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BITING ELBOWS – Indie Punk Band Releases New Single & Video, Bringing Video Game Stunts to Life

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Biting Elbows - band publicity pic - #1 - 2013



Bad Motherf*cker Video Reaches Over 13 Million Views On YouTube!

Russian Band’s Sequel To Last Year’s Viral Video!


Los Angeles, CA – Following the success of their last video which became a YouTube success, reaching over two million views and gaining them a recording contract and opening slots for Linkin Park and Guns N’ Roses, Russian Indie Punk/Rock band Biting Elbows continues to push the envelope. The band has released (March 2013) their thrilling new single and video “Bad Motherf*cker.” The video carries just as much, if not more fire power and sting as the name of the song. The band’s efforts have been paying off as their fan base has significantly increased and begged for more. Known to pack a hard punch with their videos and music, Biting Elbows have been making a name for themselves in Europe and beyond.

Heart-racing and non-stop action, the video for Bad Motherf*cker is a sequel to last year’s “Stampede,” also known as Insane Office Escape. The prequel video is a short movie in the point of view of a man who steals a magic vial and is chased through an office and kidnapped. Directed by Naishuller and shot by Sergey Valyaev, the “Bad Motherf*cker” video is an intensified grimy and gritty continuation of Stampede and is portrayed like a real life video game, amid tons of blood and vivid shoot-outs. The sequel follows the main character as he escapes the building, killing anyone in his way as he evades his kidnappers.

Biting Elbows - Bad Motherfucker - promo cover pic - 2013

Full of intriguing special effects and jaw-dropping stunts, the video will have fans on the edge of their seats. Shot over nine full days, the video had a team of five stuntmen, including a parkour practitioner, and three camera specialists. The song itself lyrically speaks to, and at the same time mocks the idea of how rock stars keep up a bad boy persona to keep fans interested. The video is currently available to watch on Biting Elbow’s YouTube channel.

Fronted by vocalist and guitarist Ilya Naishuller, the four-piece indie band got its start in 2007 with lead guitarist Garik Buldenkov, bassist Ilya Kondratiev and virtuoso drummer Alexei Zamaraev. The four men take their sound to new heights by experimenting with electric sounds, mashing them together with rock ‘n’ roll and adding post-punk elements to create head-nodding tracks. The Russian musicians became a hit with the locals during the first years of their career and released their first EP together called The Dope Fiend Massacre in 2011.


Along with the EP came the viral music videos for the EP’s lead single Stampede. Multitalented Naishuller is a director by day and shoots all of the band’s music videos including the Youtube sensation Stampede. With such an impressive collection of professionally made music videos and an ever-growing fan base, Biting Elbows signed with Russia’s Misteria Records. Since then, they have opened for numerous notable artists such as Linkin Park, Guns N’ Roses, The Cure, Placebo, and more. In addition, several of their songs have had placements in TV and major Russian movies, as well as having a few of their videos in rotation on Russian TV, including MTV.

Equipped with a devoted following and a master plan for world domination, Biting Elbows are sure to continue their growth both internationally and in the US. They are surely not a band to miss out on. Follow their journey at or


(Source: LaFamos PR)

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The Pretty Goodbyes – Illuminates Alternative Indie Rock On Their Debut Demo EP “Now We Run”

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The Pretty Goodbyes - Now We Run - promo cover pic

THE PRETTY GOODBYES – The 3 song debut demo EP, Now We Run, from the Loughborough based 4-piece band The Pretty Goodbyes was released back on August 6th, 2012. When very, very cool Alternative/Indie Rock crosses my Rockin’ path, I’m gonna bellow about it; right here on Metal Odyssey. This unsigned UK band would be signed by me in a micro second, if I had the (prestigious) ability to do so for a (knowledgeable) record label.

This Now We Run EP has unveiled 3 songs to my senses and ALL 3 are remarkably memorable, well written and downright (gulp) fun! I always appreciate the way a talented band like The Pretty Goodbyes can coalesce the beauty of 80’s New Wave, late 80’s College Radio and Early 90’s Alternative while still maintaining a balance of Post-Punk and Modern Indie Rock/Alternative sound and vibes; all the while keeping the flames of Indie Pop to a tolerable minimum (if any). Phew! I got that off my chest!

I’m digging this band and the vocals of George Evans are nothing short of terrific. Any serious fan of Alternative and Indie Rock will embrace the music from The Pretty Goodbyes. The Pretty Goodbyes have obviously learned at a very early stage, quality songs are their ticket to success; and I see nothing less happening for this band in the future. Check out The Pretty Goodbyes right now, right here:


NOW WE RUN – Track Listing:

Dirty Hands, Dirty Minds

Green Light District

It’s Not Cheating If You Don’t Get Caught

The Pretty Goodbyes - Band Promo Pic - #1 - 2012

George Evans – lead vocals

Jacob Leeson – lead guitar

 Spike Wright – bass

 Sam O’Neill – drums


For more info on THE PRETTY GOODBYES:

facebook: The Pretty Goodbyes

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Friend Slash Lover – Offers More Emotion, Reality with “The Grey Area” EP

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Indie Rock Band Delivers On Sophomore EP

Los Angeles, CA – Indie rock group Friend Slash Lover (FSL) give the world their artistic view in musical form with their second EP, The Grey Area. The EP is available to fans on iTunes and the band’s official website. The Los Angeles based band is heating up the music scene with captivating conceptual material for true radio heads everywhere.

Front man Josh Mintz, vocalist and songwriter, started out making music as a solo act under the name Stupid Human after teaching himself how to sing, write and play guitar. The former student of Rhode Island School of Design was musically inclined from the early age of 8, winning over 70 awards during his seven-year stint playing the fife in a drum corps marching band. Bassist Frank Day was with Mintz from the beginnings of FSL and since then, the band has added Jake Hayden, drums, and Greg Pajer, guitar, to the lineup.

With a complete band and the full collective sound Mintz always desired, Friend Slash Lover is about to embark on their most ambitious project yet. The seasoned performers have already hit some of the most popular nightclubs and music venues in Los Angeles such as The Roxy Theater, The Viper Room, Bootleg Theatre and Skinny’s Lounge.

Excited to deliver a second dose of musical remedy to fans, Friend Slash Lover called upon old friend Thom Flowers, who mixed the group’s debut EP As American As Ones And Zeros, to mix and produce The Grey Area. The EP was mastered by Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering and recorded at both Dave’s Room and Orangewhip Studios. The new six-song compilation is much more musically developed and the growth of the band is clear from the thought-provoking lyrics to the instrumental fluidity. On the title track “The Grey Area”, Mintz showcases his wide-range vocal chops as the song builds to an epic climax. The EP also features a cover of the 1987 hit “Dear God” by major alternative rock band XTC. The song was at the heart of controversy after its release due to the atheistic lyrics. The lead single “As Seen On TV” features a head-knocking punk rock sound combined with Mintz’s signature smooth vocals and an infectious hook.

Every song boasts each band member’s talent and carries its own individual character and message. Ultimately, The Grey Area is a modern sonic marvel waiting to be uncovered.

Boasting a more emotional appeal with an ethereal feel, the lyrics on this record reflect the band’s creative ability to convey real life experiences. Music fans looking to break away from the usual head-banging heavy metal or cookie-cutter pop tunes might be in for a treat with The Grey Area.

For more information on Friend Slash Lover, visit


(Source: LaFamos PR & Branding)



Repeater – Reinvent Their Sound and Kickstarts LP

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Long Beach quartet’s new LP to be released on CD and Vinyl

LOS ANGELES, CA – Long Beach CA’s sonic superheroes Repeater have launched a campaign with fund-raising site Kickstarter to help press physical copies of their latest album, We Walk from Safety. Both CD and vinyl copies of the album will be available if the goal is met, and the album is already set for digital release on August 2.

Repeater goes above and beyond for their fans by offering an array of incentives, such as Repeater merchandise, dinner with the band, private music lessons, private concerts and even the Juno 6 keyboard used on the album.

For We Walk from Safety the band teamed up once again with renowned producer Ross Robinson (The Cure, The Klaxons, At-The Drive In). A collaboration in the truest sense, Repeater and Robinson create a unique sonic journey with the combination of haunting vocals, art rock guitars, pounding drums, driving bass and sweeping ambient keys. Each song on We Walk from Safety captures a strange moment in life and time, and reinvents it as a sonic picture.

Repeater is comprised of Steve Krolikowski (vocals and bass), Rob Wallace (keyboards), Alex Forsythe (guitar) and Matt Hanief (drums). Their compelling live show has earned them a dedicated fanbase and garnered them notice from the music media. Repeater was voted one of the “best international bands of 2010” (It’s All Indie UK).

Repeater’s Kickstarter campaign will continue until August 16th, 2011.

For more information please visit: Kickstarter: Repeater




SCREAM 4 – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Releases April 12, 2011, Featuring: The Sounds

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SCREAM 4 – For all of you Horror Soundtrack fans out there, Scream 4 is releasing on April 12th, 2011, via Lakeshore Records. Scream 4 features two songs from Sweden’s Indie Rock/New Wave sensation: The Sounds. The synth/New Wave classic Axel F, which is covered by composer Raney Shockne, is also featured.

Track Listing For SCREAM 4 – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack:

Something To Die For The Sounds

Bad Karma – Ida Maria

Cup Of Coffee – The Novocaines

Make My Body – The Chain Gang Of 1974

Don’t Mess With The Original – Marco Beltrami

Yeah Yeah YeahThe Sounds

Run For Your Life – 6 Day Riot

Axel F – Raney Shockne

On Fire – Locksley

Devils – Say Hi

Denial – Stereo Black

Jill’s America – Marco Beltrami

* Traditionalists of film/Horror film scores take a Metal note: Scream 4 (Score/Soundtrack) with music by Marco Beltrami is releasing on April 19th, 2011, via Varese Sarabande.

* The Sounds two songs heard on Scream 4 are: Something To Die For and Yeah Yeah Yeah. Both songs are also available on their new studio album: Something To Die For. The fourth studio album from The Sounds, it was released on March 29th, 2011 on SideOneDummy Records.

* For more info on The Sounds, click here: The Sounds – Official Website




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