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JORN – New Cover Song Album “Heavy Rock Radio” Releasing On June 3rd, via Frontiers Music SRL

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Jorn Lande - - Jorn - Heavy Rock Radio - promo cover pic - 2016 - #MO0990ILMWF33

BREAKING NEWS: Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce JORN’s new album, Heavy Rock Radio, due for release on June 3rd! One of the greatest rock singers of our time, Jorn Lande returns with a unique album of covers of classics from artists and bands that have meant something special to him and helped forge this talented man’s own unique style.

Through Jorn’s extensive career, which includes more than 40 albums of mostly original songs, he has also recorded great versions of several rock classics such as Thin Lizzy‘s “Are You Ready”, UFO‘s “On and On”, Deep Purple‘s “Perfect Strangers”, and many more. Jorn also recorded a successful Ronnie James Dio tribute album, released in 2010. Every song JORN covers is treated with the utmost respect and “Jorn-ized” accordingly. A good example is his heavy sounding version of “I Walk Alone”, first released by Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish).

“Heavy Rock Radio” is not an ordinary album of cover songs, it is truly a songbook of hits. Featured – among others – are great versions of the Eagles‘ “Hotel California” and Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill”, which gets the Jorn style treatment to become very powerful and epic, without losing its commercial touch. More great classics included are John Farnham’s “You’re The Voice”, Queen‘s “Killer Queen”, and two absolute melodic rock evergreen gems in Journey‘s “Don’t Stop Believin'” and Foreigner‘s “Rev On The Red Line”.

The original concept of the album was to create a sort of jukebox of radio hits, but to avoid leaning too much on the pop side of rock, JORN decided to blend the track listing with a few more up tempo rock tracks as well, such as “The Final Frontier” by Iron Maiden (“probably the closest you get to anything commercial with Iron Maiden,” says Jorn), “Live to Win” by Paul Stanley (a song which was also featured on the popular television series South Park), and a few hard rock classics show up as well from Deep Purple (“Stormbringer”), Dio (“Rainbow In The Dark”) and Black Sabbath (“Die Young”) to complete the mix.

Jorn says: “The most important thing was to treat these songs with respect towards the original versions, my goal was always to think that the original artist would be honoured and find my version relevant. At the same time my intention was never to try to compete with the original song and artist, but make it a strong alternative version to enjoy. At the same time it is a well deserved homage to these artists and bands, who influenced me strongly, and I have wanted to record these songs for quite some time but was always too busy writing and recording my own songs to make it happen. Originally I had a list of 40-50 songs I wanted to do, but I had to strip it down to about 15 songs before deciding on the final track list. This means that there are some unfinished business musically, and I will most likely record more of these songs in the future.”

Jorn Lande - publicity pic - 2016 - #MO9339ILMWF

Jorn Lande

Since releasing the critically acclaimed Dracula “Swing of Death” album last year, Jorn has also been working on an album of brand new songs, which will be the successor to the 2013 Jorn album “Traveller”, to be released in early 2017. Jorn’s catalogue is getting too long to include in brief press statements, and his innovative and creative skills have led to him selling millions of albums worldwide and being a frequent entry on sales charts around the world including Billboard. Worth a mention is his years with German based MasterPlan, whom he recorded three albums with. Claimed to be the biggest selling Norwegian musical export, since the pop band A-ha, Jorn continues his rock crusade, and there are no signs of him slowing down yet.

The title “Heavy Rock Radio” came quite naturally, as the sound of this album feels like if it’s tailor-made for any rock radio station, and while Jorn’s voice can be enjoyed on more than 40 albums in different rock and metal styles, this record is a special treat which will tide over all the fans waiting for the new original album which is being worked on at the moment. Enjoy!

Jorn Lande - - Jorn - Heavy Rock Radio - promo cover pic - 2016 - #MO0990ILMWF33

Jorn Lande – Vocals
Trond Holter – Guitars
Francesco Iovino – Drums
Thomas Bekkevold – Bass
Alessandro Del Vecchio – Keyboards
Except as follows:
“Rainbow in the Dark”
Jimmy Iversen and Tore Moren – guitars
Nic Angileri – bass
Willy Bendiksen – drums
Jorn Viggo Lofstad – guitars
Sid Ringsby – bass
Willy Bendiksen – drums



Frontiers Music srl - promo record label logo - 2015 - #33MNSMOSCT

Enjoy the album trailer clicking on this link:







MOLLY HATCHET “Paying Tribute” – Cover Songs Album – Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Molly Hatchet - Paying Tribute - promo cover pic

4 Metal Fists Out Of 5!


Molly Hatchet Paying Tribute was released back in 2013, via Collectors Dream Records. The mighty Molly Hatchet covers ten Rock classics, while adding three live bonus tracks; with all three being Molly Hatchet originals: Whiskey Man, Beatin’ The Odds and Flirtin’ With Disaster. Molly Hatchet covers songs from the legendary Thin Lizzy to Mountain, with The Rolling Stones in-between, making this CD ooze with Classic Rock appeal from its every crevice!

Molly Hatchet doesn’t try to reinvent these songs they cover so well; there are those ass kickin’ moments, (for example), where the guitar solo on Sharp Dressed Man is elongated from the original and (to me) that’s highly acceptable. If there is one constant, these cover songs are party ready and made to fuel my adrenaline into the Classic Southern Hard Rock realm. All three live original Molly Hatchet songs sound fabulous; making for a righteous hell-raising ending to this album. Metal be thy name. – Stone

Check out the back cover, with track listing and band info:

Molly Hatchet - Paying Tribute - back cover - promo pic

You might pay a little more for this imported CD, if you live in North America. Still, buying Paying Tribute is a necessity if you’re a Molly Hatchet and/or Southern Rock/Southern Hard Rock fanatic.

Collectors Dream Records - red & white logo - 2014 - #399

* For more info on MOLLY HATCHET:

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ANTHRAX “ANTHEMS” – A MUST Own! Legendary ANTHRAX Covers The Classics!

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Anthrax - Anthems - promo cover pic!

4 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!


ANTHRAX – Any red-blooded Metalhead knows that the (unreal) legendary ANTHRAX likes to have some extra fun with their Metal; and this goes back to those golden years of the 80’s. With Anthems, ANTHRAX definitely exhibits their appetite for Classic Rock with contagious and Heavy Rockin’ fun once again! With 6 cover songs, along with their original studio version of Crawl and a Crawl Remix, ANTHRAX have delivered a doozie of an EP to their fans (like myself).

ANTHRAX doesn’t cover these Rock classics with a Thrash Metal attack, as I had expected they would; instead ANTHRAX stays quite true to the original’s structures and gives these songs a much more harder, heavier and energetic push. Joey Balladonna just has an incredible knack for sounding like he should have been a huge Classic Rock star back in the glorious ’70’s. Joey Belladonna sounds grand on every song, from top-to-bottom.

Anthrax - Big Eyes - cover promo pic

Above: Digipak Cover Art

The entire band grabs ahold of Anthem, TNT, Smokin’, Keep On Runnin’, Big Eyes and Jailbreak as if they truly thought this entire project over for years. There’s never a point where I wince or question as to why ANTHRAX have chosen to play these classics in such a classic way. Crawl (from 2011’s Worship Music) fits right into the mix of these Classic Rock gems. I guess  I never listened upon Crawl as being such a genuine Classic Rock song, up until now. The Crawl Remix is given much higher vibes, courtesy of the orchestration from Michael Lord.

ANTHRAX have proven to my ears their sincere appreciation for the Classic Rock era with Anthems. If you’re as loyal to the classics and ANTHRAX as I am, then this EP is an absolute, 100% must! ANTHRAX is a band that should be inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame… NOW! Metal be thy name.

Anthrax - Anthems - promo cover pic!

ANTHEMS – Track Listing & Info:

Anthem (Rush)


Smokin’ (Boston)

Keep On Runnin’ (Journey)

Big Eyes (Cheap Trick)

Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy)


Crawl Remix

Special guest keyboard performance on Smokin’ by Fred Mandel.

Special guest guitar solo on Jailbreak by Phil Campbell.

Anthrax - classic white logo!

Scott Ian – guitars

Charlie Benante – drums and guitars

Joey Belladonna – vocals

Frank Bello – bass

Rob Caggiano – lead guitar


* ANTHRAX Anthems was released on March 19th, 2013, in North America, via Megaforce Records.

Artwork: Steven Thompson

Art Direction and Concept: Charlie

Graphic Design: Douglas Heusser


* For More Info On ANTHRAX:

Facebook: Anthrax

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SWEET “New York Connection” – Cover Song Album Transcends and Celebrates The Classics Of Rock

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SWEET – When I first learned of this cover song album, I realized there really is no better Rock ‘N Roll band in the land than Sweet, that could celebrate such revered Classic Rock songs. Then again, I believe Def Leppard could pull it off too. Regardless, this is Sweet in 2012 and the legendary Andy Scott (founding member, guitarist, vocalist) has once again proven that his bands legacy is stronger than ever; through the Hard Rockin’ cover song album New York Connection.

Without question, I fell head over heels for the cover of New York Groove. I truthfully played this song upon my first introduction to it, let’s say, twenty times in a row? The soaring vocals! The steady upbeat vibes and total good-times feel of New York Groove came at me in Rockin’ waves! Then, once I listened to all eleven songs on New York Connection, those amazing Rockin’ and good-times vibes never subsided!

Ring the Metal Odyssey bell and tell all the nations, that Sweet has signed, sealed and delivered Rock ‘N Roll jubilation!

After all these years, the sound of Sweet still comes packaged with full-throttle relevance. Andy Scott and his band did a fabulous job at keeping the original Rock essence and stylings of these eleven classics intact; while truly making these said classics their own. With drummer Bruce Bisland singing lead vocals on Blitzkrieg Bop, Sweet kept the Punk in every beat of this song! The one song Andy Scott sings lead vocals on is The Velvet Underground’s Sweet Jane. Excellent stuff. Metal be thy name does Sweet elevate Sweet Jane to an unreal Hard Rockin’ level of pure joy.

Keyboardist Tony O’Hora sings lead vocals on Because The Night and he righteously nails it. Bassist Pete Lincoln sings lead vocals on the rest of the songs and he is a Rockin’ treat to listen to. Pete’s vocals maintain that spirit of vintage Sweet. On Broadway has never been given a Hard Rockin’ shine like the one you’ll hear on this album. With all I’ve stated about the vocals; throw in the signature tones of Andy Scott’s guitar, with each musicians contribution to the songs and this covers album illuminates my eardrums into Classic Rock overdrive!

Like their legendary peers of Mott The HoopleBadfinger and Uriah Heep, (to name only a few), Sweet is a band that justifiably originated Hard Rock outside the iconic Beatles, Rolling Stones, The DoorsThe Who and The Animals. My point being; the legacy of Sweet continues onward in 2012 and the Rock historical importance of this band goes far beyond what any misinformed “Rock historians” at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame may think. This is a band whose legacyinfluence and image helped pave the way for many bands that dominated on Sunset Strip back in the 80’s; I’m not bashful about reminding my Metal brethren of that.

The grand thing is Rock ‘N Roll history can never be erased and New York Connection is 100% proof of that. Sweet (both past and present) is a quasar in Rock ‘N Roll history. This band should be celebrated by Rock fans across all genres in 2012. I highly recommend you celebrate Rock ‘N Roll history with Sweet, by buying and playing LOUD this exceptional cover song album they’ve created and call New York Connection.


SWEET  New York Connection – Track Listing:

New York Groove

Gold On The Ceiling

All Moving Faster

New York Connection

Shape Of Things

You Spin Me Round

Because The Night

Sweet Jane

Blitzkrieg Bop

On Broadway

Join Together


For more info on SWEET, click on the link below!



SWEET – “New York Groove” Cover Song Streaming On Metal Odyssey! Stone’s Metal Pick Of The Day!

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SWEET – Glam Rock pioneers and Rock legends come to my mind when I hear a song from Sweet. It’s 2012 and I’m certain it’s pretty safe to call Sweet: Classic Rock icons. The new cover song album from Sweet, New York Connection, is on the doorstep of being released and one fabulous song from it is New York Groove. Sweet embellishes their trademark sound on New York Groove, uplifting its beat, rhythm, vocals and chorus to more spectacular heights than ever before!

Believe me, you’ll be mesmerized, by the sensational and celebratory blanket of Rock sound that Sweet covered New York Groove with! Do yourself a Rockin’ Sweet favor right now and click that arrow on the audio bar below… crank it up high, then let the good time vibes swirl within your Rock ‘N Roll soul! I let them swirl through mine. Excuse me… I have to go dancing in the street now.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of Sweet’s cover of New York Groove by commenting!


Pete Lincoln – Lead Vocal / Bass

Andy Scott – Guitar / Vocals

Tony O’Hora – Keyboards / Vocals

Bruce Bisland – Drums / Vocals


Release Dates:

Central Europe: April 27th, 2012

UK: May 8th, 2012 has a U.S. release date for May 8th, 2012.

CD’s are available through the bands website!

New York Connection – Track Listing:

New York Groove

Gold On The Ceiling

All Moving Faster

New York Connection

Shapes Of Things

You Spin Me Round

Because The Night

Sweet Jane

Blitzkrieg Bop

On Broadway

Join Together


New York Groove history: Written by Russ Ballard and recorded by Hello in 1975. Ace Frehley recorded this song back in 1978.

A very special thank you to Sweet and Glass Onyon PR for making this post possible.


For more info on SWEET, click on the links below:



ZZ TOP – ‘A Tribute From Friends’ Cover Song Album: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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ZZ TOP – Legends. Rock ‘N Roll Hall Of Famers. Mammoth Influence on all genres of Rock. Now then, when a cover song album of ZZ Top songs is released, these “covers” better be damn good. I can’t stand it when a band or musician just messes around with a Rock classic and “thinks” their famous name alone will give them a pass. Not here folks. I will present to you: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly when it comes to these ZZ Top cover songs I’ve been listening to on: A Tribute From Friends. Plus, I won’t be swayed by the fact that these are “friends” of ZZ TOP. Sometimes “friends” can ruin a classic song without even trying.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?



The opening track is Sharp Dressed Man performed by The M.O.B. Who’s The M.O.B.? Mick Fleetwood, Steven Tyler and John McVie. At first, I found this song fun. Then, it irritated the living hell out of me. All I kept picturing was The M.O.B. performing this song at a senior citizen Summer picnic or some Sunday afternoon church fair, with all in attendance going crazy for it. When a cover song sounds “old” and trudging… that’s what happens to my imagination.

Somehow Wolfmother had Cheap Sunglasses thrown in their lap to cover. Not good. I dig the first two studio albums from Wolfmother, only I don’t grasp this cover of Cheap Sunglasses. Annoying. I’ll have to admit, this is the first time I’ve ever been not keen to Andrew Stockdale’s vocals. Another problem is, this cover song sounds way too much like… Wolfmother. A disinterested Wolfmother at that.


So sorry that a Rockaholic and Metalhead like myself had NO clue who Wyclef Jean is until now. Rough Boy sounds so over-covered here entirely. Come on now, a Hip Hop / R&B artist covering a ZZ Top song? That is not an entirely bad idea, as long as this song is on an album of covers from ALL artists of Wyclef Jean’s genre.

This song unfortunately doesn’t fit in with the “Rock” flow for me, on this album. To my ears, Rough Boy was as “commercial” as it could get for ZZ TOP back in 1986 and this cover only magnifies it’s “Pop” personality to an embarrassing level. If Wyclef Jean is a friend of ZZ Top’s, then ZZ TOP should have remembered: “friends don’t let friends cover their songs”.


Nickelback. Yes, Nickelback. This love ’em or hate ’em Hard Rockin’ band knocked it out of the Classic Rock park with their cover of Legs. This song does sound like Nickelback, yet they did not stray from the non-stop Rockin’ groove that this song originally was all about. Nickelback just gave it more heaviness.

Daughtry. Yes, Daughtry. This guy sings Waitin’ For The Bus / Jesus Left Chicago as if he really digs and feels the song thoroughly. I make NO apologies, Chris Daughtry sings this ZZ TOP classic straight from the heart. Hell, that’s how it comes across to me anyways. Plus, Daughtry didn’t screw around with this songs tempo or try to “reinvent the F’n wheel” with it.

Mastodon. These guys gave Just Got Paid their signature stamp of progressiveness without even trying. Turning Just Got Paid into a relevant Hard Rock song that smokes was obviously… the mission of Mastodon.

Filter covers Gimme All Your Lovin‘ with a grand Alternative meets Industrial sound that is admirable. It’s Filter. The legendary Billy F Gibbons lends his vocals and electric guitar to La Grange. Cool. The remaining tracks are fine listens, just watch out for the bad and the ugly. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

ZZ TOP – A Tribute From Friends was released back on October 11th, 2011, via Show Dog / Universal.


A Tribute From Friends – Track Listing:

Sharp Dressed Man – The M.O.B. (Steven Tyler, Mick Fleetwood, John McVie)

Gimme All Your Lovin’ – Filter

Tush – Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

Legs – Nickelback

Cheap Sunglasses – Wolfmother

Got Me Under Pressure – Duff McKagan’s Loaded

Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers – Coheed & Cambria

Just Got Paid – Mastodon

Rough Boy – Wyclef Jean

Waitin’ For The Bus / Jesus Just Left Chicago – Daughtry

La Grange – Jamey Johnson




SCORPIONS ‘COMEBLACK’ – Heavy Metal Legends Do It Their Way, On Album Of Covers & Re-Recordings

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SCORPIONS COMEBLACK – The Scorpions latest CD release, Comeblack, is a combination of  seven re-recorded classics from their legendary catalog of albums along with six Classic Rock cover songs. I realize there are fans who don’t applaud when a band makes an album of cover songs and I understand that. Personally, I enjoy hearing a band covering other band’s songs. I really am thrilled with Comeblack for more than half of this album is, essentially, the Scorpions covering themselves!

In my opinion, some of the re-recorded songs the Scorpions did for Comeblack are actually better than their own originals. I point to the first three songs on Comeblack to state my point: Rhythm Of Love, No One Like You and The Zoo. All three songs are outstanding Scorpions originals, yet on Comeblack each of these mentioned songs has a harder and edgier zeal to them, which I really dig, especially on one of my all-time favorites The Zoo. The harder energy on these three cover songs are so good and breathe some new life into them.

Unfortunately, I can’t state the same for the new versions of Rock You Like A Hurricane and Winds Of Change. I feel the original versions are superior to their re-recorded selves on Comeblack. Then again, these two songs are this iconic band’s biggest hits, so I imagine it would be almost impossible to improve on them. Blackout and Still Loving You are done well and both are very solid re-recordings. If there is one thing I would have done differently on this half of Comeblack, I would have included some of their lesser-known hits like Big City Nights, Alien Nation and In Trance and re-recorded them with the same updated heaviness.

Now for the cover songs. First of all, I find this a very interesting collection of songs to cover. For example, I was never a big fan of the song Tainted Love by the New Wave/Post-Punk band Soft Cell. Actually, I find it a very annoying song. Therefore, even before I heard this cover version by the Scorpions I was preparing to be disappointed. Man, was I surprised! The Scorpions came up huge here. What a terrific job the Scorpions did in creating what I would call a wuss of a song and transforming it into Metal!

Children of The Revolution and Tin Soldier are solidly done. Across The Universe is probably my biggest complaint, in terms of song selection for Comeblack. I can’t say I’m a big fan of this song. All Day And All Of The Night packs a good and Hard Rockin’ punch that I believe The Kinks would praise.

This brings me to the final song. The Scorpions end Comeblack with grand style! What do you get when you combine Klaus Meine, Metal guitar riffs by guitar legends Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs and a song written by The Rolling Stones? This is Scott Coverdale’s “Song Of The Year”: Ruby Tuesday. I can’t begin to tell you, just how much I love this cover version of Ruby Tuesday. After listening to this song over and over again, I’ve come to the conclusion that Ruby Tuesday was meant to be a Metal song and we’ve been delivered just that… 40 years later.

* Scorpions – Comeblack was released in November of 2011 on Sony Music.

* For more info on the SCORPIONS, click the link below:



Scott Coverdale.

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