaign will continue until August 16th, 2011.

For more information please visit: Kickstarter: Repeater




AVEDIS – Red Sea EP: Alternative Rock With A Slice Of Punk = It ROCKS!

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AVEDIS – Originating from the area known to mankind as Milwaukee, Wisconsin, there is a three-piece Rock outfit that is stirring up quite a buzz recently with their newly released 4 song EP titled: Red Sea. Since January of 2011, this EP has been available to feed your ears. I strongly suggest you DO give this Red Sea EP a valid listen and take in what AVEDIS is creating here. Diversity in style and sound is key with this band, they don’t appear to be stuck in any particular Rock genre.

AVEDIS doesn’t spread themselves so thin that there is an identity crisis either… they just flat-out can write and play some memorable songs. Bound Together is a soothing acoustic and keenly orchestrated song that carries with it some mid to late 70’s elegance in it’s vibe. The vocals of Corey Nietupski gives Bound Together it’s strong Alternative relevance, therefore, this becomes a listen that fuses together a Rock feel of yesteryear with the ever present day.

Mer de Mesonges glides along on a steady path to Alternative Hard Rockin’ bliss. Melodic guitar and an up-tempo pace gives this song it’s strong character. Corey’s vocals just come across so damn natural too that I’m freakin’ jealous. Throw in some very cool backing vocals that revive my very fond memories of The Alarm and this song spells out: winner. There’s a whole lotta’ Rock to this band’s Roll and I’m buying into it. The overall Modern appeal that seeps from this EP is what should drive AVEDIS to the top… or pretty darn close to the top.

Mega Ditz exemplifies just how grand Punk Rock can sound when a band feels it. The wha-wha guitar licks on Mega Ditz come with a warning label: Extremely Addicting To One’s Ears. If I could make one plea to AVEDIS, it would be: don’t stray too far away from this Punk flavor you have added into your Alternative repertoire. It’s the edgy Punk vibe of AVEDIS that revs me up most. I have never fallen victim to the “Punk is dead” school of thought from the mindless. AVEDIS obviously hasn’t either.

Walk Alone combines Alternative Rock and Punk, resulting with a thump and stomp, “rip up the club until closing” attitude laced experience. As I listen to Walk Alone, I realize that I do have some pent-up slam-dance energy left in my old bones after all. AVEDIS blends their own brand of Rock, Alternative Rock and Post Punk into this Red Sea EP with impressive attention to details. If AVEDIS is an unsigned band as advertised, then there has to be a record label out there for them. I couldn’t emphasize more loudly, as to how real and relevant the Rock sound of AVEDIS is.

* AVEDIS was formed in 2007 by Corey Nietupski (lead vocals, guitar & songwriter). Total Control was released at this time, the debut full-length from this Rockin’ trio.

* As stated by Corey Nietupski (in regards to the Red Sea EP) in the Official Bio of AVEDIS: “It’s a concept album that uses the color red to depict the different emotions one can feel when being in a relationship or in love”.


Corey Nietupski – vocals & guitar

Josh Lisiecki – bass & vocals

Chris Lehman – drums & percussion

* For more info, videos and streaming music on AVEDIS, just click on the links below:

AVEDIS – youtube

AVEDIS – Official Website


AVEDIS – facebook

AVEDIS – twitter



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